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  • My next few weeks have long runs as follows:

    15, 26.2, 16, 16, 18, 15, 50, 0, 6, 10, 14, 16, 15, 15, 16, 17, 17, 18, 20, 17, 15, 12, race 

  • Good long MP run from Marrows, and lots of worthy long stuff from the usual suspects.

    Birch - You really must have built some endurance after all that lot. Which marathon are you going to do, Manchester, wasn't it?

    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    I am a bit of a woos and prefer 20 with a number on my vest than a solo 18 with a hard middle.

    I sympathise with that - in fact I was going to postpone last Sunday's MP effort seeing as I have a HM this coming Sunday, but then, The Plan Is Not To Be Questioned, as Abbers knows by now.

    I nailed the session this morning. As tired as I was feeling and as little as I was looking forward to doing it, the 9M incl. 6 x 800m off 2-min jog recoveries went well: 2:58, 2:57, 2:54, 2:56, 2:55 and 2:54. Now I wonder what I should target in Sunday's HM...

    Funnily enough, the boxer dog that jumped at me on Sunday was there, again off the leash, with its owner. I gave both of them a "Just try it, pal" look and it seemed to do the trick!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    LR - not that I know much about fine tuning for a mara, but Jools' advice sounds sage. Running it in a progresive style, rather than racing, would save burning too many matches.

    Blimey SJ - that's a lot of miles laid out like that!

    6.5 including 15 x 200m polished off. 200s all came out between 43 & 45 secs after an initial 47 & 46.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    x-post - good session Ant, consistent splits. Is Sunday a PB attempt?

    No more questioning of the plan. At least not this week.

  • LunchtimeRunner wrote (see)


    So PMJ, you are planning 20@ MP 5 weeks before VLM? Isn't that more than most people would recommend?


    It is a personal thing and as others say, some like it and others don't.

    In 2011 I did 20 at 6:49 pace (2:16:33) with Gade Valley, great training runs they organise before VLM,

    In 2012 I did 20 at 6:26 pace(2:08:10) at the Finchley 20. That was Mar 11 and VLM April 22.

    This year I will do Finchley 20 again on March 9 and VLM Apr 13 so a bit sooner so  will try for 2:10.

    SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    My next few weeks have long runs as follows:

    15, 26.2, 16, 16, 18, 15, 50, 0, 6, 10, 14, 16, 15, 15, 16, 17, 17, 18, 20, 17, 15, 12, race 

    Like the dropped in casually 26.2 training run.

  • OK, PMJ, I'll take an easier option image and go with something more along the lines of Jools' (+Abbers') advice. I'll say hello if I spot you, Jools; and assuming it's on - I almost signed up for Wokingham instead, glad I didn't now ... 

  • Jantastic seems to be coming along nicely

    The large teams are starting to fail. 13 large teams got 100% in January (33.33% of Jantastic) but a few have started to falter with the miles.

    We are ranked #2 behind NORTH WALES CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SHIN SPLINTS which has 22 members and 6 are under 100% so even though they are ahead at the moment, it is just fast starters. I see some people have hit 50% already so have completed week 2 but with a target of 3 runs and a maximum distance of 2 miles it isn't really cricket to have done it by Tuesday evening.

  • Ahem, I've just logged 2 runs of my target of 4image

    PMJ, I'm surprised you didn't notice the 50 in the list as a training run..... Nice gung- ho 20mile racing planned. Don't think I'd fancy that before an all-out marathon personally but it obviously works for you.

  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    Ahem, I've just logged 2 runs of my target of 4image

    PMJ, I'm surprised you didn't notice the 50 in the list as a training run..... Nice gung- ho 20mile racing planned. Don't think I'd fancy that before an all-out marathon personally but it obviously works for you.

    Missed that, I guess the eye gets used to scanning numbers, so double take, 50 miles, WTF! Bet your 2 runs are longer than 2 miles.

  • Jantastic update - we're now ranked no.1!!!! Has anyone done the analysis to see which large team has done the most runs per runner. Bet we're right up there.

    Am I reading the results correctly, or are there a couple of people claiming to have done 10 or more runs already this week?! Hmmm.

    Nice plan SJ - love the sneaky 50 miler in there.

    Ant - good bit of canine-directed intimidation there. 

    Working from home today while we had a new set of radiators put in (do I win an award for the most boring topic of conversation introduced on the thread?), so managed to find time to sneak in a hilly 12 miler first thing. Cold and drizzly in places, but better that than battling with the rush hour. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Thank you for the Jantastic update PMJ. image

    Well done to the whole team. We're almost halfway through, keep it going.
  • Birch, that's a lot of big runs baggedimage Which race are you targeting?

    Brilliant session Ant, on top form. Good luck with your pending half.

    Had a bit of a big mileage weekend (38 miles) and only did a 4 mile recovery last night. Luckily that paid off with a good 1000m rep session tonight at Vicky Park. Slowest two were 3.41 & 3.40 and the rest 3.36 image. No rollerblade lady tonight or cyclist to catch up, but plenty of random dogs to dodge.

  • Ant - cracking set of reps - still strong at the end.
    Abbers - good 200m intervals.
    Lorenzo - radiators are not at all dull and boring when they allow you to work from home and sneak in a nice run.
    KR - lots of good sessions going down.
    4 mile recovery run for me this morning at a plodtastic 9:23 m/m. I'd better log it on Jantastic now to hit 50% for the week.

  • Well done to the Jantastic crew. 

