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  • imageLBB hope your dead leg gets better soon

    imageSorry for those of you that didn't get into VLM -

    imageFfran you got acceptance? but can't go? What a shame X

    imageKev - sounds fab for views where you live - I went to the Gower once about 20yrs ago & thought it was wonderful , beautiful coast & countryside, loved it.

    imageRan late pm today & first 3 or 4 miles or so & I felt as though I was flying & thought "Hey this is good" - rain wasn't too bad & it was very mild , lovely country lanes down to farm where I keep horsie BUT imagethen I got awful stomache pains & last mile I had to walk , felt pretty rough by the time I got to farm -  just had toast & boiled potatoes for tea --

    Hope everyone else ok

    imageWas going to sign off "Speedy-Ness" but not so sure now!!!! x

  • Bitter / sweet news ffRAN.  Hoe you can defer claiming injury.

    Sunday I'm off to Letchworth for a course on Monday so can't join you sorry - but thanks for the offer. Would love to join you next time if you don't mind a huffing puffing slowcoach trying to keep up with you image

    I'll be doing 5 miles on the coastal path tomorrow tea time.

  • Ooh Lop A Long - do hope you dont have The Lurgy - take care.

    Never mind RK - another time perhaps.

    Just got back from my 6 miler - as I run from home, the last mile is up a very steep hill. I didn't take a key but when I got home, OH had gone off to night shift and my son had gone out to see friends - thank goodness I had my phone and was able to call my son to come home. Feeling back on form at last.

  • Hi all

    Congrats to all that got in VLM and comisserations to those who didnt.

    Ffran glad your feeling better. Hopefully you'll be able to defer your VLM place.image

    Nessie hope you havent got a nasty lurgy, look after yourself we cant have you losing you new speedy-ness  titleimage

    FFran/Seejay  Very brave children youve got there, you must be very proud of them. Do appreciate how worrying it must be though.

    Running Kev Enjoy your run

    Off to bed for me, night all

    Binx x 

  • Feeling very subdued as OH just came home from shift to report that his colleague and our very good friend, collapsed at a works do last night and died. We were exactly the same age.  He has a lovely wife, 15 yr old daughter and a 20yr old lad, my son's close friend, at uni .

     'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero!

    Had a good read of the VLM mag and I can withdraw immediately and, if I pay the fee, can enter again next year (paying again, of course). So, because of the news we've had,  I've sort of decided to do it - daughter is likely to go overdue, and with all said and done, at least I'll be the right side of the country - if she goes into labour while I'm actually running, I'll just have to speed up, won't I?

    Will discuss with my family today, especially Jaime, of course.

    I have decided if I do run though, I'll fund raise for Mountain Rescue, as my son-in-law puts his life at risk many times throughout the walking/climbing season. We jokingly call it big boy scouts but he is one of my heroes. 

  • ((((ffRan)))) So sorry about your news.  What a shock but running for mountain rescue is a great tribute to him.  Give me your link if you set one up.  As a hill walker I always like to support them anyway, they do a fab job and never get much publicity.

    I've just booked a VO2max test at the Marathon Store advertised in the rejects magazine.  Its free. image 

    Lovely morning here.

  • Sorry to hear your news ffRAN.

    Glad though your doing VLM. With ythe way your training is going (knocking 22 milers out for fun) it would be a shame not to do it.

    Looking forward to my run later. 6 miler planned from Bynea Gateway, along the coastal path, through the golf club and finishing at the beach (park centre) with a coffee!

  • Hey Kev - definitely not doing the long runs for fun - with Dublin Marathon 23 days away - it's all sheer slog.

     Wish my run was scheduled for today - have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow - it will be character building!!!!!!! I'd  give it a go but yesterday's run was hard and I have this strange thing going on with my leg - I have this "dead-leg" feeling - as my foot strikes the ground, it's as if I'm getting an electric shock causing weakness/numbness and it's giving way. Not painful as such but very disconcerting. Even happened today whilst I was walking the dogs.But  I'll live.

