Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)

I know there are loads of weight loss threads out there but i wondered if anyone wanted a place where we could briefly own up to our gains or losses? I think it would help me if i knew that any slip had to be owned up to, but also to provide motivation when we lose some.

So here goes.

Julia T, started last week at 12 stone 11lb, lost 2lb this week so now 12 stone 9lb image

Just thought i'd start with a positive. I ate lots of fruit and veg this week but we need to buy pegs image



  • Hi Julia

    I am now a frightening 13st 3lbs at one point this year i was under 12st but have over the last 2 months put all this weight on we are havening a meal tonight so will have to start the weight loss as from tomorrow

  • Hi there

    I have been trying to loose weight since June this year. I started at 13 stone 7 lb and amnow 11stone 10. image

    That's the good news....the bad news is my weight loss seems to have slowed down..and now stoppedimage For ages I was lossing 2 lb a week, then the last few weeks it has gone down to 1lb, then last week I lost NOTHING...not an ounce! and that is despite eating less and running more! So feeling a bit miffed at the moment, but hoping for more encouraging news from the scales on Friday! 2 stone still to go, so I need to keep loosing!!

  • Hi all,

    I like the idea of a RW weight watchers thread!!

    I lost 3 stone last year but have been stuck at 11 stone  since about May, I'd really like to lose another stone but my will power has been off lately.  For example today I had a normal breakfast, salad for lunch and a chicken and veg based supper, no potatoes etc.  BUT I also ate 6 Cadbury Roses chocolates and half a Manor House cake - gross (but very tasty) image.  So, I really must regain my motivation and stop snacking on the crap!  New start starts tomorrow.....

  • HHHmmmm where shall i begin...

    10st at 8 yrs old

    14st at 11yrs old

    16.5st at 15yrs old

    11.5st at 15.5yrs old

    12st at 20yrs old

    15st at 21yrs old

    12st at 22yrs

    14st at 26yrs old

    17st at 30yrs old

    12.5st at 31yrs old

    14.5st at 33yrs old

    11.75st at 35yrs

    13.5st at 37yrs old

    Is that what's called yo yoing?

    Do i win a prize?

  • Morning all

    Well the meal went well so now to start losing this weight really could do with losing 2st but am weak, weak person so am really hoping that a name and same will be good for me

    Is every one following a diet or a plan of some sort and would be interested in health meal recipes i try to cut down on the size of the meals i eat rather that cutting anything out as that way you don’t crave anything

     but i have to cut out the picking between the pickingI tended to eat more when feeling down or perhaps things aren’t going well will life in general the phrase comfort eating I believe

    I am suffering from an injury at the moment and know the extra weight i am carrying at the moment can’t be helping so another good reason to lose the weight

    Sluggish Wonder  well done to you for losing nearly 2st I have been told that there are times you will Plato and weight will not come off there is no magic solution we just have to keep plugging away am afraid but keep going what a tremendous result so far

    Puffin1 3st last year what a result yes those Cadbury Roses chocolates will do that to you they sit there going eat me eat me are they in the house or did you buy them when you were out I have put a ban crisps form coming into the house and also Kellogg’s crunch nut cornflakes as the theory is if there not in the house I can’t snack on them

    Lardarse so what are you at the moment

  • Morning

    I want to lose about half a stone and have come to the depressing realisation that running and eating what I like won't achieve thisimage (even tho it got rid of the 1st half stoneimage)

    Do you all weigh weekly or more often? Time of day?

    So 11 st - want to be 10.5

    Good luck everyoneimage

  • welcome  slowsal

    Again one of my biggest problems is I weight every day and then get disheartened when I have not lost anything so I am going to try to just weight once a week on ether a Monday or Friday
  • Hi all!  I like the idea of this thread! I was 12 1/2 stone when I completed London in 2007, now 3 1/2 years and a divorce later I am 14 1/2 stone and heading for London in April 2011. I desperatetly need to lose those two stone or at least the roll around my waist!! Food isn't a problem for me I don't eat that much the problem is LAGER!!!! Hopefully I can stay injury free and start to lose as I build up my fitness again. I intend to weigh weekly on friday morning but accept as mucle builds actual weight may not be significant % body fat can be a better guide. Anyway Good luck to you all.
  • Lobes Welcome look forward to a weekly report on how your doing are we just posting weight loss or can we going to use it as a kind of support net work posting on good days and bad?
  • Love the idea of this.

    I will weigh myself first thing tomorrow morning to try to get an accurate figure, but off out to dinner tonight!

    I managed to get down to 10st 5lbs for my wedding earlier this year, but unfortunately up back up to about 11st 3lbs (will confirm actual weight tomorrow).

