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  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Horrid Henry is the most painful experience of today. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Andy Lid, please stick around we love new blood (smiley imogie)

    Great news MsE. And you can't beat some junk tv (wink imogie)

    Oops, just did a double day (red faced imogie)

    No I can't work out the imogie bugs either (smile imogie)


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Yes MsE!!! Great news!!

    Welcome Andy. Well done for breaking cover. 

    Just watched the mental health marathoners. Great stuff. They did brilliantly. Dust in our eyes in this house for some reason... :'(
    Gym tonight. Small run planned for Saturday. Have half filled the Abingdon form. Still pondering. 
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Leslie – A tough run by the sound of it and as you say, maybe the mind was ready but the body wasn’t willing. We’ve all head them. Recover well and I wouldn’t be too concerned if I was you as your training has shown that you have made some great gains in recent months.

    AndyLid – Welcome and please do stick around and let us know how you are getting on. What was the outcome of London for you?

    MsE – Healing vibes being sent your way. What is the recovery time from the surgery in terms of being mobile again? Apologies if I missed that.

    Jools  - It sounds like you might be back to running sooner than you might have thought what with the AT issues. I do hope so. SL sounds like a nice adventure. 

    Freemers – I’m in the rest of the camp as far as the emjoi issue is concerned but it you insert a colon where you want to, then a set of emjois should appear: Smile, smiley, wink, blush and neutral, but no sunnies! :smiley:

    G-Dawg – How are you getting on after a bit of recovery from Boston? Have you got anything in the pipeline?

    Keir – How often do you run these days? You must be in good shape if you are knocking out a 1:33 half in training!?  I really like double runs as you may have noticed. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to get out on lunch for a 5-8k run and then longer in the evenings when I can. I’ve never been a big mileage runner and it’s easier on my legs. I may opt for a P&D style type plan though for my next marathon which would involve weekly MLR’s, that’s something I’ve never done but need to get stronger first before I attempt that.

    Birch – How has this week gone for you?

    3 double runs this week for me with a short run as well and the legs feel fine. I’m really making a concerted effort to be kinder to my legs by running at a much slower pace. So far so good and I’ll need to get the hang of it when I eventually start upping the mileage. I’ve never run more than 60 miles in a week and in typical marathon training I average in the 40’s but I’m hoping to experiment with higher mileage this time around and see if I can cope with that. I hope so as I’d just love to be able to run as much as I possibly can but with a sensible approach in terms of pacing and races in the build-up.  :smile:

  • Impressive bit of bandaging there MsE - hope you recover quickly.

    Keir - it's the Great Strides 65 ( ). I was coerced into it by MsE who has subsequently decided she'd rather sit with her feet up watching the television.

    AndyLid - great eyebrows shot! Was I really a constant niggle in your head? Sorry!

    Gul - hope your ribs are feeling a bit better now. Sounds like it must have been a nasty fall.

    Sounds like a fun course GM. Feeling confident?

    6.5 commuting miles to get back into the swing of things this morning.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    MSE enjoy the rest and the drugs 
    0054 nice double seems to work well for you .
    G dawg you know you want to run that race. 
    Gerard 60 a week sounds plenty you have the speed already just need the base to make use of it. Only 1 run yes but I did see it as a key run being 14 at mara pace but we can only do what we can do.
    Lorenzo nice easy start back.

    8m this morn 8:50m/mile  pace recovery run.

  • DazzaLDazzaL ✭✭✭
    Well done poacher  - I'm impressed on your training given your times and targets. Do you mind me asking what pace you run your runs?

    OO - I wish i had your mental toughness to grind those miles out even when you were suffering. Sounds lie a tough day out!

    Kier - still unsure whether to target another marathon or park it. I had a private coach for London and something I've established is my body can cope with the mileage but training 6 days isn't sustainable with an ill wife and a young family. I think for now I need to run 3-4 days\week and be happy with faster 5k, 10k and half times and park the marathon but there is something about the marathon that really draws me in.

