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  • Cinders Jnr still hanging in there then ?

    Sarah is away for 3 months taking in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, hopefully a quick trip to Seoul to see Lee, then India and Sri Lanka before heading to the highlight of her trip THANIT image

     PSC hope you are feeling better soon are you still hoping to make the Duathlon next week.  And if so is TRRAC's newest member still p for marshalling (if she is can you e mail me your phone number so I can pass it onto to Pauline.)

    CB  I will resend the training schedule again but will do that tomorrow when im back at work as do not have a copy here.  Hope that is ok and look forward to seeing your "YELLOW" kit soon.

  • CB  have spoken to Pauline she could certainly use your marshalling services.  If you could come to Race HQ which is located at the Minis Bar/Cafe in minis bay at 9.00 am she will give you a spot to marshall from.  Thanksimage

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Yep, still hanging in there!!!

    Sounds an amazing trip.........and to think Thanit's the highlight !!!!!!!

  • A Happy New Year to all our readers! I spent it with a couple of friends seeing the New Year in with a couple or more bottles of beer.

    Mark, is the Minis Bar/Cafe that place at the far end of the prom just beyond where the marathon doubles back?

  • CB yes thats it.  Oh I have re sent you the marathon training schedule via email.

  • Mark. Many thanks for the schedule, I have now saved it in a safe place!
  • Hmmm I must be going soft in my old age.  At last nights club training I allowed them to just do a run around Ramsgate instead of the scheduled Speed session

    (So a new, New year resolution required, "I must not be tempted to let the Thursday night session become a nice easy trott around Ramsgate")

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Wonders if Mark's resolution will last long????
  • will definitely consider carefully which - if any - training sessions I can get to then!

    MF7 or fellow TRACCites is there a monthly/weekly schedule? week nights will I fear be impossible but are there any weekend runs planned? I seem to recall PSC being tempted/invited to a Saturday morning jaunt some (considerable) time ago - I do a school drop @ 8am Saturday (in Canterbury) so could be in Thanet 30 mins later. I'll be honest the thought of running with people - me being too slow and puffing away etc - terrifies me image

  • Bo-Bo tomorrow there is a run at 8.30 from Birchington - cross country and a few of us ladies having a chat - don't tell the boys!  On Sundays there's an 8 o'clock run from Margate which is usually about an hour and a half run which caters for all abilities from elite down to me!
  • Bo Bo

    I do the Sunday morning training and since you are at least a minute per mile quicker than me I can assure you you will have no problems. I am marshalling the Duathlon or otherwise I would definitely be there for my first serious training of the new Year.

  • Bo Bo forgot to say there won't be a sunday run this week cos of duathlon!

    CB see you there

  • thanks folks - Sundays conflict with PSC & ATC long cycle, but Saturday is good image  details please; when you say Birchington - do you meet at Minnis Bay carpark/sea front? Distance? - I haven't run much in the last 10 days (chest infection) so looking to get back into it.

  • oooooo so Girlie invitations now going out for Saturdays mornings eh ????

    I have been banned from these as the current Mrs F says I make her run too fast image

    secretly (and very bavely) I recon they just splash their shoes in a muddy puddle and have a coffee morning image

  • be very afraid....quick whats that behind you!
  • LOL bo-bo 

    Are you thinking of joining the girls tomorrow ?  If so I will call Sharon and ask her to send you more details

  • yes - please - thanks - great!
  • oh good, down the cafe for the boys then - bacond sarnies all round! image
  • you not drowning by numbers then image
  • oh yea....i am arn't I!
  • Mark

    Don't you think it would be a good idea to have a lads only Friday Night session and see who can manage the best pints per hour speed? That way we could all have a well earned lie in on a Saturday morning while they go out running.

  • bo-bo you have mail image
  • CB  now yer talking hic!!image
  • thanks - best crack on with the chores then!
  • bo-bo PSC secretly told me he would prefer it if you left all the chores for him to do as you are venturing out with TRRAC for the first time tomorrow and you should put your feet up to prepare for itimage
  • despite the hour & receding light I'm sure I've just seen a pink flappy thing pass the window!

    PSC has obviously trained him well - Jnr has just commented "I thought you were doing the ironing Mrs D so you can go run tomorrow" - thought he was working and I don't mean on his napster account!!

    Not rest for the wickedimage

  • Good lad! That's my boy image
  • I've just been on my first official TRRAC xcountry run imageimage
  • Bobo it was great that you joined us this morning - we're not that scary are we!!!

    PSC i'll be there cheering you on tomorrow if you are still up for it after bobo's course report!

  • wibbling now image
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