    Cheese and alcohol are my downfalls, so I think I'm going to have to go with not keeping any of them in the house.

    C x

  • Toby3 - Regarding the weighing yourself every day, I do exactly the same thing. image I always weigh myself after getting home from work before going out on a run.  Most people say weigh yourself no more than once a week or less but its become a bit of a habit for me, one that I need to stop!!

    Anyway at the moment I weigh 13st 8lbs, well I did last night anyway, that may have changed when I get on the scales tonightimage.  Ideally I want to get to around 13st.  My biggest vice is beer, I don't drink during the week but I tend to have an all day session on saturdays when going to watch football which tends to ruin what I've worked off during the week.  I eat fairly well during the week aswell but having a serious look at all the little bits and bobs I shove down my gullet each day makes me realise my diet could be a lot better.

    I think it'll take me a long time to get the last 8lbs off, I weighed 16st just over a year a go when I started running and now pretty much all my belly fat has gone so the weight loss has slowed right down but I like the post and will try to remember to post every week.

  • Toby 3 and indeed all others, I know I will have bad days so support as well as report suits me fine! It is undoubtedly going to be a long road for me.
  • I've been told that weighing everyday increases the average weight people lose. I think the idea is to focus yourself on your eating and exercise goals throughout the week. I'd say that first thing in the morning is best after ablutions. My theory is that if you weigh your lightest with as few variables as possible the results should be more consistent.

    I've done quite well in the past but gone back up to nearly 16 st after a 18 month period when I stopped running through injury followed by lethargy. I'm now down to 14st 11lb but I've been around that for a few months now. Getting back into running is the key for me, I find as I focus on getting fit my attitude becomes a lot healthier generally. I hope to return to doing 6 mile runs 4 times a week by the turn of the year.

  • Toby3 the Roses were at work, thankfully they're all gone now.  I too try to avoid eating junk by not having it in the house, the only problem is sometimes my will power slips and then I tend to eat loads in one sitting and feel really guilty.  being bored or on my own seem to be triggers for me.  My OH is out tonight so I need to stay strong not to eat more because I'm on my own.

    Jon Boy - agree with the training thing, the better I am running the less I worry about eating and feeling healthy means i want to stay like that.

    My plan is to weigh myself weekly and try not to at other times to avoid the daily changes.

  • Hurrah! I don't feel so alone now, it really helps to know how many other people struggle to lose it!

    I reckon we can post what we like. I initially thought of it as a place to post results but and support and motivation is a great idea if you ask me.image

    Toby fancy seeing you here! Crunchy nut cornflakes eh? And definitely only get on the scales once a week. I got on the scales before and after my long runs during marathon training and lost up to 7lb in just a few hours, so much is down to fluid. It doesn't sound like you put masses on tho considering your injury.

    Sluggish Wonder is it possible that your metabolism has slowed down? I would say spend the next week writing down everything you eat just in case you are missing something somewhere. If you are eating under 2000 cals a day then perhaps you need to eat a bit more for a little while just to ward off that starvation mechanism thing we have? Well done on the 2 stone loss by the way image

    Puffin well done on losing 3 stone that's fab image I know what you mean about losing control! I've tried to just have a bit of nice stuff now and then but it doesn't work with wine and chocolate image Stay strong tonight, you need a distraction. If you are female how about painting your nails. Knitting? a nice soak in a bubble bath. Sorry that was very sexist, no reason not to do any of those things if you are male. Airfix model?

    Ha ha Lardarse, that's a bit like me! I was always between 16 and 18 stone apart from the 2 times i got married when i managed 10 stone. Then luckily 2 and a half years ago i found running and managed to shift loads........but just that last bit to go.......

    Waves to Sal. Yes it's too easy to say 'oh, i ran * miles today so i can eat that. and that. and that' isn't it!

    Lobes thats great that you have a london place image I applied last year and didn't get in so did Brighton instead (with Toby) and that was so good i am doing it again next year. Do you think we should get out our tape measures as well? Although doing up my zips again will be a good indicator for me image

    Corrah enjoy your meal tonight. It will be like the last supper. oooo and stilton. brie. wensleydale. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm image sorry. hope that didn't send anyone off to the fridge

    Jamie well done on your weight loss too. I have the same habit of being good all week then blowing it on saturday night.

    Jon Boy that is when i get on the scales too. Well done on your weight loss, i think running makes me less likely to eat rubbish, if i run the day after a pig out i always feel blobby and that makes me crave healthy food.

