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  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    With running through so many flooded areas and biblical rain, it's no wonder I felt like a fish!! image 

    "cod symptoms''. D'oh!

    Competition Entry:
    "You wanna watch where you're bloody well going!"
    2. "Dressed like that, no wonder he went for you!"


  • Literatin - Oooh, so close with (a), but no cigar!*

    SB - No, in fairness to the bloke, at least  he didn't get stroppy.

    N.B. A cigar is NOT the prize.

  • Ant I don't speak the lingo. I won't opt for the obvious 'he is so friendly / just wants to play" ... Piernas de los corredores son muy sabrosos

    Great effort today and came away with more than you set out. Same with moof. I can't do that out on the streets , I have to be whipped all the way by a treadmill to run at pace unless I have a number on my vest

    Another week of Hanson d&d (Week 11 of 20):

    Week 11

    Link to summary document

    Week 11 had the first deviation from the standard ordering of sessions to accommodate Wokingham Half Marathon.  Tuesday remained a Speed session, Thursday was Long, and on Sunday the half marathon to be paced at GMP.

    Tuesdays Speed session was a tough one, with an extra mile included in a speed ladder workout of 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400, all with 400m jog recoveries.  That is the final speed session before the strength sessions being next week.

    Thursday was run as a progressively paced long run.

    Unfortunately Wokingham HM was cancelled due to bad weather / flooding. Some of my local tempo routes were also under water, so I opted to run the session on the treadmill. 16 miles, with 13 @ 6:15 pace felt OK, with heart rate settling at 85% was much better than some of the shorter tempos I have run.

    The plan now adjusts back to normal over the next few days taking care not to overload with too much quality after a weekend tearing it up on the treadmill. The Hanson books provides advice / guidance on this.

    Weekly Stats:

    Total Miles  76 @ 6:58

    Easy miles 45 @ 7:17
    Tempo miles 13  @ 6:15
    Long Run miles  14 @ 7:02
    Speed miles 4 @ 5:30 

  • Menn - I hope you have a speedy recovery and you are back on you feet soon. 

    BB - completely nuts, but if it is good enough to run on why not image

    BOTF - sounds like you did really well to get 15 in. I know what you mean about the Thames - riding through Henly today. I stopped at a set of traffic lights. Put my left foot down and then realised it was in the Thames.

  • okay, how about:

    (c) awww, he likes you!, or

    (d) don't worry; he won't hurt you!

  • Ant: Can I go for either;

    a) He's only a puppy or

    b) He really likes you......

    I am a dog owner and am currently nursing my 19 year old lab who is well  beyond her prime. Its like having a mixture between a baby and a puppy. She has only ever bit one person, 3 seconds after I said to them, 'don't worry, she has never bit anyone'.

  • Competition entry; "I recognise that orange shirt - you're the bloke who did a Paula next to my car......"
  • How about

    A - You want to be careful, she's got a nasty bite.

    B - You shouldn't be running, it winds the dog up.

    C - Don't get my dog dirty.

    D - Oi You! Slow down, you nearly knocked my dog over!

  • I vote for:

    Sorry, he's really randy right now and just wants to shag you.

  • 22 miles done, not enjoyed. I still have a headache. The wind howling in my ears made it worse!

  • How about

    A - wow! Your hot, here's my number.


    B - Fido.....kill!!!
  • You're!
  • I know that grammar error gets on Speedys wick.

    Well done on the 22.
  • moof wrote (see)
    I know that grammar error gets on Speedys wick.

    Well done on the 22.


    moof wrote (see)
    I know that grammar error gets on Speedys wick. 

    Heh - I'm sure she's not that keen on apostrophe abuse, either!

    We have a winner! Well done AR, with "He just wants to play". I pointed out that the dog and I probably differed as to what constitutes "playing". Poacher - that was last week.

  • Ant - I'm 46 and it's a little late in life for evening classes. English was never my best subject, I blame the teachers.
  • OK, so Wokingham off due to flooding but P&D carries on so no sensible option to reschedule so it was a 260 mile round trip with a couple of fellow Dashers to Deal (which is a bit beyond Dover towards Sandwich if you don't know where it is) to run a half there. I wasn't sure if I would or not but the fact that others were going was enough to swing the balance.

    Early start for a couple of cups of tea and a croissant and then about 2:15 in the car to get to the course. Registered and then jogged to the start and it became obvious that the wind was going to be a big factor as it was about 25 mph and just strong and steady at that speed. It was a bit odd, you are used to trees etc waving in the wind but it was so steady things were not waving, just bent.

