Losing it with Nam and Bear



  • I lost quite a bit 2 years ago and started looking more how I wanted to look then it all seemed to go to pot, not sure why but I feel so much more confident so I want to get back to that again, but jeep going which I didn't do last time.....

    This is when I was I was a bit trimmer - I want to aim for this....

  • List... reminding herself that D generally comes before E....  image

    Belper Bear (Call me Belper to avoid confusion)

  • I think the water displacement thing is supposed to be more accurate Maddy, but callipers are fine if an expert does them.  Can't remember where I read it though, might have been in an Anita Bean book.

    Looking good Aitch image

  • Dr Physsy Bear... can you find me a decent online body fat site please that doesn't give me a completely random result??
  • Nam, there are now Ds or Es in there??!!
  • Thanks Bear, I WAS looking good in 2005!

    Nam - 'no' not 'now'
  • haven't really played with them enough Nam, sorry image

    this is a useful site for other things though - it allows you to plot your weight and "evens out" day to day fluctuations and plots a trend line.


  • Good Lord Aitch I've been aiming at something like that all my life!image
  • Aitch... can't see the pic but I know it's the pooter here because I'm at work... will peep later from home. image
  • I think my build must be similar to Kazz, i.e. small frame and any excess immediately shows...  I'll have a look later if I can find a pic from when I was at my heaviest 3 years ago at around size16.
  • BB - lol!

    It's not even a great pic but I look a lot trimmer round my face and shoulders and I like that and know I felt good then. Maybe I should print it and have it up somewhere as a reminder!
  • Good idea Aitch image
  • When I'm at my ideal weight it's the tone on my upper arms and shoulders I like the most.  image
  • Anyone fancy a bun?


  • Just want to get my abs back - and 99% of my wardrobe!!!
  • Kazzaaaaah! wrote (see)
    Just want to get my abs back - and 99% of my wardrobe!!!
    I hear you!!!!  image  I have an interview in 2 weeks and not a single suit fits me!!!!!
  • The One and Only XFR Bear wrote (see)

    Anyone fancy a bun?


    Dust...??  Anyone????  DUST?????


  • Tell me about it. The top I have on in the picture is an old fave and I want to be back in this summer - although it was a little loose in the pic. I have a fair few lovely summer tops that are too small now grrrr. I'm putting off buying new expensive jeans til at least a stone is off.
  • Abs? What are they??
  • When I'm at my ideal weight it's the tone on my upper arms and shoulders I like the most.

    There is a pic of me taken at Yellowstone in 1998, I was an 8 top 10 bottom then and my arms are fantastically toned because I used to carry my supermarket shopping home instead of doing it online!

  • I want my hourglass back and toned arms and shoulders I want to lose the double chin
  • Just looking through my wardrobe at some of the clothes I have that currently don't fit but WILL fit if I shift some weight.

    A gorgeous green Diesel jumper

    Pink French Connection top in picture

    Classic white summer top I love (well about 3)

    Old favourite jeans

    All Saints top that's about 4 years old but would still look good

    Assorted tops from a variety of shops (some expensive, some cheap)

    Motivation is now high *smiles*
  • Can't go near jeans at the moment - major muffin-top!
  • Screamapillar - the bastards are designing jeans that do that anyway - anyone over a size six gets a muffin top
  • I've some nice slim fit shirts to get trim for.  Training will sort me out so that really gets started this week.  Good luck everyone!
  • Great motivation Aitch - leave them somewhere you see them on a regular basis as a reminder image
  • Will do Bear, thanks for the thread by the way, I can see it really helping us all!

    Want to look good for summer!
  • I reckon you will too image

    off to the gym now - laters peeps!

  • I like this thread. Everyone looking forward with positive intent, marvelous!
  • Yes, here's to a fitter, healthier (slightly slimmer)  2008 image
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