Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • Morning all

    Will try to get over the gym today for a swim if time allows as i have a dentist appoint meant at 3pm oh joy  had a bad weekend food wise eat too much again so not expecting to lose anything this week

    Well done to everyone some good runs being done

     Jess hope the boiler gets fixed soon

  • Zara, you will be fine, you will probably have a breakthrough and you will be able to increase yr distance by more than a little Bit at a time. Stick with it.
  • Morning all, well it's Monday so the day to be good and strong to set a good start for the week.  My plan is to do 6 miles easy this evening after yesterdays long run.  what are other people's aims?

    What has happened to autumn this year?  We seem to have gone straight from summer to winter!!  Was minus 1 this morning when I got up.

  • Hi everyone

    Happy today as weighed myself and managed to lose 3lbs. I had been more careful about what I eat, just more fruit and tried to cut down on my bread (I could eat a loaf of toast in one sitting). image

    Was supposed to do my long run yesterday, but with my knee still a bit tender, I just did a 3.5 mile easy run. Feels a bit better. Think I'll try to do quite a bit of swimming this week, and do short runs in the week, and hopefully by Sunday I'll be good for a long run. Looking forward to running out in the cold - got my new 'cold' running gear to try image

    Hope everyone is well xxx
  • Afternoon all

    Well I forgot to weigh myself again.  Don't think I'm going to be very good at this, but I'll try to remember in the morning.  Been doing quite a bit of exercise and much less snacking, so I'm hoping that will have paid off.

    Will let you all know when I've braved the scales!

    C xx

  • Jess - well done on the 3lbs image
  • Ditto! Well done Jess image

    The most embarrassing fall i had was by a bus stop of people. The cable tv snake (most paths have them, they are great to run on in the ice but not at any other time) rose up from the ground, wrapped itself around my ankle and over i went


    hole in favourite tights too image
  • Congrats on the 3lb Jess. Didn't you say you were plateauing??

    I've been a bit up and down but mostly down and even though I had a horrendous run Friday I've moved up a notch on my run this lunchtime. I'm now on week 6 (RW Beginner Prog). It was tough but thrilling especially as the was still some shaded frosty areas to give the path a fairytale look. I keep looking at my schedule and thinking about getting back to 6 mile runs.

    I'll walk home tonight as well for a bit of extra exercise. I'll light a fire and stay in with the papers, a good book and no snacking. Maybe a glass of spirit, I'm not a monk!!

    Looking to lose a bit more before tomorrows weigh in. I'm determined to beat my sister on our weekly bet.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    Just been playing catch-up .. only two days away and I had several pages of postings to read! image

    JT - re Friday's suggestion, yes I think a bit of pink lippy might be a nice treat for me - not! image The nutritional charts are why we only have an Indian occasionally.

    JBiT - it's not a culinary forum as such - but some threads seem to include a lot of disccussion of cake etc.

    Puffin - sorry to hear about your tumble on the mud into the nettles.

    Jess - hope you get the boiler and cooker sorted soon. Well done re the 3lb loss.

    Gazagirl - thanks for working out for me that cow dung is slippier then mud - saves me having to do the comparison myself.

    *Waves* to everyone else (including the newbies) ..

    It was a lovely day for a run yesterday. I managed 5.25 miles without stopping to walk at any point - a first in terms of mileage and none of that walking nonsense! image And as I ran through some trees in the park some deer crossed the path ahead of me - brilliant!

    I've decided to work in Kg for a bit. I couldn't bear the suspense of what I weighed so I jumped on the scales on Thursday evening and I was 96.6Kg. When I weighed myself on Sunday I was 96.3 (or a loss of 1lb in old money).

  • Ahhh thanks everyone.  I do suspect though that now the cooker isn't working, lots of tinned / fast food may mean that 3lb (+) is back on.  Will do what I can though.  Not lost anything for ages but know if I cut down on bread, I can lose a couple of pound straight away, but then it really slos down again

    JBit - sounds like a perfect run, and a perfect night in.  And nothing like a glass of spirit to keep your spirits up.  Your one step closer to your 6 mile runs.

    Wtnmel - well done on the weight loss - it's all going in the right direction.  And congratulations on the run - that's great.  Really pleased for you.

    Big wave and hello to everyone else - hope you're all having a good Monday


  • Jess and Wtnmel - great news on the 3lb  and 1lbimage Jess - I have some new cold running gear too waiting to be tested - as I see it you can be an absolute beginner runner only once and must make the most of itimage

    Jbit - the place you run at seems lovely - the only thing I see occasionally are squirrels image

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening.

