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  • Link works Caro, excellent poem. 

    Blossom - did you lace trainers more snugly to keep heel well back leaving more space around toes. Silly question but are you sure there isnt any infection too? Athletes foot will be very sore if aggravated by a run? 

    Yipppeeee only one sleep until we can vote..... Not that i am into politics but.... 

    Laugh if the day - no dressings left in the house big enough to cover hubbys skinned hip so i suggested taping a panty liner over it..... And he agreed.... Even kept it on for work! 



  • I think people generally struggle with language to deal with the bad things in life.  We seem to be taught not to talk about them so it's no wonder people don't know what to say.  So I like your suggestions of practical things to do Caro.  I have made a cake to take my friend tomorrow and am rallying some other mums so we can do a roster to sort them out with meals for the next couple of weeks while she is in hospital/recovering. 

    Lacing trainers properly is a good suggestion Camlo - I expect I didn't give it much attention at 5.30am!!  I also have one toe which bends under the others and that is usually the one that gets a blister and starts to hurt first.  I might have to think about taping it up for the really long runs.  

    I like the panty liner story.  I bet it worked though.  I remember a midwife suggesting maternity pads for dressings for my c section scars.  Hope the skinned hip is healing -sounds ouchy!

  • I agree, I barely make sense about normal day to day stuff so would probably say the wrong thing too. 

    Aidan was sick at school yesterday, unfortunately as they witnessed him vomit they are insisting he is off for 48 hours.  Am slightly annoyed as he came home and ate a full tea yesterday, breakfast was fine, we went to a cafe for cake etc etc today so I checked this pm and they said he can't go in tomorrow.  Grr.  No idea what made him sick but doubt its a bug after everything he has eaten in the last 24 hours!

    And it meant I missed my run today!!

  • Ggrrr kinsey, i know we all moan about spreading germs but when it is clearly a one off it is soooooo annoying.

    just had to change Archie's bed as his cath had come out of his belly button and leaked, not an easy task to recath too when he is asleep and wants to lie on his front!

    Now do i stay up and watch results until my eyes bleed or get some kip and get up early...... 

  • Double grr Kinsey. I'm in the same boat as Fay was sick at nursery today and they say she needs to stay home tomorrow. She has been fine since she got home, eaten ok and no sick. Oh well, I'll get to hang out with my baby girl tomorrow!

    On an unrelated note, Max's best friend had suspected pinworm (I think called threadworm in uk) which his mum treated with meds.  Max complained tonight of itchy bottom  oh pooo!  Might have to run out to pharmacy in a mo  

    Watching live stream of election results at mo. Eek!

  • Eww to threadworm TT - hope you can get the meds easily.

    Well we had a nice time at Malvern however it would be easier without small children. Slightly disappointed that you have to pay so much to get in as lots of it is all about them selling you more stuff once you are there and the food was extortionate!!  

    Camlo - hope the catheter stayed in ok!

  • Nooooooooo tom woke feeling sick but being the dedicated mum i am i 'encouraged' him to school to sit his tests...... Had a call at 10:30 that he was pale and crying..... Whoops! At least i got a load of admin done as he spent the day watching TV and i really didnt hear a peep all day! 

    Kinsey - we must meet up - keep looking at Hereford events! 

  • Yes Camlo!  Did you enter the September Running/Bike thing?  I think Monkey Runner entered x


  • Ooh no, must have a look, only focussed on ironman and nothing beyond at the moment

  • Eek to sick bugs and threadworm.  We have had threadworm.  Its grim but at least quite easy to treat so I would probably rather that than nits image.  My boys have colds so I have had a week of sending them to school and wondering whether they would perk up or go downhill so I know exactly what you mean Camlo (they have perked up this time but I have got it wrong before!).  Hope Kinsey and TT kids are on the mend.

    When is your ironman Camlo?  That is amazing to be ironman training and a mum.  I am struggling just with running.  I have done triathlons pre-kids and still swim a little bit but cycling is almost non existent - just v short distances normally with a heavy 2 year old on the back image.

  • Busy day - biked 66 miles in about 4hr30. Quick shoe change and a glass of milk followed by 3 mile run which felt slow but ok. Watching BGT with kids who are hooting with laughter at the trampoline guy and DJ John...

    BP - i am doing cotswold 226 in July so have about 6 weeks left to build then will be tapering..... Fitting sessions in is very hard but i am not planning on ever doing another so want to give it my best effort (also terrified of not completing so have to make sure i do enough). How old are your boys? 


