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  • sydney - i got it in the dried bean/posh rice/bulgar wheat section in waitrose. Buckwheat is a wholegrain and gluten free. It takes a teeny bit of getting used to, it cooks like couscous, so is dry at the end of cooking. i add probiotic yogurt, apple and cinnamon. it tastes soooooo good and fills me up for ages! i dont like wheat either, bloats me right out. i didnt think much of the aus supermarkets, but i bet you can get it in one of the health stores out there. image

  • Morning everyone image

    Everyone seems to be doing v.well- so many healthy food diaries going on im very proud image, thank you for all the advice on chocolate- i wil follow it and let you know how it goes!

    Just like most people, i couldnt help weighing myself this mornign and i have lost 2lb since friday- im so happy! big run tonight hopefully,

    Keep going guys everyone is doing really well! image

  • Thanks kelly, you're right about oz supermarkets, not that great, i started making my own muesli in summer with oats and loads of seeds and cashews, its so yum but i ate so much of it with loads of yoghurt and fruit....i know its healthy (but calorific) but i've had to get rid of the yoghurts (cutting down on dairy), could have it with rice milk i guess but now its winter here porridge is good so i'll try the buckwheat.

    Good work on the weight loss becki, good feeling isn't it!

    I'm being naughty and chatting on another thread which was originally about height affecting running but has turned into a cake discussion.....i've now asked for 2 cheesecake idea why, they're impossible to make dairy free and i'm not eating stuff like that at the moment....worth noting for future though....i won't use them i promise!

    Right i really must go and pack!

  • hey

    thanks ofr all the advice regarding chocolate. I'm going to try having it once or twice a week, and really savour it. I'll let you know how it goes!!

    well done everyone for losing weight and keeping positive. This thread is spurring me on with healthy eating. image

    Sydney the muesli sounds delicious!! I love homemade muesli image

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  • yeah me too, although i feel a bit of a fraud being on another thread chatting about cake and pancakes....but  long as i'm talking about it and not eating it (which i'm not) then i think its ok....

    right i really am off to bed now, early start tomorrow x

  • oh dear, I'm not the best person to be chatting on this thread:  more birthday cakes in the office today!  it's just the time of year for it.... image
  • Hi all.. so far so good for me... although not enough running this week!  Have just had a big plate of fruit.. raspberries, kiwi, pear and apple... together with the chicken breast that is my standard working lunch fare...  With the exception of a couple of vodkas and a glass of red I have been good on the booze front since the weekend as well... image

    Am now off til Tuesday (which is incidentally my weigh day...)... These long weekends play havoc with my diet and after my run tomorrow morning I am out for both lunch and supper!  image

    Oh well... will try and counteract the high living with some exercise and hope for the best on the Boots weighing machine on Tuesday morning!

    Have fun everyone... image

  • Hollie... by the way... think you should be fine for a half marathon...  Do you have a training programme?  If you need one PM me and I will pop a copy of our club half marathon plan over to you image
  • Hello all image

    I hope that you are having a good day.  Lumbering - that advice was excellently put, and I think you are absolutely correct.

    It does seem that everyone is having good days overall, which is fabulous.

    Weigh in for most of us tomorrow.  I am going for a run in a bit, so maybe that will help..... image

  • Yeti - don't worry about the cake thing..... you are training for a marathon after all...... if you were to do an extra mile per piece of cake, that would help you burn it off, and you'd be ready for the marathon even more....
  • O M Gawd, weigh in tomorrow...don't feel like news will be as good this week but we'll see...

    Had business lunch today and saw that it was white and dark choclate cheesecake for afters so made an excuse after main course and left.

  • BBS - I think you may be surprised with yourself......

    Have faith young jedi......

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)
    Yeti - don't worry about the cake thing..... you are training for a marathon after all...... if you were to do an extra mile per piece of cake, that would help you burn it off, and you'd be ready for the marathon even more....

    Vixx - would help if I was actually running at the moment image

    Well done everyone else for what sounds like some pretty healthy living going on! image  Fingers crossed for you all tomorrow  - I'll be weighing in on Saturday again.

  • Yeti - ooooohhhhhhhh, right. image

    I've just blasted off 1000 cals, so had me a little bag of maltesers as a treat with a small apple juice.  Am cooking tea now.....

