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  • Hi KGL, how's the recovery going? Enjoy your hols too!
  • ITB update -hip is much better but I've got an invisible stripe down the side of my right leg image.  Hopefully, it will subside before the "Wilson" treatment tomorrow morning...   image

     Richard - I don't know about double jointed, but I can get my thumb to almost touch my forearm (paper thickness away) on the third attempt. (true athletic style you see - you get three attempts and then take your personal best!) .  image

    I wonder if it's hereditary?  Can you do it mum and Cath?  (come on, stop hiding, I know you're there!)  image

     Perhaps we should start a leader board on "thumb to forearm" ranges (same side thumb as forearm obviously!).      At the moment, I'm leading but CC2 is second and still has two attempts ......    what about  you Sue and Guy?   I think we should give Brian some extra goes as he has a bad back .... and Steve should be the benchmark .......

     (does anyone else get that "Friday afternoon feeling silly" feeling? )

    >> smiles at the image of Steve bending his thumb back to his forearm at 2.00 am in the morning<<  

  • My left forearm now has an indentation caused by my left thumb.  Will I be able to play the violin after that? (It would be impressive as I couldn't play it before.)
  • I still can't get my thumb near my forearm I must be very stiff or not doing it right, could you put it on the next video to demonstrate?image
  • I can't get any nearer than about 1.5 inches on either arm. BTS I'm impressed!
  • I can't get anywhere near!! I'm over 3 inches away image
  • On third attempt on right hand I'm about half a centimetre off. On the left hand I got my nail to touch my arm first time, but I do have a rather long nail on that thumb!
  • Dumbo is in the building!  Trace my dear this link thing is great but I need degree now in runner's worldology.  Stay with me, I'll get it one you need an equity card for the vids?
  • Welcome to the thread Lucy ..... you're over the worst bit image  

    Have you done the thumb test yet?   Bryan the Snail is winning so far but be warned Bryan, we will expect a demonstration to verify the result .....  

  • Hi Trace,  the answer to your question, Yes i can do it with my right thumb on third attempt!  but i can not do it on my left thumb, need maybe one more glass of wine...

    Have spent last few days looking fo a sports bra, didn't realise there were so many to choose from,  bought a high impact sports bra, but doesn't stop the bounce completely?    image  (feeling a bit tender) 

     Barbara took me to Sutton Runner . I was impressed with how they measure pressure points on your feet to get the right running shoes,  i will be going there after my hols for some good running shoes!  

    Have a great holidayimage , Hope to see you soon, and keep up the good work! 

    Love Cath X                                               

  • Right mrs knowing me as I do, and you probably have an inkling of what I am about to say..what are you on about thumb/forearm waaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to read 251 odd posts so I can tell you I may not have that particular talent but boy,  I can lick my own nostrils?!!!!  Now you're jealous right?  You shuold see me at a party! Oh the fun never ends! Did you rent Dumbo yet? Cath, I am in particular sports bra quandry too.  Rubbish aint it.  I have the small boobs problem, i'e manufacturers think if you're anything below a B cup then you obviously have miniscule ribs and don't need to breathe as the bras they produce are like outting on a straught jacket..ooooh, I get it...they think I'm made too? hahahah!  They might have a point!
  • Rest day today and boy do I need it!   image

    I was originally going to do my 90 mins "quick" today  as I am going out tomorrow but I decided to have the extra day recovery and get up early tomorrow to run before I get ready to go out.....

    Well -  I call it a rest day..... I had my PT session this morning and having delivered the verdict following my SM (short for sado machosism you undestand!) on Thursday, he had a killer leg session for me for  strengthening  glutes and inner thighs in particular, but  I feel as though I have worked pretty much every fibre I have at hip level and below and I found it really tough!!   

    Parting words were "it's good to have an active rest day".   Active Rest?  That has got to be one of the toughest sessions I have ever endured!   On the positive side though, I could feel significant improvement in my leg strengh and stability since a month ago, which gives me confidence and guess that maybe I found it tough because I am tired..... I guess an hour of pure legs is no mean feat by anyone's standards!!

