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  • Says.. it's too long   imageso I've split it into 3:  third time lucky..... 

    I don’t believe it!    I had absolutely no idea I could run that fast!   When Steve used 8 minute miles as an illustration of what I would need to do to cover 200 metres, I never dreamed it would be possible, never mind sustainable…….here’s the numbers, with minute mileage converted back to old money…..


    Lap heart rates are shown as the rate at the end of the lap rather than the average as it illustrates my recovery (or lack of it!) better.

    Here's the numbers:

  •  It won't edit properly - first number is the lap, 2nd is the distance, 3rd is heart rate at end of lap, 4th is minute mileage.    Sorry!  I've done it 4 times now!!

     Warm up   9:28  avge hr 157     1.36 km

    1st Set

      1   2:32    500 m        172          7:40

    2    0:29   70m            163        

    3    1:00    200m   173       7:55

    4     0:30   80m            163      

    5     0:59    190 m         173        7:35

    6     0:30     90m     167       

    7     0:59     180m   173        8:00

    8     0:30     80m     160       

    9      1:00    190m   172        8:02

    10     0:29   50m     156        

    11     1:02   200 m  168         8:22

    12            0:31  70m    163     

    13            0:57         180m        176  8:05

    14            0:33         70m       154


    2.15 km    Total Time 12:07

  • Second Set


    1   1:04      190m          hr at end 164            pace      8:03

    2    0:31       70m                        159                             

    3    1:01       200m                      171                   8:06

    4    0:31       70m                       155

    5    1:01       190m                     167                  7:55

    6     0:32       70m                      150

    7    1:04       200m                     172                  8:00

    8     1:05       90m                      128

    9      1:05       190m                   163                  8:01

    10    0:33        70m                   160

    11     1:01        210m               174                  7:33

    12    0:33        60m                   160


    Total Time 10:06     distance 1.62

     Cool down   6:49            1km                     hr 153

    Hallelujah!  It finally worked!!

  • I don't have my complicated 200s to do till friday, but I'm already worrying about how to program the Garmin!

    I saw some sub 8 pace in there, nice going!

  • Well done on your session KGL - looks complicated, but it looks like you had a fairly even, good pace throughout image
  • Great session. I thought you might be able to get nearer 8s than 10s but not as quick as that - 7:33 pace!. It shows your basic speed is really good and how quickly you are progressing. Your heart rate isn't too high either which is encouraging.
  • I have video footage of last night's run to stick on my next mini production.  I'm hoping it will look better with some music over it - I felt like I was flying along but actually, I run like a donkey!  image

     I find the techncial/science bit fascinating and having read your comments on Jason and CC2's threads in particular, I understand why it's important to not change the order of runs if you can help it in order to optimise body conditioning.    

    It helps me enormously to understand the purpose and objective behind each session in relation to the previous/next one.     Today is an "easy" run Steve - should I stick to the programmed pace or focus on making it "easy "whether that be slower or faster? 

  • Well Done Tracy,

    You've got some great consistant times, 7.33 finish. Fantastic.

    I've got a 70 minute easy tonight,  I'm just going to go with the flow and enjoy.

  • Tracy

    Your 70 minutes easy should be around 11 minute miles and the idea is to recover from the much faster pace of the day before but still build up a little endurance.

    I guess it doesn't matter too much if you run 12 minute miles if you are tired or well inside 11 for the last 30 minutes if you feel you are still running "easy,"

    However, the objective of the session is to run a reasonable length of time but not take too much out of yourself for tomorrow and I would rather you ran quicker and felt great tomorrow than run quicker tonight and feel really tired tomorrow.

    On the schedule it wrongly says  says your fast stretch is 11:00 tomorrow but it should be nearer or even inside 10:00 miling, judging by your current fitness.

  • Any one that hasn't done GNR before - have you seen this??   image


    Going to get ready for my 70 minutes easy and there's a loverly big black cloud overhead at the moment - oh joy! image 

  • Flipping Heck, it's still a long way in two minutes! image

    Enjoy your run, just out on my 70 mintues easy, Race You. I think I've got the same big black cloud as you, lets see who gets the wettest!

