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  • Hi, thread.  Sorry for yet another absence, but after my knee just wouldn't settle I was getting a bit gloomy.  I won't be racing Valencia as haven't done a long run for almost 4 weeks now, so it's all systems go for London once I'm back into proper training.  2018 has been a bit of a write off running-wise...
  • nicko1981 said:
    PMJ - always good when you get a podium as a participation award - it's how I bagged my British Championship skiing medals - being one of only 2 or 3 entering the over 30s comps!

    Ah, your national medals beat my county medals hands down. I did quite well in the world crabbing champs one year but, alas, no medals.
  • I have one England medal and one GB medal, both from being in the winning team at the London Marathon in 2015.  I'd never make national champ in my own right!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Great racing Gerard I’m surprised you are so nippy after the lack of racing. 
    I’m sure you’ll get back in shape soon enough Jools, great to have you back on the VLM bandwagon 
  • nicko1981 said:
    PMJ - always good when you get a podium as a participation award - it's how I bagged my British Championship skiing medals - being one of only 2 or 3 entering the over 30s comps!

    Ah, your national medals beat my county medals hands down. I did quite well in the world crabbing champs one year but, alas, no medals.
    One of my medals was awarded despite the fact that literally all I did was land on my head; I think you deserve yours more!

    Not sure I want to know about the crabs.

    Welcome back Joolska, maybe see you at a B&W club session soon. Shame about Valencia but sure you'll smash it in London to make up for missing that one.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    nick - nice one; would like to do Manchester one day. Hugely impressive to get a national medal however many entries there were! And you ought to get more than just a medal for landing on your head.
    OO - that would be great mileage for the year - did you not do 5 tapers ;) 
    GM - great racing; congratulations on 3rd place. Finishing strongly indicates that you should smash 18:30.
    Jools - shame about Valencia; here's hoping you'll come back stronger for London.
    PMJ - Was that on Cromer Pier?
    Overslept this morning, but fortunately had done some of my Thursday morning jobs last night, so still managed to sneak in 10 miles @ 7:55/m to bring up 2,600 (ytd).

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Tapering is for sissies Gul ;) Impressive miles you too!
  • Gul Darr said:

    PMJ - Was that on Cromer Pier?

    Appledore in Devon.
  • PMJ - sounds much nicer than Cromer.
    Woke up earlier this morning, so had time to claw back a bit of the deficit with 12 miles (actually, I almost certainly won't be running on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, so I actually need 30 (or 28 now) miles over and above 10 per day). Bit of a progressive with 2 @ 8:35/m, 5 @ 7:43/m and 5 @ 7:13 /m. Back to easy / slow tomorrow I expect.
  • Jools - Sorry to hear you're not running Valencia, are you still completely off running? I'll be interested to see what you think, I'm considering it as my Plan B if I don't get into Berlin. Need to be able to sell it to the other half though! Gives me a longer summer off marathon training so I can do some shorter races.

    Gul - You have recovered remarkably quickly from the marathon. Hopefully you hit your target!

    Work and other stuff got in the way last night so I missed my run for the first time this year. Won't have chance to get out today so at least I'll be fresh for tomorrow!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I had a nice triple of Nordic walking, run and swim yesterday. Back to the tri swim club for the 2nd time, still hanging onto the back.
    Have you got any more race this year Gul?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Stevie do you know when we get the ballot results for Berlin?
  • OO - between Nov 29th and Dec 3rd their twitter account said results would be emailled out. Be great if a few of us got in.

    Looking at some other half maras for lead-up to Manchester as Bath will now be done as part of a long run rather than all out. Maybe Thorpe or the Quicksilver Hampton Court Half. Think Brighton is just too much of a trek to get to.

    Couple of half decent runs this week to start upping the miles - easy progressive 5 miles Wednesday from 7:45 down to 7:10; then 7 last night with 5 x 1K intervals off 2 min rest with the club - legs felt like total jelly probably due to spins and weights this week; but kept them all beween 3:30 and 3:40 which was the target.

    Using this for working out interval paces required, seems quite useful:
  • That's what I thought as well Nicko, very efficient! Fingers crossed for us all. You could still race Bath depending on how you recover. I raced Cheltenham 3 weeks before Abingdon. Those interval paces seem quite sensible, don't overdo the fast stuff though!

    OO - Are you considering doing a Tri?

  • Stevie: I can't even walk without pain at the moment.
  • Jools - I'm gutted for you. Let's hope 2019 is a good year for you.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sorry Jools I didn’t realise it was that bad.
    No Tri plans Stevie just trying to improve  swimming 
  • Yup, really weirdly if anything it is getting worse not better.  I'll go back to the physio next week but am close to paying for an MRI privately in case there is anything going on inside which can't really be identified without a physical examination.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Gerard, well done on the 5k. Sharp indeed given the lack of training.

    Joolska, sorry to hear of the continued knee issue. An mri sounds like a good idea.

    Stevie, yes the Warwickshire rd league is a very competitive set of races and some good individual ones in there.

    Nice session, Nicko. There'll be plenty of other halfs once you get into March, especially if you are prepared to travel. January and February might not be so easy to find them.

    Looks like the pressure is on then, Gul!!!

