Mersey Tunnel 10K

I wanted to do this race last year, but never got round to it unfortunately, but this one is definately a 'to do race' this year for me.

Any previous runners recomend this race?

Living on the Wirral myself (wallasey) i'm looking forward to running through the tunnel, and hopefully the weather is nice for a good finish in New Brighton.



  • Did it last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. The bottom of the tunnel is at about 3k and then it is quite a hard pull up the other side. After that it is pretty flat and you end up running along the prom from the ferry terminal. Good finish if the weather is kind (it was last year), could be a nightmare if the wind is in your face. Air quality through the tunnel was no problem but it did get a little warm (probably due to the climb up and out). Will do it this year.
  • Bloody loved it Jay! image

    Highlight was the firemen at about 7k with their hoses out.....image

  • Hi I got into running purely so that i could do this event, at the moment I am comfortably running 5k's should I build up to the 10K, or should i throw caution to the wind and just run it

  • I dont think it would do you any harm in building your way up to 10k, maybe not the full 10k but at least more  than what you're doing at the moment.
  • This is one of the best in my opinion. How many races are there with a course including a tunnel like this, it must be unique? Great atmoshere in the pack inside the tunnel as well. The climb out of the tunnel is not too grim either although there's a short sharp rise as you turn left just after coming out of the tunnel. Lovely run along the river, then after the race it's free Merseyrail travel back to Liverpool for a couple of pints.

  • I felt sorry for anybody who WASN'T a runner on the train back......

    It smelled! But we didn't care! image

  • hehe well i live in wallasey so i'll be staying on that side of the water when i finish.

    Though i can imagine the train smelling pretty ripe on the way back

  • It was a bit choice, yeah, but everybody was chatting and the camaraderie was brilliant!

    And it was raining in Liverpool and not in New Brighton!image

  • I'm just getting back into running at the moment, but i'll probably start adding a kilometer a week and build up that way. I'm really starting to look forward to this now, me and a couple of other lads set this as our new years resolution so should be good

     This may be a stupid question; but are you allowed to run with an iPod? cos I use that Nike+ and i find it helps me not run like a bat out of hell for the first mile or so. Not sure if it will mess with the tag timer.

  • People do, but you'll lose a lot of the atmosphere if you've got phones in your lugholes. I hate them in races, especially 5/10k's but that's a personal preference.

    You'll run the first mile quickly anyway - it's into the tunnel and downhill!

  • It never rains on the wirral!
    Chubby - you will prob run better without the ipod then - no point in battering yourself for the first mile and dying for the last five !
  • Chubby, you'll have no trouble trying to motivate yourself while running in the 10k.

    It has been known to rain on the wirral, there was a brief drizzle this morning

  • Cool, i'll leave the headphones off and just keep it for the splits. I'm liking the fact everyone is calling me chubby, kind of motivates to go out tonight and go for a run lol
  • Heheh, well maybe in a few months you'll have to change your username to something like "the artist formally known as ChubbyRunner"
  • It was as dark as hell in Liverpool at noon. I had the car lights on! image

    Back in Warrington and the sun is shining! image

  • Maybe, but there still something "not quite right about people from Warrington" lol
  • Explain yourself Master Chub! image

    *puffs up chest*

  • Oh know I've been on here a day and I'm making enemies!!image

     I'm from the Wirral so we're used to getting it in the neck!

    Please accept my aplogies

  • Chub where about in the wirral?

    I'm located in Wallasey

  • I'm at the top end of leasowe road, by the doggers carpark haha. I used to live in Wallasey, I went to Oldershaw when i was younger, and I used to play rugby for New Brighton
  • ChubbyRunner wrote (see)
    I used to play rugby for New Brighton

    I can still take ya!image

    You lot are just jealous because we is reet posh in Cheshire now and you plassy scousers want to be here! image

    You even had to get your postcodes changed to CH, but we're not fooled......imageimage

  • Chubby i live in Wallasey now, have done all my live, all 28 years of it, i too went to Oldershaw School.
  • Haha you must have been the year ahead of me, i'm 27 in march
  • I dont know, i only turned 28 in November so its possible we were in the same school year.

    My nickname in school = Jam... ring any bells?

  • Done this one 3 times - 2002, 2006,2007

    Not a strong field (at all, ever), but I've always found it an enjoyable race, so I'll probably be there.

    I reckon the course is a bit short. Certainly the last K is.

  • Hi All

     I did this one last year, and will be there again, originally from the wirral (went to Oldershaw, played rugby for Oldershaw too) now in Northants, but good to come back home and do a run to boot image

  • Jay the only Jam i knew's first name was Craig, and i turn 27 in March. Where you in the same year as Cherry Padmore?
  • Mike S wrote (see)

    I reckon the course is a bit short. Certainly the last K is.

    Don't say that - I've got a pb at this one! image

    Being able to see the finish for such a long time makes me think that some cheeky bugger keeps picking it up and running further away with it! image 

  • ChubbyRunner wrote (see)
    Jay the only Jam i knew's first name was Craig, and i turn 27 in March. Where you in the same year as Cherry Padmore?

    Yeah i was in the same year as her, my name is James McNeill.

  • Is this a school reunion thread now or can anyone join in?image
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