Sub 3h15



  • TR - that's bloody quick! 

    Birch - I might have had one or two by way of celebrationimage

    Minni- sorry it didn't go your way, i am sure it will very soon

    was rough today to be fair. I didn't care for the course and was struggling at target pace of 6.06 after 6 miles. It wasn't hilly but it was a constant up and down. Got a massive negative head on at mile 8 and it lifted at 10 and I got back into the 6.0x again but 240 ft of climb from 7-11 cost me 80 secs which is more than it should really. Running fast with little LT work is a big ask - I don't know how TR does it. 

    Helsby was 600 ft of gain, Wrexham is 150 from last years garmin trace. sub 80 comes before Paris, I think.

  • Minni, glad to hear its nothing too serious - your hip issue sounds like mine, - my problem stems from my glutes apparently. The 12:00:57 was the time of day rather than the elapsed time unfortunatelyimage

    Birch , I did think of Gul as I was ploughing a furrow along the white lines.

  • It was a PB as well TR, nice one. You need to give us all a masterclass in understatement.

    Glad it is nothing new Minni. Stick with the inverse taper next time

    Nice consistent numbers coming through each week Birch


    This week finished with 66M which includes an erroneous 1K rep (Garmin user error), and one Hanson Long Run of 14M. One runners Long Run is another runners midweek medium long run.

    66M, average pace 7:04

    Easy 40.6 @ 7:15
    Tempo(MP) 7.3M @ 6:13
    Speed 3.7M @ 5:35
    LongR 14.3M @ 7:19

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day, Minni.

    That's not too shabby a time, TR.  Well done!

  • Ant - sorry, must have misread one of your posts. Well done on seeing through the 15 miler.
    OO - good LSR and overall week.
    Jools - pleased to hear you're back on track.
    SB - great 10k time.
    Leslie - excellent 18 miles.
    PMJ - snap! (63)
    TR - that's an incredible time to say that you struggled a bit! And a sneaky PB too, I see!
    Speedy - good XC run on tired legs.
    Mennania - that's a cracking PB - well done.
    Moof - good LSR.
    Martin - that's not bad for a cutback week!
    SB - nice accidental 16.
    SJ - interesting race concept. Nice laps tooimage
    Minni - sorry to hear things went badly yesterday - hope you'll be OK.
    AR - good week there.
    10 miles @ 8:36 m/m plus 10 x 10s slope sprints d&d.

  • Good battling from Ant - they all count, whether they're building physical strength, mental strength or a bit of both.

    Minni - sounds like a sensible decision to me. Hopefully you'll be back in action shortly.

    Matt the Rat - if you're lurking, are you the same MtR who I met at the Halstwad marathon a few years ago. Possibly my worst marathon experience ever (heat and cramp, not meeting you!!)

    TR - wow! Flying performance. Ditto to Menn. 

    Very gentle 6 miles for me yesterday as I went out with Mrs L who's on week 3 on her 20 week campaign for Stockholm. So far, so good. 

    9.5 hilly miles this morning - felt pretty strong, although I'm not sure that the pace reflects that!! 

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    I really must start logging on over the weekend... hard to keep up otherwise!

    Plenty of impressive long runs and racing over the last couple of days. A particular focus on the racers;

    Sandy - excellent sub-40 at Stubby. Is that a PB? Going nicely.

    TR - Another top result from you, even if it wasn't quite as quick as you were after. A PB by nearly a minute is still not to be sniffed at, and you know there's more to come on a quicker course when you're feeling a little more sprightly (Chichester & Beastleigh coming up).

    PMJ - so was it a team win in the XC? Congrats if so.

    Menn - A big PB and impressive time. Another who knows there's more to come on a better day, but still racing quicker than you ever have before. A good position to be in surely, running fast and knowing you can go faster.

    Minni - sounds like the DNF was the sensible decision. Disappointing at the time, but better in the longer term. Look after yourself.

    Speedy - well done on the XC. Kids - pah.

    SJ - like the format of your club race. Makes life a little more interesting than a straight race or handicap. Well done on the podium.

    Nothing quite so exciting for me. 5 easy ones on Saturday, then 16 yesterday morning, which felt a little easier than last weekend's 15, so happy with that. Mostly in the 8:30 region, but finished with a 7:30 last mile. Should have been a 5 mile/10k race according to the schedule, but I've swapped weekends round to accomodate the Romsey 5 next Sunday. 46 for the week, so more new personal milestones in terms of weekly mileage and long run distance. So far, so good.

  • Brilliant 10k PB TR, even on tired legs!

    Menn - Can't believe how much you have improved over the last year or so. I remember when I first met you (sounds like a love story) in Wrexham and you'd just done a 1.27 time. Sub 80 minutes must be withing your grasp soon. Looking good for Paris!

    Still a decent Long Run Martin with those faster 6 miles.

    That sounds an interesting race SJ. Although with the hills it would be a lot harder to judge your pace?