    MSE - not really sure why I was so flat, I was pumped the day before, rested at home and then stayed locally in a hotel so I wasn't tired. I think I just struggle with the mental side more than others.
    I've run more ultras than road marathons so I'm familiar with taking walking breaks and it's hard to break that approach, for me at least:)
    Good luck with the recovery. I bloody hate that Horrid Henry. He's a little shit :)

    Freemers - I saw one gingerbread man moment as well on an older lady. Can't imagine what I'd do in that scenario :(
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo - For a moment there I thought you were running a 65 mile ultra! The name suggests that but I see that is the limited number of entries and that it's 40 miles, still a long way to run. I bet you'll do well. The 10 miler I'm doing is a lovely course but certainly not a fast one. The hill at 3 miles is horrible but I've run it a few times recently so at least I know what to expect and I will take it easy up that bit. I ran 65:55 in 2012. The minimum target is to beat that.

    Leslie - Nice recovery run. You'll be grand and as I said I wouldn't be worried if I was you in fact I'd be confident the way your training has gone. I think it's always good to look back at the diary and remind yourself sometimes. Re the 60 miles, that was only once in the peak of a marathon training schedule and I was injured almost immediately after that. A different approach is needed this time around.

    Rest day today and tomorrow in an attempt to feel fresh for Sunday. Just as well as my son is playing in the inter insular rugby tournament (The Siam cup) for Jersey against Guernsey all afternoon tomorrow. I'll be bringing a fold up chair for that!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Welcome to the thread Andy (raised eyebrows emoji). Now that your revealed your stalker status, how did London go for you? What training did you do before and what are your future plans?

    I hope you stop feeling Horrid and start to feel Peter Perfect soon MsE.

    Gerald - I've just been ticking over run wise for past few years. The odd month off altogether, but usually 3 - 4 runs per week up to 10m for the longest. On that general fitness I came across a park run last year and did a short 20min which I was pleased with and also completed an off road hilly marathon (LDWA Malvern Marathon) June last year. The HM in training was a push towards the end and I think may have given me shin splits, so I'm taking it easy for a few days. 

    Dazza and Gerald - There becomes a point of diminishing returns when it comes to mileage. If you are getting in a LSR, Tempo and some shorter intervals, the rest is just padding (or recovery). Likewise, there are increasing returns from building on a previous marathon campaign. Focusing on shorter distances is good for speed which can then be applied to the marathon when lifestyle permits. 

    Lorenzo - thanks for the link. I'd be tempted at that if I didn't already have a marathon planned for mid May and another for mid June. I'm currently looking into hydration vests for longer events. What do you use?

    A proper recovery pace that Leslie. I find it hard to be disciplined to keep a lid on those sort of runs, but very important to do so. 

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    How are all the marathon legs?

    G-Dawg - Abingdon allow transfers and maintain a waiting list, so go on and fill the form in, there'll always be someone to take your place if you decide not to do it. I expect it'll be full very soon so you might miss it if you dither too much.

    MsE - that's great news, and nice pic.

    Andy - welcome.  I lurked on here for ages as well, and only summoned up the courage to post once I'd actually ducked under 3.15....and now I am slower but no one cares. We're all runners after all.

    Dazza - the gingerbread man incident I saw was a guy....but I agree I have no idea what I would do.  Although there are plenty of portaloos I doubt there is any paper in there to use so probably the alternative is to get to the finish as quickly as possible!

    OK, I've tried the colon thing and the emojis come up, but then when I choose one it doesn't paste it in.  Hopeless!

