adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon

Anyone else doing this? Was hoping for a 1:33, but may have to revise to 1:35 due to the wonderful weather we currently have image

Really looking forward to running on a Grand Prix circuit, being a lifelong F1 fan it's a dream come true for me.


  • Im in, hoping for sub 1:40 for the first time here.

    Also a massive F1 fan so may make a fool of my self by making car noises as I plod around.

  • yeah im there, anyone had anything in the post yet?
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I missed the deadline for this but would really like to run this.  If anyone has a place they are unable to use please contact me.
  • I'm in for this, as is my partner (her first half marathon).

    Think I'll be hoping on a sub 1hr 50 depending on how training goes - its gearing up for London marathon as a priority.

    Can't wait for this race image

  • Hi Guys/Girls,

     This is my first ever race and am a little nervous.

    When/Where do i find out race times, palces to go meet, times etc???

     If anyone can help or point me in the right direction that'd be great.


  • im in this, first half marathon for me.

    i believe the packs are sent out 2 weeks prior to the race, i would of theought the start time would of been published on the website by now though (unless i'm more of a fool than i realise lol). 

    i know on here the start time is listed as noon, but it also lists the great manchester run as being in sheffield too (well until they correct it lol)

  •   Everything you need to know will be sent out in the post.The traffic for this event is a howler,i would advise anyone to get there early.The car parks are a good distance from the start.
  • Ditto to what Loftus said - you think you've seen traffic jams before.... lucky I'm staying in the village the night before.
  • Ive been stoopid and missed the cut off point - will be the first time in 6 years, think it must have filled up quicker than usual.

    Wanted to ask if theres anyone who has entered but now cant run for some reason. If so, please send me a message and Ill gladly buy your race number.


  • Does anyone know what time the race starts... I feel so daft but cannot seem to find the information anywhere.  Thanks!! ab
  • you're not the only one that cant find the info Alexandra. the page here says 12.00, but then again the page here for the great manchester run, has it being held in sheffield image
  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭

    I'm also doing Silverstone this year. Entered for last years but pulled out because of injury.

    Like you Duck, I'm also looking forward to running around the F1 circuit. All not a huge fan (I'm happy to watch it if the bf wants to), it'll just be a cool location to say you've done to non-runners.

  • Hi all im in for this as well.

    So how bad is the traffic then ? How much time do you think we need to allow to get in and get to the start. 

    Gernerally I prefer not to be hanging around for too long 



  • I have run this four or five times. Really good run. It is always blustery. It will rain, if youre lucky, but I was peppered with hailstones last time out which were ferocious. Ignore the stench of cooking onions when you get there. Normally a 12 start but get in place ten minutes before.Go for a pb if not to windy. You will fell the hill going under the bridge near the end.Dropped a glove first time I ran it and got a knee in the face. You can find youre pace or follow a pacemaker. Clashes with the kids football so will miss it again this year. Nevermind. If you cant or havent got in run the Banbury 15 the week before.
  • THE DUCKINATOR, where abouts are you staying in the village?

    I also contemplated staying local overnight to avoid the heavy traffic and the rush, can you reccomend anywhere?



  • I don't know the name Alex - my parents booked it - although I can find out for you if you want. I think it's pretty central though.

    Having said that, only 5 weeks until the race, you might find that all the rooms are gone.
  • If you could find out for me that would be great, I know its getting closer to the race day but it might still be worth a shot!



  • Really wanted a place in the Silverstone for my wife but the closing date has now gone.  If anyone is unable to do this run, please can you let us know as we would love to take your place.

     Many thanks


  • Hello !!! (screams heard from Duckinator) image   she's here!  image 
  • *sighs*

    Hello. You're cramping my style.
  • Sorry- I only just put my head around the door so say   ' HI'.

    I wont be back ....... hope training ok.


  • I'm not trying to dissuade you or anything...
  • Hi all, anyone got a spare number for this race they would like to sell.


  • My mate came along with me to this one about 3 years ago, not signed up, on the off chance of running it and was comfortably able to sign up on the day. In fact there was a mass of tables and entry forms, so seemed well accepted.

    With a 15,000 limit, and finishers in the last 3-4 years being 5-8,000 I don't see any reason why that can't happen this year!

     It's probably worth a quick call to the organsiers who I'm sure won't say no.

    I'd have been interested myself on a last minute decision but off to watch Man Utd instead!

  • Hi all,

    I signed up for this race as a training run for VLM, but, well i'm not doing VLM anymore, and having run this one for the last 3 years, i'm not that bothered about doing it again. So, if anyone needs/wants my place then drop me an email [email protected]. First come first served.



  • My space has now been taken!


  • Hey,

     I'm doing this one for the fisrt time, anyone know how long the course is?  I'm wondering how many laps there are.


  • being a half marathon, 13.1 miles.

    laps 1 (does not folloow the circut as a normal car race would)

    map of the course...

    change the view from street view to satellite so the course makes more sense to look at. 

  • Thanks.

    Being a member of this site, I was clear asking for the race distance ;0)

  • Sorry, the snow gave me an extra sarcastic mood lol. Not sure how long the track is as it gets configured for different types of races. The map does show how it will be marked out for the run though
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