    Just over a mile jog to warm up and it confirmed that running one way was considerably easier than the other. The course map showed a lollipop, so out uphill and into the wind for 3.5 miles, an elongated 6 mile loop to 9.5  miles and then back down the same 3.5 to the start.

    Looking at last year's results, my target time would be top 10 but there were a lot of people saying they had come over from Wokingham so wasn't sure how it would pan out. A quick hi from a guy on the RW forums who recognised me in my dashers top but I have to say I forgot his handle. Gun goes and 1, 2 and 3 are off and I settle down behind a group of 5 so I'm in 9th place.  Happy that a few guys in front of me are forming an echelon and I tuck in: the plan was to follow in shelter wherever possible. This plan soon fell to bits as the group broke up quickly and I had to tuck in behind a single runner. It soon became obvious that the wind was not the only issue as the course started to climb up a few hills pretty quickly.

    First 4 miles ended up OKish, by now I was on my own and did these 4 miles at an average of 6:25 so happy to see MP was possible uphill and into the wind, but mile 5 was a horror: top of a hill and the wind was wicked and a 7:30 mile to throw everything backwards. The hills and wind started to take turns and it was very hard judging distances: the runner in front could appear very close and then he turned a corner and got a little tail wind and shoot away.

    At about 6 miles I started to pull towards the guy in front in a red Xempo top (sub 3 guy) and I slowly pulled him back up a kicker of a hill from 6 to 6.5 and halfway in 43.5 minutes. My target for Wokingham was 82 so half in 41, 2.5 minutes down. Caught up with him and he dropped me on a downhill but caught up again and exchanged a few words (turned out to be DanA from sub-3 thread) and was surprised to hear his target for Wokingham today was 76: 6 minutes faster than my target! I held on for a while but his long legs had me on the downhill sections.

    Now it was downhill and wind behind for some sections (but still cross winds and uphill bits for the fun of it) so miles 7 to 10 averaged 6:15. I struggled through miles 11 and 12 as there was quite a bit of uphill and I wasn't adjusting to the change of pace quick enough so almost stalled each time I had to go uphill.

    I started to hear the marshals clap after I had gone by so knew someone was close behind and at 12 the winner (already changed and jogged back to 12) said there was a runner closing in behind me. The upside was there was no unknown route so a downhill, short double back uphill and then downhill again. Mile 13 was 5:49 image and he stayed behind me. 5:39 pace for the bit at the end.

    So, just inside 1:25 and average pace was 6:28 so exactly MP. Couldn't do it again like that but tapered and on a flat course is a different beast.

    Won 2nd V40 so happy and my two other Dashers won 3rd lady and 1st V50 so content car full going home.

    66 for the week, cutback next

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Excellent effort for second V40, PMJ!

  • Well done PMJ, worth the journey.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Congrats on the Vet prize PMJ.

    Menn I meant to say bad luck on your illness- I hope it doesn't get in the way of your London plans.

    Tough day at the Bettermere round for me with strong winds and light rain. 2:42 for the 21 mile hilly course which is 7 mins down on last year. Still, it was more about pushing myself at near to race pace. I learned I've not got enough long runs in the legs yet- can barely walk tonight. Intersting the winner (in 2:24 was aged 57) and another guy who passed me was also 57. Amazing...

    54 for me this week    

  • Well done to PMJ and to OO on pleasing times in tough conditions.

    Excellent canine attraction skills Ant. My collie was impeccably behaved on my run today - sheep and walkers alike were given due respect.

    Menna, 19 for a lab is quite an impressive innings. My arthritic lab is nearly 14 and the vet was impressed with that the other day!

    Treacherous on the fells today with the downhills slower than the uphills and I still went a over t. 12 plus 2 at MP effort @ 7:30 ave image Not sure how that would translate to flat road but it was a hard trog through the mud and wind and I dug deep on the last 400m to make the time a bit more respectable. I even threw myself onto the grass rather melodramatically when the watch beeped for a bit of a lie down. It all goes into the bank. 


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Well done to th elong run runners.

    PMJ - nice, sounds like soemthing worth around 80mins, so a decent marker of around 2:50 shape, with time to get fitter still.

    expected zero carded here, so 7 in a row. I'm certainly no healthier than I was this time last week either. If i can be back to it by next weekend (who knows ? how long is a piece of man flu string ?) then I can have 6 weeks training and a 2 week taper, and should be able to keep the streak alive. I'll have to see how the next few weeks go I guess.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Annoyed I missed the competition - its been a winning day for me that might have been No 4!

    Speedy - Hope you ran that headache off?  Dehydration after the mudfest yesterday/

    PMJ - nice running today and OO.