    A nice 5 miles yesterday before the rain came.  Will get to the gym later for some core work.  Hopefully can also make the most of the long weekend with some decent runs.  Aiming for around 12 on Sunday with any luck - not really done a long run since the HM I did 3 weeks ago, but will take it steady.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Leslie - are you going to have another go at [email protected]?
    Andy - welcome and well done on de-lurking. Did you pinch Poacher's idea and attach a rope to Lorenzo then?! In any case, how did you do at VLM?
    GM - sounds like a challenging course - good luck!
    - hurray! Great news.
    Lorenzo - pavement was still wet from rain during the night and my legs just went flying out to the side. Falling hard on concrete is never good, but my ribs didn't start hurting until later after the run. Just have to wait and see how it goes.
    Freemers - was it the Norwich HM which you ran? Or was that just 2 weeks ago? It was a hot day and a work colleague's partner collapsed in sight of the finish, but recovered okay.
    Now getting the usual muscle pains which I get whenever I haven't been running for a few days...
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    A very gentle 3 mile jog for me (8.29m/m on the flat!).  Legs feel pretty battered still...
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Gul - No, I normally do that, but I was away for it this yeat - that was the really hot weekend (same as the Brighton mara).  Mine was the week after that, a warmish day but not hot.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    DazzL I'm not sure I'm any tougher than most of the folks on here but thanks

    Another skip/run 4 miler this morning. Takes me over 900 miles so far this year.

    Off to Lakes this PM. The Keswick half on Sunday is billed one of the toughest Half M's in the country with non-stop hills. I struggled last year the same week after the mara. This time I'll be going off steady and just trying to enjoy it. I'll also be pacing middle daughter at Keswick parkrun tomorrow for a sub 22 attempt.

    Hope you all have a great weekend- esp. MsE. Not too much pain today let's hope.  

  • DazzaLDazzaL ✭✭✭
    Keir - You're very right there. I was topping out at 60miles across 6 sessions with this marathon block and I massively under performed. Looking at some club mates, they only ran three times a week and managed times around 3:05 so there is a chance I was over trained. I'm planning to cut training right back and focus on those three fundamentals as I can easily fit those around family\work.

    Freemers - Being an Ultra runner, I always have a poo kit but I've always been fortunate that I've got an iron stomach so it's the same poo kit that I've had for 5+ years. There is a chance the paper has disintegrated in the bag :)

    Planning a short off road run this afternoon, nothing much really, just 5 miles with some hills. I've missed trails and hills massively.
  • Keir - I normally run with a Innov8 back pack with a hydration bladder (or whatever you call it) in it. I've seen quite a few people run with the one that more like a waistcoat but my pack also doubles up as a commuting backpack (without the hydration bladder) - I find it pretty comfortable and there's space to put food / extra clothing.

    GM - sub-66 mins on a hilly 10 mile course is still pretty good. Definitely not 65 miles on the upcoming Ultra although the masochist in me finds the idea of a 100 mile Ultra strangely appealing. :s

    Another nice easy 5 miles this morning - might head out on the bike tomorrow if the weather is nice.
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    Kier a very early start and being tired mean't there was no desire to exceed recovery pace today not that I could have even if I wanted  but with no rest days at all recovery means recovery !
    Freemers enjoy the 12m.
    0054 take it easy on sunday.
    Dazza you will get the payback for the extra training sooner or later ,nothing for nothing in this game .
    Gul I might try it again ,not sure yet, would need to take an axe to the schedule... and don't you get muscle pains when you are running as well !

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Hey, Lorenzo! Are you doing the Dorking 10 this year? I'll be there. 

