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  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    well done to the long runners, all good miles in the bank

    Menn - sorry to hear that

  • Jools - oversleeping is de rigueur this weekimage
    Ant - good week's training.
    Leslie - enjoy the rest.
    PMJ / Moof - shame about Wokingham. Good luck in Deal, PMJ. Enjoy the beers, Moof!
    TR - get well soon.
    Poacher - Waving, now beckoning. Keep us posted. I used to live just half a mile from the Stockport Rd in my student days in sunny Manchester.
    Ant - go by feel, I'd say.
    Blisters - nice progressive.
    Lorenzo - great long run. Good to hear Mrs L is doing well. Forgot to say that my last 9 miles were run progressively, from 8:28 to 6:35.
    Badbark - bonkers running - very commendable.
    Birch - hope the wind dies down.
    Jools - good XC progress - must be down to that oversleeping.
    SJ - bad luck with the puncture.
    Speedy - full report please!

  • Mennania- that's not good news. Do what the docs tell you. That would be my family's reaction too, which is very irritating. Quite pleased that Wales lost after the demolition of England last year.

    Slokey - I can go months without a puncture on my daily commute and then I go through a stage when I only have to look at the bloody bike and the tyres go down!

    5 steady miles today at about 7mm.

    Good luck tomorrow PMJ and any one else racing or long running, or running.
  • Well, obviously, Lit opted for shorts while I went for longer 3/4 length tights. Cos I iz nesh. 

    Full report? Well, neither of us are all that great at reading maps, but a conversation with my coach afterwards confirmed that we did go pretty much the right way. It starts on lumpy, tufty stuff, slightly uphill, running away from the hall, turns back towards the hall, through a tiny gap in the fence, up a bit of a drag then up a stupid sharp hill to the hall and along a nasty cambered bit, down a lovely hill, along a fairly flat bit that is a bit narrow, back to the lake, along a fairly solid path, into a very waterlogged field then through a water feature before going back into the first field again. We only did the large loop. My feet were so muddy I had to stand in a deep puddle and attempt to scrape the mud off my shoes with a stick. It didn't really work. 

    Forgot to say earlier - Yay, MsE is coming back image

  • Menna, crikey, look after yourself, running pales into insignificance sometimes

    Gul - "sunny" Manchester? Should have gone to Specsavers

    BB - I'm no expert but on limited training can almost always score top 20 or top 10 in smallish ultras. The way you are going you could be looking at nosebleed territory.

    Nice runs Speedy, Joolska, et al.
  • Speedy - thanks for the report! 10 out of 10 for effort.
    Poacher - sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, is about my limit, I'm afraid.

  • 0051-nice parkrun again getting fast now image

    Menn-cardiac unit doesn't sound good take a well earned rest.

    Badbark- they must think there is something strange going on at the golf course with these mud trails like crop circles you must be leaving with so many laps.image

    Poacher-you must go to that gym just for the craic , great stories

    Gul-great progression run.

    Speedy/Lit-nice mud plugging but a tiny gap in the fence hows that going to work ,bit like a stampeed I suppose losers hurdle the fence.

    Week over , enjoyed the rest day,was very tired but racked up 66 miles for the week.image

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Feb 16 - Wrexham Half - Mennania - 79.xx 
    Feb 16 - Brighton Half - FINgers - TBC - Fitness Test 
    Feb 23 - Grizedale 26 Trail marathon - SJ - race without racing
    Mar 2 - Reading Half - FINge - TBC - Mid Long Run.- moof - sub 80 - literatin - sub 1:27 
    Mar 9 - Surrey Half - Lorenzo - 1:25.xx, Sporty Badger sub-1.30 
    Mar 9 - Milton Keynes Half - Abbers sub-1.30 
    Mar 9 - Retford Half - Knight Rider sub 1.25
    Mar 16 - Stafford Half - CC2 sub 1.25
    Mar 16 Barcelona - Barry B sub 3:15
    Mar 29 - Eco Trail de Paris 80Km - SJ - uninjured completion 
    Apr 6 - Lochaber Mara - Rich26 - Sub 3:15
    Apr 6 - Brighton Mara - FINgers  TBC - Sporty Badger sub-3.20 
    Apr 6 - Paris mara - Mennania - Sub 3 
    Apr 6 - Manchester mara - knight rider - Sub 3 
    Apr 13 - VLM - PMJ - 2.4x, Ant - sub 3, Bike It - 3:14:59, Lorenzo sub 3:10, Minni - 3:12, Abbers, Poacher - TBA, AR - get past 16 miles, CC2 2.59.59, - literatin - sub 3:05
    May 11 - Fred Whitton Challenge - SJ - no crashes 
    May 31 - Kent Roadrunner - Gul Darr sub 3:15 
    Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher - Bike It sub 8:20 
    Jun 1 - Walled city marathon - Leslie H 
    Jun ? - Swim length of Ullswater - SJ - no drowning 
    July - Thunder Run - Minni 
    July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx 
    October - Yorkshire marathon - Minni TBC
    October 19 - Abingdon Marathon - MsE - to get to the start line injury-free

