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  • Spot on, there is a huge difference between the road running style and the ultra shuffle. The meeting point is in races around 40-50m in which one sees both types and can instantly identify who is an ultrarunner slumming it at "middle distance", and a marathoner getting a nosebleed out of the comfort zone.

    SJ it sounds like you are getting it right with the low impact running. Keep the docs at bay for as long as you can.

    Double today - 8m AM + 4m PM. It's a start. Quite enthused

  • 1GL - Thanks and welcome back! I'm considering changing my name to 1GLtoo!image

    SJ - What you do seems to work for you.

    Abbers - Sorry to hear about your cricket injuries, least you have your swimming to fall back on. I am considering doing some trail running as there are some lovely coastal cliff path trails here and although I do love road running I think it will benefit me to do some of that and I love nature too so it's a win win situation.

    Birch - I am not surprised you feel tired, you have been notching up some serious miles. You're entitled to feel like that.

    TAR - image. Nice time on the feet run. I can't remember the last time I ran for 2 hours.

    I hope to resume jogging in 2 weeks' time and then start to rebuild for a November 10k and then perhaps some pacing duties at the Jsy Half which is also in November. Weather here has been amazing this week and looking forward to some solo beach chill time this weekend to recharge the batteries and maybe chance a dip in the ocean.

  • x-post - Poacher - Good to hear you are back in the game! So you are doing the Flanders marathon then? My sister lives near Brussels and I am thinking about heading over there next year and doing a race if I can find one that is on when I'm there.

  • Yes going to Flanders, the mara follows what was the WW1 front line from the Belgian coast back to Ypres.  There is a website which may help you find a race.

    GM - good luck with the recharging


  • Poacher - I've heard of this event before and it sounds fab. Thanks for the website.

  • marrows - Normally visibility doesn't impact on my pace or distance, but on Weds my glasses misted up and I couldn't see where I was going, hence I slowed down and then turned round and headed home!
    MsE - nice tempo run.
    GM - it can certainly drag.
    SJ - hope work eases up a bit soon.
    OGL - good luck with the time trial. My target for Mablethorpe is to finish it!
    Poacher - 10 days? Don't peak too early.
    Leslie - that's great news!
    Birch - I'll probably go out for an early morning runimage
    4 easy miles d&d.

  • SlokeyJoe - sorry to hear about the hip.  Any ideas why you are so surprisingly mobile despite it?

    GM - I'll look into Suunto, thanks

    Lorenzo, MsE - the forerunner 210 is perfect for me when it works but is not designed to be waterproof (odd decision for outdoor kit!) so if it rains or even if I sweat a lot, you can see condensation inside the screen.  Every once in a while it won't switch on, I leave it to dry out, and after a couple of day's it's fine again.  But this time it's properly dead.  I am waiting to see if Chain Reaction Cycles will repair/replace it (for the 3rd time), else I could well be making an offer to MsE!

  • Northern grit and sexiness Marrows.

  • Marrows - have you tried sending it back to Garmin? When my 305 has packed up I've sent it back to them and then got another one (not sure whether it's my old one or another reconditioned one) and it only costs £50 so certainly cheaper than buying a new one. I think I'm on my third having gone down this route.

    Have a look at (under the tab called "out of warranty").

    Rest day for me this morning and managed a lie-in until 6.15 before my body alarm clock went off.

  • SJ - Didn't realise that things were so severe, carry on running sensibly for as long as you can, as you're currently doing and make sure that you enjoy it.

    Birch - belated birthday best wishes.

    GM - two weeks will pass quickly, take the time to different things.

    Poacher - How many mara's have you done now?

    Gul - am trying to remember if you've done a mars since your long stint in London, what was you last one?

    Marrows - if your 210 is being changed for the third time you obviously don't agree with that make/model.

    Lorenzo - what's a rest day?

    Did my short 6 miler time trial thingy last night, came out at 6:51 pace and felt horrid from the off. legs were dead and unresponsive the whole way. So based on previous experience, it means I'm in 39:30 or so 10K form, comfortably sub 40 but not close to sub 39. Might be able to find the 30 or so secs if I can get life back into the legs in the next week.

    No running planned for today, but a parkrun is on the cards for tomorrow, anyone else racing this weekend?

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    Northern grit and sexiness Marrows.

    Sorry, I will have to flag this one as it is (probably) against RW guidelines to make wild unsubstantiated comments. image

  • I really am from the North MsE!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    +1 for the garmin replacement service.  I will be doing this once I'm training again.

    Hip update.  Scan results are in.  Spinal can shows some degenerate change but nothing to cause any concern.  image   Hip scan shows a labral tear.  image  Awaiting a date for surgery.  image 


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Agh Minniimage  

    Do they know if it was as a result of femoral acetabular impingement or something else?  Did they discuss a non-surgical approach?  I know the recovery period seems a long time from what I have read but it will be over quickly in the grand scheme of things.  I was out with my achilles issues for over a year.  So sorry.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    No discussions yet - just a letter.  I'm not interesed in a non-surgical approach to be honest.  I've had this for well over a year and had 5 months on prescription anti-inflammatories, 10 months of physio, periods of complete rest, periods of concentrating on core and strength, I've stretched so much that I now have an exceptional range of movement in my hip joints and nothing has helped. 