    #Smackdown  :D
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Hi all

    MsE - continued healing vibes to the recoverees . . . 
    Gul - likewise re the ribs  . . . . (good miles prior to the tumble)   . . .  
    OO - good luck with the half - not something I've ever felt able to do one week post-mara  . . .    & hope the jnr sub-22 is achieved ! 
    Gerard - seems like you've introduced doubles successfully - something I utilised back in the day (a phrase I seem to be using more and more ) , also trebles occasionally. Good luck with the increasing mileage, and for the race on Sunday, and lastly (but not least) to your boy in the rugby tournament. 
    my week ;  well the 7 days ending today have yielded 50 miles, inc a 17 last Sat, 14 this morning with a pal & my daughter, a 10 on Tues before the 5 mile League race on Wed. This was another disaster in what is turning out to be an ill-fated series. After the "issues" of last time, I paid attention to my diet during the day (or so I thought) , but again severe stomach cramps manifested themselves, and I had to leave the course after 12 minutes to disappear into the field & hedge adjacent (Dazza's "kit" would have been useful) :o rejoined with 17 on the watch to find myself very near the back. The rest of the race was great - I put my foot down and passed loads - 98 finished after me, so I reckon I must have gone by around 90 runners.  At least I had the illusion of running quickly !  Official time 41:20, (my worst-ever race result, I would say, maybe apart from debut mara) so actual running time probably around high 36's , low 37's  . This would fit, as another VoGit bagged 36:20, and I've been around 30 secs behind him in the previous races. (2 years ago he wasn't anywhere near me) :/
    So, we fight on -  must pay even more attention to diet before the last race in the series, and also, if I want to run faster, probably not do a 17  4 days before, and a 10 the day before !!   

  • G-Dawg - I'm now Chairman of the club so I think I'm duty bound to be there!!!! Not sure whether I'll be running as I'll probably have other duties. #bottlesit. See you on the Big Field.
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    Birch good week for you ,how many miles did you crank out a week "back in the day" when running your mara pb's ? Shame your race didn't go quite as planned again you must have a bug or something.

     Just over 9m at 7:52 average pace this morn with 6 x 1000m thrown in at around 6:15m/mile pace which was as fast as my legs would go at 5:20 am .
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Crazy early session, Leslie. Great leg speed for that time of the morning.

    So, I've caved and I'm now entered for the Abingdon Marathon in October. :p

  • DazzaLDazzaL ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    G-Dawg, good news on Abingdon!

    Do you know when it usually fills up? I'm considering it as a 2nd stab after my poor London race but I'm not brave enough to mention it to the wife yet :) not until after our holiday in a week!
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    Gdawg another one booked already no fear !
    Dazza get it booked or you will miss out .
    Decided Id joint the double run club with another 6m last night and 8m at 8:28m/mile this morn.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    The drugs are working. Feeling quite zonked but being a good patient and keeping the leg elevated. All I can remember to comment on is: 17 a few days prior to and then 10 the day before??? What were you thinking, Birch? The boy continues to recover well. Thanking you for all your good wishes. Am sure they are helping in channelling the positivity this way.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    It appears the painkillers have removed any ounce of tact I may have previously had. Apologies for bluntness of previous post, Birch
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Checking in from Keswick with a 1:29:50 at the half. I took it fairly steady and the legs held up well. Top 20 finish tbc.
    Glad to hear you are doing well MsE
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    MsE - Glad the painkillers are working. How long is the expected recovery before you are mobile again? Glad to hear your boy is ok. 

    OO - Nice running and very good that your legs felt ok. Iirc that is a very tough course?

    G-Dawg - Abo it is then! Nice one. It seems to be a popular Autumn one to do.

    Leslie - Good running again at silly o'clock.

    Birch - Sorry to hear you had a tough outing. We never stop learning in this game. Some times we can get away with stuff and other times we can't. Thanks for the wishes re my boy. He enjoyed himself.

    DazzaL - I hope you get the all clear for Abo. Are you going anywhere nice?

    Mixed fortunes for me today here in Jersey! I was coming of a few really decent weeks of running well for me anyway and feeling very good. Today was a memorial 10 mile off road/road race. I know the course well and had ran on most of it in recent months and it's the kind of race that needs to be broken down into different segments. I usually have a very specific race plan and normally stick to it to the letter and today was no different actually even more so given the difficulty factors. So I've penned a race report as I know we all like a race report or two.......

