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  • Lorenzo- nice long run 

    1gl- great parkrun time .As for my plan that depends on my dodgy knee but if things improve I will be going back to base building as all the races are over this year and ramping up the mileage slowly and trying to avoid speed-work for a month or so .I will only target 2 key races next year if im in good shape, a half mara in march and a mara at the end of may .Craming in lots of speed-work and races this year on reduced mileage compared to last year was working brilliantly  until I overdid it and pulled a hamstring (again image)  image

    Gerard - sounds like good news then for you 

    Bike it - we all feel like novices after any time out 

    00-51-a 1:21 half would be no bother for you now I suspect especially with old rivals to race image

    Gul - nice 14 you are flying now 

    Rennur - get well soon and back of the bench

     3 mile today, giving me a total of 9 this week image right leg felt very tight after 2 miles though so not so good , I blame the stretches ,but knee feels ok (ish) Physio on monday again more running ban I hope image

  • Well no. 53 was hard, a vicious combination of hills, tough terrain, difficult navigation and the worst route instructions I have ever seen.  On the plus side, lots of TOTF, the Garmin recorded 29.6m, and there was pie/chips/builder's tea at the finish. Report later. (OGL - it's taken 10yrs with the bulk in the last 6 yrs)

    Some very nice runs recorded on here this w/e, good luck to those racing tomorrow. And those benched.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great parkrun, OGL - wish my one gear  was as quick . . . . .
    Good long run, Lorenzo  . . .likewise Gul's 14
    BikeIt - you'll be back - I'm proof  . . . . .
    Rennur - sorry to hear of the injury
    Gerard - so far, so good - onwards & upwards - good vibes to you  . . .
    Poacher - image -  you are the man; btw, what is TOTF?
    21 this morn - 2 laps of 10.5 loop - half rough track, half tarmac - easy pace track, tempo tarmac x2


  • Go Go O O !

    Well done Poacher on another notch on the trainers. Sounds like a tough day out!

    Tasty long and park running going on 

    Nothing quite so energetic here: 90min bike followed by a 2 mile run yesterday to test the legs and then an evening dip in Windermere to reacclimatise to british lake water - yum yum.  60 min easy but progressive run today. Back on it!

  • Odd parkrun yesterday. Half marathon today and I was planning on a rest day but I missed two runs in the week so needed a few miles so went for an easy one and drove down and back instead of the usual 3 miles run there and 3 miles back. Usual backup plan in place which means if nobody fast comes I have a go at first finisher but fast guy appears at the start line and duly wins sub 17 so no excuses not to have a jog: 5 km at 4 minutes for 20. As far as I can tell that is pretty much what I did: my finish was 19:54 and my final 3 splits were 4 minutes: I forgot to start the Garmin so missed first km and second was short.

    So, started and I was back in about 20th place with little people all round me but by 1 km I was in 11th place. Nothing really odd there: fast starters, but it just carried on. By 2k I was into 10th with 2 groups of 3 and 5 ahead and fast guy in the distance, then passed the group of 3 just about half way so in 7th, and the group of 5 had split up, then slowly 6, 5, 4 and up to 3rd and onto the shoulder of 2nd. No chasing, no desire to chase, just even pace.

    Then in the last 800m or so, a few came back past me so I was 5th in the end. Could have easily had second if I wanted but very odd to see how an even run got me so far forward from so far back.

  • Interesting experiment there PMJ - hope it goes well today.

    Nice one Poacher - 53 is an impressive amount. How many different ones have you done. More to the point, what's the timescale for joining the 100 Club? image

    Sounds like Leslie H and GM are on the road to recovery.

    3.5 mile recovery run this morning - my aging legs felt a bit heavy this morning. Have managed to clock up 49 miles for the week which isn't too bad at this stage of things.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Parkruns are great for experiments...

    GNR time- report back later folks, thanks for the messages 

  • GM – Edinburgh is the normal parkrun, although have done a few others, but none as flat or straight as Edinburgh.

    Leslie – what stretches are you doing and what is the specific problem?

    Poacher – await the report, when and where is number 100 planned?

    Birch – Wish I was in the form to knock out an easy 21.

    SJ – a bike-run-swim combo of over 2 hours is a decent long session.

    PMJ – Sounds like a standard parkrun. Up here running even pace and starting on the second row you can be down in seventieth place after 500m, then you drift back up the field, gaining thirty odd places by mid-point and eventually finishing in the twenties.

    Lorenzo – Your 49 trumps my measly 25 for the week.

    Out at 6:30am this morning, 9 miles at 7:20 pace (62% WHR), by mile six I was still thinking that I should be wearing gloves.

  • Minni - Hope all goes well for you. As you say, an operation will bring relief, where other method's haven't. Many years ago, I was in a similar position with my right knee. A bad climbing accident left it battered & broken. I tried all sorts, but eventually 2 operations mended it & meant I could become properly active again.

