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  • Hi   Karen D,   triple smiffie,   bedshaped, and anyone else i've missed image

    bedshaped, i've started doing 'little ultra's' just to begin with, i did the Boddington 50k 3 wks ago, then did the Dartmoor Discovery (32+ miles) yesterday.  Still on the learning curve but with better judgement and training i'll get there eventually, Ultra racing seems to be just as competitive as marathon racing though, only difference being you see the regular faces at each event !.  Am still a kept man, only just though, too much info to publish on these forums anyhow  image   Glad to see everyone is still running well.

  • Hi everyone!  Did the Edinburgh Marathon in 2008 and 2009 and got slightly slower this year so will just have to try again!

     One week on from the big event and I suppose I should stop the carb-loading now image - got used to being a greedy guts and it's hard to go back to eating like a normal person (I think thats why I do marathons - an excuse to pig out for a while!)

  • Wayhey i'm not the only nutter here then, thanks Flying antimage. I've got a biggy on the 20th then another in August to complete an unofficial triple crown, loving the training and i find it less competitive and more friendly.

    Hiya Betty, i do love my carbsimage.

    Sounds fab Bungee, a half in the sunshine, bliss.

    That was nicely restrained bedshaped, you could have called him much worse.

  • Dont all leave without me,whew thats better, yes i might not be on all the time , but its nice to visit now and again.   Ran the Dumbarton Polaroid series 10k on Thursday evening got a PB with a time of 41mins and 5 secs, so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just the 20th Karen?? image

    Oh yes Betty, bring on the carbs. Only reason I run is to justify the mass quantities of food I eat image

    Sounds like a great wee jaunt to Lanzarote Bungee with something for everyone too - perfect image

    Flying Ant, sounds a bit ominous. Hope things are okay. Enjoy the ultras image

  • Well done a shiny new very impressive PB AWatson and welcome to wer noo hoose image
  • Evenin' All

    I've done 4 Edinburghs, including this one, Can I come in ?

  • Hi all.SMOUT you did not answer my question.

    DID YOU HAVE A NIGHT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done Caniggia

    A new Edinburgh Thread,

    Where is the pre race drinks and meal next year!! 

  • Does anyone know the forecast for next years race?
  • Hi Flying Ant!!!
  • Hiya folks,

    Seeing someone mentioned a safari park can I tell a wee story about one of my mates in newcastle.  he got married and booked the honeymoon to Kenya.  When he came back he met us in the pub and was telling us all about the hotel etc.  he then said it was really unfortunate that Gillian his wife of 5 days got ill the night before they were supposed to go on their 5 day safari and spent the next 7 days sick in bed spewing for england.

    Thats a terrible blow we all thought and someone asked what Kevin did whilst Gillian was ill to pass the time.

    The reply

    I went on safari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image  It was fantastic I saw monkeys and lions with big teeth, elephants, zebras you name it I've seen it. 

    I thought that was brilliant and amazingly they are still married image

    Do I have to go back to work tomorrow????? image

  • what is so hard to get quick race results these days it shouldn't be that difficult I doubt there were even 100 runners image

  • OOO goog time AW2 - well done!

    LL bedshaped at that very rude man - defo could've ben worse but there were children around eh image

    Had me breakfast - going to try have a more productive week at work this week image

    Ciao image
  • Hi Kiwis,

    Hope you're still running well  image

  • Hi folks !!!!image...i go away for the weekend and you all sell up and move image

    great idea cannigga i like your thinking image

    was good to hide away at my mum and dads at the weekend and i had another good run .....really hilly again so my quads are wondering whats hit them!

    i entered my wee max in his first race over the weekend ....he is going to do the junior jogscotland race in inverleith park just before i run mine ..... will i will be on of these overbearing mothers on the sideline?....lol! ...i reakon he will love it image

  • Hi all image

    Nice cool weekend, could have done with this weather last week image Back into usual training for me this week after last week taking it easy. Had a bit of a bad day yesterday though, went out for a 3 mile run, pushed all the way round as it was only a short route, got home, got in the shower, then passed out. Twice. Hit my head off the side of the bath the first time so have a nice bloodied ear, and must have hit my arm off something as I've got a huge bruise there too. Bad times! Not really sure what it was that made me faint, hadn't had breakfast but I wouldn't normally if I was running first thing, and often go twice the distance on an empty stomach. Other than that had a pretty good weekend!

