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  • Belated 'well done' soup dragon!!!! There's hope for us all then!!!!!! image
  • I don't know if it will happen again.  It was the Bananaman tri at Dorney and the week before was a women only tri so the few other women in my group did that one the week before.  I thought I'd been disqualified when I was called to one side at the finish line.  But the moral of the story is keep on going - there is hope indeed!

    Thanks for the congrats. image

  • Morning all

    Never did get out for that run was just too tired and to be honest just was too lazy to get of my fat behind

    And i am now having serious doubts about Leicester on Sunday at the moment 13 miles seems to be an unrealistic target

    at the moment i seem to be all Mo and no Jo when we rejoined the gym you were given a free 30 minute session with a personal trainer he had me doing exercises with a medicine ball working to get my core fitness level up it was then i realized how unfit i had got over the last 2 months

    The last thing i want to do is go to Leicester and have to be picking up by the recovery car

    Have a trip to the phyiso today and will see how i feel on Tuesday

    FFrani wish i had your get up and go at the moment to get out there in the rain my get up and go seems to have got up and went

    Lop a Long well done on the 7 miles what i wouldn’t give right now for a bad 7 mile run
  • Hi all.

    Toby - now bear in mind you've had considerable problems with your legs, but you've done so well so far. I'm sure you'll romp the Half. Don't say lazy, say recuperating! The best runs are always after a weaker one and core  fitness training engages different bodily attributes so you musn't judge your performance from a gym session. The muscles to your legs will be working fine, I'm sure but take your Physio's advice.

    I've had a quiet day today. I wore my 2nd best trainers yesterday as I didn't want to get my race shoes waterlogged, and unfortunately, because of the lack of support, my poor old ankles have paid the price - my left one feels as if I have a stress fracture - it's fine really but awfully sore and the other was tight as hell. So I missed Spin this morning  and had an extra cup of tea in bed. Lovely! In work by 7:45 and usual firefighting problems,  then my Monday early finish at 4:30 to rush to Bodypump which is great for strength. My right ankle now feel a lot better, the left will be ok soon.

    Think i'm getting close to a decision about my job - think I need a change!

  • Morning all

    Well got my fat a** out the door yesterday did 10 miles just plodded around struggled a little but feel lot more confident now

     Heading over the gym for a swim or my do a little run on the treadmill i will see what i feel like when i get there

    Came back from the physio with a from roller when people have mentioned them before i had a mental image of a small hand held roller not the great big thing i came home with

    ffRAN sorry to hear about your ankles but am glad they feel a lot better now

  • Morning all,

    Blimey so many posts since I was last on, If I miss anyone  out I apologise now.image

    Toby - 10 miles thats brilliant, Im glad its made you feel more confident. You will be fine at Leicester, youve just got to go at a pace that feels comfy for you. You have overcome so many issues and are doing great, so keep your chin up and think of the medal at the end.image

    Ffran - Big hugs for you and hubby. Very sad news for you must have been such a shock for your OH. Sounds like youve been doing some corking mileage for your current marathon,when you do the VLM  you'll fly around and be back way before baby is born the way youre going. Hope your ankle and dead leg thing is all ok now, its a bit unsettling when you have these little niggles going on. Sounds like youre coming to a decision on the job front, as they say a change is as good as a rest so go for it.image

    Ageless-Ness - Sounds like your more than tempted into having little Ruby come home with you! You could always explain the wriggling away by saying your bra isnt very supportiveimage  Crafty-Ness Hey! Now whats all this feeling useless stuff!! Dont want to hear anymore of it! You are an inspiration, you get off your bum and get out there and do it when many of  "that certain age" (have to say Ness im not sure what that certain age is and wouldnt dare to guess) are vegetating on a couch. So be proud of yourself and like others have said it may be a not so great run but its still a run. image Ps your rambles are on form at mo, very impressed but I may pull it back on this one.image

    Soup Dragon - 1st Prize, well done. What are you going to spend your prize money on?? Know what you mean on the white trainers thing, I think they also look like you dont really get out there and do much when they are box white, much prefer them grey!!image Well done on your 7 miles, I quite like a run in the rain too.image

    Running Kev - Well done on your runs youve been getting in. Im sure all that beautiful scenery must help them speed by. Now where is that booking form I was filling in for "Kevs Place" 1 x family of five. image

    Seejay - Well done on your Club race, sounds a bit tricky not sure I could predict how fast im running. Thats something I probably need to work on. image

    All quiet from the Stret Boys I expect those speedy men are getting some good runs in.