    Poacher - 53 up. Sounds an interesting (and frustrating?) course. Looking forward to your report.

    Birch - Another decent long run put away.

    Lorenzo - Nice Zen long run there.

    OO51 - Too late to wish you good luck, as you must already have finished. Hope you had a great run.

    20 miles this morning. Set up a drinks station at the side of my house and did 2x7.5 road & 1x5 hilly trail in 2:27:23 in brilliant autumn sunshine. Which brings to an end a 10 day running training block of 78 miles, including 2 long runs, a marathon pace run and 2 track rep sessions. I will be on the bike tomorrow. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great block, Fishy - you training for a particular target?

    6 easy here to complete 55 for the week.

    Edit - I've now entered Mablethorpe . .

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    out of interest (or maybe not) ! - we all know the approximate mileage shoe manufacturers recommend; I decided to log my shoe miles as an experiment. Currently Brooks Vapor on 826 miles, and Adidas Stability Response 4 on 1,000 precisely. Did all long runs pre Manchester this year, and all long ones so far in Mable buildup in the Adidas. Actually, they still feel pretty good, but as 1,000 is a nice round number, I've decided to retire them - to which end I've given them some new yellow laces for their next



    life as everyday shoes  . . . . .


  • Birch - I'd say 1,000 miles is a lot of miles for one pair of trainers. I stopped logging my mileage earlier this year but in the past I have had to change over to a new pair after about 600 or so miles. I mainly run in Saucony's, did have one pair of Adidas a few years ago, didn't like them and gave them to the charity after about 200 miles. Currently running (well obviously haven't been for a while) in Sketchers GoRide 3. I really like them, they are a nice light and bouncy shoe. Thinking of investing in a new pair of Saucouny Ride's for longer distance when I eventually get back to that type of running again.

  • Nice LR Fishy
    Birch - TOTF = time on the feet, an important consideration in long distance training
    Nice experiment PMJ

    Anyway, the Hills & Dales challenge had lots of hills and lots of dales. It's a self-navigated and largely unmarked route round deeply rural bits of the Peak District on the Derbys/Staffs border. A beautiful area with unspoiled villages, remote farms, limestone cliffs & gorges, caves, bogs and fabulous views (after the thick fog lifted anyway). The navigation was torturous and the supplied notes, err, not the easiest to follow.  "Track" could mean anything from a normal tarmac road down to an unmarked path through a field full of nettles.  "Left" could mean "straight ahead, ignoring the left turn". Etc etc. So it took a very long time to get round, I'm an OK navigator but still got lost repeatedly.   All part of the challenge. On the plus side, the volunteers at checkpoints and the finish were lovely, there was cake galore, money was raised for young victims of Chernobyl, and people seemed to be having fun.   My first long run since June and a head-earned finish to no.53. Next week no.54. Phew.  And no, the 100 club does not beckon.

  • Birch - Nottingham Marathon in 3 weeks time, which I last did in 2011 with a beast of a wind. I now realise, though didn't know it at the time, that you and I finished that particular race only a few seconds apart.

    I retire my shoes at between 500 and 600 miles or I get injured. Is the bottle of wine to celebrate their retirement?

  • Only a matter of time Poacher. Well done again on conpleting an unnecessarily difficult race.

    Ullswater swim for me today. Headed up to the top of the lake early doors, wetsuit on, in the water and then just swam.

    4.5hrs later I got to the southern end. 7.8ish miles depending on who's watch you trust. No dramas. Just perfect conditions and beautiful scenery to catch a glimpse of every few seconds. Loved it.

  • Heck SJ that swim is epic, make my meagre effort look like a scroll in the park. Well done you, big stamina displayed

  • Half today and nice lift by a friend got us there on time with plenty to spare. Plan was twofold: first priority get a bag of club champs points and second priority something which looked like 1:25. Outcome was 1:24:30 and second place for the club so two ticks which should mean a smile on my face but in reality a good couple of minutes down on the pace I should be running at and the first home for the club was a v50 who did 1:21:40 so just as I close in on 50 next year and was thinking 1:22:14 looked hard, the bar rises. I guess that is why they are records.

    Run itself pretty uneventful: set off and by mile 1 was 5th for the club and starting to feel sorry for myself but I was looking at 6:30 pace and doing 6:15 so decided not to chase and then overtook at miles 2, 5 and 10 so again a more steady start and the waiting game played off. Last few miles were hard but that is to be expected with no specific training for the half but a good mark in the sand for Cabbage Patch 10 miles in 6 weeks time and enough time to work on such.

  • SJ - Wow, that is an epic swim and glad you enjoyed it so much.

    PMJ - Good solid half performance from you and as you say more to come with specific training.

