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  • Morning all,

    Bob! Congratulations on finishing Edinburgh. Fantastic effort image

    Grant, very sensible. Distance before speed.

    Good work Willy. You definitiely seem to be getting some mojo back. Are you still planning on doing the Vit?

    Em, there aren't many halfs around. There are 4 in September that would be practical, and 2 are full. One is not recommended for slower swimmer and the other one only has 25 entries! If I can't do Galway, I think plan B might be to either do a mara or see if I can get close to 1:30 for a HM. The school sent a letter yesterday about the new intake inviting us to a meeting. If they're having a meeting, then they must have something to communicate, so I'll see what I can find out. Tomorrow is decision day though.

    (Another) Rest day for me yesterday. 1 hour interval session tonight, 4x7 minutes high Z4 with 3 minute recoveries.

  • Hi all

    7m last night in alot of wind and at one point torrential rain, some of it with the running club at a slightly faster pace, not very fast, mostly due to the wind.  Then I got home to sort out the tea and find out that we had a power cut that lasted ages so the poor kids had to have a picnic tea, they went to bed praying the power cut would last and they could have another day off school - sadly for them (but not for us because our freezer was starting to defrost) it was not too be!  Today is terrible for running but I am going to try my hardest to fit it in.

    Bob - Sorry it wasn't quite as you would expect, can you leave feedback so that they know and perhaps can improve matters. Well done on your achievement despite the bad conditions!  Will you keep running after you have had a rest?

    Grant - Sounds like its going well, agree with NV get 30mins under your belt.

    NV - I hope you get the answer you want from the school. Those intervals make me shudder.

    Willy - A good plan for the week.

  • Bob - sterling effort, loving the work, definitely send a nice email off to the organisers as if no-one tells them they can never improve image S&O has asked the most pertinent question though, are you coming back for more?

    grant - I'm with you on that, mine decides to swap sides rather leisurely as she please, love her to bits though!  And another vote from me, get 30mins steady under the belt have a week or two at that, and just keep the enjoyment going.

    S&O - it's good to get out in those miserable weathers (please remind me of this when I need it myself) as it can then be used on not so miserable days as a mental positive kinda yeah it's a bit rough today but not as bad as the day when it was raining, sleeting and hailing all into my face all at the same time image

    NV - Sounds like a good plan rest well to come back stronger!  Good luck with the school.

    I'm the kind of person to throw myself headlong into stuff I do, not bad but it can lead to me losing sight of why I'm doing it, which I think is what has happened, so yep still planning on the Vit as my A race, but this years goals have changed from time to weight loss, enjoyment and finishing the races I'm doing in whatever time I finish them in - so any time before the cut offs will be fine plus I've got the marshman entry in the bag for next year to keep me churning on through the winter.  

    So this week is stil going ok food choices have been more sensible than they have in a long time, and once again I've cycled in, all on track so I have to cycle home quick shower, then I have to do a bit of walking with the Army Cadets to help them pass expedition (only 2 miles or so) then rest tomorrow (from exercicse will no doubt still be racing around as we have to take male mini-me to the ENT specialist think he has glue ear but we're hoping to find out more tomorrow).

  • Hi All

    Been and done a nice steady 5 miles and I beat my race time from Sunday, but that wasn't too difficult as its alot better weather today.

    NV - Well Done on the swim, dont blame you for taking a rest from the run. Yep the race on Sunday was very funny, im glad I did it even though i felt a bit rough yesterday. Sorry to hear about Galaway but your right you cant miss the first day at school, thats a one off, and there are always other races. Any races taken your fancy? Enjoy your intervals later. Im doing mine tomorrow

    Em - With the mileage you do im sure you will be fine if your eating more than normal. Well Done on doing all that in the wind. Im glad im not the only one I though that too...... Rush?? Well Done on the run in those weather conditions. Glad the power is back on.

    Willy - Sounds like your training is going well, Hope you manage a run on Saturday.

    Bob - Congratulations!!! Hope your resting now.

    Gran - your doing great! Like the other have said get to that 30mins running, then there will be no stopping you.

  • It's funny how that 30 minutes constant running is such a milestone isn't it? I remember a few other ones: 5 miles, 1 hour, 10 miles for instance. I had a real mental block about 10 miles for ages for some reason. I eventaully had to get dropped off in the car 10 miles from home to get past that one. Anyone else struggle to do a certain distance or time?