    Well I did 11.5 miles slow on Monday, 6 speedy planned for today and thats as far as my plans go at moment as its quite a busy week for me. No running club Thursday as got children things going on. So think im going to play the rest of it by ear.

    Take care Everyone, Talk soonimage

    Binx x

  • Afternoon everyone. 

    Good 10 miles there toby3 so no excuses for bottling out of Leicester.  You'll be fine once you get going. 

    Binx   good luck for the 6 speedy miles.  Sounds hard work to me!

    Well I've done my first "speed" session today from Parker's compleat idiot plan (novice). 1 mile easy; 1mile @ 85% HR and 1 mile easy.  I was fretting about it all day (wimp that I am) but I'm buzzing now, especially as my fast mile was done in 9.5mins - fastest ever, which shows what I can do when I try!   On my last mile I jogged to a running track that I've always avoided because its unused and in a park where the wino's and yobs go - or so I thought.  There were 6 people on the track and it was fine so I'll be back there when I start doing intervals in a couple of weeks. Woohoo!  Sub 60 10k here I come.  image 

  • Binx - great miles logged - hope your speedy miles went to plan.

    Soupdragon - excellent performance and times - well done.

    You lot are just getting faster and faster !!!!!

  • Evening guys

    Well that didnt go at all to plan, aim - to do 6 x 8 min miles on the treadmill . Got 1 mile in on the dreadmill and it just stopped, blooming thing broke down, left him indoors trying to repair it, as had wasted quite alot of time trying to sort dreadmill so only managed to fit in another 2 x 8 min miles outside and then had to cool down and get home as was going out for eldests birthday. Oh well. Will have another bash tomorrow, going out with my friend so that always helps you stick with it.

    Well done on your speedy time Soup Dragon.

    Binx x

  • Morning all

    Just went for a swim yesterday but will try a small 4 miler probable on the treadmill over the gym then a swim and again Thursday before resting up for Sunday

    Binx sorry to hear things didn’t go to plan hope you managed to repair the treadmill

    Soup Dragon well done on the speed session there something i must do more of

  • Hi guys, everyone busy then!!!! image

    Toby, if you do decide to run Leicester I certainly would advise you just go for the fun, dont try to go too fast or you could do permanent injury. You are still really on the recovery and  running that could just topple you over, go for a finish and have a great day, thats what I did at my last Bath, enjoyed the run but the finish funel spoilt the day!!!

    Binx, sorry to hear your treddie broke, something like that happened to me at my old gym, they had a power failure and luckily I wasnt running fast when the treadie stopped dead!!!!

    Ffran, I hope your decision to move is the right one, I did it some years ago and definately was my best move!!! Although jobs are not easy to come by!!! Good luck whatever you decide.

    Soup Dragon, well done, I dont think your sub 60 minute 10K will be long in coming, great feeling!!!

    Going to do 8 hilly miles from work tomorrow night then 8 or 10 on Sunday from Emersons Green, distance will depend on how I feel at the time!!!

  • Afternoon all

    just back from the gym did 10 minutes on the bike to warm up then 4 miles on the treadmill 3 miles at 9:13mm pace then a recovery mile at 11:58mm pace then in for a swim

  • Toby- very well done - you will finish Sunday but listen to Seejay and run for fun - don't push yourself so you hurt yourself. Remember, actually completeing 13.1 miles when you've been injured will be a massive achievment. Now - listen to your elders!