  • Easy run scheduled – 70 minutes.    Knowing that the purpose was to help my legs recover from yesterday’s effort, I decided to take a few walking breaks when taking a drink to help ease out any aches and pains.  Most were jut a few seconds but I did take a full minute at 50 minutes when my calfs started to stiffen .... and what a difference it made!   In fact, even jus a few seconds puts a spring back in your step when you set off again.

      I also experimented a bit with my running style tonight and discovered that if I put more of a spring in my step to propel myself forward, I spend more time in the air and therefore cover more ground with relatively little additional effort.   Obvious really, but it only occurred to me tonight so I’ll practice that and maybe I’ll look less like a donkey when I run if I can master it!.  image

    In the main, my comfortably slow run pace was around 10:30 mm but a comfortable, jog was around the 11:00 mark.   Picked up my speed on the last mile again, by which time all stiffness in my legs had subsided and I completed the last mile in 10:14 which still didn’t feel particularly fast and I was keen to keep the pace slow.

      My heart rate was relatively high for an easy run at around 162, averaging out at 156 with the walking breaks,  but that’s presumably because I worked so hard yesterday with my speed session?      image

    Achy hip came back tonight but that’s my own fault – I forget to do my stretches last night and have sat at the dining table all day today working to meet a tight deadline so I haven’t been moving around or done any of my hip exercises.image

      Spent a good 20 minutes doing them after my run and massaged some rosemary oil (which is anti inflammatory) into it and it seems fine now, so I’ll step up the stretching and massage regime over the next couple of days again. 

    Numbers next ……

  • Here’s the numbers:

      The “easy” run was easier than last week at an average pace of 11:30 overall.  Got back to front door after 68:36, having covered 6 miles.  Ordinarily I would have gone past the door to complete the 70 minutes.  However, call of nature won the day…… 

    Mile 1 – 11:13

    Mile 2 -  12:36  (walked up the killer black cock bridge and stopped to retrieve my        sock which was disappearing down my shoe!)

    Mile 3 – 11:07

    Mile 4 – 11:23

    Mile 5 – 12:00  (included a minute walk)

    Mile 6 – 10:13

       I think you will have most definitely beat me tonight Sue but we’ll have a rematch tomorrow on the tempo run, now I’ve found my wings!!   image
  • TikkaTikka ✭✭✭
    keep going lass, you can do this wrote (see)

    Any one that hasn't done GNR before - have you seen this??   image


    Are appearances deceptive or is it a completely flat course?
  • I believe the first three miles are downhill, then two miles up hill and mile 12 is uphill.  That's as much as I know!

    Jason's video diary has been posted on his profile - it's fab - everyone have a look!!   

  • Looks like you beat me back Tracy. did you get wet, it was lovely and sunny here.

    I could'nt get on the computer any sooner because my daughter had hi-jacked it.  Looking out for DT's race report as well.

    My steady pacer Sam did'nt help keep me steady tonight, I think he must have had a stressful day at work and treated tonight like a race, I think I might pay for it tommorrow. I think Steve might tell me off as well.

    I'll just go and check out Jason's Video.  Have a good evening, what's left of it, I'm about ready for bed.

  • well run Tracy - excellent paced run in the circumstances - and yes the heart rate will be higher because of the speed session the day before, and that's why you shouldn't run too hard the next day!
  • Hi Steve - I am scheduled for a tempo run tonight.  However, I need to do my long run early saturday mornning this week as I can't run Sunday.    In view of the return of my achy hip (which is much better today) should I re-arrange the schedule a little to give me the full two days rest before the long run which is a quick 90 minutes or continue as planned?

     Also, next week, I may be able to get a run in lunchtime on Tuesday but won't run Wednesday and perhaps Thursday as I start my holiday.   

    What do you think?.    

  • Tracy

    If you feel up to it, do a reduced run tonight ie 3M approx 12 minutes easy, 10 at half marathon pace, 12 mins easy and rest up tomorrow.

    Might be worth seeing an osteo about that hip.

    As you are resting Sunday - as long as hip is ok suggest you do easy 45 minutes Monday and do the speed session Tuesday and then rest for a few days.

    Is your holiday destination a place you will you be able to do some running on the holiday, even if its just a few outings? - one longer slower effort, one at race pace and one faster run  would suffice.

  • Thanks Steve -  I'll see how it feels tonight as the exercises I am doing are definitely helping.  

