PTH Famous Five

Having an easy two weeks after Abingdon marathon then its head down for Aberystwyth 10k.

Hope you lads can get me to a good time againimage



  • 14 hilly miles done today, a few fast intervals tomorrow and then taper until Snowdon......

    Got my weight under 10 stone again, it's been a long time since I've been there.

    Once I've recovered from Snowdon I can hopefully get some speed training in with you guys.

    Sub 34 - next 10k target! image

  • I did Tony's loop today, 47:24 new PB by over 30 secondsimage Coach Steve's not going to be too happy with meimage. I'm supposed to be resting. We are going out on the bike tomorrow for a few easy miles.

    Great news on the weight, your going to fly around Snowdon, if the weather is right you got a very good chance of winning some thing up there. Good luck with it and don't go doing too much this week. Any problems with that leg?

  • If you click on the link below, it shows me crossing the line doubling over and looking knackered, a few seconds later Andy crosses - and does exactly the same thing.

    Must be all the training we've done, we've even got the identical technique when it comes to crossing finishing lines.image

    End of Cardiff...

  • Love itimage that will have to be the trade markimage 
  • Leg is OK thanks, I've never done so much stretching but it seems to be working.

    I couldn't lie on my back and straighten either leg flat against a wall because my hamstrings were so tight. It took about a week before I managed it!

    Not sure if I'll be fit for the West Glam XC race, it's only a week after Snowdon....I'll still be hobbling around probably.

  • Stretching is a must, I have to do it or I cant run, end of!!!!

    You will have to hobble around the west glam thenimage we need you there.

  • Off for a few mile on the bike to get some cross training in.

    FF, we will be heading down through Clyne valley, look out for us.

  • Nice morning for it......

    Will get a few miles in later.image

  • Great ride, got 52 mile in. Nice easy pace. Rode down to Llanelli water front, by the start of the half and the 10k.

    How did your run go?

  • 52 miles!! Sounds a long way in a car let alone a bike!

    I only did 6 miles, some at 5:30 ish pace though - after tonight though I'm only doing some slow runs to tick over - my legs are feeling tired so need to rest them before Saturday. I'm looking forward to it, but I'll also be glad when it's over...marathons take over your life a bit.

    When are you starting your action plan for 10k?

    It's more like the PTH famous two on here at the moment....

  • Good effort mate, rest up and get that energy back. I know what you mean about them taking over but now that mine is done I'm looking forward to London. I also fancy going back to Anglesey next year to try and crack sub3 at that. The winner did 1:53 this year so could go for the win? would be good to get the team there?

    Brynster did look in here earlier but didn't have time to post. And NST is busy with work.

  • Re. Anglesey, depends on the Club champs as well I guess and which marathon they are including?
  • We used to have Anglesey in the champs. Maybe try and vote it in again? but I think most will go for Tenby or Llanelli this year as they are close. Don't fancy any of them though
  • What's happened to the other 3 of the famous five?

    FL - you're riding the crest of a massive improvement wave at present.

  • Hi BR, how you doing mate? hope all is well after Abingdon. And hope Hilly's back is better now. Thanks for the shout of encouragement as I went into the track, it was just what I needed to get my head back up.

    As for the other three, one is off shore in the north sea and one is too busy to post at the moment (or so he saysimageimage) and the 5th member is Spikey my sheep dog( hence the Famous fiveimage) he wont answer to Timmyimage. Here are some photos of our adventure runsimage.

    As for the crest of a wave, I fell off today and had to go to see the quack for some antibiotics for my chest, all the training and the race has caught up with me!!!!

  • Hopefully whichever marathon is chosen, assuming it's not London, will be in the Autumn.........?!

    Wasn't going to run tonight, but was climbing the walls so had to go out for a bit to get my fix. image

  • Take it easy mate, you'll get your fix in a few daysimage.

    So it looks like its going to be Tregaron half thenimage. NST said its very flat?

  • FF, hows the tapering going mate? hope your taking things easy.

    I haven't run for 5 days! longest lay up ever!!!! this cold has knocked me for six.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    BR.. you're not supposed to be on here, it's for welsh people image

    FL.. just paying a visit to congratulate you on that Abingdon run, cracking stuff.  Front of red start at VLM 2011 by any chance?

    .. shuffles off back to Yorkshire.

  • FL - I hate the week before a marathon, my anger control is proportionally opposite to the reduced mileage. image Then every time I sneeze, cough, or feel a tickle in your throat I think I'm going down with a cold. The legs feel heavy, I could go on.................but you know what I mean!  image

    I'm looking forward to it, just want to get it done now! 

    5 days without running! You'll have a gut like Homer Simpson if you're not careful!! Hope it gets better soon. I've already pencilled in my cold next week, that's if I haven't got one already - see there I go again, can't help myself.

    Off to carbo load again now.......image

  • Hi Wardi, Hows things with you mate? Yes will be at the red start for London 2011. Will you? And you don't have to be Welsh to be hereimage,

    FF, phantom colds are a nightmare! but this one I have is the real thing!!!! still feel like shit and not able to run!!! you know me, I will run with my leg hanging off so this has really messed me upimage. Are you driving up tomorrow? Good luck with the race you will have a great one if your recent races and training runs are any thing to go by. Go for gold mateimage.

  • Just got the final training run in, and had my go faster hair cut - so I'm good to go now.

    I'm driving up tomorrow.

    I think the Gold will be going to Mr Richie Gardener......!

    If I can get around in sub 3 that'll be the first goal, every minute under that will be a bonus, on the other hand I might crash and burn! I'm full of self doubt at the moment....image

    I'll send you a text Saturday to let you know how i did.

    Looking forward to getting some10k training in with you guys after all this is over.

  • I was full of self doubt but you lads had faith in me and give me the confidence I needed to smash my old PB. In all the training runs you push me to my limits but still look as if your not trying!!! you will fly under 3 and I will be very surprised if your not up there with the top vets. All the hard work is done mate. Now go kick assimage.

    Looking forward to the 10k training myself. Well just looking forward to running at the momentimage.

    Good luck mate.

  • Got my first run in last night after being off all week with this cold!!!!! Did Tonys loop and felt good. Did 48:45. Chest was a bit tight at the end but not as bad as it has been.

  • FF, well done on a cracking time in Snowdon. Top stuffimage
  • bryn reporting 4 duty!!
  • Welcome aboard mate, you took your timeimage
  • Brynster.........? Do I know you? image

    Just starting bottle number 2. image Hic.

  • Enjoy mate, you've earned it.
  • FF, fantastic result today!!
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