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    so much for good intentions this week - floundered at yet another bliddy birthday cake fest in the office - this time my colleague sitting opposite me who gave our team first dibs - couldn't exactly say no to a M&S cappuccino cheesecake could I? image  Well at least I'm running again, and do have a 20-miler this weekend to carb load for image

    4 weeks' time and it will all be over and I can diet properly without worrying about lack of fuel!

  • PS. Sydney - lucky you - I've never been 9 st 13 in my life image
  • Had a crap food today- there was chocolate involved.  ooops.  And it's Mr FL's b'day this weekend too.

    What hope have I?

  • FL - you have every hope. We all have. We just need to dig it out from down the back of the sofa and dust it off image
  • im feeling desperate to go and eat an easter egg, havent had any chocolate or anything bad for me for nearly 3 weeks imageimage no crisps, no biscuits, no cakes !!!

    will power is starting to struggle a bit now but just thinking ahead to fridays weigh in and the slim chance that i might dip under 12 stone for the first time since i was a teenager

    fight the tempatation for chocolate, fight it !!! right im off to bed, night all

  • Fight the chocolate temptation!

    Goodnight image

  • Stringy! get outta here you little devil! image
  • Sorry.......image

  • That was soooooo cruel!
  • How's everyone doing today?  I've been *relatively* good, with only a Tunnocks teacake as 'extras' so far today...

    To explain, if I were only ever to eat the meals and snacks I'd planned, my weight wouldn't really be a problem and I'd be one of the healthiest people around. Sadly I have a weakness to eat everything and anything within a 10-ft radius (so long as it's not meat, fish or mushrooms), so it's all the 'unplanned' stuff that I have a problem with.  We have a pedestal drawer in the office nicknamed the "drawer of death" which is regularly topped up by members of the team with biscuits, cakes, sweets etc. I could ask for that to stop, but that wouldn't be fair as nobody else has the problem I have!

    So I just have to be as strong as I can, and try and learn to control myself! image

  • Sack stringy!

    Chocolate peanuts attacked me in Waitrose and I HAD to buy them but I'm wondering- are nuts fruit or veg? And chocolate contains cacao which must be a fruit.......

  • Stringy  you mean bugger... 

    Still going well for me. I did treat myself - it was planned so I have no issue with it - to a Creme Egg on Monday. Am still cycling to work (9.7 miles each way I think) 3 times a week there an back. Feeling thinner and more lively/ positive all the time. Even went for a 30-odd minute run at the weekend.image

    Consumption (Vicki'd kill me but she's not hereimage) so far today:-

    x 1 slice brown bread with thin spread of peanut butter (spreading it thin was HARD);

    x 1 chicken & mango chutney wrap

    x 1 white tea

    x 3 black coffees

    Haven't decided on tea yet.

  • Blith - if that was all I'd eaten in a whole day to 7.30pm I'd have fainted from malnutrition, so I don't know why you think Vixx would kill you.
  • yeti- I have had my tea now so am back on an even keel - I had hotpotimage
  • I had a healthy McDonalds Chicken Legend Salsa, large fries and 4 chicken nuggets and a diet coke for dinner. image
  • Stringy - you're FIRED!!! 
  • PMA you're doing so well! Really impressed....

    I'm having my normal week day problems so waiting until the weekend to get myself in gear and then carry on into next week....went out for dinner last night but we shared 2 mains between 3 of us and i didn't like the risotto (way too much pesto) so didn't even finish it...and then we shared dessert so just a few spoonfuls of dark choc mousse.....and no wine for me as i drove!

    Yeti i'm the same, if food is there i'll eat it, when we were camping last weekend i'd eat whenever anyone else did, even if i wasn't hungry, so so stupid!

  • mr sj, stick with it, get down into the 12s and then have an easter egg. savour it and eat it slowly. enjoy!

    pma, and you run on that too?? even though i've got a portable and ample pantry of lard to sustain me, i would also faint if that's all i ate. well done on the hotpot! 

    being overweight is such a disgusting disease of the rich! except of course none of us consider ourselves to be rich. we all struggle with the mortgage and bills and car repairs and kids' footy boots. but we actually ARE rich because we can afford to over-eat and over-drink, and then spend even more on gym membership and fancy ASICS trying to lose it. think on that next you simply have to have that mars bar.

    we CAN shift the weight. we can do it. we all can. you all can. i can. i WILL. you WILL.

    see you on friday for the weigh-in. 

  • Good words, LS image
  • image love it LS.

    Stringy - in Vixx's absence I am taking control in true Apprentice style and you should consider yourself banned from this thread...image (so glad Philip "I'm just a normal lad (i.e. arrogant delusional dickhead) from Durham" was booted out).

    Just so you all don't think I am anorexic (you only have to look at me to see that isn't true), this is just the way I do (and always have done) things. I do everything to excess and obsessively. I have an addictive personality to be sure. I can feel myself now (as happened 10 years ago nearly-gulp- when I lost nearly 3 stone and started my running) that I am feeling an addiction (not serious) to losing weight.

    I find it easier to totally restrict my intake than to generally eat sensibly. That's why I have gradually put the weight on over the last few years. I don't actually think what I ate yesterday is that little, though. I remember the last time I hit a hiatus (and started gorging again) when I found myself dabbing some garlic mushrooms on my serviette in a Greek restaurant to get the fat off image. This was also a time when everyone was telling me I was too thinimage.