    Its not the result I wanted but the quicker the knife comes out the better.   image


  • I'm really sorry to hear that, Minni.  Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the op. I was going to post a few made-up medical sounding words, in the hope that it might help.  But it seems MsE beat me to it.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Abingdon, Ms Acetabular.  We'll each have a new person to bore with our tales of Achilles injuries.  How thrilling.

    OGL  - I'm so confident of this one that I've even pre-paid for my accommodation in Abingdon.  It finally dawned on me that I'm unable to run on consecutive days. So I devised a cunning plan which entails only running on, er, alternative days.  Or even on every 3rd day if I fear my bones are crumbling.  Woefully inadequate for marathon training, of course.  But it increases the likelihood of making it to the start line.  Enjoy your parkrun tomorrow.

  • Ouch Minni, but better to know and have a plan for fixing it. Here's hoping for a quick turnaround and uber fast recovery.... 

  • (((Minni)))

    OGL - 52, but by this time tomorrow....
  • OGL- sub 40 form sounds good to me image

    Minni - at least then now know whats wrong , hope you get it sorted soon 

    Tar - its all about getting to the start , I didn't even make it to the start last time image

    Poacher - 52 mara's and counting ! that's crazy image

    another 3 miles easy, right leg a bit tight today after 5 weeks out  but will be ok .

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Also sorry for you Minni but assuming this is better than damage to the hip joints themselves.

    Poacher you are a hero, makes me look like a novice...

    Nothing to report here as virtually no runs this week. Pre GNR doubts but I'm going to stick with my 1:21-22 forecast.


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    tomorrow, Poacher?  Isn't Flanders next week? 
    enjoy parkrun, OGL
    Minni -
    sorry to hear that, but I've no doubt you will be back  . . . .

  • Other leg is feeling rather good today!image

  • Lorenzo - good lie-in.
    OGL - tempo run gives you a good starting point - best of luck with parkrun. London is still the only mara I have finished - since then I have had one DNS and a DNF.
    Minni - sorry to hear that.
    TAR - not running at all seriously increases the chances of making the start line - not so sure about the finish line though. One day.
    Poacher - seriously impressive. Is no 53 today, then?
    14 miles to round off my cut-back week. 7 miles slow @ 9:00 m/m, and 7 miles easy @ 8:19 m/m.

  • Sorry to hear that Minni.  

    I tried to run 9 miles yesterday.  It was a mistake.  Walking breaks from 5 miles.  I am a novice once again

  • Minni - keeping my fingers crossed for you. Any idea how long until you'll know what the plan for you is?

    Gul - still going strong. What sort of mileage is a cutback week for you?

    Hope everyone who's been parkrunning this morning has had a good run and good luck vibes to all the GNR crew tomorrow.

    Another unfuelled hilly long run for me this morning - half a glass of water and then out of the house for 19.5 miles into the Surrey Hills and round Leith Hill. Very pleasant and didn't really suffer from lack of energy although I was taking it easy (average pace 8:08).

    What was really odd was that when I got back, it didn't feel like I'd been out for over 2 and a half hours. Maybe it was because I was thinking about lots of other things or maybe it was because I wasn't wearing a watch or a Garmin but the time seemed to go really quickly (in a positive way). Very Zen Buddhist like.image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo, 8:08 is hardly taking it easy on a hilly course...

  • Minni – (((hugs))), wish I could offer something positive, can you do any running or training at the moment?

    TAR – Here’s hoping that you make it over the start line, and find the way to the finish in a satisfyingly low time.

    Poacher – 52, I’m impressed. I assume there’s a few ultra’s in that total. Over what timescale have you achieved this?

    Leslie – a steady comeback, are you aiming for anything specific?

    OO – good luck at the GNR

    GM – Keep positive and enjoy the good feelings

    Gul – Good miles.

    Lorenzo – Nice long run, you must have been out at nearly Gul o’clock. In previous years I enjoyed running in the early dawn on Sunday mornings before there were people or traffic about on the moors, very Zen like, a different world.

    Parkrun for me this morning, legs were better than Thursday but not energetic or keen. Seemed to have only one gear and came home in 18:40. Splits were 3:44, 3:47, 3:43, 3:47 and 3:39 as I pushed for the line.

  • Duplicate post, sorry.

  • Marrows, apparently the Garmin FR10 is extremely waterproof, though much simpler than the rest.

    I'm sending good thoughts out to those with cranky hips... I've had to downgrade my fall marathon from a race to a gentle wander around (about 2m/m slower) with my brother-in-law because my hip flexor has taken a huge bite out of the current training schedule. 

    As for the rest of you healthy people -- I'm happy for you and jealous at the same time. Vicarious mileage isn't quite as good as real miles, but it's a start.

  • Lorenzo - Very positive long run there and I agree re the Garmin, it takes the pressure off and you can just enjoy being in that moment.

    OO - Keep the faith, you will do very well in the GNR. I am sure you will.image

    Minni - Sorry to hear that.

    1GL - That's a tasty park run time there and excellent splits. Which park run do you run? Thanks again, my leg is feeling much better each day now and I reckon I may be back sooner than I imagined. Not going to rush back but I am feeling good.

    SJ - image

    Bike it - Try take it easy and you will be back to your best soon.

    Leslie - Ditto.

    Glorious weather here and just about to head down for a dip in the ocean.image


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