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  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - Nice run earlier, very good pace. Have you raced a 5k recently? That's normally a decent indicator for that sort of distance. Sub 32 sounds like a reasonable target to me. I have only ever raced a 5 miler once but I do like that distance. Re a potential move to SA, yes I have moved a bit but we have been here for an age now and you know once you have kids that changes everything. My wife would love to go back as she is from there but part of her doesn't want to as well.

    Speed sessions -  I agree with Abbers, the hardcore stuff is done solo and the LR's and other less fast runs can be with or without other folk.

    Ant - That's a very strong run there.

    AR - That sounds like a toughie altogether.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Abbers wrote (see)

    Minni - I'm a bit the opposite, I actually quite like doing my tempo stuff by myself as I'm then focussing on my own pace, rather than worrying about whether anybody else is faster or slower than me and racing them, which isn't the point of the session.

    If I'm doing faster stuff in a race I'm not worried about others or about racing them but simply find it more 'normal' to run at that pace, which makes me relax more.  If that makes sense.   Nice session there.

    And a great run from you Ant. What pace will you look to do your 21 at?


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Minni, Whitley Bay parkrun still beckons image I'll be looking for a good time this Saturday. You'd be well up in the ladies ranking.

    You are a brave man Bikeit. I've lived abroad quite a lot but only mainland Europe. Never made it to SA yet although we have a plant there and a few guys from the UK.

    Track session today, 5* 1km- struggled to stay below 4m/km. I might have a 5 mile recovery this evening.  


  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Nice running Ant and Abbers.

    10.5 miles this lunchtime and 8:12 pace - things are going in the right direction....

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - I don't really do much racing at all, mostly running a half mara every spring & autumn with the possibility of a race or two in the build up, and haven't run a 5k for several years. There are Parkruns in Bournemouth & Southampton, but that's still a 20-ish mile drive and nothing closer to home. That, and they're on Saturday mornings when I generally take the Ms As to their dance classes, which pretty much rules them out. I wouldn't mind re-setting some shorter distance PBs, but don't want to distract myself from London and the MK half that forms a key stage of the build up.

    The extra responsibility of offspring certainly changes the outlook on decisions like big moves. So much more to take into account, rather than just what you'd like to do personally.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Abbers: run by perceived effort and pace-blind, i.e. watchless or (if you want data later) with your Garmin showing something that isn't pace; don't look when you take splits.  You might just surprise yourself.

    12M easy for me this morning.  Anyone else doing the Mids XC on Saturday?  Sooo looking forward to The Ditch...

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    I'm clearly taking too long writing my posts... image

    Minni - I like that. It's a race; it's meant to be fast. Accept it and relax. Must remember that on Sunday when I'm getting twitchy about pacing...

    Well done on getting the reps done though OO, you hung in there and finished it.

    Solid looking 10.5 there BI. Coming back nicely.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Jools - I've thought about trying that before, especially in what is effectively a C or B race at best, but always go back to the watch to stop me from going out too fast. But then maybe I need to let go of mental limiters like that... thanks for the input.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    OO - I'll keep an eye on the weather and if it looks ok I might just come down.  image

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Good going BI, all looks very promising.

    If a hanky doesn't crack when you open it, it's clean, right? Proper head cold today, have been fighting it all week but really wanted to run.

    Took my resting heart rate and it was 44, so nice and normal, meaning the cold was from the neck up. Let's run!

    So as not to push it, I ran naked (gadget free) and only did 5 flat miles. A sneaky look at a clock before leaving the office and coming back told me I'd been out for just over 35 mins, so a decent cruising pace all things considered. However, my head was sweating like a fountain after my shower which shows I wasn't 100%.

    With a 20 miler scheduled for Saturday I'm quite pleased I've learned to train sensibly. Just a shame it took a near disaster to learn the lesson in last year's Paris campaign.

    I think I'll replace that hanky after all...