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Mennania - look after yourself and keep us updated.  Running is always there.  How irritating listening to the "I told you so's" about running when it probably isn't the running causing it.  The last thing you need.  Hang in there.

    Am very pleased to be coming home. Thank you for the kind words. There is only so much sunshine one can endure ya know?  The final packing session is on Monday and then we are moving out of our current house into a beach house for two months while MrE fades into the distance at work here and we make the most of our time in California. (Cue: Beach Boys' music and visions of surf dudes) image

    I have entered a trail HM in March - more for fun as I haven't been training but have been doing mostly trail running in a bid to improve strength and proprioception.  I am looking forward to getting some proper training underway when we return home.

    Lorenzo - Looking good for being down your way!  We are currently looking at Guildford itself.  Just the small matter of school places for 4 children and a, er, house to live in. Paaahhh!  Small matters. Update to follow IDC.

    Happy training and racing in the rain.  It looks terrible in some areas. I hope you and yours are keeping safe.

  • What a shocker Menn, makes you realise how fragile the human body can be, even to fit peeps like us marathon runners. Best of luck on the recovery and medication. Just listen to the doctors advice!

    Enjoy the rest of the sunshine MsE, you do realise there will be none here!

  • Take care Mennania.

    I've been to bed already since 9pm.  Now awake and wondering to go back to bed or head out running....

  • Bike it- get back to bed its not even Gul o clock yet.
  • Oh yes it is! Up early to enjoy a rest dayimage

  • Glad you were not slacking again Gul .
  • Don't you people sleep?

    I'm off out now, it's windy and raining.....nice.
  • Went back to bed and got out running at 4:30. Long hill running was the plan today. Very windy when I went over the first big hill and I thought 'here we go again'. Very kindly a 3 mile section of road had been closed due to bridge rebuild. So I ran up that and back twice to make 16miles over hills. Much better than last week and pace was in the right ballpark at 8:48 which is easy pace accounting for the hills.
  • Thanks for the well wishes all, They don't know what causes it for sure, but could be a false auto immune response or a virus. Estimates to how long it will take vary from 5 days to a couple of weeks, last time out it was 12 days for me but as Ive had it before I recognised it and hit the ibuprofen straight away and I am hoping this has controlled the swelling and will allow a speedier return - they've also given me some other drugs to take for a couple of months to prevent further recurrence. Rehab is no exercise till its cleared then light running/building up so realistically 2 weeks min  till I can fully return to the programme.

    Well done to everyone braving it out there today -It is nice to be looking at the weather and not running without guiltimage

  • Mennania - Good luck with the rehab, i.e. put your feet up!

    A tough session today: 16M w/12M @ MP. Horribly windy so it didn't bode well, but gritted my teeth and the 12M @ MP came out at an av 6:51mm. That sounds good enough, but I did have to make a couple of enforced stops - one for a bóxer dog bounding up at me and another because i thought I was going to die of dehydration, so I stopped at a drinking fountain, only to find it was dry. There was also a stop at traffic lights to avoid getting run over, so all in all not very satisfactory. I don't know whether I should be pleased or disappointed. Hurrumph.

    Still, that's another week done - 61 miles and a visit to the fizz.

  • Ant you should be pleased, you talked about 7-7.05 pace but you gritted your teeth, got on with it and knocked out a run 10 to 15 secs faster mm pace.

    Give yourself a pat on the back and ffs I want to see positive thoughts from now on.

    2 mile warm up, then the Thatcham early bird windy HM in 1.28.02, then a 1 mile warm down. Bit on the breezy side out there.
  • I'm jealous of those of you who have run already today. I woke up with a headache so bad I couldn't lift my head off the pillow and have only just made it out of bed. I'm steeling myself for 22 miles in *that* weather that I've been listening to for the past few hours.

  • Moof - It's the stopping that I'm not happy about, it's taken the shine off what woiuld otherwise have been a good 'un. .You did a1:28 HM in training? Hats off!

