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  • What's a mooncup? image

    Caro - that is awful, not to even have any straps or highchairs, what a useless place!  Hope M was ok, sounds like she's got a bug.

    Not a v fit hubby here either, in fact I was just thinking of asking that question today!  He plays footy once or twice a week (twice if I let him!) but does no other exercise and prefers to watch sport.  Actually I tell a lie he does occasionally play golf or tennis...It never used to matter as we always had quite separate lives in that respect, but now we have to share the babysitting I find myself getting really irritated when he won't "let" me go and exercise!

    JT - good that it all seems to be getting back to normal. Hope you're still taking it easy.  Lol at the Milk Tray advert!

    Holy crap, my sister who has depression has just texted to say she's going to sleep on the street tonight and get drunk after a big row with her housemate, who basically seems to be saying pull yourself together and stop taking your anti-d's and told her to move out...what on earth do I do?!!  She lives in London...

  • JT - glad to hear you're starting to feel a bit better.

    CC - very exciting about the move, but can understand the daunted part of it too! We're pretty stressed and are only moving about a mile down the road! Get the keys on Tuesday!!

    TB - well done for getting out and racing. I managed a run yesterday, but have barely left the house today!

    Camlo - I've got a mooncup too. Have only mentioned it to a few friends who I knew wouldn't be freaked by it, but it's definitely a complete revelation, so much easier than any of the alternatives!

    Really sorry, on my phone and can't remember everything else!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Read a lot about mooncups ages ago on Mumsnet I think - not my cup of tea having to wash it out and clean it etc.  Would rather just have something I can pull out and flush away, so will be sticking with my Tampax I think unless anyone can persuade me otherwise!

    Well, I took all your advice and didn't do my long run today for four reasons: 1) still full of cold and definitely below par, 2) the weather, 3) the weather and 4) the weather.  OMG - how much rain did we have today?  I don't think it's stopped for mor than about 5 minutes at a time all day, and at times has been very heavy.  Add to that it's only got to about 6 degrees and I don't think a run would have done me any favours.  Can't help feeling cross with myself for wimping out though ... think I have something of an addiction too!

    LOL JT and CC, I used to have LOADS of black clothes, but about a year ago it suddenly hit me that black is not a very good colour on me.  It makes me look pale and drained, especially in the winter (not too bad in summer if I have a bit of a tan).  I have found that charcoal grey is much more flattering so have spent the last year or so gradually replacing a lot of my old clothes.  I do still have a couple of black tops but at one time almost all my tops were black.

    JT, good to hear that you might finally be getting back to some sort of normality.  And yes, periods always make you feel drained even if they're really light.  Mine are light - I only get through less than one box of 20 regular Tampax per period - but on the first day or two I usually need an early night as feel pretty whacked.

    Kit was much better today having had another good night and a nap this morning.  He does still need his nap!  He ate all his meals today himself and at the table, so we didn't have the battle I feared getting him back into normal mealtime habits.  He's been identifying birds we see in the garden in a bird book today.  He already knew robin, blackbird, blue tit, goldfinch and great tit as we get quite a few in the garden and have pointed them out to him.  Today he learned chaffinch and (randomly from the book) house marten, sand marten, and grebe!  Too wet to go out today so this afternoon he made a reindeer and an angel from a paper cup kit we got reduced from the Early Learning Centre a few weeks ago.

    I made a chicken and leek pie with puff pastry crust for dinner.  Took about 2 hours from start to finish including pre-cooking on the hob then time in the oven.  Sadly both hubby and I are so blocked up neither of us could taste it at all after all that effort!

    Am really hoping the weather doesn't remain this bad for the rest of the week.

  • Not so bad here today, just very cold wind. Got my run in while boys at pre-school, just under 5 miles in around 42 mins, so not too bad. Not that I really care tbh, just good to get some exercise really. I ran 6.5 miles on Sat and swam 50 lengths yesterday, so keeping fit at last.

    Still growing both boobs and tummy, now wearing maternity over bump jeans, although I'm not big enough for them, but normal jeans are too tight even with button undone. So will have to contend with hoeking them up every so often.

    Visted in laws in Yeovil yesterday, didn't feel to great on the journey home as it's very twisty and I was very tired and threw up as soon as I walked through the front door. But first time in 10 days so a blip I guess.

    Got the schedules done for the runners I'm coaching, well 3 of them anyway, just one to go. Can't wait for them to get started on them and see the results, it's like training for one myself but without the pain!!! image

    Time for some chill out I think...Zzzzzz

  • Joggergirl - hope your sister sorted something out - sounds like a scary option to consider sleeping rough and even worse in this weather.
    You will have to google mooncups but basically they sit in your fanjo and collect your 'period' which you then empty down the toilet (not a very good description!). I guess it depends how heavy your periods are as to whether you can face the idea of it - I might give it a go if mine aren't too heavy once they start again.

    Minks - hope you feel better soon.
    Caro - very dodgy about M's high chair incident, I hope she is better now too.
    Cragchick - very exciting about your move - hope it all works out...