  • Well done Vixx, very important to get some nutrition in right after you finish your run!image
  • 1000 calories? ! Gosh, anyway, Hi Vixx.

     Got weighed and lost 2lb. Three more weeks and it will be three stone and then only half a stone off my "Ideal" weight! ! Ha ha.

  • Indeed foxy - I do prefer some peanut butter or a smoothie, but at this time of night I will take what I can get.....

    Hi Elmodiddly, well done you on the weight loss - keep it going image

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)
    Indeed foxy - I do prefer some peanut butter or a smoothie, but at this time of night I will take what I can get.....

    ....whereas I just take whatever I can get at any time of day or night image image

  • I am trying not to do that as I really want to lose weight. 

    Actually, change 'want' to 'needs to'.....

  • Here's me weighing in:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Down to my goal weight for this week. What a sense of achievement when you notch down into the next stone. Now only 13 more pounds to go...until the next goal weight, not the end goal.

    Looking forward to hearing how you all do in your weigh-ins too.

    Be strong, we can do it.

  • morning all, its friday !!!!! woohoo imageimage

    my friday morning weigh in -

    • friday 17 april - 12st 9lb
    • friday 24 april - 12st 3lb
    • friday 01 may – 12st 3lb
    havent lost anymore but also havent pout anything back on, so im happy. still looking to get down to around 11.5 stone, so a while to go yet
  • FL weighing in.image

    Despite a weekend of wine/cheese and cake...........and being down 11 miles on what I should have done.

    Lost another 2lb. Total 4lb off. 5lb to goal1 (Race weight for next HM in 3 weeks).  If I'm good for the next 3 weeks it may be possible.  Have been doing lots of speed work -intervals, hills etc so maybe that is paying off as people do say that shifts the lbs better- no idea why.

    Well done LS and don't worry sj it will come!

    Right a bit of domestic x-training awaits me now.

  • I'm also a +/- 0 image

    This is where my problem lies - the more I train the less I lose..... image

  • Afternoon. Didn't get chance to weigh in this morning.  Was late for work - fell asleep with my lad (a Daddy special as he calls it) at 8.40 p.m. and woke up at 7.30 a.m. Cycled in again, though and I'm feeling thinner and that's the point surely?image

    Will weigh in tomorrow morning and report.

    Some good weight loss reported (Elmo, LS, Fl and Sydney) and weight maintenance is good to Vixx and SJ.

    So far today I have cycled for an hour and eaten a bagel with peanut butter before leaving and 8 grapes on arrival. Peanut butter is my real weakness (other than chocolate). I am eating it less and speading it thinnner but I am NOT giving it up.

    Actually, someone (was it Sydney?) mentioned "natural peanut butter" - what's that?image


  • Can't even have Peanut butter in the house. I have one recipe I have to buy it in for and the remnants of the jar do not last longimage.

    Your cycling probably cancelled out the bagel (but not the peanut butter!)

  • 'twas very thin spread of peanut butter Foxy...image

    errr...I just had a grilled Halloumi wrap (loads of salad!) better be careful for tea tonight and not a good idea before weigh in

  • blith - hows the running going at the momet ? got your mojo back or still finding it hard to get out ?
  • well done to all who've either lost weight or stayed the same - you've all done great.

    Mr SJ - hope you're not down about staying the same this week - you lost a lot in the first week, so your body will probably still be settling from that.  Something they used to say at WW was that you'll always get a big loss in the first week but after that, really shouldn't lose any more than 1-2 lbs a week, or stay the same.

    Dreading the weigh-in for myself tomorrow, at a guess I reckon I'll probably have either stayed the same or put on a pound or so... image

  • yeti - im ok about staying the same, been watching what i eat and thankfully havent put anything on
  • mr sj wrote (see)
    blith - hows the running going at the momet ? got your mojo back or still finding it hard to get out ? isn't...intended to go out last night but got involved in kids' bedtime and then fell asleep on the lad's bed- was good for diet though cos I had no teaimageimage

    am intending to try to get out twice this already feeling lighter on my feet...

    I am hoping that the cycling and weight loss will help me enjoy the running again. Whenever I think about going out I think of the pain my feet will be in and decided to ditch it. A large (no pun intended) part of the problem with my running I reckon is how much of a fat bloater I have become...image

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