    Willy, really glad you're getting going again. It does some good to have a rethink of goals every now and again. You'd achieved so much in a short time, it would have been a shame if you'd stopped altogether. Nice steady mileage build up and you'll surprise yourself in the Vit. The weight loss has really helped me as well, so keep going for the sensible choices and control portion sizes and you'll nail that goal as well.

    Claire, I might have a bash at the Stroud half marathon if Galway doesn't happen. It was one of the ones I missed with the calf injury last Autumn. My fast mate might be running it again, although he's mainly concentrating on 10k this year (he ran a 37:21 a couple of weekends ago on a hilly course) What's next on the race calender for you?

    Em, considering the conditions for your last few runs, you're going to be hard as nails come Loch Ness. Like the attitude to the ultra. You can just claim that he agreed. He'll never remember. That's what Mrs NV does. "I told you about that on XX date, while we were discussing the relative merits of new ironing boards". You are left with the options of a) admitting that you weren't listening, b)admitting that your memory is rubbish, or c) Nodding and agreeing. Rock and a hard place. I think females learn the tactic at their mother's knee.

    Misread my training programme for tonight. It's actually 60 minutes with 10 minutes high Z4 then 10 minutes "flat out". I reckon I will be after that.
  • Thanks for the comments, folks. The experience was really positive, it was just the lack of organisation at the finnish that bugged me. I filled in the questionnaire on the Edinburgh marathon website and added my comments. And if they read some of the comments on this web site . . . they must have got the message by now.

    Grant - I'm thinking of doing the Glasgow 1/2 M in Sept, or maybe Oct (can't remember which) with my daughter who will be way out in front of me, but what the hell . . . ? As for your uncertainty about pace/distance, NV said it all, Distance first and you will know when you can up the pace, 'cos you will feel like doing it.

    NV - I love your target for the HM, I am pretty sure you will be able to do it.

    S&O - Wet, Windy, Cold (?), no power, hungry kids - happy days.  You have got a big heart - and yes I will be continuing with the running, have been enjoying it even though I seem to have lost a hell of a lot of time leading up to the M with leg injuries.  I did something to my right calf after about 300 yds on Sunday, walked for half a mile and it eased so ran for about half a mile . . .  then the left calf went!!!  walked about another mile and tried a tentative jog followed by a gentle sort of flat-footed run then got going at last. So all things being equal, the next run MUST be better.  Hey, ho, a new pb in prospect.  What's involved in the Highland Fling (is that the Loch Ness M?)?

    Willy - Nice to hear you so positive, considering how well you were doing early last year, I'm surprised at how much you have slipped back - but obviously you have the will(y) power necessary.  Join me and keep going.

    Claire - I was going to say something and I have forgotten what it was . . . Oh, yes, Who the hell are Rush? I'm a proper dinosaur, I guess. And no, I'm not resting, feeling great, was at a ceilidh last night and had the last three dances, played golf today (very badly admittedly) and am amazed that I am not flat out in my bed.

  • The weather has just been plain weird here, had a lucky break and got out after getting kids from school - husband couldn't work at work as none of the computers were on after the power cut yesterday. But it was awful, the wind speeds were incredible, at one point I was running near a cliff edge and had a genuine fear I might be blown off it.  Then I just got to a point when I literally couldn't actually make any headway due to the wind, the muscle effort was a 8min mile and the actual speed was 11.30, that interspersed with hail stones and periods of torrential rain, broken up by bright sunshine all led to a 7m run which was 6min slower than normal....

    Rest day for me tomorrow but unfortunately no ceilidh or golf....Bob I don't know how you do it.  I hope that you can get your calf undercontrol, the highland fling is in April and its 53m but I am also doing Loch ness mara this October.

    NV - Its a strategy that has worked in the past! I look at it this way, I could be demanding a 5 day shopping trip to NY to celebrate my 40th, instead I am proposing running 53m in the same country and without the shopping opportunities, a much cheaper option! I think that it would be very exciting to see what you could do with your half time if you trained for it exclusively, you are improving so much.

    Claire - Hope the good weather is on its way to us,  or just less wind, you need to enter another 5m race in better conditions. How many weeks til your half?

    Willy - Your back already, ticking off the sessions for the week, hope the hospital appt goes well.

    Grant - Hi *waves*

    Happy running to all.