    Like the safari story Caniggia, surely that's what most folk would have done?! Safari was paid for, and the poor woman may have been contagious so he would have wanted to keep away...

  • aww (((carrot))) ..ouch ...hope you are ok now x
  • Just been using it as an excuse to eat eat eat, don't want it happening again after all image 
  • Crikey Carrot, hope you're eating lots and lots image

    ran 3 times last week, always around 4 miles and found quite hard image once outside, twice on dreadmill..... find running on dreadmill much harder for some reason image

    best get some work done........... laters ((((waves))))

  • Gee whizz Carrot, hope you're ok!! Maybe just your blood sugar taking a plummet?

    Good one Amber, get the wee fella running.image

    Nice story caniggia.image

    Morning by the wayimage

  • Carrot, might be an idea to get checked at the docs though. image  Better to be safe huh.

    Amber, I wanted to enter my nephew in the race in Glasgow, but got told flat out by his gran etc that I couldn't, as his parent's wouldn't like it.  Rubbish..  Better to be overbearing and let him take part methinks!!

    In a bit of a downer today.  So so sick of work....  Och well.

  • Hello all,

    Did my first Edinburgh Marathon this year, my daughter now lives in Edinburgh and we decided to make a long week end of it.

    There were originally five of us who entered the race but that was whittled down to two on the day. Struggled with the heat but  dug in and staggered over the line in 3:52. My first marathon as a 60 year old ( where did all the years go?!!! )

    On a different note, Edinburgh is a Mecca for veggies lots of really good veggie friendly cafes and restaurants, and we found a Pub called "Cloisters" for post race rehydration.

    Will definitely be back next year, just hope that the organisers get their act together, and the bloke on the P.A. gets laryngitis!

  • just had something really wierd happen, couldnt understand why you were all sypathising with carrot, couldnt find a post then had a look to see if somehow I was ignoring her and guess what, there is a whole list of people I am ingnoring who are on this thread including molly.  So that explains why I couldnt find out how Molly got on at Ed, woudl you mind telling me again!!!!  Hope you are OK carrot

    Did the Seabank marathon yesterday, it was flat but off road and quite difficult terrain in places. The weather was the opposite to last week, strong headwing (and it was a linear course), hail, rain, thunder and lightening.  I enjoyed it though and was 2nd lady!!!

  • just want to say, I never at any time have said I want to ignore someone, I Think that maybe when I was on my phone the ignore button is perhaps near to antoher button and I have accidently pressed it?
  • Hellen don't worry, I've not taken offence! Well done on 2nd lady, that's brilliant. I always check through results to see how many women have finished in front of me, rather than how many runners have finished in front of me image Weather sounds mental, bet you enjoyed the shower afterwards.

    Thanks for the concern peeps, am going to get an appointment at the docs just in case - it's happened a few times before, maybe blood sugar? My dad is diabetic so should really get checked, if only to put my mind at rest. Then can get back to eat, eat, eat!

    Hope work goes over quick Soph, I take it your colleagues are being as nice as ever?

    Devjon if I can run a 3:52 marathon at 60 I will be a very happy woman image

  • Hi Carrot, hope you're ok and its nothing serious, keep on eating, espeically cake, sure that will help!

    Well done Hellen, 2nd lady is great. The only time I ever came second was when I was 2nd to last!!! 

    As promised housewarming present for our new home! 

    <img src="http://tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:gcf-HrsLYBilyM:http://www.biddenhamvillage.co.uk/_Media/foliage_pot_plants-2.jpg" width="115" height="80" id="thumbnail" />

  • Hi everyone ran this in 2006 had a great weekend and met up before the run with several forumites. still have the group photo from BBC news on my desk.
  • Done the last two Edinburgh runs (last year was my first marathon) and am now hooked. Not on Edinburgh organisation on race day though! Heading out for my first long run since the Great Edinburgh Drought of 31 May 09. A nice 10 miler.

     BTW did the Edinburgh organisers send out a feedback email for this year?

  • Hi - just popping in to have a look at the new hoose. Looks alright doesn't it? Could do with a lick of paint though..

    Anyhoo - quick question - how did Afresh get on in Edinburgh? Didn't see any posts from her after the race...

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