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  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/278698/Gallery/phpMGjY57AM.jpg

    My latest finished project. Mitts in some gorgeous yarn that Beebs gave me a couple of weeks ago.

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
  • Ooh, they're fab, Kwilter.

    My stocking has stalled as I've got to the toe bit and think it might be tricky. Maybe tonight.

    Glad I practiced as this one (the practice one) is looking a bit rubbish!

  • Sobbing here as I started a scarf a few weeks ago, but only did 10 rows. I picked it up again today (finished more socks last night) and have decided I can make it wider than the pattern says and use up more of the skein of yarn I bought. I really don't want to rip it back, but have to.
  • Kwilter .... thank gawd you're here!  I am doing the heel of my first ever sock.  Going fine but pattern then uses the abbvn 'ssk' and offers no explanation.  Only thing I can think of is slip stitch knitwise .... any ideas?
  • Commiserations on the scarf ... but best rip it out now than be left with a finished garment you don't like.

    I sewed up jumper no2 when I was away this weekend.  Pity thick jumper weather is over ....

  • TP - it's "slip slip knit" (I think the yanks use it more than we do) and is explained better than I could here

    hope that helps image

    edit - it's also known by the Brits as "knit 2 tog through the back of the loops"

  • Thanks fraggle.  I googled it and found out it was indeed k2togtbl and it is done!  It's a US pattern. 

    My heel is turned, my stitches are picked up and I am decreasing down to 60 stitches again.  I may have a whole sock by tomorrow night image

  • excellent!   which reminds me, I've got half a sock on the needles somewhere!
  • It is my first sock.  I am inordinately proud of it.  I may end up wearing it on the outside of my shoe so everyone can see and admire it image
  • Sorry TP! I just k2tog throught the back of the loop for ssk, seems to work OK.

    Where's the picture then?

  • When it's finished ....
  • Oh Ladies.....not sure if I have asked this before, but does anyone know anyone with a knitting machine who is prepared to do commissions.  I have an idea for a scarf which I think would look good on finer wool which I guess is what a knitting machine could do.  (But as I know nothing about knitting, I could well be wrong image)
  • I have a knitting machine List Fairy - if you can give me an idea of the pattern and the ply of the wool, I can let you know if I can do it. Generally scarves are easy enough.

    I don't do commisioning as such - although I used to when my children were small -  but I'd be happy to do a small job.

    I have a standard gauge machine, so if  the yarn you have is very fine, you may need to find someone with a fine gauge machine.

    Let me know

  • Fantastic Sue.  Thank you.  I will send you a PM right now. image
  • Boing

    Have decided to have a go at these.  The only knitting I have done in the past is a one colour scarf, so I am sure this project will test my patience and provide much comedy for others image

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Schmunkee image
  • Oh I like those image  Can you knit me a pair next?  I'll exchange them for some handknitted socks!

  • So......I have hit a problem straight away.  I have cast on the 8 stitches as instructed and now I have to increase in first stitch, knit to last, increase in last image

    *pads of to google knitting instructions* image

  • I cant help with the knitting Q's

    and this thread has reminded me that I need to crack on with my 'project' as I have ignored it for so long,  only got about 4 hours left and it will be kind of finished and if it works I can have a go at the rest of the family  image
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    I cant help with the knitting Q's

    Of course you can't Melds.  It's not a knitting club for you image 

    Funny how it all comes back to you.........My mum taught me to knit when I was about 12.  Did not have to google in the end.  Remembered you just knit the same stitch twice. 

    But that still does not mean I have not already ripped it off the knitting needles and started again image

  • My mum taught me and a friend to knit and I can do rows and rows and rows and rows and rows and rows ........

    Guess what she never taught us to do?
  • Cast off?
  • You're right Schmunks, knit the stitch but don't do the slipping onto the other needle bit, then knit into the back of it image
  • cast off and turn corners and all the stuff that doesnt end up with a scarf on a knitting needle !!
  • TP - I knew I had forgotten something as I was just left with a big loop when I purled the next row.  Have undone it three times now and also trying it on normal DK wool until I get it right.  It's not doing the fluffy wool much good keep knitting and unravelling it.

    Were you also told to knit into the back of the stitches when you cast on?  That's another thing I remember my Mum telling me, but not sure whether that's one of 'her things'.

    LOL @ Melds

  • Sorry this is becoming a bit memememememe image

    TP - Thanks for the tip about knitting into the back of the 'increase' stitch.  I have now done 6 rows and it's starting to take shape.  image

    Another thing, does everyone else slip the first stitch of every row or is another of my Mum's 'things'?

  • I only do this if I am going to have to pick up stitches along the edge, like for the heels of socks and suchlike.

    I don't knit into the back of stitches when casting on but I know people who do.  I have no idea what difference it makes.

    I shall be on the sofa with my sock and a G&T all evening so no problem helping out if you get stuck again Schmunkee image

  • Cheers TP.  The next step was to do 21cm of stocking stitch so I have cast off using DK.  I am gonna start all over again with the 'proper' wool.
  • OK, I have now cast on the 8 with the proper wool, increased at each end of every knit row til I had 16 stitches, and now I am doing stocking stitch for 21cm.  Found tension was quite hard at the start but now it's coming good image
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