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    Caro, crossed posts.  When we toilet trained Kit we still put him in a nappy in the car for long journneys.  It didn't confuse him at all - we just explained we might not be able to stop for him to go to the toilet so if he needed to go he could do so in his nappy.  It was fine and not a problem at all.
  • Caro - EF and I both have portable folding potty which is handy for the car and generally being out and about if you're not sure of toilet facilities etc.  Also seemed to have a huge novely factor for Megan - the idea of peeing with fresh air whoosing about your bits seemed to appeal so she was always happy to use it!!  But would agree with Minks that for 2 hour plus journeys a pull-up/nappy is OK - esp if they fall asleep.

    Minks - I'm same as you on the pension stuff (as you'll be USS) too. One of the reasons I went back full-time (but compressed hours) was to keep pension level up. But am beginning to have no faith in anyone or anything other than stuffing cash under the mattress to keep me in my dotage!

    MM - happy birthday to the boys. 4 seems so grown up.

    CC - enjoy the sanity run. Very windy in Scotland today - I opted for the dreadmill as couldn't face a buffeting (it just makes me want to weep when its so blustery it doesn't matter which way you tur, its just always against you!).

    PP - congratulations!  Vixo loved your comment on that - I'm so with you on that!

    TT - welcome home, hope you're not too cold!

  • Think I have an old mothercare gift card and maybe some vouchers at home, so could splash out on a pottette plus!  Actually was thinking we'd need to buy one of those kiddie loo seats so it would save us the trouble as this seems to be one of those as well.
  • Brrrrr!  It's nippy here isn't it?

    I did post last night but it looks as though my gremlins have decided to delete my posts now and move on to Caro!

    We got back OK, Max was an absolute treasure on the flight back, couldn't have asked for better.  He slept for most of it and was smiley when we woke him up for landing.  He is now jet lagged though image and was awake for a couple of hours last night.  I am at work now and he is in his car seat next to me on the floor having a snooze - just hope he sleeps tonight!

    All the women in our office have been coo-ing over him today, really hope we don't start a baby boom!!

    Happy 4th birthday to the twins MM - hope you are all having a good afternoon.

    CM & MM - would be really cool if we could all meet up sometime - CM let us know when you are passing along the M4!

  • I'm USS too, and what with upping the contributions, NI, tax and paying for J's nursery I'm beginning to think I won't actually be bringing home any money each month when I go back - RUBBISH
  • I used pull-ups too in the early days so Tom knew they weren't nappies but it would save accidents.

    Caro- I dread my eldest making me a granny too soon. I was a very young Mum & have tried to tell him how stupid I was without making him feel bad. Thankfully he's 20 this weekend but between myself and his Dad he's now got 5 siblings under 5yrs old. 

    JG- any inspiration on clearing croup. My boys both suffer and I've used their asthma inhalers, piriton and steam with limited effect.

    MM- I wouldn't worry too much about the centiles. Granted if she was unwell or failing to thrive it would be a concern but the graphs are only guidelines based on averages and how many of us are average?? She may well be ready for some solids but don't rush it just because of this.

    Archie has just done a wee on the potty and managed Tom's balance bike! Not bad given his 2nd birthday isn't until next week... now I just need him to speak..... 

  • MM - meant to say, I think S dipped on the chart at around that time too.  I reckon once you start weaning her she'll put some back on eventually.  If there's nothing else wrong and her eating habits haven't changed drastically then I wouldn't worry.  I'm sure a HV will have something to say though!

    Camlo - no 'fraid not, she just seems to suffer with every cold at the moment.  We just use Nurofen or similar when it comes on and it seems to settle her, and just try to stop her crying as that makes it worse.

  • Camlo - hopefully the fact that he has got 5 siblings under 5 will make him realise how hard it is and put him off!
  • Whats USS?? I feel a real numpty as I don't actually know how much % I pay into my pension. Not sure about these schemes/ changes but I do know I used to curse some of the older colleagues who would cram shifts in during their last 3 yrs when they were too  tired to do the job properly just to boost their final average. I also knew of ladies who had always worked part-time who went full-time in their late fifties so guess that wasn't fair either? 
  • Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I feel I should point out that we don't have many passionate nights. My mum was here so I guess we were feeling a bit like naughty school kids with her in the next room. Tee hee. 

    Happy Birthday to Josh and  Harry. I hope they're enjoying their day.

    Welcome back to the UK TT. Hope you packed your woolies! 

    Good luck to all of those with strong willed toddlers, sounds like you may need it! 

    I also don't know what USS is, or a cow cup!

  • I can do cow cup, but not USS!  M has a cow cup.   cow cup
  • Just found both of mine 'cleaning' the toilet - what is it with them and the bliddy toilet brush!!!
  • Happy Birthday to Harry and Joshie!

    CC - ToTM is definitely making all my aches really flare up - wonder if it will settle down a bit more at some point?