    My hubby is currently experiencing an urge to exercise and is cycling to work every day and using the rowing machine on the weekends - at 6ft3in and a hefty 16 plus stone he needs to be doing something! Saying that though he doesn't look fat - when he does put it on it goes on his 'love handles' which he calls 'side rockets' - not sure if that's an Irish term for it!

    Right - going back to Hereford for most of the week as hubby is off to the US so I have a heap of washing to sort and its impossible to dry in this weather so the house is a chinese laundry.
  • My hubbie is an 11 stone skinny chap with a 6 pack, he was a 10 stone weed when I first went out with him 16 years ago! If he puts on weight he will go up to 11.5 stone, but rarely goes above. He used to compete like me, and was a very good youth, but now he 'just' cycles 20 miles to or from work 4 days a week and then runs a bit. Amazingly he can still run pretty fast, not as fast as he used to, but he came 5th at the Sodbury Slog off next to zero training, and was outsprinted for 3rd because of his lack of training, but still pretty amazing and very annoying image!

    However I annoyed him yesterday, by just getting in the pool and swimming 50 lengths of front crawl, having not swam since I was pregnant with the twins 3.5 years ago! I impressed myself actually...Mind you I was coached properly in my teens and swam competively for many years, so unsurprising its all in there, like riding a bike really.

    Right christmas card making beckons. Am sure I will enjoy it once we get started but it's all the prep and cleaning up that puts me off!

  • glad you are generally feeling better MM.  must reply to your email. never get onto the laptop these days to do it!

    i am not having the best of times right now, so have been reading but not posting much.  i did actually get some sleep last night and feel for the first time in ages like i don't have a huge knot in the base of my stomach.

    i did a 14 mile run on sat; 6 yday and 5.2 (in 42 mins - i was pleased and then i saw MM's times. grrr!) today.  i did 42 miles in total last week over 5 runs but that was just because i did the previous week's LSR on the sun and this week's on sat.  i am still too slow though.  why am i so slow?!?! 

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    My hubby is 6'2 and very solid he does run regularly just to keep fit (he's not very speedy but then neither am I)  - used to love it before we had Nate as we would always do a long run together on a sunday morning.  Apart from runs when we've taken Nate in the buggy i think we've only run together a couple of times since he was born which is a shame.

    Just got back from a nice little run but it is very cold out there!

  • ((CM)) hope you feel better soon - sounds like the running is going well, am sure the long slow runs will pay off in the end!
  • BBbbrrrrrr it's flipping cold..................

    JG - really hope your sister is OK. Must be awful to be in her position (& yours). Does she need to be in London? 

    CM- You're doing loads, perhaps the speed will just click one day!

    Off to work early- have a team building day for the 1st time then up to the Wirral for the night so I can learn how to programme my virtual doll babies tomorrow.  Obv no running opportunities (well there prob are but it is cold........)

  • programme virtual doll babies??

    thanks for your support girls.  camlo - i suspect i will always be slow.  have been running for 9 years and am now as fast as i ever been at 8.30 miling on a good day.  would love to get down below 8 but never seem to be able to.  i am also slimmer now than i have been in years, and i think there are only a few more pounds to go before i am as light as i want to be, so it's not to do with being ultra lardy anymore.

    i am in hemel today and tomorrow; it's mad busy as it's audit time next week.  still, keeps my mind off other things.

  • CM - you are a speed demon compared to me... I am always really pleased if any of my mile splits start with an 8 on a training run! 45 mpw is awesome btw.

    CC - sounds like a great mara schedule! And you'll be able to get some great training in on the Scottish hills.imageHope your legs aren't too twitchy in taper week...

    Camlo - enjoy your day with the virtual babies tomorrow! The school I worked at on the Wirral (Upton Hall) used those - I remember one time, this 'baby' started crying when I was teaching Year 10 the conditional tense... I was tempted to cry too!!

    Brrrr, it is cold today. Hats and gloves at the ready. I have acquired a very nice new running headband, which is funky and functional. Have been testing it out on the last few runs and it's really good - my head doesn't get as hot as when I've got a hat on but it keeps my ears warm.

    I am mourning the passing of something sacred atm - JP's daytime nap.image Over the last week he hasn't bothered on 4 days out of 7, and he hasn't had one since Sat (and then he didn't go to sleep until about 9). So he clearly doesn't need one now. He was fine without it yesterday though - not grumpy at all. And he went to sleep beautifully at 7 (woke at 7.30 this morning).

    Right, work time!

  • TB - i know what you mean about the daytime nap.  tis a sad moment indeed.  J ditched his nap about 2 weeks after his 2nd birthday and i was gutted, particularly as i was in the early stages of pregnancy at that point and could really have done with the break.

    it was cold on the drive up to hemel today and icy at home as well.  i am not looking forward to icy mornings.  given that many of my runs are now done at 6am, i shall have to get used to running in icy conditions - it's something that i have always avoided in the past!

  • The daytime nap. I miss that so much. Very rarely Harry will still have one now, he kept going until just before his 3rd birthday, but J dropped his like your J CM, just after his 2nd birthday. A bit of TV is good as mine will watch that for 30 mins or so and gives me time to get on with something, or rest myself at the mo.