    Lumbering Slowly wrote (see)
    pma, and you run on that too??

    Haven't been running much LS. I was having real problems with my feet - have been given orthotics but don't think they are right- seeing the Pod again this Saturday. Also, I am thinking that the extra weight hasn't been helping so weight loss a good idea now when I am a bit low on running so hopefully when I try again I will be lighter and it will feel better. I ran on Monday and it was much better than a few eeks ago so, who knows?

    I have replaced with cycling for now. Commuting to work and home 2 or 3 times a week. AT 9+ miles each way it's a good workout and I am really enjoying it.image

  • stringy - diet coke cancels out naughtiness, especially when it has jack daniels in it image

     sydney - i HATE it when i go for the pesto option and they shovel it on, bleurgh...

    Ls - wise words! i am renowned for ace trainers, posh gym kit, mountains of running books and still being a cubbster!

    pma - top work on uber cycling and thin spreading of p/butter (poss nearly worlds hardest task?)

    have decided i would be keira knightly skinny if i didnt emotionally overeat, or overeat for the sake of it, or binge eat when i am bored or secret eat or treat myself to a 2000 calorie munch fest when ive kicked my ass on a gym session/hard run. but in this knowledge - i still munch - the only way for me to behave is to be busy!

  • Kelly Wilkinson 2 wrote (see)
    pma - top work on uber cycling and thin spreading of p/butter (poss nearly worlds hardest task?)
    Kelly - you're dead right there. Also found it hard not to dip knife in and lick PB off it in between spreads. Have discovered "Skippy" peanut butter and it's OOTW. Someone mentioned natural PB on here (can't remember who) - is that better for you? and does it taste as nice?
  • i bought that nautural pb once, tastes good, a bit less naughty and therefore ate the whole jar in 48 hours. i am useless with "diet foods" i eat 10 times as much!
  • Searched high and low for natural peanut butter at lunchtime and finally found some in Holland & Barrett.image Will be having that on my bagel in the morning...image
  • Just made Mr FL's birthday cake- must be healthy, loadsa fruit in it.  Trying to drag myself out for a run but feeling fat and lethargic today. Just not a great food/diet week.image
  • thanks for the positve words LS, it's a very good point.

    I think you can get natural peanut butter in some supermarkets as well, if they are big enough. or yes healthfood shops stock it. 

    oooh FL, i love fruit cake. and im sure all the rasins must be a bit healthy...? image 

    kelly.. i totally agree. i always cook from scratch and never eat junk food or takeaway as i don't like it. however i do seem to consume quite a lot of cake and sweets when im feeling emotional or stressed. otherwise id be totally helathy!!

    however, we can all do it. ive had a good 2 days (thats not much out of a week though.. oops image ) but still i think if i can do it the last couple of days, then i can do it.

    has anyone heard of Susie Orbach or read any of her books? I'm just reading a couple of them at the moment and her approach seems like quite a good one. basically learning to totally listen to your body again, so you are allowed whatever you want to eat, but you learn to recogise what it is you really want and to recognise when you are actually hungry and not just emotional. easier said than done i suppose...

  • I can be pretty good for 3 weeks in the month, but for the fourth week I need locks on the cupboards.image

  • Hey everyone, i think it was me that mentioned the natural peanut butter, i think i used to buy it from sainsbury's in the UK, its less sweet but i got used to it and actually found i used less of it....

    Weighed in at 10stone 1lb this morning, not too bad after my blowout weekend which seems to have continued into this week....need to well and truly get back into the 9s though, should be by next friday....

    Kelly you sound like me, if there's food i eat it for the sake of it, i also eat when stressed or bored! The only times i've ever gone the other way (i.e. completely lost my appetite) was when i was revising for exams and when my nan had cancer....then i went really thin!

    I long for the days of normal eating habits again.....

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  • weighed in another pound lighter, am pleased. it's a hard nut to crack, this dam larditis syndrome.

    FL, when you feel fat and lethargic, don't go for a run. go for a hard walk instead. you'll feel MUCH better for it, will work up a good sweat and blitz a few hundred calories.

    pma, sorry, i didn't mean to sound critical of your intake. just jealous! good luck with the recovery, you'll get there. no one has ever in my whole life told me (or is ever likely to tell me) that i'm too thin.

    organic peanut butter can be bought at Holland&Barrett and Tesco. i prefer the crunchy stuff but if you get the smooth stuff you smear it thinner and eat less.

    sydney, well done! 9 is just around the corner. 

    happy friday everyone! it's my treat night tonight and i'm drooling already (it's only 10am) for that first cold pint. have good weekends all.

  • its friday morning weigh in time !!!!

    well done on the pound loss LS, fantastic image

    • friday 17 april - 12st 9lb
    • friday 24 april - 12st 3lb
    • friday 01 may – 12st
    • friday 08 may - 11st 13lb

     woohoo !!!!!!!!! havent been under 12 stone since i was in my early teens, thats 20 years ago imageimage feeling very pleased with myself today, so looks like not eating crisps, cakes and chocolates and doing exercise actually works, who'd have thought it !!

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