    I took the time to clean my county medals and the cases they are in last night and have now placed them on display in the living room, which seems to have irritated my wife.

    Wednesday I did a hilly 8 mile easy run, rest day yesterday and then 10.5 miles over my lunchbreak today with 7 at tempo. Came out 6.30mm average for the 7 which I was happy with. Easy 6 planned in the morning, then off down to Cardiff to binge drink and watch the Sth Africa game. Sundays 13 could be a trudge!!

  • This morning I ran my 4th marathon in the last 27 days. It was a tough trail marathon through Valley Park in Belfast. It consisted of 14 laps with a 150 feet climb and descent each lap. The gradient peaked at 12% on the climb. The weather wasn’t great at 3 degrees ‘real feel’ with wind and rain. I had my worst DOMs ever last week after Tollymore trail marathon, which I felt again in my quads as the laps went on.

    Despite all this I really enjoyed the race finishing in about 3:17:50 with 26.6 miles on my Garmin. It was a new course and the organisers admitted it was a bit long. I went through 26.2 in almost exactly 3:15.

    The race was a 6 hour ultra, with the marathon distance measured for people who only wanted that. I was the first person to complete the marathon distance and the race winner completed 38 miles. I couldn’t continue to do 6 hours as I had to go back to work in the afternoon.

    That’s my 75th marathon or ultra completed, so I’ll get a 75 silver medal from Marathon Club Ireland presented at my next one. I'll be a proud man. 

  • Jools - oh no, sorry didn't realise it was quite so bad. Really hope it will heal up soon.
    OO - no, no more races this year.
    Nick  - good sessions this week.
    Badbark - just staggering. Congratulations on number 75. It sounds like it was an utter killer.
    16 miles this morning, average pace of 8:04/m.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Staggering indeed Badbark- how did work go that afternoon:)
  • 18.09 at Brueton Parkrun this morning. Equalling my PB but on a slower course. Course is 2 laps, you start uphill and then the rest of the first mile is back downhill - 5.43 which felt ok. Things went wrong from there, could feel I was slowing even though I was applying the same effort. 5.55 for the 2nd mile.
    Course had km markers which was helpful, passed 3k at just under 11mins so I knew I had 7 mins to run 2k. Didn't have it in me and the 3rd mile was 5.58.

    In hindsight I probably went off a bit quick, first km came up in 3.20! Slightly disappointed with the time but I shouldn't sniff at equalling my PB on a slower course. Will give it another crack in December!
  • Gul – Nice 16 miler, especially with the marathon still in your legs

    OO – Thankfully, I was working from home so it was a breeze. I work in IT and can do almost everything remotely from home. 

    Stevie – Awesome PB equalling but I understand your disappointment. It’s funny how a single second makes all the difference. I'd feel exactly the same. 

    I ran 9 miles this morning including my local Parkrun. My legs weren’t as bad as I thought they would be after yesterday’s hilly marathon. Bizarrely, I think my drinking session last night and little sleep helped as the DOMS hadn’t kicked in.

    I ran the first two miles just under 6:30 pace and worked harder on the last mile managing 6:08 and finished in 19:36. I expect I could be a bit sore tomorrow!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Very good parkrun Stevie. I ran 19:30 but had been drinking several Guinness after winning this beauty at the club awards for our 10k annual champs. 
  • Badbark - I forgot to say fantastic marathoning yesterday. Impressive that you ran this morning, let alone parkrun and 9 miles! The disappointment was as I was convinced I was in shape for sub 18. 

    OO - Thats an awesome trophy! You deserved the celebrations!
  • Stevie - very close to sub 18. Pretty much in the bag on a faster course. Nice work!
    Badbark - that's not bad anyway, but the day after that tough trail marathon is astonishing.
    OO - excellent trophy. Do you get to keep it for a year?
    7 miles this morning to bring up 60 for the week. I'm thinking that it's time to retire the shoes from today's run which have now done 1001 miles; let's just say that they're not got in wet weather!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Double well done, Badbark.

    Stevie, I think with parkruns you have to take each course in it's own standing and just look at your best time there. Great effort though and I'm sure sub 18 is there next time. 

    Congrats on the trophy, oo. Decent parkrun as well in circs. 

    Well done on the continued mileage, gul. I can't believe you get that mileage, especially as I recall you don't invest in branded running shoes. 

    I should break 2000 miles this year for first time. 13 planned later to give me my first 50 mile week in a while. 
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    hi all - quick read back - 
    well done Badbark (seems inadequate, I know), and nice celebrating & parkrunning too . .
    OO - excellent silverware - and goodness, you're even more handsome than me ;)   :/ 

    Gul - that a big week so soon after the marathon.  Shoes - the three pairs I currently have on the go are on 896, 923, & 786 respectively.  So, the 2 pairs I have waiting patiently in their boxes, will soon be called upon  . . .   
    7 yesterday, including parkrun . These days I start halfway back, and run hard when the field thins enough to allow - so, probably about 2.25 miles effort.     Do this partly as my local one (note for Lorenzo (and OO has done it a few times, I believe)) is now so crowded - 646 finishers yesterday.    Been a low miles week - had 3 days off after last week's XC  (which, btw, I'm currently in 6th VoGit place, with one fixture to go)  
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