    Big hugs CM. Do you fancy coming here for lunch/cuppa one friday soon? Next week maybe? Can also do thursday after 2pm if that works better? Have started your garden so can give you plan if I get it done by then.

    Let me know if you need some help CC with your schedule, happy to look at it for you and make some suggestions.

    So cold today, and of course my new silver birch trees have arrived today of all days, and they are bare root. Hopefully get them in the ground tomorrow.

    Right I hear fighting, no doubt over trains again, even though they have over 20 trains now, of course they fight over the same one still.

  • thanks, mm.  i can't do next fri as i have E's 9 month check in the morning and i also am going to try and donate some blood in the afternoon, although that might be a bit tricky as the one i go to is a mobile blood unit which is just a trailer in tesco car park and i have done it before with just J, but i don't think it will be a good idea to take both J and E with me, as there is NO room in there... may have to find someone to have one of them for me while i go.  would prefer just to take J and leave E somewhere as at least he will sit and i can talk to him (whereas E will just yell if she is confined in a car seat), but will probably find it easier to get a taker for J than E!  i worked out the dates and i am eligible to give blood by 6 days (need to leave it 40 weeks and E will be 40 weeks and 6 days by next fri!)

    however, it would be good to meet up sometime.  my weeks are manic until xmas, but maybe afterwards??

  • Goodness, what has happened to the RW website??!! The forums will never look the same again... Not sure if I like it yet. There was always something quite reassuring about the familiar bright blue and red!

    CM - you are good, donating blood. I haven't been since before JP - should go really, now that I'm not persistently anaemic.

    MM - hope you enjoy your tree planting! have to say, I do love silver birch trees.

    Going out for a girls' night tonight - we're having a Chinese which will no doubt be washed down with a few alcoholic beverages.... No wine for me though - it gives me such a bad head! Going to stick to G&T.image Need one too, to cheer me up after a stressful meeting with supervisors. Don't know what his problem was, but my lead supervisor seemed to have it in for me today - was hypercritical to the extent that I did ever so slightly lose my rag at one point...image I felt like saying, 'What do you want, blood??!!' He did apologise though - not that that made me feel much better! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    OMG, I think our dishwasher has decided to work again! YAY!

  • Don't be scared to write it JT. My little Harry was having naps until a couple of months ago just before he turned 3. Just a pity Joshie didn't nap, the trouble with twins hey!

    Not sure I like the new forums either, it looks very odd on my tiny laptop.

    Have a great time in Paris JT, am sure it will do you the world of good.

    Hope you feel OK CC, positive thoughts and keep popping the pills!

    I have a child free day, boys having an extra day at pre-school until 2.45pm, so off to pilates, supermarket, then doing some sorting at home.

    JT. I have a chap coming to plant the trees, they are14ft tall, so not really suitable for me to be planting in my current state, and as they are bare root we need to get them in the ground asap really. Hubbie is begrudging paying for it, but he can't do everything.

  • weird - i don't think it's displaying properly in my browser as i have boxes where boxes shouldn't be on top of others.  hmmm...

    have a lovely time at eurodisney; i'm sure Ted will LOVE it!

    i did 8.5 very very hilly miles last night.  my god, there are some hills round here.  and 3 very slow ones this morning as recovery but i had nothing in the tank.

    another shockingly bad night but i forgot my meds so no surprise there.

  • No time to read or write, but CM press shift and F5 or shift and refresh and the boxes will go away, or at least they did with me.

  • CM - well done on all the running! Haven't done anything since my race on Sat, so need to remedy that. Have just been so busy with work. Then again, that's not really an excuse!!

    JT - hope you have a fab time. You deserve a break after all you've been through lately. (())

    CC - really hope you manage to fend off the lurgies. Sending positive vibes your way!

    Bit bleary-eyed here this morning after a late night, yawn...Had a good time though, the Chinese was lovely. Did succumb to the wine though - so hard when everyone else is drinking it, it's just easier to share rather than have something else! Got to go and teach some finalists about Tolstoy now - what fun!

  • ooo what Tolstoy, TB?

    i was thinking last night how i need to dig my gogol and saltykov-shchedrin out again.  feeling in need of a bit of satire at the moment.

  • CM - It was on 'The Death of Ivan Ilyich' and 'The Kreutzer Sonata'. So now, as you might imagine, I am feeling slightly miserable!! The students used to struggle to read Anna Karenina when it was on the reading list, so we dropped it.image Love a bit of Gogol, I have to say, even though it's not my area of research.
  • Took me ages just to find my bookmarks, I hate it when they change things.

    Had a cystic lesion removed from my thigh yesterday and not allowed to run until after my stitches come out a week on Friday, boohoo! Leg nips and I feel knackered and teeny has drawn on the fridge, the wall, the front door and the patio doors with her crayons. She is now 'colouring in' most of the books and just can't be bothered stopping her today. Have just flopped about all day wiping up crayon. Think I'm going to take her up to bed for a nap, so we can both get a snooze. Haven't bothered to dress either of us.

    TT ;0)

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