  • Morning All

    NV - It is strange isnt those milestones to get past, Guess I was lucky I just seemed to set myself the two. I struggled to get to that running 30mins none stop, then after that the next one for me was 10miles. Next one for me is Freckleton half on 19th June imageIm looking forward to that one, I'd just like to get a couple long runs in before now and then, but I should have the time. How did the training go yeterday?

    Bob - I dont know who rush are thats NV who mentioned them. image Canadian band if I remember correctly...... Glad to see your thinking about doing a half, that will be a breeze for you after the mara.

    Em - Sounds like you have had it really bad with the weather, hope it has eased off for you now. Sounds like a tough run there, very glad you didnt get blown away! Hope you have a good rest day.

    Well its intervals for me again today. Im hoping I will enjoy them as much as I did last week

  • Morning all,

    Don't know where you get your energy Bob! Couple of good targets there as well.

    Em, you really are hardcore going out in that! Maybe the tactic could be to demand the 5 day shoppig trip to NY then downgrade it to an ultra image

    Didn't run again last night. I have got my gear to do the session at lunchtime, but I have a meeting at 12 which might make things a bit complicated.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Good morning (afternoon now I've finished typing this) everyone.

    I joined the council gym at the weekend, mainly cause it saves money given we go swimming as a family every week and went for my induction and a quick cross training session last night. Felt really good, I think my running has made a big impact on my overall fitness (and losing a stone has helped too I guess!). Woke up this morning and legs felt surprisingly fresh and so managed my second workout without a problem (2 x 10 mins runs). Onwards!

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    Ooooo just realised that my run/ walk intervals have come to an end. From here on in it is 25 minute plus runs.image
  • Grant, if 2x10min posed no problem I am sure you won't notice it when you cut the walk break out.  Probably if you can run for 10min without stopping the break between sections is more psychological than actually needed.

    NV - Hope you got your run in!

    Claire - What intervals are you doing?

    Trying to gather up energy to ring movistar (spanish telephone company) they still haven't cut off our old landline, despite a million calls....they are so inefficient its unbelievable.

  • Afternoon All

    Well didn't enjoy the intervals today but it was tough, so guess that's a good thing. Today's was 90seconds fast 90seconds slow x 9 the fab thing was each fast (for me) split I did 0.17mile so I was keeping a constant pace which was great! Tomorrows intervals I'm really not looking forward too.... It's 3mins fast 3mins steady for 30mins. It's a tough few weeks with this training plan but I'm giving it a good go and hopefully the work will pay off in half marathon next month.

    Em - Good luck with spainish telephone company

    NV - Hope you managed a run

    Grant - Your doing fab I'm sure you will crack the 25min runs. If your finding it tough slow right down first and try keeping going. But if you have to walk don't kick yourself about it. You'll be at half hour none stop in no time image
  • Claire - Intervals 2 days on the did they go?

    14m in the rain today on an undulating off road course, really enjoyed it because although it rained for the whole time there was no wind! Felt good and actually managed to speed up a bit after 10m, didn't take a gel, didn't feel like I needed it, just fuelled up properly yesterday.

    NV - What did you decide about Galway?

    Hi to everyone and happy running.

  • Its quiet on here at the moment, hopefully because everyone is out running! A rest day for me today.

  • Morning all,

    Zero training so far this week image Going to get out for a run tonight, then a 100km time trial on the bike tomorrow.

    Just sent the withdrawal request email to Ironman image Feeling a bit down now. The school weren't returning my calls so I've had no choice.

    Em, another hard as nails run!

    Grant, how's the 25 minutes running going?

    Where's your half Claire?
  • Hi All, In pain today. I'm in need of new trainers. The second lot intervals didn't happen. I did try but everything was hurting. I'm having a rest day today and a trip to but new runners image

    Em - Great run there! Well done.

    NV - Sorry about the ironman, Hope you have a really good run later. I'm doing Freckleton Half - it's near Preston. It's supposed to be the oldest one in the Uk. My club has alot to do with organising it so it'd be rude not to do it image I'm looking forward to it.

    Grant - Hows the running going??
  • NV - You are just cramming all your training for the week into 1 session, 100K on the bike sounds gruelling. Sorry about Galway, it does get you down especially when you have had that as your A race for so long. You just need to find another challenge to get excited about.