    Seejay. My move is within the same department so I have the security of only changing location. Do you know what my prime motivation is? I'll have an hour extra a day to run - is that sad?

    Binx - might your daughter like a treadmill for her birthday?

  • No running for me today.  Just been to see Supertramp.  Remember them??  Altogether now......

    "Dreamer.  Nothing but a Dreamer
    Can you put your hands in your head - oh no
    etc etc etc"


  • Morning all

    Off up the gym again today to do the same as yesterday and that will be me until Sunday

    We are travelling up to Leicester on Friday night then taking the car back to Roberts on Saturday morning hoping to check out a couple of cheering locations for the wife and daughter then back to the hotel to use the heath club

  • Morning All

    Hope all good with everyone

    Toby - You must be getting quite excited Leicester Half is only a few days away.image hope it all goes well and take it easy dont hurt yourself! As ffran said Its a brilliant achievement to get over your injuries and be able to do it.image

    Ffran - Thats not sad at all, a perfect reason I'd say that or extra time in bedimage

    Dreadmill saga over. Him indoors repaired it. So no need for a new one! Had a little test go on it last night.image

    TTFN Binx x

  • Best of luck Toby, take it easy and finish, we will be thinking of you!!!image

    Ffran, brilliant motivation for changing job, think I prefer Binx idea of extra time in bed tho!!!! image

    Soup Dragon, course I remember Super Tramp, I listen to Gold radio and they are on there lots including people from 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, love it, bringing back so many memories!!!! Although you have the words, can you actually sing it!!!!!! imageimage

    Binx, now you have no excuse!!!!! image

    Got a little damp tonight on my hill run from work but another 8 miles done in 1:16. Little slower than usual but made the mistake of having a donut at teabreak and it lay in me all the way down the hill and back!!!!! I am not dissapointed though as I felt quite good after it, I think the Fartleks are working!!!

  • Hi Guys,

    Nice 3 miler down the beach / water park.

    Got a busy few days. Cardiff and Swansea tomorrow, Aberystwyth in the day on Saturday but looking forward to Saturday Night as Heidi and I are out for a meal to celebrate 14 happy years of marriage image

    Got to get a 10k run in somewhere on the weekend though

    Seejay - Nice running!

    Toby - Good luck for Leics HM

    ffRAN - I don't think that's sad at all - I think it will be great for you image

    Take care all

    Kev image

  • Kev, congrats, have a great night!!! Not sure where there are any 10k's but there must be one somewhere!!!
  • Cheers Seejay - It will be a one man 10k!
  • RK - thought you were 23!!! You can't have got married at 9???

    I'm very excited -  No2 daughter on way down M4 with SiL and darling grandson (soon to be Big Brother) They're home until Sunday so runs not my priority but will still have to be squeezed in. When he was a tiny baby, Jaime and I took it in turns to run with Iwan in a baby jogger - murder on the shoulders I found - maybe that's why he's a little adrenalin junky.

    Got to go = they're here!!!

  • Lol thanks ffRAN.

    Enjoy your family time x

  • Morning all

    Well off to Leicester later today so may not get a chance to post again though they do have internet connection in the rooms so may well take lap top with me

  • Pob lwc Toby
  • Best of luck Toby, enjoy the race!!!!
  • Good luck Toby!
  • RK, just had a look on the Events page if this site and there are a few 10K's near the end on the month in south Wales!!!!
  • Ffran, enjoy your time with the family!!!!!!  imageimage
  • Evening all

    well we got here now sat in the hotel room

     There a demonstration on up here tomorrow by the EDL and a counter demonstration by the Anti-Fascism fight so the Leicester city council has arranged for all the street lights to go green and are handing out green ribbons at the start of the race on Sunday to promote the fact that Leicester is one city

    I like the idea of the green ribbon the uni has warned all the students to avoid the city centre on Saturday according to the daughter

    As for the carb loading had jacket potatoes Tuesday and pasta Wednesday and Thursday so now sick of pasta

  • Glad to hear you are settled Toby.

    Seejay - not in racing mode at present. Training is going great though image

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