    1GL - I've not done a park run as it hasn't happened here in Jersey where I live but I am told it is coming.image

    Poacher - Congrats on No.53! That's very prolific marathon/ultra running if the bulk of them have been done in the last 6 years.

    Fishy - That's a very quick 20 miler, what's your target for your marathon?

    Just about to settle down and watch the GNR highlights with a nice cold IPA.


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    More epic stuff, Poacher, SJ
    4.5 hours running seems bad enough, but swimming !!! I tip my (bathing) cap  . . . .
    Fishy - yes, the ceremony required a celebratory tipple  . . .
    & I remember (not fondly) the gale at Nottm 2011 . . good luck this time !

  • Definitely swimming caps off to SJ for a monster performance. We don't want to lose you from this thread but given the troublesome parts of your body, would you be better off concentrating more on the swimming and less on the running? Not sure cycling fits into that equation though.

    Fishy - what's your target for Nottingham? Can't say it was my favourite marathon having had a very bad patch going round the rowing lake when I did it a few years ago.

    PMJ - hitting the two main goals for the event sounds like a good return to me!!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    1:21:12 at the GNR today in hot conditions. The race was a breeze up to 10 miles going through in around 61:30 but much tougher after that.   3rd V50 in the end which is a nice statistic.

  • OO - I was wondering how you got on. Fab time/result and podium V50. I want to do it one day and hopefully will.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great result, OO - time and position very satisfying, I would imagine ! 

  • Well done, OO: fab time and placing - I bet the age-grading is pretty impressive, too.

    Life continues to be busy this end but ground out 22M at 8.05m/m this morning to bring up 70M for the week.  Pretty tired so aiming for an early night and hoping I feel rejuvenated tomorrow as a result!

  • Fishy- nice speedy long run.

    OGL-doing these apart from no6, also doing back stretches and some quad/thigh stretches these that are tough, one you kneel then lean back till your hands touch the ground then try and push your pelvis forward..took me 10 days of trying just to reach the ground never mind the lift but improving slowly image

    Problem is my knee was very sore after every run at the front below kneecap and under it , if I ran though it next run dragging my leg as needed it would ease after about 2 miles but 30 mins after stopping it was back and after a hard run bending my right leg wasn't possible as it siezed up. Hoping for some improvement  but don't think its fixable really....Its fine if I don't run but what goods that ?

    OO-51-I said 1:21 was no bother for you, well done image Didn't MO do well todayimage 

    Joolska -70 miles that's excellent image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You were spot on Leslie. I was secretly hoping for a shade quicker but analysing the results, most people struggled 2nd have with sizeable positive splits, so I'll take that. Massive miles Jools, don't know how you do it....

  • 00-51- do you think there is a 1:20 to be had ? , would wava well that  number ? image

  • Great stuff OO - fab time and a podium finish to boot.

    Flights and hotel for Comrades booked - no turning back now!

  • Hi all

    Apologies for not posting but I've been keeping an eye on you all, too many to mention.

    But have to say impressive swim Slokey, just back from my hols where I attempted a mile sea swim, gave up after half a mile.

    Great Half time from you OO. 

    Sorry to hear there's a few carrying injuries. Hope it's not too long till you're all fixed.

    I've had a really consistent couple of months of marathon training and feel I'm getting into decent shape to give Abingdon a good blast.

    No racing from me as I've been sticking to the p&d plan. This week I've ran 85 miles with a comfortable 24 miles this morning.

    Hope my good fortune and training continues to Abingdon.

    Look forward to meeting MsE and TAR at the race.

    Keep up the good training people.


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Outstanding swimming from SJ!  The mind boggles at the thought of swimming as far as we might run.

    Given the weather today, those HM performances from PMJ and OO are darned impressive.  Chapeaux, gentlemen!

    Jools - you are a mileage monster and I hope I can reach those heady heights one day when my soft tissue gets its act together.  Looking good for the HM in 2 weeks' time!

    moof wrote (see)

    Hi all

    Apologies for not posting but I've been keeping an eye on you all, too many to mention.

    But have to say impressive swim Slokey, just back from my hols where I attempted a mile sea swim, gave up after half a mile.

    Great Half time from you OO. 

    Sorry to hear there's a few carrying injuries. Hope it's not too long till you're all fixed.

    I've had a really consistent couple of months of marathon training and feel I'm getting into decent shape to give Abingdon a good blast.

    No racing from me as I've been sticking to the p&d plan. This week I've ran 85 miles with a comfortable 24 miles this morning.

    Hope my good fortune and training continues to Abingdon.

    Look forward to meeting MsE and TAR at the race.

    Keep up the good training people.


     moof - can't wait to meet you and your infamous belly that prompted you to take up running. Forgive me if I can't stop peering at it... image

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