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    Good to hear from you again Dull. Yes I reckon that more miles keep the bugs away, seems to work for me anyway. Hope you can get back on the road in good health soon.

    Well, after yesterday's idyllic running conditions today was a nightmare. Strong winds, gale force gusts and horizontal rain. Not the most pleasant 5 mile 'recovery' run I've experienced but good for the soul, mental toughness and all that.
  • crappin missen
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Is that German or Latin Blisters? Foreign languages were never my strongest subject {O:

    Dull.. indeed you were right, I do seem to have squeezed into the AW results pages.

    am.. 4.1 miles before work

    pm.. 5 miles with a few strides after work.

    I will see a: how my legs feel and b: how windy it is tomorrow before deciding what to do. Might try the 3 x 2m session, or if legs are weary postpone this until Monday.

    A very wild & windy night up here last night, the felt covering my shed roof was ripped off and deposited at random over the garden!
  • might be best to leave it a bit longer and give yourself more recovery unless you are feeling realy good Wardi
  • Guys I ran 1.19.26 for my half today...really excited now...6wks to go!!!
  • Great run Glenda looks like you are going to be closer to 2:50 than 2:55.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Fantastic Glenda, well on course for 2:50-55 I'd say.

    I took your advice Steve and decided on a steady 11 miles today. Very strong wind again, just calming down a bit this evening. If the weather is anywhere near civilised I will do the intervals tomorrow. Total of 65 miles this week.
  • well done Glenda - that's a great half. Even sub 2:50 is possible off that.

    Wise Wardi.

    It was windy down here (I did 10K) but sure it was much, much worse up North.

  • Wardi - What is the long range forecast for Hull next week ?

     And what's the course like underfoot on these old railway sections ?

    Oh great font of knowledge.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you again Legionella, I see your old mate Fell Liker is having a go.

    I don't remember any problems with the new course, most of the ex-railway sections double as a cycle track. They can't accurately predict the weather one week ahead so I will wait until at least Wednesday before worrying about it. Knowing what we usually get at Hull, 15-20mph winds would almost be a relief!
  • Yeh he's resulted to downhill marathons to banish his demons.

     Good to hear about the course I had visions of cart tracks.

    Mmmm wind was strong today our 23 miler wasn't the easiest.

    You didn't fancy Norton today then probably wise considering conditions. 

  • Some good news here, I managed 9 miles at a gentle 7:45 pace last night. No problems from the knee at the time. I think I'll say that it's too late tonight, and tomorow's a no go too. Then I've got a gym to play with for two days.

    However, I'm still worried that it's all too close for comfort.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good news Blisters. There are still 4-5 weeks left, just pick it up gradually and see how it goes. I know how you feel though, bad timing and all that. Fingers crossed.

    Legionella.. with Snake Lane 10 last weekend and Hull this coming Sunday the Norton 9 would have made 3 races in 3 consecutive weekends. My old bones struggle to recover from races these days so I try to space them out if possible. Now when I was a young lad it was different...

    3 x 2 mile intervals with 400m recoveries tonight . The only way I could fit this in timewise was to incorporate it into a run home from work. This meant that the first two intervals were straight into a stiff breeze which dented the times somewhat. I should be grateful for small mercies, the wind had dropped a bit after a very blustery morning. 3 miles easy to escape from the city centre then..

    12:54 & 12:56 for the first two, very hard work. Turned out of the wind for the last one and vive la difference, 12:36. 11 miles in total so a hard but worthwhile exercise.
  • well done Wardi that's more than sufficient speed in difficult conditions and good endurance too
  • Sounds like a hard session to me. Good times
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    4.1 miles easy on a frosty morning. Did wonders in easing the stiffness from my legs after the speedwork.

    7.3 miles with the club. Nothing too adventurous but gradually wound up a moderate pace with a clubmate. easy 1st mile then 7:33, 7:30, 7:26, 7:18, 6:56, 6:51.

    Steve.. with this Sunday's 20 mile race in mind is it still worth me doing a midweek 10-13 miler? Or would you recommend I keep the runs shorter and wind down towards the weekend? I wouldn't mind having a go at MP on Sunday so would like to be reasonably fresh for the race.
  • Congrats on the great speed work Wardi.
  • Well done on that speed work Wardi, it will come good on pay day.
  • Wardi

    Good running today.

    I would recommend not doing as far as 13 - 8 or 9 may do - if you want a good 20.

    I think you will actually gain more endurance (and confidence) by running a good 20 miler rather than doing it tired

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Decided on a recovery day so 6 miles at an easy pace.

    Thanks for that advice Steve, I would certainly like to be fresh for Sunday.