    Speedy - Nothing like a 22-miler to get rid of a headache. Good luck!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great early doors outing, Bike It
    good one again from Ant - you're really toughing these sessions out - I wouldn't worry about a brief stop or two - annoying, yes, but the miles are done, the necessary effort's been expended, so just bask in smugness this afternoon  . . . .
    Good half there, moof  . . .
    just returning from my 13 when you posted, Speedy - you're right, it's pretty blowy out there - included a couple of 3 mile "tempo" sections, but the 2nd was straight into the wind - thought I was back at the Nottm marathon !  
    51 for the week in 6 outings, compared to last week's 60 in 5, but had planned it this way - this week included 7 x 1K(Mon), 6 x 800m(Thu), and today's efforts.
    Good luck with the 22, Speedy  . . . . 


  • Blimey, I think 4.30am isn't even Gul o'clock!  Well done, Bike It.

    Good run, Ant: as t'others have said, it was a good 10-15s/mile faster than you'd hoped for, so very encouraging.

    Nice half, Moof.

    Hope the 22 goes ok, Speedy.  

    18M for me on very tired legs.  Hope that, the hills and the 30mph winds explain the pace: 8.23m/m!  Still, it means 58M for the week, including mile reps and the race yesterday, so all going in the right direction.

  • The exact same thing happened to me on the same run today, Ant - ridiculously badly-trained dog kept trying to chase me and get in front of me, and I had to stop for what seemed like AGES for its owner to ineffectually try to catch it and put it on a lead. Only got away when some other dogs came past and it decided to chase them instead. It was just lucky it was in the 3rd MP mile and not in the horrifically windy 7th or 11th miles, when I might have cried if I'd had to start running again after stopping.

    Get well soon, Mennania, hopefully just in time for the return of some more sensible running weather.

  • Yes Ant it was a training run to make up for missing Wokingham. So tough to get anywhere near HM pace on a long solo run. Last night Indian takeaway and half a bottle of cava didn't help.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Some good running going on. Good luck to Menn with the rehab, have a good rest.

    Over the last few days the lurgy fairy has re-inserted the razor blades into my throat. Very nearly didn't go out yesterday but the heart rate seemed OK and the cod symptoms were neck-up, so I went for it, but nice and easy with a mate.

    Took around 6 miles to get into it and started to feel better. Ended up doing 21 miles at 8.17 pace. Most pleasing aspect was how strong my legs felt despite the wind, rain, hail and everything else nature threw at us.

    I've done a lot of wet and windy running in the past few weeks and still can't completely shake this cold. Maybe the conditions are keeping the bug in my system?

    Well done to anyone doing big distances this weekend, it's grim going!




  • Sorry to hear your news Menn - hopefully it'll be over soon and your fitness will help you recover faster.

    After the cancellation of Wokingham I'd decided to bring my first 20 forward a week. Having said that, I had an awful run on Thursday and was not looking forward to it. Not the best start when I couldn't get out of the village in the direction I wanted because of an ankle deep stream running across the road, so it was out through Windsor, a minor detour to see if the running club is underwater (not quite, but it's within a foot of the door) and into The Great Park. The wind was just brutal, and after 4 miles I felt pretty rough, then even worse at 8 miles and average pace was outside 8:30 per mile so I decided that a 20 was simply not on today, probably as much in my head as in my body. Finally got wind behind at 10 miles and I felt a bit better, and managed to run the last 5 miles in low 7's which shows how much a 25mph tail wind can help. Final score was 15 miles @ 8:05 pace.

    I've never seen the river so high - most of the Windsor Castle estate on the other side of the river is underwater, and the house opposite the boat hire place is completely cut off. The golf course is under about 3 feet of water and Home Park where we do our summer training and where our club house is located is probably 70% underwater.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Crikey, BOTF. And is that even with sand bags etc? After a drought the seasonal rain has arrived here and it's chucked it down non-stop for the past few days giving me a sense of what it going on back home. But the news does tell me quite how serious it is and I hope there is some respite for you all soon.

  • Some good long miles being put in under duresse; well done BOTF and Jools for sticking it out and SB despite your "cod symptoms".

    Literatin - Sorry to hear that like me, you had unwanted company. Really annoying. In fact, now I think of it, it's time for a...


    A super, star prize will go to the first person who guesses correctly what the (male)dog owner said to me after I made my displeasure clear at said beast jumping up at me and attempting to get to know me better by means of drool and muddy/sh*tty paws.

    N.B. Allowances will be made for liberties in translation.

  • Ooh! A competition! I vote for either:

    (a) he's just being friendly,

    or (b) he's not normally like this.

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