    Shame you had a DNF Minni under those circumstances. Probably right to have stopped when you did rather than make any worse. And yes, logged my runs last night. Trouble is I can only do it on one computer at home.

    Gul - are slope sprints hills?

    Strong finish there Abbers, which is what it's all about.

    Planned 18 miles yesterday turned into a 20 miler (1st one this year). I didn't get out till 2.45pm and I'd planed to do mostly country roads, but reckoned it was too dangerous with the fading light by 4pm. So did a different route that had more pavements and as it turned out, more miles too! Av pace was 7.49.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    TR - That's a very impressive time well done. As someone else said, more to come.

    Menn - Ditto, wow that is fast man, you must be delighted!

    Minni - Sorry to hear about that but wise move I think. Hey if you ever fancy doing the Jersey HM, the June one that is, it's a fast course and definitely a pb one.

    SB - Well done on the sub 40!

    PMJ & Speedy - Great team work in the XC!

    Great training going on as usual from Birch, Gul, Abbers, KR, SportyB, Ant & Lorenzo. Sorry if I have missed anyone. 15 miles y'day for me with my two running friends and it was easy @ 8:02 pace in the glorious sunshine.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    KR - nice accidental 20! How many have you got planned in this campaign? (i.e. planned 20s, rather than accidental ones!)

    Well done GM - sounds ideal. Whereabouts on Jersey are you? I know St Helier resonably well after various work & social trips/holidays, but not so familiar with the rest of the island.

    4 recovery miles bagged.

  • Planning doing 6 x 20 milers Abbers, including some with a negative split. Doing MP miles in the 2nd half and finishing fast.
  • Mennania, missed that speedy half in the fist read-back, well done. You say another half before Paris, what is the plan?

    My P&D plan has 21 (just done image ), 20, 22 and 20. I sneaked in a 20 before Christmas and will pad an 18 with 14 @ MP to 20 @ MP to hit 5 this year.

    21 today done at 7:15 average pace: miles 2 to 10 7:21 average and 11 to 20 7:04 average so definitely got a faster home leg.

    That is my fastest 21 ever, last year I topped out at 7:16 but that was maybe a slightly tougher route as well.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - I live in Havre Des Pas pronounced "harv day par" which is on the south coast approx one mile from the Business quarter or The Esplanade. It was originally a very popular seaside resort with lots of hotels and b&bs scattered along the coast, there are still quite a few but not so many now. Great spot for running as we now have a cycle path which travels all the way from my door to St.Aubins and measures about 5 miles. I ran the June half in 2012 in 1:30 but will be aiming for 1:27 this year. You start 300ft above sea level and end up at sea level so it's a quick course that is unless the weather is bad i.e. windy on the last 3 mile section along the seafront.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - maybe a bit understated, but I'm not that worried about times and the fear of not having done my best on the day is more of a motivator for me (probably answers Menns question)..

    PMJ - impressive long run, esp the 7:04s. Not sure I have that sort of long run in me yet.

  • Minni - sorry to hear your hip is playing up, hopefully it'll calm down soon, and a bit of enforced rest won't do you any harm

    Leslie - parkrun results are not an exact science, so if you got disk number 3 but they have you in fourth please write to them and let them know. We know errors creep in from time to time and the information provided by runners is actually invaluable in sorting things out as it's usually the only check you have most of the time. As for the times being published, the e-mails were definitely late this week - didn't get my volunteers e-mail until after 10pm. The results on the website for my event were up not long after 11am however. A little trick - sometimes the 'latest results' page doesn't update immediately and carries on showing last weeks results for quite a long time. If you click on the Event History link however you may see that this week's results are actually there. If they aren't then try clicking on the latest week it shows then add 1 to the week number in the URL, and you may well find the results were there all the time in the background, but the web page hadn't caught up.

    Hurrah - a run at last, a little gentle 3.7 miles just to see what things felt like. Ran very slow and easy and didn't look at the watch at all, so I was quite surprised to see an average time of 8:42 per mile, which is quite a bit faster than I usually do my recovery runs. It didn't feel too bad, legs rather heavy, but my breathing got a bit laboured after I stopped which was rather strange when it had been fine during the run. Too late to save a 0% week on Jantastic though image

  • nothing exciting here, 4.5 easy miles for moi.image

    legs feeling great after my 16 miler at the weekend. lovely night for a ponder....

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Spent part of yesterday putting together a radio obit for Chris Chataway. The 1954 audio and film are still breathtaking - the Bannister mile race, also the 5k showdown v Vladimir Kuts.  These fellas were sensational racers, and amateurs training in their spare time, in crap shoes on cinder tracks. What a great generation of talent.

    Other than than, CNBA

    Skim back says: great running Menna/TR; but ((Minni))

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Blimet KR, 20 miles at sub 8 m/m is good going- good effort.