  • P.S RK - you better watch out - everyone will be booking their holidays at yours!!!
  • Hi ffRAN - I said "for fun" as you looked great last time I saw you after a 22 miler image I've never gone past 13 and then I was a wreck!!!

    Hope your leg is better - I had something similar once after my first 10 miler. I was walking around the supermarket and my leg was giving way. It didn't last though.

    I always think a run in bad weather feel more of an achievement asfter you've done it - good luck image

    Holidays - hmmm - perhaps I'll open a Runner's B&B when the kids leave home!!!

  • 6m run done in a very good (for me) time  as well - so very happy.

    Got friends (and their 3 children) around for dinner tonight - so with our 3 it's going to be a house full image

    Have a good evening all image

  • RK - you are being polite - I looked shocking - photo to prove it and I'm NOT fishing for compliments. Remember -running longer distances-  it's all about building miles week by week - if I can do it, anyone can. The way you are going you'd be up to mara mileage in a blink.

    Soupdragon, I'm sorry I forgot to thank you for the (( ))  Poor old OH - he works for the police and took the shout about the collapsed policeman but as the hospital gave the wrong name, it wasn't until he was taking details of the address, he realised it was his friend. Really shocking. 

    And SiL has been up a mountain all afternoon - do you know that ironically , the Mountain Rescue get called out to search for threatened suicides as much as anything else - very sad

  • imageFfran, so sorry to hear your sad news, life is so short , all thoughts with the family, such a shock for everyone left behind x  As you say, Seize the Day -

    imageDon't think  its (hope its not) the lurgy, I have IBS & Diverticular & very often have probs, real pain at times & have to settle things down by stopping eating then go back onto bland food , bioled potatoes, rice, white bread etc etc - sometimes  I think it must affect my running????

    imageKev - book me in for the B&B !!!!!!!

    imageBeen judge writing today at dressage competitions & then rode horsie, she sweated up so much as it is so warm & she has quite a thick coat coming, so bathed her neck & belly etc & tomorrow a bit more clipping for her to feel more comfortable.

    imageAlso cuddled a 2 week old jack russel puppy, I lost my dog in July & miss her so much, she was a wonderful friend & gave me such joy,we loved cuddling up on the couch by the fire, also she was equally happy jumping in the jeep with me to go down to horsie no matter what the weather !!!!! -  We also have a colley who is missing her as well, they were together for over 10 years, both rescue dogs & have been amazing companions, very tempted to get a puppy for him to have some doggy company!!!

    imageAh well, thats me droning on again, sorry - will run tomorrow, plan to get up rediculously early to do horsie(as I have left her in tonight)   & then do my run from the farm, that way I miss out the horrid imagehills I have to do if I run from home.

    TTFN "Speedy"-Ness LOL x

  • Lop A Long - was going to try another name - Sick- ness (this could go on and on). But your trouble sounds awful, I wouldn't be so cruel to poor you. Hope you get better soon, and truthfully, I wouldn't be able to run at all if I had to starve myself, then get by on a limited diet, so take real care and don't do too much!!   Orders!!!

    We, too, lost ourdarling little dog in June. Holly was a 15yr old Jack - a massive part of our lives.Our 10 yr old whippet seems to be getting over his depression at long last, but when I was up the woods this morning, I accidentally called her name, instead of Millie, our rescued Shi tzu, and his little face lit up, poor thing.(He despises Millie because she nags him) I think dogs love  company, so are usually better off in pairs (exception being my two). I think I'd have smuggled a little puppy away with me!