    Ant - if a dog interrupted my 12m @ MP I would have gladly played with it!image

    So today I make the 6 hours round trip to run the hilliest HM in the land in the wind and rain.  *insert confused face*  There is no 'undulating' about this one.

    Everyone had warned me about how hilly it was so I had no target time at all.  The aim was to get a solid run in with the hip holding up and no vomiting or passing out at the end!

    The warm up was bleak. It was pouring and cold and I starting to notice I was the only person wearing only a vest.  Most had full body coverage!  But I stuck to my guns because I knew I'd be too hot within minutes of starting.

    First mile was downhill or flat, which was a nice surprise but then came the first hill that went on and on and on, for a good 3 miles.  I was surprised how good I felt on this and seemed to get into a rhythm and was able to keep it up.  A very steep downhill followed and this was a bit 'ouch' but no sooner did we hit the bottom before it was climbing again. 

    The wind was coming from every direction and a couple of times it literally stopped me in my tracks but it didn't bother me too much because it was rarely head on.  Head winds seem to be the only ones I can't deal with.

    Because I wasn't watching my time I concentrated on picking people off.  About halfway someone called out I was 7th lady so set my slights on No 6.  She obviously had the same thoughts and we both ended up passing No 5!  However, No 6 then took off and I knew I wouldn't catch her. 

    The next big hill starting at about 8.5 miles and went on to about 10 miles.  I didn't pass anyone on this hill but once I got to the top I managed to pick another one or two off in the last few miles.  A small dip around 11.5 miles gave way to the final hill into the finish. 

    1:37.xx for 6th lady, 1st v40 and the winning ladies team.  Hip held up although it was uncomfortable throughout but no vomiting or passing out!!

    I was then in the winning quiz team on the bus!  All and all a profitable day out!




  • Well done Minni, great effort.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Ooh nice one, Minni!

  • Bike It - good hill running at silly o'clock.
    Mennania - hope you recover quickly.
    Ant - excellent pace on your MP run - it's swings and roundabouts with impromptu stops, I think.
    Moof - good HM on a windy day.
    Birch - another good week's training in the bag.
    Jools - good LSR on tired legs.
    literatin - very annoying.
    SB - that's some LSR with the lurgy!
    BOTF - well done on getting out there - sounds grim.
    AR - cooking on gas.
    Speedy - great dedication to get that 22 miler in.
    PMJ - congrats on the podium place and what a cracking finish - you are in fine form.
    OO - great performance - well done.
    SJ - good effort - take care out there.
    TR - hope you improve soon.
    Minni - great result for a hilly, windy HM - congrats on 1st V40!
    10 miles inc. 12 x 100m strides, avg. pace 8:26 m/m.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    top running Minni!

  • Nice one there Minni, saw a lot of bling on facebook so assumed it wasn't too bad of an outing.

  • Well done Minni - careful with that hip!

    These long runs with big chunks at MP are supposed to be hard, right? I managed 17 with 12 at MP yesterday but I don't remember running that hard in any marathon. Then again, I'm a namby-pamby racer.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Right, having finished reading back over about 6 pages of posts... (really must make an effort to get on the thread over the weekends).

    Great racing from Jools, Lit & Speedy in the mud, OO51 doubling up with Parkrun and Buttermere, and excellent HMs in tough conditions/courses from PMJ & Minni. Congrats on the podium places!

    LSRs completed in less than ideal conditions by Lorenzo, Gul, BB, BI, Jools, Lit, Speedy & Sporty; well done on getting them done on another rubbish weather weekend.

    More good training from Moof, Birch, BotF, Slokey, Marrows, AR and Ant.

    Good to see MsE coming back to Blighty.

    Sorry to hear that TR is still battling the lurgy, and healing vibes to Menn as well; make sure you take the resting as seriously as your training!

    In between a weekend of kid's birthday parties, including the youger MsA's 4th birthday on Saturday, I got my first 20 miler done early yesterday morning to round out a 56 mile week. It being my first ever 20, I wasn't worried about pushing the pace, just wanted to get round feeling reasonably comfortable, and achieved that, mostly in the 8:20 region. I get to enjoy an extra rest day today as part of a cut back week, and my reconditioned Garmin has arrived as well, so back on the data.


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Morning all
    Good to see Speedy got the 22 done, and good 20 from Abbers . .
    tough workouts well completed by Slokey & marrows . . 
    nice early 10 from Gul  . .
    but - top weekend kudos to PMJ, Minni, & OO - hard, hard racing in wild weather, with fair bit of travelling to boot - well done !  

    11 easy to start the week here - sunny and calm, but a few icy patches.  

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