    So here we go. I had two rest days leading up this race hoping that I would be really fresh and good to go. I felt a slight twinge in my left glute and hammy on Thursday night but it didn't feel too bad to be concerned about it. Last night I looked at the forecast and it was not good. 30mph wind and rain forecast between 8:30 and 10. Hmmm, have I ever mentioned that I absolutely loathe the wind?! Anyway I had arranged for a friend to pick my son and I up and we drove 30 mins to the start. The heavens opened up 15 mins before the race started and as I looked out to the bay I could see wind surfers. Not a good omen. Haha, anyway we set off along the coast road and ran straight into the headwind. I had planned to run this section at 6:30 pace until we reach a rise in the road that meets the cliff path. I was in 5th place and stuck in no man's land with a large group of runners about 50m or so back. My garmin was saying 6:3x's but it felt more like low 6's. I got to the cliff path and luckily know that section really well so was able to choose the best path to run on. There were lots of loose rocks and the sand was sodden in parts which made it feel like quick sand in parts, so much so I ran closer to the edge of the cliff path and ran on the grassy sections. Next bit is back out on a beautiful bay named Petit port. It’s a short sharp uphill which can really zap the legs if the pace is too hot. I was now taking the foot off the gas big time as I knew the big hill was about to come in the next 400m’s or so. I have run it so many times and it doesn’t get any easier. I was passed by two runners here, one who has been trouncing me recently in 5 and 10k and the other who seemed very young and strong looking. I had a little look over my shoulder and could two more runners closing the gap. The next section is 4 miles or so of trail path, 2 of which are a steady incline. I was now starting to run into trouble. My left glute was sore and my hamstring was tight as anything. I looked at my watch and I was running much slower than I had expected to but dug deep and managed to pass the 2 runners as we ran up the trail path. Had I gone too early? I wasn’t sure but I was ignoring the pain and put in a hard effort for about 5 mins and was well clear of the runners now behind me. I reached the top of the trail path and the plan was to treat it like a 5 mile race and try run it in under 32 mins. At this point I felt a really sharp pain in my right hip adductor and thought oh no, here we go Manchester all over again. There is a sports centre here and lots of marshals and in hindsight I should have stepped off the course. I ignored any common sense that I may have and could see I was closing on the runner in 5th place so I carried on and knocked out 2miles in 12:35, now this in on the downhill part and that shouldn’t feel too hard but I was in trouble big time. Too blooming stubborn so I chased him and we reached the bay and sea level again. On the road again and it was 3 and a bit miles to the finish. I reckon he had about 30 seconds on me and I thought if I could run 20 mins or thereabouts I would catch him. No such thing happened. We were now running into a full on headwind for the last few miles and I was totally spent. I ran through the pain like an idiot and could barely manage sub 7mm and was so relieved to see the finish line. I finished in 66:31 and came 6th but the conditions played a big part today as I had been hoping to run 64:xx without too much trouble but it wasn’t going to happen. As a result of my stupidity I am now injured and have been in quite a bit of pain today. I managed to bag a nice crystal trophy for my effort and my boy was at the finish cheering all the runners in and he asked if he could run out on the course and help some of the runners who were finishing in and they all seemed very grateful. It was such an odd race in that many runners seemed to find themselves in no man’s land today and there weren’t any groups I could see finishing together. Oh well “they” do say we runners are a crazy bunch huh!? 

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Great report, GM, and your boy sounds like a smashing kid. I hope you haven't injured yourself too badly, though...
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    MSE sounds like the recovery is going well for both of you.
    0054 thats a great run so so after London
    Gerard that sounds like a race from hell up dangerous cliff paths in 30 mph winds ,I hope its only a minor injury and you are back out soon again. Sensible and race just don't go together for most of us and we sometimes pay the price for it, sounds like your Son had a great time too.
    Another short double last night and 6 easy this morn.

    Month now over and April stats in:

    90 miles for the week and 365 mile for the month my highest ever !

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