  • Afternoon all 

    Never got out for a run today went down to Poole last night as had to take back some things to the driving school i had been working for we left Poole about 10.30 and by the time we got back was so tired went to bed for a couple of hours did managed to get over the gym for a swim will try to get out for a run tomorrow

    My it’s busy on here so won’t do individual replies but well done to any of you who applied and have got into London and commiserations to those who didn’t

  • imageHave a good eve Kev, usually with kids, the more the merrier as they all entertain one another (Hopefully)

    imageFfran - Sick-ness - LOL that would do sometimes!!! Will try to take care - hard to run on empty sometimes,  but can usually fill up on rice, pasta,potatoes etc Have found a really good web site that lists "safe" foods for IBS suferers, so don't worry I wont waste away, infact I'm always trying to lose weight & running has really helped. imagePuppy(Ruby)  not ready till mid Nov but she is only 3miles away at my friends yard where I take my horsie for lessons etc , so can go there when ever I want to visit & give her a cuddle - come Nov they will have to watch out as I leave their house in case I have any strange wriggly lumps under my coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    imageOur collie looks out the back garden sometimes & I wonder if he is looking for her, also he has taken to lying in the dining room on his own during the evening - that is something he never did before???? I still can't bring myself to remove her bed, so he has choice of two beds ever night.

    How about Hopeless-Ness???? x

  • Can I get in the queue for a puppy cuddle please?  I'd love to have a dog but allergic. image

    7 mile lovely plod in the rain this afternoon.  I like the rain so long as its not too heavy and hammering it down.  Light drizzle is perfect. And I got my clean white new trainers muddy - good, they don't look loved enough when they are clean. image

    (((hugs to LopaLong)))

  • imageThanks SoupDragon, puppy waiting for cuddle!!!!!! What a shame you are allergic, they are such wonderful friends, dont judge you, always thrilled to see you, always willing to please etc - You will have to be "Aunty" & will send you pics & updates etc x

    imageI too love the rain, I sweat so much anyway that the rain is always welcome !!!!! I got new shoes just before bristol half & they soon lose their new-ness look when the rain comes - I run in rural lanes etc so no chance of them staying white for long!!!!


  • Ffran, sorry to hear about ur OH's friend, it must be a real shock to the family, specially if he was not showing any syptoms!! So jealous of you getting a place but so glad you have decided to run it, I am sort of looking forward to Edinburgh, I think Mrs Seejay and I will prob go up early and stay after for a little holiday!!!

    Nessie, sorry to hear about ur pains, I remember you saying before about your IBS, can you not eat any protein at all? Sounds like its pretty much carbs all the time??? Rural mud eh, not so keen on that stuff, specially when it is wet!!!!!!!

    Everyone else well done for still running in this horrible weather, it is a very demotivating time although some of you seem to enjoy it more than the dray!!! Funny people!!! imageimage

    Got club race tomorrow with a difference about 11, forecast is for light rain just then so fingers crossed!!! Its on 5K and depending on the weather might go for a further run after!!!

  • Morning all.

    Good luck with the club race Seejay.

    ffRAN - Hope you weren't out too early this morning for your 22 miler as the rain sounded rather heavy!

    Rest day for me today - although Oliver is nagging to go out running.

  • imageHi Guys & gals, hope everyone has a good run today or good rest if no runs today

    imageHad rubbish run , 7miles it took forever, legs so tired , no energy, they felt so heavy had more walks than ever - seem to have more bad runs than good ones & I know HG said "no run is a bad run" but I was so looking forward to going out (even though it was pouring & blowing a gale) - I was going to try to beat my PB of my 10k last eweek - HA imagefat chance of that  - when I don't look forward to going out it seems to go better - how daft is that - wonder if I should really bother with this running malarky, maybe I'm just kidding myself & really I'm not cut out to do this at my age???

    imageAh well , at least I got horsie partially clipped to make her feel more comfortable as it is so mild & she gets too hot, did her early before I ran.

    TTFN Useless-Ness

  • Lop A Long - you can't be expected to run like a demon if you've been poorly  - you still did 7 miles and that's 7 more than most do. How many ladies of a "certain age" run? You are remarkable. Great-ness!

    Seejay - we got married in Edinburgh - love the place and get back there for any excuse so will def. do the Marathon one day.

    I'm officially tapering - whoo-hoo!! Hang on - I hate tapering - literally get twitchy legs. Oh well, will keep on running as per schedule - except my RW sub 4 (Yes, I know - I'm never going to get that but I wanted to do the miles and the intervals etc)  tells me that I'm to do 18 next Sunday, followed by 10 the week before the marathon. All my very experienced friends tell me that the 18 miler is a bit too much - what does everyone think? I'll also up my gym work - core and upper strength - keeps me off the street! Maybe a few spin classes??

