• I need to speed up on shorter runs, so i'm thinking of doing a 5K. How old are you JB?  I'm 41.
  • The top quintile for ladies >23 years old is <23 minutes.

    Best time is 13:54 - although that appears to be 3 mins faster than the next best, so might not be right.

    (No it isn't - WR is only 14:11!)

  • I imagine I would probably kark it if I tried for 18 minutes.image
  • A young girl making fake boasts about her athletic prowess on the internet? Heaven forbid!
  • When i did the entirely fictitious Ambridge marathon I claimd 1:59:59 on Fetch.

    Got in lumber for that.

  • I hope she doesn't trip at the start. That will cost her 2 minutes.
    I give her 21.48 for effort.
  • Your looking at your bum KK image
  • It's a beautiful sunny morning, blue skies and everything, so 'm going for a run now. I'll have to log on later and see what D2D's time is!  image
  • *falls off edge of seat in anticipation*
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    JB - Athletics Weekly has recently published a listing of age-graded reults for 5k to Marathon during 2009 - worth looking up if you're interested.

    For Men's 5k top times are
    Vet80 = 23:54
    Vet75 = 24:30
    Vet70 = 20:33 !!
    Vet65 = 18:33

    there's some quick buggers out there

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    <picks up Basil and brushes her fur>
  • How long doe's it normally take Parkrun to update the web results?

    Come D2D, it was an hour and a half ago, post your results, please! image

    ...You don't normally spend this much time away from the forum! image

  • Good show!image
  • Well done anyway
  • Well done! Sub 7m/m! And first woman!

    image i can go out!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    well done!
  • Well done for being first woman. So that's over 4min per km.

  • TNH was the nearest!!
  • Oh dear, the majority were right and I was wrong! Totally full of shit and the boasting was all fake. Tssk, that's the last time I believe anything I read on the internet!
  • That would put you in the top decile of the Fetch ladies table over 5km.

    The equivalent decile time for men is 18:02.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    UK V40 rankings, 2009 - 5k road


    1  15:02
    10  15:32
    100  16:45
    (138 inside 17:00)

    I've only ever run one 5k road race, 16:57 I think.  Unfortunately I'm 3 years away from being a V40 and the rankings for V35 only go down to 16:45.  Best get out again and convert my 16:19 track time to the road.  image

    Has she finished yet?

  • It was a "boasting substantiation fail", phil. Missed it by well over a minute. Poor!
  • The equivalent time for males on Fetch is 18:02.

    So is Jokerman a sub 18 runner? And where is his proof?

    Just askin...

    Oh, silly me, there won't BE any proof will there, because he's our resident Man of Mystery. image

    Perhaps he could consider putting up? It might enhance his credibility...

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    x-post, oops!

    Good show D2D. Still a fair way from sub-20 but since you're new to racing such a short distance I think there's potential for a quicker time simply from getting used to the discomfort level that's possible to stomach.  Were you throwing up at the end?  image  Find a nice flat course without steps (!) and you'll be laughing!

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