Fans of Thanet



  • because he cant believe someone with a bum that big is in front of himimage

  • Have to say that DB has done himself proud. There are some great shots of the race.

    Still not as good as juniors though! image
  • knowing how competitive you lot are, I will act as a semi-independant witness here and say that I think Bobo was further off the ground than you Mark image 

  • Inch high club ! - do you think a t-shirt would be in order image

    Running back to the car is definitely preferable - will aim for the usual parking spot 08.45, by the time I've faffed it will 08.55! Although I'm an excellent loiterer the temptation of "facilities".......... so long hill session tomorrow and then social 15 on Saturday, this week is definitely improving  image

  • ahh but does bo-bo have a "flying" pic coming up the finishing straight. image (if only I knew what I was doing with this pc I would up load my pic, which is not from imagesaurus but taken by a friend)

    "Inch High club" T shirt sounds like a good idea bo-bo we could even start a new RW club to rival the Pirates image

    I will drop in here again tomorrow with any changes to Saturdays plans after tonights club run when I have spoken to the others.

    [wonders off to plan some dastardly tough speed session for tonight]

  • I've been playing on the Wye Downs image - tell me, not that I'm bothered or it matters - except it may be useful to know whether extra pasta is required tomorrow night - any chance, given our direction of travel, that this social 15 will be relatively silent due to the constant headwind!! image

    Awaiting final instructions......and indication of how many cakes PSC needs to bake! 

  • Are you and CB off out anywhere tonight Bo Bo or is he too busy baking cakes? You may remember me asking about Martins in Boughton, well we went there with friends and had a lovely time so Mrs CB and I are off there tonight. They do a nice bargain bucket for £9.99!

  • Think I've got this wrong then, tis me that's cooking in our house tonight mmmmmm!  In fairness Mr C did say I could come out to play with you tonight but I think its still a bit early!
  • Cinders, take it from me you were much better off indoors than spending your time at the hands of the sadistic Mr F. I had the choice of 'carbo loading' or running in the freezing cold..............................mmm, is that what they call a no brainer?
  • I was very kind tonight ONLY 10 x 400m reps.

     Saturday looks like 6 of us and given the usual thanet coastline there will be some into the wind,if there is any, and some with the wind behind. so PSC probably only needs to bake about 36 cakes for usimage

    bo-bo if you park at the usual place and come to chez foster aeound 8.45- 8.55 we can trot up the hill to meet the others at the station.

    Cinders when you feel ready to join us I am sure we will find a suitable session for you.  I think its  amazing that your even thinking of coming back to running so soon after Jnr c was born well done !

  • YIPEE !!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimage

    I have just had an email from the very nice Lady at Snowdonia marathon and she has confirmed that they are happy to leave the signage up on the course for an extra day so that we can still run it on the Sunday  so it looks like the tripple is back on.  who's up for it then ?

    Cmon Cliff you know you want to image  

  • N U T T E R

    Yes, it is confirmed.................. image

    Does everyone like coconut and oat cookie-type cakes?

  • I missed out on the 400m rep session last night then (my least favourite). Hooray. Hope you all have a good run tomorrow am. Weather forecast looks favourable. Ashford 10k for me Sunday !!
  • Good luck on Sunday Andy.

     no pressure but I expect a higher place than last week image

  • Andy

    I am going out with this lot tomorrow and doing Ashford on Sunday, have I bitten off more than I can chew? Its just that I had an unavoidable 9 day gap from running and feel I am playing catch-up. But there again, I won't be going at your pace on Sunday!

  • see some of you in the morning - Mark please look out the window around the relevant time to avoid me giving your neighbours a shock image - oven on let the baking commence.

    Andy - have a good run on Sunday 

  • Blimey, that's keen. I haven't even got my pinny on yet! image
  • Good luck on Sunday Andy, have a good runimage

    I am really looking forward to the morning, I love coconut!image

    Mark, the only double I am prepared to try is JD and Coke (diet of course) However BH and Snowdon hmmmmmmmimage

  • see you in the morning then Cliff Ive sussed out how to get you out running then CAKES !!

    So If I get Jnr/Jnr Foster to bake loads of cakes can you be bribed to take on the tripple ?

    Bo-bo I will keep an eye out for you.  Dont want you knocking on my neighbours door by mistake they already think we are a little strange with all the lycra they see out on the washing lineimage

  • Sounds like I am doing the wrong run this weekend. Bet I won't get cakes after my race Sunday !!

    Bill - I'm sure you'll be fine on Sunday as long as you don't forget what you have done the day before ! Treat it as a recovery run and nothing more. Apparently the last 2k at Ashford are downhill so if you get tired towards the end it won't matter too much.

    Most people are an awful lot better than me at running two days in a row. My body never seems to like it very much so I always try and leave a days rest in between.  If I try and run 3 days in a row my shins start to flare up so the "triple" will always be a pipe dream !!!

  • Nutters, the lot of you!!! image
  • but well fed nutters!

               - buns are cooling, PSC is now in control of the kitchen making his special golden oak/coconut biscuits  - not sure all  will make it to Thanet intact (taste control) but sufficient for the runners image

  • with the look on Junior's face there wont be any of the damn things left!  He is patroling the kitchen looking very intent image
  • I am looking forward to waddling the last few miles tomorrow!image
  • cakes all packed up ready for you nutcases tomorrow image

    Wrap up warm..... jumpers needed

  • Jeez! That is King Cold isn't it! I will definitely NOT be forgetting glovesand hat this time. The site I use shows a "feels like" temp of -3C. Remind me, why are we doing this again?
  • 'coz you are all nutters.  Now I on the other hand am off to a nice warm swimming pool! 

    Ultra v Tri - you decide image

    Have a great run folks - Bobo is nearly on her way. 

  • A really lovely run this morning, thanks to you all for the lovely company. Particular thanks to the Fosters and Charlie for going to the trouble of taking us over there only to have to go and fetch the cars later on

    Thanks to Bobo for the cakes, a much appreciated treat at the end of the run.

    I would also like to thank my sponsors who helped me to achieve the award that I received, and so richly deserved, this morning.

    Hopefully we will welcome Charlie and Jane into our small but very exclusive little band on this forum

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