    Went off for my 22 this morning, in the most torrential rain ever. We had a severe weather warning here in South Wales - I was soaked through in minutes. Worse, most of the pavements were flooded and the cars insisted on spraying me - what the hell - couldn't get any wetter. Met my speedy friend 5 miles in and was "forced" to pick up my pace somewhat - from 10mm to 9:15 - 9:30mm. We kept this up to my mile 15 then went our seperate ways but I was pooped. Also felt rather sick on the whole bag of jelly babies - an experiment I will not be repeating. Still, managed a reasonable time and felt I could run plenty further so all ok.

    LLB - how are you feeling?

    Everyone else - hope your runs were comfortable today - just about to serve Sunday roast for 8 -yum!

  • Nessie please stop running yourself down, one dissapointing run is not the end, of course you should keep it up, just remember your runs when you first started!!!! It was windy, it was wet, we all need motivation to run in that weather and your mood does affect your run. So just get on with your training and lets hear no more about stopping!!!!! (verbal whipping over) As Ffran says not many people would have bothered to get out and run this morning and to run 7 miles is also a credit to you, I only did 5K!!!!!!!

    Ffran, well done on 22 miles, that one I am dreading specially if it is weather like todays!! I think a PACKET of jelly babies is just a little too much even for a marathon!!!! image I would be throwing up eating that many and I am a greedy hog!!! (no reference to you!!) image Doing that distance at that pace is really well done. As I have never trained for a marathon I think 18 so close after 22 is a little much, you need to let your body recover and the muscles to rest and recouperate. I would also agree with your gym work, you can never really do too much core building.

    Well our club run went well considering, I thought I was going to win everything as I was the only runner for some time, then they all started to show up and the prizes slipped further and further from me!!!image We only had 12 runners but for our first event on a cold, wet windy sunday wasnt bad. I didnt win, ran too fast (predicted 26 mins and finished 24:25). Winner was about 20 secs off his predicted time but he was a quick runner and the third place finished last so it was a great idea of a race and we will have more to teach holding pace. Really weird running without my Garmin, thought I was going slow but ended up too fast so I need some more training on pace.

  • Ffran, we have decided to make it little break for Edinburgh, go up a couple of days before and stay a couple after to look around. I have always wanted to look around the great city!!!
  • Seejay - you will have a lovely time - it's so beautiful and a very friendly place.

    Silly you - fancy running too fast - can't imagine EVER doing that!!!! (You are incredible!) Sounds like a good event.

    I am the greediest of hogs - hubby and son are 6'3 and 6'5 respectively and you've seen how tall I am - they never know which meal is which. In fact, I often think food is my prime motivator for running. But I now think that I will never eat another jelly baby.

  • imageFfran - SeeJ - feeling a bit sheepish about wingeing - you are both so rightimage - I got my running mags out when I got home & the first one I pulled out was March's issue & reference in there about "having a bad race" , also "keeping motivated" , also an article on getting over a bad run, use the experience to run better next time!!!!

    imageI am so sorry to have been so negative - Just put it down to my age!!!!image

    TTFN GreatimageNess x

  • Lop a Long - ANYONE who can motivate themselves to run a solitary 10k at race pace deserves an off day. 
  • Here here Ffran!!!!! Just put it behind you Ness and look forward to the next one and dont compare it to your last, its now history!!! Please dont apologise, there is no need to, thats what this forum is for, to air your problems and help to keep going!!!  imageimageimage
  • Thats the spirit Ness - pick yourself up, dust yourself down and off you go again.  I'm an aging plodder too and I find my recovery times are getting longer which gives me some really rubbish days.  It does have its good points though.  I won first prize in my age group at a tri earlier this year (£50!).  I was actually 8th from last overall but I was the ONLY one in my age group, but a win is a win. image
  • Soupdragon - Yay!  One up for those of us in "that certain age bracket" !!!
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