    Right, off to wash up now ((((((((((((takes last sip of gin and SLIMLINE tonic))))))))) and heads off

  • Count me in please.  13st 3 lb.  Would like to lose at least a stone by xmas.  When dietiing I tend to weigh once a week after a run.  I eat relatively healthily but too big portions and have a sweet tooth.
  • Anyone have the problem where the weight has remained the same but the inches have gone down? I was 15 stone when I started running 3 months ago, I have now lost a dress size, several several inches everywhere, but my weight is still around 15 stone. My diet has not changed hugely, but I assumed that the extra calories burnt from running would compensate....did I get this wrong?
  • Julia - tonight was not too bad, I had too bigger portion of pasta but no real naughties and I went running after work so had no time for sitting around eating!

    Zara - I had that when I first started running, it took ages for weight to start coming off although like you I did tone up first.  It's actually surprising how few additional calories are burnt running especially when you're starting out so aren't going very far or very fast.  It's very easy to overcompensate and not lose any weight.  Have you tries writing down everything you eat and drink for a week to see if your calories in/out are right.  I found that I had to cut down a bit more with food and start speeding up my running before the weight came of properly.

  • hi all new to this forum

    i used to weigh myself weekly but got fed up of not seeing any real loss. now i do it fortnightly started of at 100kg a couple years ago got down to 90kg this feb but have slowly crept up to around 92kg last weigh in was tuesday at 91.5kg my aim is to get under 90kg and take it from there.

    i prefer metric as it makes me feel lighter after all lugging over14st around is hard work but kg's feel lighter.

    like Zara ive noticed size loss but not weight i know muscle is heavier than fat

    see you in a fortnight

  • Thanks Puffin1  - I just assumed that going from being pretty much sedentary to running 3 times a week (albeit quiet slowly) without increasing calorie intake would show up on the scales. I'll take you tip and try to be more aware of what I eat and stick to my running - the inch loss keeps me going but I would really like to see it on the scales as well.
  • Good morning everyone, I've just made some wholemeal bread rolls and healthy banana cake, just have to make sure i only eat one slice now..........image

    Well done Puffin, maybe this thread has helped?!

    Zara i ditto Puffin, one mile of running only burns around 100 calories and it's so easy to overeat! Writing it all down does help me. And i'm going to try running faster and adding in some hills too. I've spent too long at a slow plod image

    Welcome Andrew and Decamp good luck image

  • Morning all

     Well went over the gym yesterday with the O/H did 10 minutes on the bike 10 on the cross trainer and the same on the treadmill using one of the built in programs then a swim so begins the road to recover
  • OK missed a weigh in this morning so I'll start tomorrow morning. It feels like cheating if I weigh myself just after a run as can lose a couple of pounds in fluidimage

    Just had a custard cream but didn't have crisps with my sandwich at lunchtime

  • Julia - maybe it has, I am always more concious about what I'm eating if others are going to know about it!

    Well done Toby - keep it going!!image

    I'm heading home from work soon then out for a run.  Hope everyone has had a good day.

  • Okay, I'm not starting well.  Was up really early and totally forgot to weigh myself.

    At least I did manage a rather slow run home from work tonight.  It is only just over a mile, but I've decided  that I canbe pretty consistant if I start doing that every night.  Got los of other exercise lined up for next week.

    Since my memory is so bad, I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and then post.

    C x

  • I am pleased to report that after we had all had a slice of banana cake i put the rest in the freezer. phew!

    Toby i've been making lots of veggie soup this week, butternut squash with sweet potato is particularly good and filling too.

    Sal glad to hear it's not just me who weighs after a run! My body fat goes down loads too image

    Hope your run went well Puffin

    Corrah if you do that every day it's an extra 500 cals - every little helps image

  • Okay, note to self - do not go to Sainsburys after a run, you wil be hungry and put treats in the basket....

    never mind, tomorrow is another day.

  • Thanks Julia image hopefully that should spur me on.

    Well I stepped on the dreaded scales this morning.  Apparently I weigh 11st 4-1/4lbs.  Darn scales are a little on the accurate side, but at least I will be able to see any progress.

    Off out later today to a party, but I have elected to drive, so that means no booze for me, so I'm saving some calories there thankfully.

    Just have to watch my food intake, so I'm off to record what I've been stuffing my face with.

    C xx

  • Enjoy the party Corrah image
  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage 

    Well bad news for me despite going to the gym again yesterday am now 13st 4lbs

    I am on holiday this week so I am hoping that when I get back to work and get back into my usual eating Patton it will be easier

    Like Jamie the weekends are my down fall but no excuses I have been weak this week


    Julia T banana cake sounds nice we have book best-kept secrets of the women’s institute soups from which we make a lot of soups well worth a look if you can as there are some really nice soups in there

    Puffin sounds like a good idea those treats will get you every time

    Corrah yes those scales can be a pain

    slowsal as has been said the best time to weight is first thing in the morning

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