adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon



  • I quite enjoyed this race. So did Mrs. D, but for different reasons.

     I managed my target pace for almost the entire distance, except for mile 11 to 12 (hanger straight) where i lost pace due to that sodding headwind and the slow steady uphill climb. Managed to push again a few mins after the 12 mile point and went on to a finish of 01:51:00 exactally. Beating my previous pb set last November by 8mins 34 secs.

     Mrs D enjoyed the day because she is a massive F1 nerd. She got to sneak onto the track and also onto the F1 podium in the media centre.

  • Did anyone else get sunburn ? I was proper glowing this morning !
  • yep proper wind chapped and legs are killing me
  • I agree that last mile was a killer with the wind! Had a few moments of having to force myself to keep running in that last mile, talking to yourself is always funny...

    I thought the course wasnt too bad really, a few more spectators in places might have helped.

    My nikeplus recorded 13.1 miles, still shocked that it can be that accurate image

    Tired now.....

  • Thanks for clearing that up Duckinator, there is no way I would have known that!

    I can't believe that the Nike + would be the one to give the correct distance, when I used mine the distances were all over the place.
  • My first time at Silverstone and I saw quite a few people stumble including a big bloke having a nasty collision with a traffic cone about 3 miles in just behind the 8 min mile pacer.

     A big thanks for the runners world pacers who turned out especially the lovely lady doing the 8 min mile pace. It was impressive how she kept the pace spot on with so many people around her. 

    I'm a big F1 fan so wasn't bothered about the quiet spots with few spectators as I loved the course and trying to work out where I was round the circuit. 


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I got sunburn too, very rosy faced!

    I didn't much like the construction going on but was grateful for a half built wall at 2 miles for a "pit stop".  Those men on the first corner were funny!

  • Some of the photos are now online, seems they're uploading them gradually. No horrendous ones yet, but it's inevitable!! Won't be buying any at their prices, mind...

  • Is there a link to the photos?
  • What has happened to all the split times which were on the results website when I first looked at it yesterday ? It had splits for 5k, 10k, 15k and 20k as well as the overall time but can't seem to find them now !
  • Hi Sarah - I was looking at those splits yesterday too. No
    sign now though. Very odd.
  • Just to agree with Sarah & Elgm, I saw them on the evening of the race, but nowhere to be seen now.

    Thought I was going mad - which to be fair, I might still be!

  • Ditto, A friend of mine mentioned the splits then when I looked they had disappeared.

    I did this for the second time and was a little disappointed the medal was exactly the same as last year apart from the date on the back....also the XL T shirt is a bit unfair too.

    Whinge over I got a PB despite the wind. OMG couldn't believe those peeing against the wall in the first minute.

  • Good ! I didn't dream them then.  I wasn't sure as if correct my 10k time was a "PB" (which I know doesn't really count but its encouraging for the 10k I've entered in a couple of weeks time) so could well have been wishful thinking !

  • I hate race photos, why do I even look at them?!

    As usual I looked pissed off (to be fair camera shy at the best of times so please dont stick a camera in my face when I'm tired and not looking my best).

    I know we were lined up for a while but was it really necessary to pee straight away?! Can't imagine how they would cope if they were women, learn to cross your legs guys! There were plenty of toilets around the course which I thought was good.

  • I'm looking like I normally do at the end of a race - dreadful. I'm also overpronating something awful. Take a look if you want - Surname "Milne" and race number "2337".
  • This was my first half marathon and I loved it! My training worked well and I felt strong the whole way image
  • K8

    if i were to cross my legs, i squeeze my little fella - ouch image 

  • This was my first ever competitive race and to pick a half marathon I thought was quite brave. I finished in 2 hours 4 min and was slightly dissapointed not to get sub 2 hours.

    I really enjoyed the day from start to finish and thought it was excelently organised!

    As i'm fairly new to the sport I'd now like to invest in a Garmin (however reading some blogs on here are they really accurate) and was wondering if anybody could help reccomend a model and where I could get one from. Equally if anyone has a second hand one for sale please contact me.

     So there we go my first race, my first half marathon and i've set a PB of 2 hrs 4 min.  Very proud of my Tshirt and medal too!

  • I'm seeing a few people commenting on the distance the Garmins etc are getting - generally Garmins are reasonably accurate but there is a degree of error - about 4% or so if IRRC. I personally got 13.21 miles, but the course will have been measured accurately, I guarantee it. There was a thread on the general forum last week about the accuracy of various GPS systems and other measuring tools - I'll try and get a link to it.

    Alex - I have a 305 and it's never let me down, so that's my vote. There'll be a few threads on the Gear forum about it though.

    EDIT: The link to that thread.
  • This was my first half marathon.

     Very impressed by the whole organisation - very slick compared to other events I've done, great goody bag, good car parking and marshalling, iconic track etc.

     Can't comment on the lack of atmosphere - felt fine to me...

     My Garmin also 'over-read' the distance at 13.34 miles.  So that's about 400 yards over.  I'll believe the guy who said the course was properly measured, but I also believe my Garmin, so not being able to apex each corner seems to have added 400 yards (or about 2 minutes at my speed).

     Overall though, it's an event I aspire to do again next year - many thanks Adidas, Silverstone, and all the marshalls!

  • Hi Alex,

    2hr 4 is a brill time, and I'm sure you'll go sub-2 hours on another day. Silverstone, with the wind, was quite a challenging circuit.

    I run with a Garmin 405 and have no complaints at all with it. My girlfriend has a 305 and she likes it. I think I'd probably get the 405 again due to it being smaller, but ultimately if there was a significant difference in price I'd happily go for the 305.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    My Garmin also said 13.32.  I've just changed to the 310, sold my 405 as I didn't get on with the bezel design.
  • was my 2nd half marathon in preparation for vlm.

     was aiming for a sub 1;30 as two weeks before had managed a 1:30:39.

     was a good event, however strugled with the heat and the lack of water stops, ending up gasping and had to drink the lucosade.... not a good idea.

     struggled to a 1:35 with an amazing sprint finishes as i am told there was quite a crowdin cheering (i was oblivious)

     Highlight for me was certainly chatting to iuan thomas about a mile in!!

  • Duckinator - I checked out your photos, not bad some of them. Re-checked mine now that there is more up there. Not good is all I can say, definitely not something for the photo album.
  • I've just been waiting for the photos to come online. Have just realised now I ran with my jacket on, and hence my number was covered! I'm not desperate enough to go through 28 pages of photos though! (Well, if works slow tomorrow, maybe!)
  • Hi all- 'Mother Duck' here!! I enjoyed the race- even the quiet parts as I was just trying to take in all the circuit etc. I was 1-27 and 12 miles and totally lost it into the wind over the final mile and finished 1-35-20ish

    Re the splits that were initially available. Mine seemed Ok apart from the 10k time which was far too fast . I was wondering whether splits were initially available (however inaccurate) so that the organisers could verify that all finishers and completed the whole route ie- no cheaters.

    There is no way anyone is seeing my photos!

    byee Molly AKA Mother Duck X

  • Well, considering I know both your surname and race number, I reckon I can use this as blackmail.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Lol.  Can't say I like my pics either! image
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