  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - To echo Jools's advice, FWIW - I recently pb'd in a 5k and didn't have a clue what pace I was doing. I had the garmin on but didn't look until after the race. Must admit it was very dark on parts of the course but it was very satisfying to go by feel and record a pb. One thing we don't lack here are short distance races, I love them and would like to race a road mile but I guess most people would not be interested in turning up for something that could potentially be over in 5 minutes.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Talking of short races I'm doing the signals relays on 15th Feb in glorious Hetton-le -Hole. It's a 3 man team (3*2 miles) and I'm in with 2 good V50 guys- we have a chance of a 1st place. The thought of 2 miles flat out is slightly scarey though. Last time I did the signals was 20 years ago and Steve Cram was running.

    Minni- good weather on the North East coast- are you kidding.


  • Minni wrote (see)

    Thanks for all the comments about that LT session and sorry to use your example to raise the question, Leslie. To get my confidence on these sessions I think I need to slow them down a bit and nail them then progress from there.


    Minni - thats no worries at all , these questions need asking so its all good ,Im sure many are not sure about them image. I will be trying this again and again as its a key session for me probally start out a bit slower though next time though, not scared to fail a few times trying different paces and certainly wont give in image

     Still cant seem to get my text outside the quote though image

  • It really is far far easier to get proper flat out pace at the parkrun though  find rather than on your own which is 98% of my runs .image

  • More good stuff going on out there and some fab advice about LT runs. I'm a bit like Minni in so far as I often struggle to do a decent pace when I'm on my own. There's also something about holding back a little bit when running in the dark. 

    Fitzgerald has me down for a 10K race or time trial over the weekend so might see if I can get a pass out as there are a couple of local(ish) options.

    Managed to sneak a double yesterday of 6 miles (including 3 x 1 mile fastish) in the morning and (as my meeting finished early) a 5 mile easy run through the North Yorkshire countryside. Sneaked a 4 miles easy in this morning as well.

    Operation Comrades 2015 is progressing well - Mrs L hasn't given the definite OK yet, but my tactic of continually dropping it into conversations seems to be making some headway!

  • Nice one Lorenzo! The 2015 team bus is forming quite nicely. My mrs said last night "you know this is a one time only trip don't you?" My response was obviously "but you get an extra medal if you do back to back races..." - she will need a bit more work!

    Cracking pace there AR with a very solid run from Ant too.

    Good luck with the move decisions BI. Lots to think about.

     "King if the field"!? That will always be you Gul. You are my inspiration.

    Brick session tonight. Nice and steady.

  • AR - cracking tempo run.
    Ant - very nice MLR.
    Abbers - good run.
    OO - really getting into those doubles, I see.
    Bike It - good progress.
    Jools - nice miles.
    SB - solid run.
    Lorenzo - doubles are in.
    SJ - I'm hoping there'll be snow this year so I can avoid field laps.
    Really enjoyed my 19 miler this afternoon. Nice to be out in the countryside once more, although the going was not good through Congham Woods in my road shoes! D&d in 2:36:49 = 8:15 m/m. Pacing was pretty even with just a 13 sec negative split. Not such good news on the car - back in next week to replace an airbag part for an exorbitant fee.

  • Great LR Gul, but shame about the car. Does that mean you get to repeat this weeks run when it does back in.

    I haven't got the Comrades bug yet, but I can feel it worming its way into my head. Maybe I should start testing the water in advance.

  • Gul - nice afternoon run there. Presume the weather was good in your neck of the woods.

    SJ - you're a brave man responding like that!!!

  • Very quick pop by tonight as just sat feeding the baby milk before bed...

    Life has been in the way still with lots on at w*rk but finally managed to get out for my intervals today at lunch 6x6mins of 2min recovery. Hard session but still felt quite strong at the end. I've not looked at the splits yet but I'm not sure they will tell me much as it was pretty windy by the Thames today, I ran therefore primarily on effort.

    Still just about on target for Jantastic this week as long as I double tomorrow.

    Mmmm, Comrades, I'm not sure the good will of Mrs Fin will stretch that far currently, but some day.

    Abbers, not sure where you are but I think that there is a parkrun in Eastleigh, and the other way over in Brockenhurst. They might be closer for you.

