Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Wasn't an early run, just back there from a 2 miles run. Feels good to finally to go for longer runs again!
  • a quiet reflective type of weekend.  No exercise apart from a full hour of swimming on Saturday.  Perhaps trying to do 800m fly was not a brilliant idea.  Shoulders still ache.

    Valis - I feel your pain.  Some people shouldn't be on the road.... 

    Well done at Beachy Tommy.  Who else was racing?  Did Kate buy a her new bike....?

    Morning peeps - damp here (and will be all week according to the Beeb).

  • morning

    rest day for meimage

  • Morning allimage

    Cheers for the support appreciated. My daily commute will be of this morning a 8 mile round bike ride until things are sorted. Admittedly a lot shorter than your epic commute Psc. Not feeling confident after yesterday though and this week is going to be a big ask of the lungs a bit earlier than expected. Oh well at least I won't be paying for petrol image

  • if you do the journey 3 times it will be the same as mine!  Take care on your bike, and take it easy!!  I haven't commuted on mine for a few weeks as (a) I fell off, and (b) it's too flipping cold!



  • Morning all - 5 miles round the streets of London town this morning, no one smiles at you here! Valis, you aren'y having a good run of things, maybe buy a lottery ticket as surely things will change. TG, well done on Beachy, are you sure the cramp wasn't from picnicing on the way round, there's so much food there. No bike yet as Evans Waterloo were spectacularly unhelpful, might try another branch later. Have a good Monday SOCers.

  • Morning all, bloody hell Valis you are on a run of bad luck, good to hear nothing more than the bike injured.  Well run Tommy on your race.

    12 miler for me yesterday, at a very pleasant time of the morning courtesy of the extra hour. One of those runs that felt really good, should have been racing.  No SOC today but a 5 mile recovery run after work.

  • Morning all.

    No SOC today still recovering from Beachy. Really enjoyed the great atmosphere and views. Made even better when I found out I had finished in 4:47. Had hoped to get round in 5hrs but with the wind I wasn't execing to make it in time.

    Hope to go for a short SOC tomorrow just to get the legs moving again - I think I may have caught the marathon bug - already looking at which ones I might do next year!

  • Well run Celtic always good to shoot under your target.

  • AHHHHH! I just had such a short run. I was on a running track and stupid dog walkers thought it would be a good idea to let all of their dogs of!!! image It's stupid, they clearly saw me running and didn't think to move somewhere else in the HUGE park. Am I the only one who has this annoying problem?
  • I actually saw a similar thing on Saturday at Beachy - I couple of people just let their dogs run in and out of the runners doing the marathon - thought it was very selfish and foolish of them could easily have caused problems.

  • Well done CR, and Craigerrs, yes they are always a pain in the backside, normally the owners more than the dogs.

  • Hello all.

    I've always ran of an evening on weekdays since I started running this year, but by the time I get home from work, had some dinner, got the little one to bed and let my dinner go down it's at least 8.30 - 9.00pm before I can get out and it's just too dark and I hardly see the wife as it is (and my Sky+ is getting too full of things I'm not getting time to watch) so for November I am giving early morning running a try. I know if I set out with the intention of just trying it for a day or 2 I'd stop, so I'm committing to giving it a full month before I decide if it's for me or not.

    Today's 5.30 alarm was not fun, but once I'd had a quick cup of coffee, pulled on my gear and set out I actually quite enjoyed it.  Hope it lasts, because this feels like gaining 15% extra time each day!

  • Welcome to the mad house MK8.

    I started SOC runs for exactly the same reason. I must admit that I don't even stop for a coffee - upt at 5ish get dressed and out the door as qucik as possible and then 5-7 miles done in time to be back home for just after 6 so I can shower before my 5 year old wakes up at 6:30ish.

    You do seem to gain a load of time not having to make time in the evenings. Normally I do this Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (but with a lie-in on Saturdays till 6am!). Not sure what I am going to do about Saturdays soon as my wife is going to be starting a night shift on Fridays to help look after a friends elderly mother and won't get home till 7:30 on Saturday morning.

  • I agree, it is the owners. I have two dogs and I don't do it so I don't get why they do.
  • Afternoon all, 

    I'm afriad i've got out of the habit of SOC runs in favour of NOC runs over the last few weeks and also neglected to post here. Will try harder on both counts in future! The return to regular SOC runs will almost certainly happen once we get another dog which may be as soon as next weekend. We're driving to Cheshire to look at a Springer Spaniel on Saturday! 