    GM, sounds like a nice place to live and run.

    8 miles here running on empty- all in the name of a good  Marathon campaign  

  • Botf- With my local event the time results are posted up depends very much who is running it that week 10pm or even the occasional next day isnt unusual here ,you lot are spoilt with 11am  , last week was the exception as it was early .image But its free is only going 6 months and I like to support it as numbers are low in the winter so its still here come the summer so all good.image 

    Your running again though so thats good but 0% on jantastic better have a good excuse for minni or its the naughty step for you.

    13.1 miles for me today on tired legs (and yes I had to do the .1 just because ) with 4x hard hill sprints (12secs each) so been a good start to the week.


  • Hmm, saw the work Physio today about my tight hip - he suggested that I might have arthritis and told me to go and get an x-ray. Crap. Not what I was hoping to hear and really hope he's wrong having seen my dad have 2 hip replacement ops in the last 15 years image

  • On the plus side, I broke the 30miles in a week barrier for the first time in ages last week image 

  • C'mon Matt - log your runs. Don't let the team down!!! 

    Looking forward to being up in Tadcaster for a couple of nights this week - plenty of attractive running around there. image

  • So we are now 22 and all 22 have logged all their runs so well done all of us.

    I think the 22nd member is Chris Zabriskie as he is on 6 runs and I have not rivalled him: I have rivalled all the over sixers.

    Seems we are alongside many other teams on 100% completed and starting with a T we are pretty much bottom of that list.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Slokey you know I have the same issue and the same advice but X ray proved inconclusive. The advice was to keep running and hope it doesn't get worse. It's been 4 years now so long may it continue. Fear not young man.  

  • Lorenzo - good to go running with the other half - Mrs GD has a back problem at the moment, so we haven't done that for a while now.
    Abbers - good 16 miler.
    KR - cracking 20 miler. Sprinting up a subway slope is the best substitute for hill sprints I can find at this time of the year.
    GM - sounds like an enjoyable run with friends.
    PMJ - that's a blinding 21 miler.
    BOTF - good to hear you managed a few easy miles. Did you not play a joker for Jantastic?
    Leslie - nice 13.1 miles.
    SJ - hope the news from the fizz doesn't turn out as bad as you fear.
    I finally got around to entering the Kent Roadrunner Marathon last night. Trying not to get too excited - after all it's over 18 weeks to go! Decided to start easing out of base training, so did my 14 miler P&D style this morning. 7 miles @ 8:41 m/m and 7 miles @ 7:59 m/m.

  • Nice one Gul, looking forward to seeing how you ramp things up from a very solid base. 

    OO, thank you, that's actually very comforting. Especially the "young man" partimage 

    Daughter's 11th birthday today so a rest day - looking back it will be my first day off from exercise for 28days. Never had a streak run so long.

  • SJ - enjoy your daughter's birthday and the rest.
    Does anyone know how you set up your location in Jantastic? The individual results now have a range of filters, such as Country, Region, City, Gender, Age, but I can't find anywhere in my profile where they can be defined!

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Gul - I believe the location was set when you created your account.  There is no functionality to go and enter it now.  That would be rolled out later.

    Impressive racing from TR and Menn

    Sorry to hear about the hip troubles of both Minni and Slokey - take care

    Nice LSR PMJ - you mention that you are going to do a 20 at MP.  That is something you've done before I remember - how long before the target marathon do you do it?

    Not decided on today's run yet - something like 8x 2minute hills with 2miles at MP at the end or 11mile MLR. The first is what I should be doing - the second is the easier option.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - sounds like you're in a lovely spot. The Jersey summer HM should be definite PB material given the profile drop!

    PMJ - very impressive 21. Good pace.

    BotF - good to see you back to the running.

    Rich - Positive sign that your legs are feeling fresh after the weekend 16. hill work today?

    OO - nice unfuelled 8.

    Leslie - who says runners are preoccupied with stats? image Nice run.

    SJ - good news on the miles, bad news about the hip. Hope the diagnosis is better than you fear.

    Gul - so the target race is now official. Good 14.

    BI - you know you want to do the hills really!

    Meant to be 1 W/U, 5 fartlek, 1 C/D today. I'm never sure how to run fartleks effectively; how long the intervals should be, how quick they should be, how much variation, etc. I'm tempted to run the 5 mile block progressively instead, at something like 7:30/7:15/7:00/6:45/6:30. Thread wisdom?

  • Bike It wrote (see)


    Nice LSR PMJ - you mention that you are going to do a 20 at MP.  That is something you've done before I remember - how long before the target marathon do you do it?


    The plan is to do it Sunday 9th March 2014 which is the Finchley 20. As that is in March it will be my Marchvelous target and I expect 2:08 will be the target which is slightly faster than MP (2:10) but is a nice 32 minutes a lap (4 x 5 mile laps). For VLM that is 5 weeks out and at the end of a 70 mile P&D week.

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