    I only just swapped Martha from the bottle to the cow cup but she didn't get that cross about it because Aidan was having the cup too - he never really took to bottles.

    We have got the potette thing and Martha sometimes uses it on the toilet and sometimes not - havn't taken it out and about yet but will be taking it to Ireland on the weekend. We are flipping between pants and nappies here - my style of 'potty training' seems to be a bit bonkers. She must be totally confused although saying that we havn't had any accidents so far today and we did go to the shops with her in pants.
  • USS = universities superannuation scheme (for employees of universities!)
  • Potette thing is fab.good plan is to put several bags on at once. Using new phone. Will post this and see if it works!!
  • Guys, I am mum to a 5 and 18th month old girl. Both lovely and delicious. Do i count in your mums running forum?
  • Hi Louise! Yes! My two are Martha who is 2.66 (don't know how else to put it!), and Aidan who is just 1!
  • Hi Louise, 'course you do, welcome!

    EF, congrats on sorting out your new phoneimage

    Janie, thanks for the advice re: bf and running.  I hope A's feeding continues to improve and it doesn't turn out to be reflux.  Your photos of the kids on fb are lovely.

    Kinsey, maybe just teach your kids how to clean the loo properly?  You might be onto something there!

    PP, congrats!!  Lucky lady, I'd love another soon.

    MM, happy birthday to your boys!  I hope they like their cake(s).  I would agree with what's been said about S's weight; if she's looking healthy and is happy and developing, there should be nothing to worry about, although of course we are ruled by the chart, aren't we.image J is dropping off his centile slightly, but i think that's because he's moving onto his own line of what size he will be.

    Caro, LOL at your clientsimage and good luck with the potty training.

    TT welcome home!  Hope you get to do some good shopping and well done on little Max's first flightimage

    Not a good day today, hubby took the day off so that I could have my MRIs on both knees done - arrived at the centre at 08:30 after being up 3 times in the night, only to be told they were running 1/2 an hour late already and I was only booked in for one leg...finally managed to get second appointment for the end of the day, but then i completely failed at the tests themselves as I appear to have continual involuntary muscle movements that I cannot control at need to have repeated tests with some kind of muscle relaxant injection in order to get good pictures.  So peed off - another delay and a completely wasted day for me and for hubby.  

    Feel like my running is my only connection to the "old" pre-posting, pre-baby, pre-giving up job me, and now it seems to be taken away from me indefinitely and I'm left with my identity as wife and mother.  Amazing though that is, it's not the whole me.  

    Weaning not going so well, feel like I'm bf more now than I was 3 or 4 weeks ago, can't seem to drop a feed at all.  Think I may be resorting to GF soon, much as I hate to admit it.. Trouble is that J's sleeping has got much worse recently too, I've been up 3 or 4 times in the night everyday for about 2 or 3 weeks now.  Guess everything seems worse on lack of sleep, and still trying to shift chest infectionimage

  • (((Johbo))) I know how you feel about your "old" identity, that's how I feel at the moment - couldn't go to the classes I used to pre-Sophie as I had to wait for hubby to come home, now I can't go to any classes as we both need to put them to bed plus my feeding him.  I can only say that I know it won't last forever and things will eventually get back to normal, and I'm sure you will too.  The problem with your knees must be pregnancy related so I'm sure in time they will improve. 

    GF isn't so bad if you're not as rigid as she is, I think in general she provides a good guideline, something I am totally failing to follow with N at the moment!  He didn't half scream and scream today, ended up with him asleep on me again so I couldn't get anything done image.

    Does anyone have any experience of thrush on nipples? image  I've had it for weeks now and I'm using cream and treating N and it's just not getting any better.  They've got a rash on them and are itchy but hurt like hell if I scratch image.  I'm thinking a trip to the doctor might be in order.  It must be thrush though, musn't it?

    Just heard the first Christmas tune on a DFS advert.  Makes me want to wear ear plugs for the next 2 months!

  • I think that chest infection is hitting everyone. I've felt under the weather for the past year or so, it seems to be one thing after another. I have given up training for a marathon, (what was I thinking), the guilt I felt at doing the longer runs just negated the whole experience, I just do two big work outs a week, on Tues and Thurs, when the girls are in bed. I also try to do a jog at the weekends when my hubbie is around. I have put my distance training on ice, but once I'd made the decision to do so, it felt much better and the exercise I do get to do is more enjoyable and much appreciated. I have been through all of the sleepless nights, i still do sometimes but just try to think that its a phase, it wont last forever, although it seems that way. The phase will pass, then something else happens!
  • JG I had thrush on my nipples and felt like I was constantly switching between thrush cream, nipple cream, trying to squirt the medicine in M's you remember an Australian lady on here?  Her baby was born a bit before ours I think, can't remember her name.  Anyway she said her nipples were so sore she was going topless as much as poss and sleeping topless with an old towel on the bed for leaks - so I did that, to try and let everything dry up, and it worked eventually.  But I found feeding v painful for at least 4 months, and it was July so it was warm enough to walk around topless all the time.