    Did club session yesterday evening (8 x 3 mins + 2 mins jog on an undulating loop) so with the morning's recovery run and running to/from the session ended up on 15M for the day: almost like marathon training!  We started the club session in a hailstorm and I was absolutely frozen by the time I got home.  Damn this wind and rain.

  • KR, how was that 38 made up? Two or there runs? Friday through Sunday or hardcore Saturday and Sunday?

    I did Battersea and Hyde Park yesterday so need to arrange a lunchtime thread meet in either or both of the parks for those who can get to West London. Wednesday or Thursday next week look like good slots for me.

    9 miles with 6x800m @ 5k pace for me today: goose shit track is calling.

  • Goose track sounds intriguing PMJ! 38 was made up of 10 Friday night, 8 Saturday morning and 20 Sunday morning.

  • Nice to see the VO2 stuff sneaking in - good effort KR and Ant- Thats where you wanted to be if I remember correctly.

    Just played a joker on JT.

  • Jantastic is going quite well for us - we were #1 when I registered a run a few minutes ago.  The good news is we haven't picked up any injuries yet, although we've had our share of sickness.

    Lorenzo - I will match your radiator with my car's broken power steering. 

    There's been lots of good running going on lately - particularly the weekends racers and MP 'soloists'.  Not sure how Ant managed to follow his long MP on Sunday with a VO2 session yesterday - that's good going

    I went into the mythical LT pace run yesterday.  I say mythical as I haven't done one for more than 8 months and was very uncertain if I could handle the pace.  Normally I should run it at around 6:40 pace, but opted to plan for 7:00 to 6:50 pace for the first one in a while.  I did 5 miles at LT which came out at 6:46 average.  I'm happy with that for now and it gives me a baseline to improve from.

    My weight is down to 85.2kg now from 90.3kg.  This is really helping too.  A few more kg gone by April-June and things will get easier still.  So all numbers are going in the right direction - I might have a chance come April 13 and June 1.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Good work from all the Jantastic peeps; keep it up.

    Nice 12 miler from Lorenzo; hope the new radiators are living up to expectations!

    Good pace after a big weekend KR - you're flying at the moment.

    Good work from Jools too. In complete agreement - the weather now has my permission to improve. Enough is enough (although it looks like the weather gods may disagree with me on that point).

    BI going nicely too, exceeding expectations in your LT run. Weight loss, faster times; all good.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Ant, KR - yes, Manchester is the (not yet entered) race  - btw, you two seem to be posting some fine training efforts  . . . . . .
    Great day's work yesterday, Jools . . .
    Impressive lard shifting, Bike It
    PMJ style session too this morn - 10.5 inc 6x800 in park (was prob about 850m, as a detour had to be undertaken to avoid patch of sheet ice). Not timing any of these efforts yet . . . . . .

  • I also did the thread theme of 6x800 last night. All at 6 mm - strange how they got progressively easier. 

    I managed to turn up for work this morning having forgotten both my lunch and my shirt.  That's a first. 

  • Slokey, I have an imagw of you walking about bare chested and hungry!

    Birch, I'm doing manxheater too. Would be good to catch up if you enter.
  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ - nice intervals. Not sure about KR's imagination though... sounds like something from a post-apocolyptic movie! image

    Having been largely dry all morning, it's now wet & windy outside (yet again). Seems like the perfect time to go out for an easy 9, says my plan (and as I've been reminded, don't question the schedule). So, off we go!

  • Did the goose shit track sessions, 6x800m and they came out as 3:08, 3:03, 3:01, 3:01, 2:59 2:57.

    The wind was really bad, almost stopping me on the home straight and blowing me so fast down the back straight I was almost falling forwards, massively uneven 200m splits of about 40 and 50 seconds. First one was a bit rusty and I took it far too easy over the first 200 but the others came in nicely.

    Two other runners out, one doing P&D 70-85 and doing the exact same 6x800m session but off 600m jog whereas I was doing it off 400m jog. The other gets my nomination for weird runner of the week award (WROTWA): he had one sock on and the other foot was bare and he was running diagonals on the football pitch in the middle of the track. Once he had finished, he put on socks and trainers and cycled away.

    Chucking it down here now so smug with the early start.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - this thread seems to have a fair few weirdo sightings! Do these people actively gravitate towards thread members? Nice session in the wind. Any sign of the geese?

    Even in the last couple of months of wet & windy runs, today's was particularly filthy. Getting a bit fed up with it to be honest. Even had the security guard questioning my sanity when I got back. Done now though.

  • Hi all - good work on the jantastic!image

  • Abbers, lots of geese. The track is next to the London Wetlands Centre with thousands of birds who do not know the difference between the centre and the acres of playing fields next to it. Track is always covered in geese, geese graze grass like cows and shit like cows too.

  • PMJ-nice 800 reps in windy conditions .but one sock on /one off much be a reason,or maybe not ?

    Birch/Joe- More 800's nice.

    KR-38 in a weekend image

    Bike it - Nice LT run .

    I did 8 yesterday , started snowing heavy so i thought id better get out asap but it got so heavy I had to look sideways and follow the armco as I couldnt see ahead for a while , then it all calmed down again.

    Today 12 with 4 @ LT pace , 6:48, 6:53, 6:51, 6:52. It was so icy with so much slush about the only place to go was the gravel running track for 10 of the miles and it was partially flooded with a  20m stretch of ice too o one turn ,I think my feet thawed it though before I left.image

  • PMJ, perhaps he was carefully transitioning to barefoot running and is now on the penultimate stage.

    Hats off (probably literally) to those who've been training outside today. Good work.

  • Pfft.  Still at work and at least another hour or so to go, so unintentional 2nd rest day of the week for me.

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