  • Ooh well done to those who've managed to lose a bit this week. I was ambushed by some weighwatchers carrot cakes (low fat=eat double) this teatime and I'm predictably annoyed at myself.

    I'm going to do a slow and easy 6 miles tomorrow. I can't quite believe that I say things like that. Easy. Six. Miles. 

    Nope... does not compute.

    Am lucky enough to see squirrels, herons and occasionally the kingfisher on the river where I run although these days I'm out before light so am having to stick to main roads where there's plenty of streetlamps. I'm clumsy enough in broad daylight thankyouverymuch.... 

  • plopping myself on here again as just looked at recent coasters photosimage I look fat and middle aged-15 years from rampant to stagnantimage

    Looking at how well you guys and gals are doing, I will be popping in now coasters is overimage

    gotta get back to proper training instead of the stress eating I have been doing. Blimey Jess wouldn't worry about the odd pound coz of busted cooker, your running will take care  of thatimage

  • Evening all,

    Wtnmel - well done for your weight loss.  

    Jess - bummer about the cooker, is it terminal?  My oven went the week before Xmas last year and while the hob was still working so we could cook it's amazing how much you put in the oven!!  Especially as it followed the microwave to its grave.

    Gazagirl - well done on the 6 miles, it's a really good feeling when  the distances you once thought were really long become commonplace. image

    Best wildlife I have seen while running was a peacock strolling towards a village pub.  I have run through the same village lots of times but never seen it again.  I hope it wasn't a halucination! image

  • Mel sounds like your running is picking back up really well, great news, and on your pound.

    Wow Puffin, a peacock is exotic.image

    Welcome along Stu, lots of encouragement here.

    Gazagirl it is really bizarre isn't it to say 'only * miles' - most people would struggle to walk one!

    Zara the proper gear makes you run so much better doesn't it! image

    Jess hope the cooker and boiler get fixed soon.

    No loss today so am off for a run to see if i can sweat some off image
  • Morning lovelies! Blimey - you lot can waffle - it's taken me 10 mins to read back!

     Well,i weighed yesterday and had lost 3lbs! Which is probably misleading because of girlie time-of-the-month issues - quite likely that a lb or two of the weigh the week before was just bloating/water (isn't it fun being a girl?!). But hey - it's all heading in the right direction regardless! 

    And I even managed a meal out at the weekend - Wagamamas ROCKS!! I had a really nice meal (wholewheat noodle,s chilli and tomato based sauce, tofu and veg..mmmmmm) and chose the frozen yogurt for dessert (how I said no to the white choc cheesecake is a mystery, but I was really proud of myself!). I think I'm getting the hang of this!!

    Spectacularly failed to get up for my run this morning though - it was too dark and wet, so I'll go when I get in from work later on.Just a couple of miles will do - stretch the old legs out a bit!

    What's up with your cooker, Jess? Managed to fix my own a month or so ago - needed a new element and it was really simple. 


  • grodergroder ✭✭✭

    Hi guys

    I have just shed 1 stone in 8 weeks thru cutting down and running twice a week - i more stone to go!!!

  • Len and Jess congrats on the loss.  It would appear that I've put on 1/4 of a pound, so I'm not going to beat myself up over that one.  That pretty much included eating out twice and one of them was a 3 course meal, so actually I'm well impressed.

    Back on the straight and narrow now, so hoping for a loss at the end of this week.

    C xx

  • Ah Corrah - a quarter of a pound is a decent wee! I wouldn't worry about that at all - and if you ate out too - that's brilliant image

  • Len FANTASTIC well done image I will try and use you as inspiration tomorrow night when the pudding menu comes up. (We are going out for dinner to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary)

    Groder that's fab. Did you find you had less energy for running tho by eating less? That seems to be my problem at the minute.

    Corrah i would say you need congratulations to have not put any on, well done!

    Off to the Isle of Wight for a few days so will need self control. Luckily my Daughter is coming too and she will be my conscience! Also planning on some sea side running to keep things under control.

    And luckily after my run this morning i was a pound less image
  • grodergroder ✭✭✭

    Hi Julia - Have to say no I dont find I have less energy, just eating smaller portions and cutting rubbish out.

    I am not particularly fast - 2 weeks ago, I was managing 3.50k in 30 minutes, now I can do 4.25k in 30 minutes, so must be getting faster (and fitter hopefully!)

