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    Ant - sounds lovely (the conditions that is, not your kit!). Can only dream of 15C and sunshine at the moment.

    PMJ - Good going, that. Although your perception of "easy" makes me chuckle with what I'm about to post... (I appreciate we have very different levels of talent and goals though!)

    8 @ something like mara pace in increasingly heavy rain. No Garmin, so the old fashioned approach of measuring a route beforehand and using a simple stopwatch function on my rather antiquated phone. Came out at 58:33, so roughly 7:19 pace, which I'm more than happy with as a vague mara target pace, run to feel. Steady, rather than hard, and could have gone on for a while longer, so hopefully won't be too far off come April. 

  • Abbers, 8 @ anything near MP is way harder than my easy 13. On this thread, absolute pace is pretty much secondary after real effort. There are a lot on here that are way better than I but post slower paces. I am only FGFA start at London whereas most the girls are champs start.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ, good point, the ladies round here display a level of performance that is quite inspiring. Having said which, FGFA isn't to be sniffed at either; I'm way off that standard as a mere 38-year-old, so don't be too modest! Am I right in thinking you're racing at the weekend? Is it a full-on effort and if so, what's your target?

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    and then there's me still on the Green start, missing the Champs by 48 seconds! image 

  • Abbers wrote (see)

    PMJ. Am I right in thinking you're racing at the weekend? Is it a full-on effort and if so, what's your target?

    Wokingham Half. Target on the entry form was 80 minutes but really 82 will be fine. I will race it hard but I will have run 52 miles in the first 5 days this week and Saturday off so there is a limit as to how hard hard will be. Also need to adjust for wind and rain and current rumours have parts of the course under water.

  • Nice work Abbers.

    12 miles from me this lunchtime.  Mother-in-law had a stroke yesterday on top of her cancer, enlarged heart and diabeties she already has.  It seems a minor one though and the doctors have dissolved the blockage, but she has a paralised arm that should recover.  So seems like I've got nothing to moan about really.


  • Abbers- your doing great for your first marathon.keep it going! not so long now! I'm doing the second option and going to try and stick to 7:20-30mm for the 13. hope the weather is good for it! should manage as I did the 9 miler last night in 7:50pace and never looked at the watch once! running to feel? new for me! ha.

    tonight was 5.5 miles with 3.1miles in 19:07 thats another unofficial P.B for me!

    Training is working! Need to run a Parkrun in a few weeks and grab a first official 5k sub 20. 

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - nice target; best take your flippers too, just in case.

    Minni - so a champs qualifying time for 2015 then? image

    BI - sorry to hear about your M-i-L, sounds like she's having a seriously tough time of things. Good 12 bagged.

    Rich - going well. Looks like being wet and windy again Saturday, and just windy on Sunday. It's the younger Ms A's birthday party on Saturday morning, so I'll be running my first 20 early on Sunday. 9 weeks to go... good pace in your unofficial 5k. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You heard it here first- I had a rest day today image

  • 00- you deserve it?!

    Abbers- enjoy your 20 and your kids b-party! oh well I think i am one of the youngest in this thread??? I have a year on you ha, time is flying now! soon be race day! 

    BI- hope your mother in law is on the mend soon! 

    PMJ good luck at the weekend with your race. 82?? wow! jealousy he he

  • Having seen the weather forecast yesterday I wimped out and did my 14 miles on the treadmill whilst listening to 15 chapters of an audiobook. Sweaty, but less hideous than the rain and gale outdoors. I knew I'd made the right choice when I drove home and couldn't actually open the car door to get out because the wind was blowing so hard! Kudos to those of you down South facing the real weather. 

  • Ha! I did my 15 outside. It was all right for the bits where I was running east.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    well deserved sunshine for Ant !
    "I'm moving into shelling peas territory" - a good place to be, PMJ . . .
    not sure a t'mill for 14 miles is such a good place to be tho' !  hope the book was good, Speedy . . . . .
    3 miles to park in pouring rain (but no wind), 6 x half-miles, 3 miles back.  Made me feel I'm training again, rather than just "going for a run"!  
    Hope TR's lurgy is improving . . . . .


  • Thread hug to mrs BI and hope your mother-in-law recovers as well as possible.

    Looking good Abbers and Rich.

    i ventured out in my short shorts and it started lashing down after 5 mins but was perversely rather pleasant. 5 easy plus1.5 at HMP effort on muddy terrain which came out at 6:38ave. Enjoying my cutback week image

  • Bike It - Best wishes to your family at a tough time for all of you.

    Abbers - You're going really well - keep the faith, believe in the plan and trust in your training. It will get you there!

    OO - Some might call that slacking, you know.

    literatin wrote (see)

     I did my 15 outside. It was all right for the bits where I was running east.

    Well, as long as your bits were all right.

    Off out for an 11-miler. This has ceased to be daunting - I agree with PMJ in that having stuck with P&D, the longer stuff is practically at the pea-shelling stage. It's the shorter, faster stuff that frightens me...

