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  • haha, me? win? ho ho no

    just putting one on for tonights footie

  • Group 6 Additions

    Forum name: Abbie Smith 3
    Name: Abbie Smith
    Race number: 41320
    Estimated time to mile 17: 3:45
    What you'll be wearing: blue and yellow adidas marathon top, black and grey 3/4 length leggings
    Any special needs*ome jelly babies and some encouragement
    Thanks so much for this - it will certainly drive me on!

    Forum Name: Sarahps
    Name: Sarah Plumbridge
    Race Number: 6757
    Estimated time to mile 17: @3hrs
    Wearing: Black 3/4 leggings/or shorts, pale blue prostate cancer vest + name.
    Special needs: jelly babies & ibuprofen, most importantly encouragement!

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Cheers Barly image

    <<<Waits in anticipation for the new additions>>>

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    I used to work in a bookies many years ago linccsafc. 

    It's a *safe* place to invest your money.  We used to take quite a lot off people and funnily enough not give much back. image

  • hmmmm i seem to deposit a bit in there but hardly ever withdraw any..........

    ....19 days to go....

  • No worries Happychap, im grateful youre here to help image

  • Morning NewbiesAbbie & Sarahps(welcome to Group 6)
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭


    It's beautiful here this morning after a night of rain.  How are we all doing today?

  • Morning HappyAll is well here. Also had a night of rain, luckly was not whilst out on mid distance run.
  • Morning all, sunny and breezy on the lincolnshire coast

    advance warning, I'm changing my name so it tallys with my username on another 'ahem' running website....

  • ok, so ive had to add the 138 bit as it seems someone already has it!

    6 miles later for me, happy running/tapering everyone!

  • Morning Sixers image
    Morning new Sixers image  [hope the cheesey grin doesn't scare them away!].

    It tipped with rain here last night. I have just been poo-picking my horse fields... wish I'd done it before the rain!!

    Tiptoes - I see the Compton 40 is this coming weekend. Too soon and too close to FLM for me, but will definitely consider it for next year. I'm not sure if it's the one I was thinking of or if there's another that takes in part of the South Down Way - maybe from the Eastbourne end.

    Happy Wednesday all.
    Limps x

  • Limper:I agree Compton is to close to Group 6's sunday run. image.On your special needs section will you be leaving on of your horses for us to climb on  image
  • I was going to use my horse to 'cart' all the jelly babies over to Mudchute....

  • NOW THATS A HORSE   imageJelly babies and Group 6'rs...
  • Good looking bloke aint he?!
    Not sure he'd cope with London though. He's too bloomin nosey for one thing and likes to look at his reflection in car windows! [but that's men for you!!].

    Boring fact - I trained for my first marathon running alongside that hoss while the youngest and very petite Limpette learned to canter him! Sometimes I had to do some unplanned fartlecking!!

  • That is a really good way to train in my books. (quick reminder to not ask Limper for sprint burn up image)
  • Yay!!! I've found my group - morning 6'rs, just had a read through and it's lovely to meet you all.  You all sound experienced marathon runners, as a novice I'll be sooo appreciative  of all your support on the leadup and of course on the big day! 

  • SarahpsWelcome, Rule one DON'T PANIC.....................................................Rule two: Smile for the cameras.Rule three: Enjoy the experience.
  • if it helps

    7min miles Pen 1

    8 min miles Pen 3

    9min miles Pen 5

    10min miles Pen 7

    11min miles Pen 8

    Get you Round Pen 9

    (thanks Relaxed ((Group 5 ))

  • Welcome Sarah image

    Thanks for above info Tiptoes.
    Now can you find out what time I put on my application form?!! Limpette is on a deferred place from '08. Would it be the time she estimated on her first application? I really can't remember if she had to re-state it this year.

    << wonders - should someone with such a poor memory really be in charge of children and large quadrapeds? >>

  • Limperif memory serves  (image)  Limpette  would have restated the estimated time.
  • Fanks.
    TBH, I'm just glad we're both at the same start and don't have all the trauma of that. If we're in different pens we'll just start in the furthest one back to be fair to all. It would be nice to be in 7 rather than 9 this time though!!

    Happy - I haven't seen any other group 6 supporters on here... do they have other forum names or are you all alone? I know Sezz is 'roaming' as she's supporting Fat Face, but you can't dish out all the jelly babies single-handed image

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    I was wondering where they had got to Limps.  When I have a chance I'll trawl through the other threads with a search party.   That goes for the other runners as well if you see them around.  We're a few shy!

    Or maybe a shy few LOL!   <Get's coat>

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Anyhow.  I do know some of the other supporters from other more well endowed threads so I can go on a supporter stealing mission if I need to image
  • Hi All ....Heres pic of me that only took 24 hours and help from kidsimage to attach!!!! Heres hoping it works. TBH with hair like this i'm gonna be hard to miss !!!!image

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Good photo Dee and the link works! image
  • HELLO DEE image
  • looks like i'll be in pen 4 or 5!!
  • Hello!

    Thought I would drop in and make myself known!

    Thanks so much for doing this - it will really make a difference!


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