    Claire -  Sorry about the pain, hope you can get it sorted soon.

  • Thanks Em. I'm struggling to find a race that appeals and am feeling a bit sorry for myself. I need to HTFU image I'm going to have a chat with my coach over the weekend and see if he's got any ideas. I nearly entered IM Wales in a fit of annoyance. Thankfully I managed to get a grip! image

    Claire, sounds like a good race. Hope you get sorted.

  • I've got new trainers image they are very bouncy! Just half way down shins downwards hurts now, plan is rest today, spin tomorrow then try run on Sunday. Fingers crossed it will be fine.

    NV - yeah I'm sorry about Galway too. Hope your coach has good plans for you image Hope the 100k ride goes well, is it a race?
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Evening all! Thanks to all for the encouraging comments - the 25 minutes went by very easily actually, which I was doubly surprised about as I used a very hilly route (the problem with living on the top of the hill, the run always ends with a nasty climb. Off to Islay tomorrow for a week and already got a few routes worked out, really looking forward to the break!

    NV - Really sorry to hear about Galway. Sod's law but the school will decide to delay the intake. Hope you get another race sorted, it really does help focus your training which I have just found out!

    Em - Hope you had a very pleasant rest day, all the miles you've been putting in you deserve it.

    Clare -Sorry to hear about the pain but sounds like you found the silver lining! image

    See you all in a week! image

  • Grant - Fantastic work!!! No stopping you now image hope you have a great holiday
  • Hi there, I've just started training for a 10K, and I'm loving it so far! I started off with walk/run for a few weeks, 4 times a week and now I'm running at an easy pace for about 20 minutes or jogging at a higher pace for 15, bearing in mind I've never run in my life! Loving seeing how quickly progress can be made so I'll be keping an eye out for tips here image Sinead
  • Hi Sinead Welcome image have you entered a 10k? Which one? If you have any questions just ask away. Have you had your gait done and got the right trainers for your running style. It's great to read people enjoy running, don't forget rest days are just as important as training days.
  • Hello, another total novice here. I really need to get fit (and lose 2 stone) and I think running is my best shot. Walk home from work about 3 miles so planning to fit the running in there to start with.

     Going to dig out my sports bra and trainers, Tuesday is D Day! Try to do a bit of aerobics and strength training at home but am somewhat inconsistent. My diet is a bit erratic as well, so will be concentrating on that too.

     It's nice to realise that not all runners are like the ones I work with, they are all superfit and not an ounce of fat between them, I've been thinking that runners are an elite that I could never belong to image

  • Hi MissPiggy

    Na All runners aren't elite its just great to get out there and enjoy it and it is a great way to get fit. Good Luck on Tuesday, dont set off fast just try keep a nice easy pace going and walk when you need too. Dont try to run it everyday as you do need rest days, they are as important as training days. I built up running like you are going to, try to keep a mental note of how far you got and the next time your out just try push yourself to the next kerb/lampost/bus stop etc etc before you know it you will have built distance up and be able to run the whole way home. Let us know how you get on. Oh and if you think folk are looking at you just say to yourself its only because they are thinking they should be out doing this. and its probably right. image

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend, good news is that my knees are feeling soo much better now so I will be out first thing on a run not sure what distance to do..... might just see where I end up. image

  • Hi all,

    Welcome Miss Piggy and Spacegirl. Elite??? Us??? imageimageimage

    Finally got out last night and ran. Decided to go out and just run at the pace I felt like so 6.5 miles at 8:30/mile. Felt good ad got rid of some of the blues from having to pull out of Galway. Off for a swim later. Going to do the long ride on Monday.

  • norfolklassnorfolklass ✭✭✭
    Hello, another newb here. I've been dipping in and out of this forum for the past couple of weeks, everyone seems very friendly and supportive so I thought I'd say hello. Started the couch to 5k programme a couple of weeks ago, did week 3 day 1 this morning - I'm loving it, and can't wait to get to the stage where I can comfortably run 5k in one go. Not sure that I'll be entering any races any time soon, just happy to be running!
  • Hi Norfolklass. The next few weeks will fly by and you'll be running 5k in no time.

    3.2k swim this afternoon. Mojo is returning image
  • NV - Glad to see mojo is on the way back image

    Norfolklass - Hi, as NV said you'll be running 5k before you know it.

    I'm looking forward to getting out in new runners tomorrow image
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