    Hip is much better today, I have continued with the exercises and I am definitely now well stretched, I've only got a bruising feeling on my thigh now so I am hopeful that an easier 10 days after Tuesday when I am on holiday will bring me back to full fitness and motivation to do the next 7 weeks full justice.......

  • I am struggling to find the motivation to run tomorrow - I think it's the "quick" bit that's putting me off!  

    Howvever, mad Lucy (above) in another blog land recently described me as the train in dumbo (??).   I've never seen Dumbo so sufficiently intrigued, today found the clip in question on Youtube .....   here's the link if anyone wants to see it ...... it starts at 1:35 into the clip for a minute.... ....

    I think I can! 

    Lucy - you've never met me but you know me well!!  I think that will have to be my new mantra... and at the moment, I can definitely relate to the collapsing bit at the end!!   

    Hopefully, that image will get me through the hard bits tomorrow the meantime, I've watched Bolt run 90%  imageof the 100m final and still set a world record, so I am going to stay planted firmly on the sofa with a cup of tea, followed by a bottle of wine and watch the Olympics for the rest of the day.   I do want to stay up and watch the marathon tonight so I might even have a snooze, or maybe make my bed up on the sofa so I can just catch the highlights between snores!  

  • lufde wrote (see)
     Cath, I am in particular sports bra quandry too.  Rubbish aint it.  I have the small boobs problem, i'e manufacturers think if you're anything below a B cup then you obviously have miniscule ribs and don't need to breathe as the bras they produce are like outting on a straught jacket..ooooh, I get it...they think I'm made too? hahahah!  They might have a point!

    Lucy, try Sportjock - I have the same problem & it was one of theirs I was recommended.

    Sorry for the hijack KGL. Back to you....

  • No problem Roslyn .... be my guest!   I'm off to put the finishing touches to my next video ....  hee hee..image
  • Love the train, but shouldn't it be 'I know I can' ? image
  • Did you get to see the marathon, bad news about Liz Yelling but to carry on and finish 26th is one hell of an achievement, Broken ribs really hurt, that's some will and determination.

    Still trying the arm exercise but I'm pants, not in the least flexiible.

  • Hows the ITB feeling? I had a bit of trouble with that a few years ago, the physio sessions were so painful - so i hope you're ok!

     My emails are still failing to you and I have had to hand my phone back (with your number on!) can you email me your number? Is it ok to give to a call tomorrow to catch up?

  • Got up bright and early this morning for my 90 minute "quick" (sub11) run.  As I wasn't feeling particularly motivated to do it, I decided to drive out to Chasewater which has a three mile path  around a lake. 

    The last time I ran there was for the 10K race, the week before the GNR schedule started so I thought it would give me a good indication of whether I have improved over the last 4 weeks.  Also, by running circuits of 3 miles, I could break it down into smaller chunks rather than doing one big loop........

    Lots of cars on the car park when I arrived there shortly before 9.00 am - a popular place but I was a little surprised to see it so busy although I didn't see any people??...... 

    I started the run  nice and gently,  legs felt  fresh and was surprised that my first mile came in at just over 10 minutes - I thought I was running it slow!   (that is slow I hear some of you say image) but bearing in mind ,that was the pace at which I was running my speed sessions 4 weeks ago..... image

    Passed streamers hanging from trees and a few people setting up a table and a few more wearing plastic yellow bibs .......some of them carrying cameras and such like.  Otherwise, 1st circuit fairly quiet - dogs walkers and sunday cyyclists.   Took a walking /sretching break shortly after two miles when my calfs took their now familar cue and started to tighten but otherwise, my legs felt more comfortable than they ever have so far...recovering quickly and giving me no more noticable problem -  they must be getting used to it at last!

    2nd circuit - I found myself being overtaken by giant men wearing body suits and mud splashed up the backs of their legs...... I was running the same route as  a trialthlon race!   Needless to say, I saw some of them twice as they lapped me again but I also got a few words of encouragement from those that passed me at the beginning and got to see some nice bums and shoulders!! image  (I'm assuming "come on love" didn't mean "come on love, get out of my way"!!)