    Last weekend I was in North Wales with my two sons for the Snowdonia Marathon. It was the 30th anniversary of the event and my 7th attempt. And on this occasion the weather was glorious, sunshine, blue skies, light winds and just the right temperature for running a marathon. I ran the course in 4hrs 50', which I was happy with considering the lack of long training runs over the last few months and the emphasis on cycling and swimming. Having said that I think I'll make an effort to do a proper marathon schedule before returning in 2013. 

    Hope everyone is well on here, I haven't had a chance to read back many posts but gather that Valis has had a run of bad luck culminating in the incident with the idiot car driver. Sorry to hear that Valis and hope you get compensated through her insurance and not 50/50 as it was plainly not your fault. Will check out your blog when I have achance. 

    Might try a run tomorrow morning depending on how sore my legs are when I get up. My next event is the Ballbuster in less than two weeks which is probably too soon to completely recover from Snowdonia but I shall take it easy and see how it goes.




  • welcome MK. That was also the reason why I started soc running - and to be honest once you get into the routine it is great. I don't bother with a drink or anything before, just up and out and take some water with me.

    Chris good to have you back on the thread and well done at Snowdon

  • I've a Springer Spanial! They're amazing dogs. I would love to be able to take my dog out with me, he would get distracted and Chase something random. image
  • I ran every day with our Springer and yes, he loved a good chase!! 

  • Mornig you lot

    Slept in yesterday ! Then taxxing for kids at night

    4M easy today. Mild, dry, noisy with dawn chorus in full cry.

    NW: 1 owl who I swear tutted (hooted) at me for my non appearence yesterdayimage 2 cats, 2 horses, 2 llmas, 1 Kingsmill and Morrisons Vans, 3 BMWs

  • Welcome MK

    Chris:It's  good to have you back with us mate.

  • Craigerrs: Geordie our 18month black lab, is currently chasing leaves when we're outimage

  • Hi Chris - good result at Snowdon.  I might see you at Ballbuster - I've been umming and arring about it for weeks!

    7 miles done and dusted - mild and calm out there today. 

    Welcome MK - ditch the coffee - have it when you get back, you don't need it.  Slug of water and go...  or take a bottle of water with you (which is what I do).

    Craiggers - you are getting into the swing of this pretty well, good on you!

    Kate - have you tried the Evans at London Bridge (biggish branch).  Or if you are minded to travel 30 mins from London I was looking in the Woking Evans window over the weekend and they have loads of stock in.

    Morning Maths, morning Birky, morning Valis MORNING GANG! image

  • I also have a black lab, he's 4 months. He's mental image he's a lovely dog though. It will be even longer before he runs with me.
  • Good Morning all

    No run as slept longer than usual.

    Well done to Tommy ,Celtic at Beechy and well done and good to see you back Chris.

    Going in to work late today as courtesy bike being delivered.


  • Morning all - just 3 miles for me this morning as I've got track tonight, not much to see today. Well done on Snowdonia Chris, exciting news about a new dog too. PSC, thanks for the advice, I'm close to Woking so will give it a go.  Valis, glad you'll be mobile again soon. Birky, Ovett is keeping an eye on your training then.

  • Morning all, well run Chris, I can only imagine that is a tough marathon.  Welcome MK

    Absolute on routine at the moment so was a 5 mile recovery run last night, late home so on my treadmill, another episode of The Wire watched.  Rest today, might have a row tonight (5km not with the OH!) and due for SOC tomorrow

  • Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

    My 2nd day running at SOC, headed out at 5.40 for 4 miles.  When I set out along with the cold and fog there was a bit of an icy drizzle going on too, so I decided early on that I'd maybe just do 2.5 - 3 miles today, but it didn't last more than a couple of minutes and so I stayed out for my intended 4. 

    I'm struggling a little with a bit of a knee niggle (ran Liverpool Marathon a few weeks back and despite a weeks worth of rest and only running easy a few times since, something isn;t quite right), which I hoep will pass soon, as I think that is taking the shine off of what would otherwise have been a 2 very pleasant SOC runs.  It's just a much more chilled out time to run isn't it?  Regardless of the pace or intensity you might be running at, doing it before everything the day has thrown at you seems like it could work nicely image

    I will stick with the pre-run coffee, just for this first week then see how I go.....

  • Morning all,

    Out with Jenny for an SOC run this morning. A little on the chilly side and misty in the valleys but otherwise quite nice. NW 2 dogs with owners, 2 herons and a horse with it's coat on.


  • Good Morning allimage

    3 miles this morning dry and it felt warm despite the temperature being 6.

    Nw 1 cat

    MK8 welcome and glad to see your enjoying the early starts. hope the knee comes good.

    courtesy bike arrived a suzuki gladius 650 its o.k and will do the job but its not mine. On the bright side I have heard of a gsxr 1000 going on sale. should my bike be written off its a possible.

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