A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • I've only just noticed the last two names on there image
  • I didn't put them on the first graph - something for us all to aspire to... long term! image
  • I am not sure Paulas time makes me want to run faster or give up without hope altogether!!image
  • Oh dear I feel like giving up!

    Paula Radcliffe can run 10K quicker than I can do 5K...

    Oh well,I'll keep on ploddin'
  • Heh. And Rebecca Adlington can swim 800m in the time I could do 400m, going all out.

    I think I've resigned myself to the fact that elite athletes are freaks of nature and nurture.

    But we can run 10K, albeit slowly, which puts us above about 90% of the population, I would guess!
  • smuffie : well done, great time for your first 10k. Yes that hill at the end was a killer. Thought about stopping at Hillsborough Stadium myself !  Went through 5k in 30:55 so kept going hoping to pick up some time but it wasn't to be and I just slowed down.
  • Hello

    I just did my first 10k at Lanhydrock in cornwall (lots of mud and hills). My time was one hour and 26 seconds so can I join your thread? Have not got my next 10k planned but was thinking something flat! I agree with Yersinia that the fact we can run 10k at all is a pretty good achievement! I did my first 5k in May in 32 minutes so am progressing slowly! 

  • Welcome franners!

    That sounds like pretty inpressive progress to me.

    Increase of both speed and distance, and almost a sub-60 on a very technical-sounding course.

  • Hi franners,

    Hills and mud sounds like a very hard course. Good improvement on the back of a 32 min. 5k. Pick a flat course for your next 10k and I'am sure you will go under the hour easy.

  • Went out for a long (very) slow run today. 'Twas extremely soggy and muddy, and I did over 11K - my furthest ever. 

    Tomorrow I hope to swim, and then do a faster 5K-ish on Thursday and then two glorious rest days before my race, with maybe just a very gentle spot of cycling.

    Not going to worry about speed too much though. I know it's a slowish off-road course, and as my first race I'm guaranteed a personal best. At least I now feel confident I can run the distance.
  • hi all.

    no running updates from me. just do not have the motivation whilst shaking off the cold. haven't run for 5 days now and feeling all squidgy.

  • Hey all,

    plod - hope that cold disappears soon! I've got a very sore throat today and am hoping I'm not due one!

     I managed to acquire a charity place in the Great South Run through work today. Very excited, though running 10 miles sounds like a very long way image

  • Thanks yersinia!

    Thanks eeyore!

    I'm sticking to a proper training programme at the mo so have noticed progress but I must admit I was feeling a bit gutted I did not run quicker! Should give myself a break really as I'm only just starting to cope with hills! Much sympathy to all you struck down with colds they seem to be everywhere at the mo!

  • Got a sore throat !!

     Still ran this evening 8k in 53:30, planned to do 10k but legs said NO !

    Not feeling to good at the moment , should have rested , must be getting a cold as well.

  • Hi, im new to this running malarky, just getting started really. Did the 10k GMR at 1h 4, earlier this year and did the 10k GYR the other week at 1hr 11. Did more training for the Manchester run and really felt it on the Sheffield run especially on the hill at the finish, Enjoyed both runs and have set a goal of less than 60 mins for both runs next year, Just entering the Bolsover 10k in december to keep me motivated with the training.
  • Hi Mark & welcome,

                  I also did the GYR, the hill at the end really slowed me up, finished in 1hr 4 min.

    Ran the Bolsover 10k last year I think my time was around 1 hr 7 min. Found it hard, quite hilly. 

  • Welcome Mark!

    Hope plod and eeyore and anyone else with lurgies are beginning to feel better.

    Did a tad over 5K in a tad over 30 minute at a heart rate of 158 today. That'll be my last run before Sunday's race. Eep. 

  • hi Eeyore, was the Bolsover as hilly as that finish at the GYR?
  • Mark,

            afraid so, in places, the finish was up hill ! but not as steep as GYR finish.

  • Hello,

    I'm doing my first 10k on Sunday, at Harewood House.  One of the Cancer Research ones.  I'm terrified!  It doesn't help that I've guilted loads of the parents at my school (I'm a teacher) into sponsoring me.  So the pressure'll be on in the playground on Monday.  I ran 10k 4 weeks ago in 1 hour 15, but have been following the RW 10k training programme since then, so hope to get close to the hour (?!), though apparently it's a hilly course.  To be honest, I'll be grateful enough if I get round without coughing up a lung!!!

    Yikes - any tips?

  • Enjoy it.  My money says that the race atmosphere will get you well under your previous time and hopefully to the Golden Hour.  I'm doing the Cancer Research 10k at Althorp on the same day so will be with you in spirit.

    Good luck!

  • I've re-measured my 10k course on map my run at a greater magnification and it turns out to be 9.6k  image- my 59 minute time pro rated up causes me to be outside the hour for 10k, so I'm not quite there yet.  I'll plan to run the full distance this weekend and get myself a proper time.

    To console myself I had a thoroughly enjoyable 5.3 mile run in the pouring rain tonight - 'twas great fun.

    AND - my rugby team Leinster have just hammered Edinburgh so (ignoring the fact that I couldn't actually make it to the match) a great night!

    Time for a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc I think...

  • Hi Uni I ran my first 10k earlier this year for Cancer sponsorship, I know the pressure your feeling lol. Don't worry you will be fine on the day, The adrenaline will kick in especially with people running around you. All i can say is don't set off any faster than your used to, its so easy to get carried away at the start and run past everyone. I was pooped at 8k but totally enjoyed the whole experience, Good luck
  • Good luck to everyone who is running a 10k this weekend - enjoy your run
  • hi all.

    haven't run for a week but planning on doing my 5 mile route very sloooowly later on today and after that i'm off on holiday. hopefully will get back in the swing of things when i get back - i'd better. my half mara is in about 7 weeks and the furrthest i've run is 9 miles once and 8 miles twice and that's not been for ages...

  • hi all.

    haven't run for a week but planning on doing my 5 mile route very sloooowly later on today and after that i'm off on holiday. hopefully will get back in the swing of things when i get back - i'd better. my half mara is in about 7 weeks and the furrthest i've run is 9 miles once and 8 miles twice and that's not been for ages...

  • Have a good holiday Plod image

    Uni - I'm a bit late to give any tips but hope you enjoy the race and come back and tell us about it.

    I just popped in to try and get some motivation to run. I'm about to move to a new flat, so spent all of yesterday packing! I'm tired today, everything aches and I can't be bothered to get up!

  • Have missed my sunday run today as my hubby on a stag weekend in scotland so I have no one to look after the kids! Have decided I'll go out early tomorrow and do it as its a 1hour 20 minute run for my half marathon training! Luckily I'm on annual leave from work so plenty of time to recover! Feel a bit lazy and sluggish today! All these choccy bics aint hepling!!
  • Thank you to everyone who has offered me guidance and support.

    I finished my first 10k today in 59min 50 seconds!

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