    On my third circuit, one giant man passed me just at the foot of a steady hill and I was delighted to find that although, he had passed me at the bottom, I was able to keep up and close the gap between us on the hill itself.    Didn't last though, once he was on the flat, he disappeared......    I was pleased with my  power though, and being able to compare my effort up the hill with someone elses..... particularly as that was my third circuit.   

    Over the whole run, I had two one minute walking breaks, the first to stretch my calfs and the second to take a drink from a bottle without a sports cap rather than donate most of it to the floor, when my body fuel sachet had run out.

    Once I passed the ninety minutes mark, I had only a short distance to go to pass the next mile point so I continued until then and walked the half a mile back to the car as recovery.  Although I could have gone on, I thought the walking recovery would be more beneficial before the drive home.

    My bum(sorry glutes)  and thighs hurt from yesterday's training) but I had no trouble from my hip.   I iced it as instructed when I got home, did some more hip exercises as part of my stretches and had a nice soak in  the bath.........

    What was I worried about?    Here's the numbers....... 

  • Total Distance - 9:02
    Total Time - 1:31:33
    Avge HR - 162
    Avge Pace - 10:08 (I think I can call that well and truly sub 11:00!)
    Max Pace - 8:02

    Mile 1 - 10:08
    Mile 2 - 10:20 Avge HR 155
    Mile 3 - 11:06 160 (included one minute walk)
    Mile 4 - 10:31 156
    Mile 5 - 9:56 161
    Mile 6 - 9:58 166
    Mile 7 - 9:46 165 split 1 minute walk break with next mile)
    Mile 8 - 9:48 160
    Mile 9 - 9:20 167

    Lap 10 shows 39 seconds which is good considering I only did 9 miles altogether! Although I have noticed that my watch registers the mile at 0.9 rather than the full mile so each of the above splits need an average of 4 seconds added to them! I'll see if I can adjust it...

  • Tess - I'll send you an email with my number on it ....

  • Didn't you fancy joining in with the Triathlon thenimage

  • That's a cool session KGL. You're really picking up the pace and the distance. Glad to hear the exercises are doing their job. You certainly deserve some easy days after all the hard work!
  • Hi Tracy - sorry to hear you've had some aches and pains! They must be feeling better though judging from todays run!
  • Tried the thumb to forearm, 4'' on each image. What are we testing for, bad backs? Iain Cole my physio checked out the amount of hair on the outside of my calfs to see if I had back trouble. He said I wouldn't understand or it would take to long to explain.

    Don't think that technique will work too well on you ladies.

    Good run around the lake but I don't believe for one second that you chanced on seeing all the guys in their lycra gear. DT.

  • Where's the lake and when's the next triathlon?

    Great pace, well done, and you finished strong, I can hear Steve now.

    Have a great holiday, hope the weather is good to you.  Looking forward to some towpath videos. Remember to take some time to relax.

  • Tracy - great to speak to you tonight, sorry again for calling when you were out with your family.

     They must be very proud, you have worked so hard..! well done! 

  • Good morning Steve,

    My week 5 schedule looks like an easier week so I am going to try and stick to it on holiday although I will probably have to change the days around a little.  Couple of questions though -

    • We have changed my long runs over the period so far so I am a week ahead of the schedule and did the quick 90 minutes on Sunday.    What should I be aiming for this week?
    • My "speed" session for tonight calls for 10k pace (10 minute miles) which is probably too slow for a faster run now, bearing in mind I did 9 miles on Sunday at around that  pace (mile splits at top of page)    What paces would you suggest I should now be aiming for? 

    Week 6 schedule and week 2 holiday, I will have to wait and see what it says but will certainly aim to do the three runs you suggested earlier in the thread.....


  • I definitely put something on the thread in the early hours but it seems to have disappeared - something along the lines of of what Sue said about your run and how encouraging it is and how strong you were over the latter miles

    Your 10k pace should be sub 9s now and the long run sunday do 120 minutes very slow.

  • Whoop! Whoop!  I'm into single figures!!  image
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