    How's the knee doing Blisters?
  • Instead of a run yesterday I went to bed early. Shock! Horror! Even so I was still falling asleep during the 2 hour drive to work, and at points during the day. The hotel that I'm in is a bit of a compromise: the food is sub-average but won't kill you, however they have got a great gym with 3 treadies, various torture machines, and a half length swimming pool. The room's OK too.

    Tonight's session:
    5 miles on the treadie image going for a bit of a decent outing with mile times set at 7:30, 6:00, 7:30, 6:00, 7:30. Funny, the 7:30 miles were deadly boring, and the 6:00 miles seemed to last forever too, but for a diferrent reason.

    Next was 20 minutes on a cross trainer with HR 135-140.
    Then a mega swim in the pool. Maybe 10 minutes. Each to their own.

    The knee isn't fixed, but it did allow me to do that session unhindered. I've got another night here.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Encouraging stuff Blisters, steady as you go.

    am.. 4.1 miles easy

    pm.. 7 miles with the club. About 7:30 pace with a few 200-400m bursts.

    Saving the old legs for Sunday. Weather forecast has improved for Sunday, merely moderate winds @ 15-16 mph now. Fingers still crossed though.
  • I actually feel much happier today then I did even yesterday, and that was a positive. Slept like a log, so ditched all ideas of a morning run. But this evening, I got me a tready and zoned out my head. 8 miles at 7:47 pace (GMP +60s) rolling straight into 3 miles at 6:52 pace (GMP). That's 1 hour 22 minutes lost to the world. 5 minutes of tapered warmdown from marathon HR 155 to about 110. Then the hard work session began. 15 minutes in the swimming pool trying to learn crawl. Does pool water consumption help rehydration?

    Wardi, you are putting some good sessions in there, and getting the mileage up to Lydiard levels too. Grit your teeth with those short days, in the lead up to a race they really do pay off. Is Sunday's race going to be a Class A - semi-focus race, or are you going to try and nail it?

  • Blisters

    Chlorine is like an energy gel and so  you will be able to swim for twice as long next time.


    11 miles in total today with some quick running is  enough for today so hope you have easier days over the next 2 days.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    5 easy miles with me other half.

    A big fat zero tomorrow, I will just gird my loins in readiness for Sunday. Any spare time will be spent stretching and a bit of self massage. Oh, and attend to fuel & hydration too.

    Blisters.. I don't have a half-m planned before FLM so this will be my acid test. There is a half at Ackworth next Sunday but I feel it would be too much after the 20 miler.
  • I always over-fuel and start too fat. Life eh?

    No HM for me either. I'm beginning to display Yorkshire tendencies, what with the price of the Bath half. It's dearer than London.

    Dragged 5 tired miles out of the bones this morning. The shock of 3 consecutive days training was starting to tell. Compensation was that I had a really fired up day at work.

  • Mmmm exactly how does one gird ones loins. No I don't want to know.

    Blisters my wife says I am the tightest man she has ever met. She must be wrong as I have entered Wilmslow. Maybe we're not so tight in South Yorkshire.

     Wardi see you tomorrow methiks you're in for a fast one with all this tapering. 

  • Hello Campers,

     Wardi- Best wishes for tomorrow. Any pacing strategy?

    The niggle I had in my hip/groin seems to have finally gone. It appears a pair of supported shoes has done the trick. Had a gait analysis done and the bloke in the shop was horrified I was running in neutral shoes... oops!

    Will maintain my mileage around 45 mpw, as its working so far with a little cross training top up.

    Steve- Have splurged and am entering the Bath half (went to uni there, so am quite attached to this pricey event). Would you recommend much of a taper this week?

    Also, I have one long run left (did this weekends today), on March 24th. What pace would you recommend?

     Trust you have got over your cold and slipped into some training.



  • Phil

    good that shoes situation has rectified your problem.

    for Bath price I think I would do the course twice to get my money's worth.

    Yes do taper - not too much hard running from Wednesday on. ie easier than schedule suggests from Thursday to Saturday

    March 24th is 3 week before so you have to be careful not to run yourself into the ground. I would suggest maybe two hours slow at eight minute miles but then try to run at least 40-50 minutes at marathon pace when already tired.

    thanks for asking my running has gone very well in last 2 weeks with reasonable 10K and speedwork though not sure re marathon yet. Hitting new age group very shortly and have a few other shorter races which may be better to focus on, though will have better idea after 3 hour run tomorrow and Hastings next week!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Phil.. I'm hoping for consistent 6:40 to 6:50 pace depending on the wind.

    Good to see you back in healthy form again Steve.
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