  • Hey Blossom Possum, I know your friend is in Oz but I just discovered this website and listened to their podcasts and they are really good

    The one thing I would say is see if she has any support networks of people in her shoes, ie other young women with breast cancer.  They have been such a source of information and strength to me, mostly just virtual, FB groups and such, but also meeting up with people, just going for coffee and talking to people who know where you're coming from, makes all the difference.  Possibly not yet....because she's still going through it, but several months down the line when active treatment has finished and everyone assumes she's fine, that's it, done and dusted, bye bye cancer......that's when a good support network really helps.

  • Ooh Cotswold 226 - fond memories of Ashton Keynes Camlo - my best friend is from there and her wedding was there and I was bridesmaid.  

    Have realised I'm getting tall bird and Monkeyrunner mixed up for the Hereford race - oops!


  • Amazing training Camlo.  Surely an ironman in the Cotswolds will have a few hills??  My boys are 6.5 and 2.  My 2 year old is 3 in August so I think that is similar to Kinsey's youngest.  

    It was mother's day here on Sunday.  I find it hard as my mum died 3 years ago.  The boys get all excited but it's not the same for me now.

    Thank you for the website Caro.  That looks really good.  I know my friend has been avoiding the internet so far but its good to know that there is helpful stuff there.  I agree that a support network of people who have been through similar will be very important and I'm not sure she has that at the moment.  Her surgery got cancelled at the last minute today because she had a fever.  She still spent all day in the hospital though on nil by mouth until they made the decision image  I'm gutted for her as I know she just wants to get on with it.

    I ran 13 miles to work today.  It felt so hard.  Maybe I have a bit of the kids' cold or something as i had no energy and legs felt shot.  I have managed to squeeze in an appointment with my friend who is a physio tomorrow and hoping she can loosen everything off.


  • A few days won't make any difference in the long run BP, but I can imagine how frustrated she must feel having built herself up.  Has she already had chemo?  I can't remember.  I had surgery first then chemo, so for me surgery was the first hurdle, and I had a 2 month wait between finding the lump and having my first op, which just seemed an age at the time, and I imagined the cancer rapidly spreading itself around the place whilst I wasn't having any treatment. 

    Dr google is definitely to be stayed away from, but the charities and support groups are good if she's the kind of person who would find it helpful talking about it.  I know I do....but its hard to explain to people who haven't been in your shoes.

  • Dr google is not helpful on many fronts, but still we persist!! Good effort on 13 miles into work BP, and you did a long run last well too so I imagine it's cumulative in the legs, along with children's germs and fault life, frankly it's exhausting at times!! Ago well done ...

    Not sure who's got/had the worm infestation, good luck though!! My daughter seems a magnet for worms image am fed up with going in the chemist asking for stuff over the counter and her piping up in a super loud voice, yes, it's for me, I've got works - again!!! Sigh!

    Tested out post-10km pb legs on 11km round the forest, and actually legs felt fine ... Maybe I could have pushed harder? Reality says not, still can't believe I did a time that started with 41!!!
  • the worms were here CC although we held off getting the meds and he seems to have forgotten he had itchy butt so I'm assuming he didn't have them.  Awesome running ladies, especially your 10k CC

  • Hi all, sorry haven't been keeping up very well recently!  Just wanted to share my delight at smashing my 10k pb at Silverstone this week by 1min 30 secs!  Couldn't believe it, especially as weather was horrendous.  55:11, considering I struggled to get under an hour for so long.  Also still can't quite believe I am now faster than I was pre-children image.

    Anyway, sorry that's all a bit me me me, will try to catch up on things better now!

  • Well done on the 10k PBs. Mine is 56min something and couldn't get anywhere near it just now. Could hav managed sub 60min last ur but lucky if I could get under 75mins right now ????
  • I think i have only ever run one 10k, have a choice on sunday to do a 10k or a half mara (both on trail and includes entry to the welsh spring fair with nice stalls...).  Totally drained so not deciding until the end of the week! 

    I was convinced Archie had worms yesterday as i could see a little white thread as he was waving his butt at me but then realised it was loo paper.... Thanks for that! 

    TT - are you winning the weight battle? I know it worries you even though you look fab regardless. I have not lost a single pound with all my training. 