  • Afternoon all :0)

    I went for my slow 6 miles at 6 this morning and it was THROWING down. I still enjoyed it despite the fact my Northface waterproof wasn't. It filled up from the inside in the arms thus having a bizarre weighted jumper effect. My eyebrows could only take so much before they were no longer fit for purpose and my eyes filled up! The rest of my family think I've lost the plot image

    Not sure my running shoes will ever be the same again. 

    Well done to those with weightlosses. Big weigh in tomorrow for me. image

  • Afternoon all

    Went over the gym today did 30 minutes swimming then 10 minutes running in the swimming pool then another 5 minute swim

    I am going to stick to the swimming this week then try a small run next week to see how it goesThere some go weight loss going on well done to all keep it up

    Waves to jess and Julia T

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    Hi all

    Went for a run yesterday and my knee is still working todayimage – I am hoping that is a good sign and I can continue with my beginners running program.

    Toby – do you get a lot more resistance running through the water?

    Gazagirl – you have it easy, try running with glasses onimage – esp on a humid wet day when they fog up nicely from the inside. I really need to find some blinkers to put on!

    Len – well done on avoiding the cheesecake (I think it’s the only decent dessert on the menu). Wagamama’s is one of the few places that makes me feel good about eating out – especially one of their ramen (soup) dishes.

    Julia T – I was reluctant to invest in proper running gear, but have found that having a nice rainproof “breathable” jacket with a pocket at the right level for my mp3 player   and assorted odds and ends has been an immense help in making my run comfortable. Have a nice few days in the Isle of Wight!

  • hmmmm...next time must not cut and paste from MS Word!image
  • Hello everyone  - well done people who are a bit lighter than they were

    Gym for me today, might run up a hill a few times tomorrow.  Ocado sent a free sample of pringles yesterday - evil.

  • Hi all, good to see lots of good days for all.

    Len - mega congrats on the weight loss, and how did you resist the Wagamama cheesecake, I haven't been for ages but if it's as good as I remember you're a saint!!

    Groder - welcome and well done with the weight loss to date.

    Julia - have fun in IOW, I love holiday running, it's a great way of exploring and seeing parts of a place you might otherwise miss.  I'm off to Paris on Thursday and having been pumping my sister who lives there for route ideas.  

    Gaza and Zara - re waterproof gear, I have found that wearing less is better as it's mostly mild when it's wet and rainproof gear just means I sweat and get wet anyway.  Also you dry quicker in less clothing.  So it's shorts and t-shirt for me in the rain.  Beside lose flapping wet clothes just chafe!  To carry and MP3 - freezer bag or cling film do the trick.

    Andrew - there should be a law against that - its just too tempting when they're free!

    400m reps today for me and a swim at lunch, I started off my run feeling tired and thinking it would be a disaster but was actually okay and I ran some good times for the reps not into the wind. Was a bit naughty this evening and had a couple of glasses of wine, so willhave to see what the effects are tomorrow on weigh in day.... image

  • I weighed over 19 stone in 2006. I now tip the scales at 15st 10lbs. This was down to good old fashioned exercise and dieting (sorry - no miracle cure). Due to my weight I couldn't run due to the impact on my joints, plus I had a bad back.

     I opted for moutain biking and have never looked back. I love the sport and joined a great club (Lyme Racing Club). I now cycle every weekend and do loads of marathons & races.

     As my weight is down I started running 3 months ago and I've just run my 1st ever half marathon (Birmingham). I'm now targeting the next stone and want to be 15 stone by Christmas.

     When I met my wife 12 years ago I weighed 14st 7lbs. It would be great to be running at that weight next year image

  • Noel well done on the weight loss already and congratulation on finishing your first ever half marathon

    Puffin well done on the reps and the swim but a slap on the wrist for the wine only joking we all need to be naughty some times

    Andrew not Pringles i Oh i do love Pringles at Christmas were some people get a beer belly i get a Pringles belly

    Zara yes indeed you do get a lot more resistance running through the water

    Julia T have a lovely time on the IOW when are you moving there image

    gazagirl well done for getting out there even when it was chucking it down

  • Yeah - I have lost 1lb!!  Not much I know but at least it's something!!

    Noel - welcome and well done on then weight loss you have achieved so far.

    There's been several articles in the mag about the benefits of aquajogging, especially to allow you to continue training while injuries are healing.  You don't go fast but the water resistance mimics the effects of running so you can maintain fitness with no impact on joints.  You can buy special belts to keep you in an upright position and not drowning!

    I'm having a rest from running today and will go for a swim after work.

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