    JoBo - Boo to the failed MRI.  Did you actually have the scan before they realised they weren't readable, ir did they stop pretty quickly?  I just remember mine from a few months ago and it was so noisy, I wouldn't want to have gone through the whole thing and then them say it hadn't worked.  Hope things get better soon

    Hubby's old company seem to have paid rather more than we were expecting into our account by way of notice/redundancy.  Really hope it's not a mistake........

  • JoBoh - sorry to hear about the rubbish MRI - hope you get an answer on your knees soon. On the weaning front/feeding, I think that once you introduce proper protein, you will drop more feeds as veg and things like that wont fill them up. Agree with JG, GF isn't all bad. She is excellent to use as a rough guide and not to be taken too seriously if, like me, you hadn't a clue what to do with a baby!!

    Woo to the additional money Caro - you could do with some good news. I think I would put Leila in a nappy for long car journeys. Haven't done one since she has been potty trained though. We have bought some pull ups with the Bob the Builder on, which she calls her Bob the Builder pants. She wears them for her nap, and she knows not to do a wee in them, so more often than not they are totally dry after her sleep. Other than that, according to everything I have read including GF (I really do read books on everything I haven't a clue about!!) you shouldn't put them in nappies as this will confuse the child and potty training will take a lot longer. 

    Happy Birthday to the twins!! Hope they have had a fab day.

    Lotte - well done on your marathon, but so shocking to hear about your accident. I hope that you are home safe and sound and that the insurance sorts everything quickly.

    I'm going to get a cow cup for Leila when I am next at the shops too! image

    Welcome Louise - I have little girl called Leila (pronouced Lila) who was 2 in September. 

    CC - hope that things get sorted for hubbys job and that life gets a little less hectic for you soon.  

  • Oh and Minks, you got me wondering about why the sea was salty so I googled it...


  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Johbo - know how you feel about the identity thing.  I struggled a lot with this when I had N wich is partly why he started nursery a couple of sessions a week to give me some 'me' space -  L also started nursery early which is my sanity time!  Now I've got them both (an we're not planning more)I feel I am really able to start getting on with life etc (if that makes sense!) 

    Louise - welcome - I have a 6 month old girl and a 21 month old boy.

  • Hi louise, great name! My 3yr old is Louise too. On potty training i think avoid anything which gives them security. We found lou would wee in pull ups just cos she could whereas in pants she can hold on.
    Phone is ok but can't get it to bookmark this site and can't get in using web add either, got to google it. So irritating!
    Just been to gym so obv i had packet of rolos.on way home. Yum. Back on food diary tomorrow.
    Caro i am 36 so feel a bit ill at idea i could be a granny!!
  • Still the bookmark fails and it says web page does not exist. Grrr.
  • Welcome Louise. You are very welcome on here. I have twin 4 year old boys, Joshue and Harry (4 yesterday!!) and a 5 month old baby girl Sophie.

    I am full of cold. Started yesterday and have had a rotten nights sleep. Sophie woke up at 6am, I think I'm going to start the baby rice today, she is sooo hungry and has woken early for 3 days now, enough I think!! I am a big fan of GF. Like the others say though a loose intrepation is whats required, but madam does sleep well. I am sure the early waking is due to hunger, and I don't want to start feeding her more again having just got her to 7 till 7 and stopped expressing at 10pm, so baby rice starts today. I have tonnes of milk in the freezer to mix it with. Going to give her that for a few days and then see how we go. I am going to do a mix of baby led and purees. Worked well with the boys having some food to play with while I shovelled puree in!!

    Any recommendations for high chair. Looked at ikea, but they only have the plastic one. Looking for folding one thats very easy to clean, wood preferably, but have seen some tiko ones on ebay that look quite good.

    Boys had nice birthday, although still much fighting. Pirate ship from my brother arrived but no pirates, cue much upset!! However new kitchen gone down well, and they have a new goal in the garden which J loves from my real Dad.

    Hubbie out tonight straight from work, so think I will get them all in bed and then crash into bed myself image

  • How do make a bookmark? I want to bookmark this thread?
  • Hi Louise, welcome to the thread - it's a bit like the Hotel California - you will NEVER leave!!  I think it depends what web browser you are using as to how you make a bookmark.

    MM - so glad the boys had a good birthday - 4 - sounds so grown up!!

    I think Max is doing well with his jet lag - he slept through the night last night and woke up at about 6.45 this morning.  I got up and gave him a bottle and he is now fast asleep on the living room floor, looks so cute.

    My family are all descending on us tomorrow, my parents haven't seen him since he was 3 weeks old and none of the others have met him yet so I'm sure he will get squeezed and cuddled to bits.

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