    Hope the weather starts playing the game over there.

  • Apologies for the flying visit - I'll read back later. 6 miles @ 8:52 m/m d&d.

  • I've accidentally entered Abingdon marathon.  I say accidentally as it would now be my 4th year of entry and the 3rd year of running.  The advantages are it is 'local' at about 30 miles distance, flat, the weather is often reasonable and transfers are permitted. I think it might be time for a change though.  I fancy Snowdonia, but it's a long way to drive, there is Chester and Bournemouth too.  At least I'm in one so no pressure to enter.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my mother-in-law.  She has been in bad health for about 4 years now with cancer and in and out of hospital frequently so we are somewhat used to the change in her condition.  This is a new problem for her and thankfully it seem that not too much extra damage has been done.

  • Best wishes for youf MIL and missus Bike it - I am toying with both Chester and Snowdonia this year - Chester is a nice race and is my local one, well organised in a beautiful city, although 22 miles of it are in the countryside - its not flat flat, mile 20-24 seem to go on forever with a very very small  but constant incline. Trains to Chester are pretty direct from most places too. Snowdonia, is definitely not Flat!! 

    15 miles last night in pouring rain. Sorry guys, it was definitely not like shelling peas!

  • Lorenzo - nice 8 miler. How is Mrs L getting on? If I remember correctly Stockholm is the same day as Roadrunner, so I make it 16 weeks tomorrow.
    AR - another MLR in the bag.
    Abbers - good MP-ish run. I use the old fashioned approach all the time.
    Ant - We'll exchange you some peas for a bit sunshine if you like.
    PMJ - clocking up some excellent MLRs and LRs - good luck at Wokingham.
    Bike It - sorry to hear your mother-in-law is having such a terrible time. Thoughts with you and the family.
    Rich - nice run - sub 20 should be a cinch!
    OO - hope you enjoyed the rest.
    Speedy - never tried an audiobook (other than kid's books on long journeys), but it might make the dreadmill bearable.
    Birch - well done on the interval session in the rain.
    SJ - good HMP effort in the mud.
    Mennania - good training in the rain. Most direct route for me to Chester is via Ely and Stockport!

  • Best wishes, BI.

    9M for me this morning.  It was meant to be 12M, but I overslept.  Genius.

  • Jools - Some might call that slacking, you know.

    I don't know why I said I had an 11-miler to do, it was 13, which I banged out on tired legs  @ 7:38mm. Not that much fun, just a run to get out of the way, really. Anyway, that's 15, 7 and 13 in the last three days with a weekend of 7 incl. strides and 16 incl. 12 @ MP, which should be a laugh.

    Is Wokingham drying out at all, PMJ?


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image  That's some week Ant!

    Loving everyone entering the Autumn marathons.  I'm at York the week before Abingdon, or is it the week after...? image Can't remember.

  • Rich- time for aparkrun to bag that pavement pb image

    BIke it-accidently entering a marathon ..oops thats careless image 

    Mennania- nice 15 , no peas being shelled here either yet

    Ant- 12 at mara pace that will be tough.

    Long run of 18 @ 8:21m/m icy miles for me this morn, up one hill I thought I was going to start going backwards I was slipping so much but didnt fall over so all good but definately no peas being shelled yet.

    15 days straight so its a rest day tomorra , well if its good enough for 0051 image

  • Best wishes BI.

    The weather doesn't look too great for Wokingham, wet and windy which is just like last year.

    I think I'm about sub 85 shape if the wind behaves itself, but you never know I may find a bit of extra effort with a few pins in my vest.
  • Wokingham is doubtful, latest from race:

    7.2.14 Further Flooding on course that may lead to the cancellation of the race, a decision will be made by 4 pm. Emails will be sent to all entrants.

  • PMJ/ Moof - It's always a shame when they cancel a race, but to be honest, if the conditions are really so bad, it's better not to have to do it.

  • Cancelled now so that is a shame. I had P&D all under control so will need to find another way to do 16 with 12@MP this Sunday. Luckily we had 50 or so people from our club running so they will all need the same long run.

  • Guess my first 20 is going to be a week earlier now.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - if you could do 13M at MP Hans Solo then that'd be a very good sign, and a better indicator than if you do it with some team mates.13M is on limit of MP in training, but you've had an easier week in readiness for Wokingham.

    Still properly rotten here, I've even given up on hoping to do some training and am simply hoping to feel normal again now.

  • Gul, come to Stockport. You would be guaranteed to raise the cultural level.

    Gym news: Charleston-dancing girl has a new move. While on the treadie, she now mixes in the "single-hand beckon" every few minutes, like a cop directing traffic. WHY? I looked out of the window to see if she really was summoning someone, but there was only a small lizard. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

    10m today. Slow. You lot are all cooking on gas, so carry on.


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