    I am toying with the idea of having a sports massage tonight if I can get an appointment so I might abandon tonight's run in the spirit of sensibility if it's sore, although I was looking forward to a simple tempo run after all the hard maths I have been doing!      I'll let you know how I get on!

    I want to have a good crack at the quicker  long run on Saturday as that seems to be a key benchmark of progress, but don't want to risk injury that will hamper the next 6 weeks training now I have got this far, so a more gentle 10 days whilst on holiday is perfect timing!

    I break up on Tuesday and am going on a narrow boat holiday so yes - it's probably perfect for running!

  • ok decision made - I'm going to compromise..... gut feeling tells me to rest  but I'll do the warm up on the treamill and if all goes well, do a short tempo circuit outdoors.    If it doesn't feel right  I'll either do the rest on the treadmill or get off and call it a day for today.

    Worse case scenario I will have missed one run in 3 weeks so that's hardly a disaster, but it will be a disaster if I end up injured unnecessarily.  

    I've booked a sports massage for 7.30 pm so I'll hopefully know what I'm dealing with before the end of the day.  Anyone got a decent piece of wood for me to bite on??  image

  • *passes Tracy a 2 by 4*
  • Bit disorganised tonight...... by the time I'd finished faffing about, I left myself a bit short of time to do my run and get back in time for my SM.   Ended up going up to the gym without a towel or a water  bottle - Good start!  image

    I'm clearly completely brainwashed now as I purchased a bottle of Lucozade (the clear, fruity one, can't remember what it's called) rather than water and ventured onto the treadmill.

    Everything was fine, no hip discomfort, legs felt fine, no tightness and completely different to last night's "easy" run ....... (incidentally, I think that  "easy run" should be investigated under the Trade Descriptions Act image), I cranked it up........ and ran the middle 20 minutes at 9:40 ish pace and then slowed it down to for the last 10 minutes to complete the half hour.  Could easily have gone on but had only 10 minutes to get ready for my sports massage which was going to be difficult with no towel!!  Luckily, I had a change of clothes.....

    Total time - 32:26

    Average heart rate 153

    3.02 miles covered

  • and now to the scary bit ......image

    Various assessments and questions about does it hurt when I do this,.... this.... or this....? clearly designed to lull me into a false sense of security which had the opposite effect as I got more and more nervous, hot and sweaty each time I answered no....... there is bound to come a point where the answer will be yes and it will be a BIG yes ...... and I was right.... wish I'd taken the 2X4  that CC2 gave me........ Diagnosis - IT band.   

    Happily, all of the exercises I have been doing are the right onesand even happier, we have caught it early so it is easily treated and hopefully "cured".   

    Lots of prodding, rubbing and moving my legs around later, some ultrasound, plus the occasional comment about how strong I am and what great legs I have (???), image  I am released on bail on the promise that I will ice my hip every day for a week and especially after training..... and a parting warning that "it will hurt tomorrow!"   

    Oh goody, I've got that to look forward to!   image

    However, I know what the issue is and there is lots I can do to help prevent it so it shouldn't  interfere with my training as long as I do as I am told...........

    So all in all, not too bad a day,  dentist and Sports Massage in one day and a fairly decent, albeit short run....... I'm obviously getting really tough!!  image 

  • Did he ask you the scary question about if you can push your thumb against your arm if you bend your hand forwards? Both my physio and doc asked me that when I put my back out. What on earth that would have to do with anything is quite beyond me!

    Incidentally, I can't.

  • Hi Tracy, sorry about the day you've had. If you want a little relief look at Dump Truck run. I'm just about to put the race vid on from last night.
  • CC2 - yes the physio I saw in November last year asked me to do that - it's because it is a good indication of your level of flexibility (I asked him why!) so presumably they know how far they can bend your limbs without crippling you!      

    DT - Don't be sorry! I'm not! - it's all part of the fun!!  I've ended the day with nice clean teeth, a well stretched IT band and still on target with my schedule, give or take 13 minutes.....  image

     Off to read your race report and watch your video now.....

  • well done on the run - perfect.

    You can take it slightly easier next week and presumably the runs will be flat and straight beside the towpaths, and shouldn't put too much strain on the hips.

  • I hope it's not hurting today.

  • Do you need to be double jointed to do that??

    Hope you are feeling better today.

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