    Enjoyed the LT thoughts - I'm always working too hard up front in those sessions, so generally have to work a little too hard towards the end. It's all about discipline - I remember once I finally ran one properly and got to the end feeling great, it was a big penny that dropped!

    Right, bed time for the little un, keep running y'all!
  • Join us AR! Bide your time Fingers.

    Good long running Gul.

    Lorenzo, brave or stupid but that's nothing, I've even managed to raise UTMB over the past few weeks. She even asked tonight how many qualifying points I'll have by the end of the year......

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a nice long run Gul.

    Skipped the evening run and had a double wine instead  

  • Joolska wrote (see)


    12M easy for me this morning.  Anyone else doing the Mids XC on Saturday?  Sooo looking forward to The Ditch...

    Ditch? Is it too late to change my mind?! Perhaps they'll let me run over a bridge or something as a special concession because it will be my birthday and I'll officially be an Old Woman.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Not told MrsP there's a back to back factor with Comrades.   However it is surely tempting fate to think about year 2 when one doesn't have the Tshirt/medal for year one.*

    Liking OOs training plan big time, and suspecting Minni feels the same

    5m tonight, track was white and covered in stg between snow and frozen hail, you have to love the north.  Was "hutted" by Jabba the Hutt, and he's no speedster.

    Speedy - how old is Old Woman status?

    (*Scary. Well, only for those who have entered image)





  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Glad the tactic is working Lorenzo. Now you need to start saying, 'when we go' rather than, 'if we go' and before long she will say the same. 

    Yes like OO's plan very much but I'm not one to slack on training, especially where jantastic is concerned, which is why I was put at 9pm last night for 5 miles and heading out now for 6. image It's white with frost out there... 

    Gul - does this mean you're having a lie in? 

    Tell me a bit more about your parkrun course then OO.... 


  • AR - no repeat next week - I'm doing some voluntary work that day.
    Lorenzo - yes, I just snuck in the fine weather window.
    FINgers - always good to get an interval session under the belt.
    Speedy - old woman?! What does that make most of the rest of us!
    Poacher - good running in the frozen North.
    Minni - icy here too. No lie-in for me today;got home about 15mins agoimage
    6 miles @ 9:01 m/m. Nice recovery run.

  • Minni - I'm looking toi do Sunday's 21-miler at around 7:45-7:50mm. Any slower than that for me and the thing turns into what TR calls a Death March.

    Off out for 11 miles now to get back in time for the tennisimage.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    It must be one of the most attractive course in the country Minni and up to 300 runners every week. But the weather is often wet and windy and the course is twisty and not flat with 3 short shap inclines. .So not one for a PB. Or if you recall the poem; 

    The tidy short course has it all en route

    With turns and slopes and inclines to boot

    You can get blown along on a windy day

    Or the sun may come out and brighten the way.


    With the sea as a back drop, it’s a stunning race.

    The Links are spacious and the volunteers are Ace.

    Run along the prom with it’s iconic café

    Take in the bridge and it’s rugged pathway.


    5 plod miles this morning. I'm on for another 50 week image


  • My missus is on board with Comrades, and it is presently the next time the Lions tour, but it looks like that may be 12 years if they bump the Argies up so that will make me 56 - I will be 52 if they dont, which is starting to make me think i need to shuffle the agenda a bit. It wont be for a few years due to the kids though.

    11 with 5 at LT scheduled today but am replacing the LT bits with MP due to the weekends efforts - which is one definite positive of racing a half during trainingimage

    Nice run Gul, - I have 20 on Sunday and am not particularly looking forward to it.

  • They are not seriously considering a Lions tour to Argentina!

    All this talk of a get together in South Africa sounds great, trouble is you have to run 56 miles over a fair few big hills in the heat! I''ll stick to Chandos.

    Had to scrap my morning run to look after my son who's off school with the flu.

    The good news is a day off work, hurrah! The bad news is I WILL be ill next week so apologies in advance for Jantastic.

    Tempo run planned for this evening.
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