    Kinsey - so are we closer to tbird or monkey? If you fancied some cross country there is a summer league starting soonish with a few races south of hfd. Are you in a club yet? 

  • Kinsey and Camio - you'll definitely be closer to TBird. I'm in Edinburgh (like EF)
  • Yes, Its the Monks/Monkey bit that gets me confused with the name!!!

    Camlo - the prob I have is evenings and dumping hubby with the kids as he is away in the week so would love to join a club and do more racing but not sure how I would fit it in!

    Well done on the pb JG!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    CC - I didn't realise you were running on Saturday until I saw the results - fantastic time! 

    I was 4 mins slower than last year, but given I've done less than half the training I did between January and now this year, I'm happy with that.

  • No Camlo, not winning. Have lost plenty weight but I promptly gain it again at 4 times the speed.
  • Well done to all the 10k runners.  I am looking forward to running shorter distances again.  i'm not sure long distance is for me.  Physio worked some magic and urged me not to do any more long runs before the event.  Marathon length run is 2 weeks on Sunday so I was wondering about squeezing in one more this weekend.  What do you guys think?  I would be glad of the excuse not to image.

    Interesting on the weight loss/nutrition thing.  I went to a child nutrition talk at my son's preschool a few weeks ago which was quite confronting.  Lots of stuff about cutting sugar and packaged/processed food which I was expecting but also stuff about avoiding vegetable oils in cooking in favour of butter, coconut oil, lard etc, drinking bone broth, cutting wheat.  All kind of paleo stuff which is quite popular over here and then I started looking on the internet and got completely overwhelmed.  Is that kind of thing talked about much in UK?  I am a bit sceptical to be honest and am more in favour of everything in moderation, especially when it comes to kids.  I want to encourage them to eat healthily (hard though that can be with school, birthday parties etc.) but also don't want to restrict their diets and make them terrified of bread/pasta etc..  So now I'm confused. image.  

  • I'm pretty sure that kind of diet is not being discussed for children here, I suppose most people might still consider a diet excluding sugars and carbs a bit bespoke?!?  A dentist I saw said to avoid fruit snacks and use breadsticks/cheese instead, and another dentist warned of the perils of honey and tooth decay!

    However saying that I have been doing something similar and cut carbs and sugars and did stop craving them so from a personal point of view I can see why it might be a good idea to get kids to try and do similar.  However then you introduce different worries about a meat/protein based diet and whether that is 'healthy' so I suppose balance is key.

    Had my carb free dinner of lamb steak, aubergine and courgette with parsley and walnut pesto.  Yum.  Plus wine - 9th wedding anniversary today!!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I'd be concerned about restricting too much from a child's diet too - they need lots of fuel for the amount of energy they burn off, so as long as they are getting a good variety of foods, with not too much salt and sugar, it can't be far wrong.

    Quick question - has anyone ever had gall-stones?  I know Dr Goolgle is dangerous, but I've been having pains that don't seem to be the wind I first thought.

  • Hi Nessie, my step mum has had them and they have been very painful, she has ended up in a&e twice for painkillers.  Hope its not that x

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Nessie, my mum had her gallbladder removed just before Christmas. She had gallstones which caused an attack of pancreatitis, and she was in agony. Hospitalised for 10 days while they cleared the infection, then booked in for gallbladder removal 3 weeks later. Two days before op pancreatitis flared up again, readmitted to hospital for another 10 days but this time they decided to keep her in until infection had cleared and then operate straight away. Had op done laparoscopically so good recovery and she's fine now. She said it was so painful - round her back and right side; she had a couple of occurrences of what she thought was bad indigestion before the first attack and some nausea.

    What makes you think you might have gallstones? I do hope not.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Thanks Minks.

    I've had a three or four times over maybe 6 months when I've had what I originally thought was really bad trapped wind, but which didn't move or lessen when I moved around.  Is starts just under the bottom of my left breast (but inside the ribcage) and then extends down almost to my groin and up to my collar bone.  Bending over is excruciating, but lying down relieves it.  It lasts for anything up to 2 hours, then passes.

    Having googled the site of the pain, gallstones seemed to fit, and on Wednesday I had an "attack" shortly after eating a doughnut (I know, I know) then later after having some chocolate (it was a tough day......).  That would fit with the fatty food causing production of bile, however, I don't have nausea or vomiting or any fever.

    I think I'll phone the doc for an appointment just to be sure - don't want to cause anything worse by leaving it. 

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