Sub 3h15



  • Ian - Yes, 2:30 is going to be cutting it fine at best.Barcelona sounds more appealing than NYC.
    DT- not sure I'd call sitting in the sauna "work", but yes, I've been including it after each swim for over a week now. No idea if it's doing any good though.
    14 easy miles this morning.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
     Ian I was pacing a pal for 3:45 so its hard to say. It was quite hot when I did it and the route was busy in parts, but certainly no reason you can't do a good time if you start near the front. I enjoyed it more for the city and value for money than the race itself. I've also done Seville which I highly recommend. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the location advice. If I do make it happen i'll look in that area.

    Nice 14, Gul.

    I've been to Barcelona twice on the first weekend in March some 5 years apart and on both occasions it was beach level weather.

    Session over lunch of 10 x 1k off 1 min at hmp-10kp. As I ran it on a straight out and back path it was tricky to pace as the odd numbered reps were directly into a strong headwind and the evens with tailwind. I just sort of aimed for hr on each rep to be around low 170s regardless of pace, which seemed to work.

  • Gdawg great result for the training 
    Gul nice 14 and enjoy the sauna 
    Dt cracking big session that 

    5 x 1k for me tonight after work , it was down to 6c and pouring down at the start but faired soon after   and felt cold at the start but when I came into the house after my daughter said why is all that steam coming of your head lol I was working hard .

    3:59, 3:55, 4:00, 3:55 , 3:58 which is a little bit above 5k pace with recoveries of 70 secs  and 6 miles in total.
  • DT  - great session - bet you were ready for lunch after that!
    Leslie - sounds like you worked up a sweat :)
    5 mile recovery run plus swim and sauna this morning.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Sadly, I didn't end up with lunch yesterday! I always have an sis rego shake after a session or longer run and by the time I had that and did some work it was suddenly pushing 5pm.

    Nice session, Leslie. I can't ever seem to get near 5k pace when I do reps.

    Recovery 4 planned in a bit and then a strength class of some sort at the gym.

  • DT - at least you had time for the shake.
    12 steady miles this morning - decided to throw in some strides to remind my body what running a bit faster is like.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice MLR, Gul.

    8m tempo planned over lunchtime. Conditions look perfect, however I am just not sure what shape the racecourse is in today. It was still under water Tuesday meaning that running complete loops was not possible. However I want to find a way as the prospect of 8m up and down the A38 tonight in forecasted rain is unappealing.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I've run very sluggish this week and not feeling 100%. With 5 and a half weeks to go until Malaga Mara I was hoping to start cranking the miles up from this week but so far it's not happening.
    Good going Gul.
    DT I think this miserable weather and dark nights are adding to my running woes- hope you avoid the A38.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Racecourse was extremely slippery and up one side had about 150m of standing water that was at least ankle deep that I had to wade through 4 times.

    Inevitably I took a fall on a tight bend just before 5m and that knocked my confidence a touch. Completed the 8m at 6.36mm average for a average hr of 162 which is pretty reasonable.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Great pace for a watery obstacle course, DT.

    Hope you’re feeling 100% soon, OO.

    Back from New York. What an amazing time.
    For me, the marathon experience isn’t just the 26.2, it’s the whole day.
    NYC was a great experience even if my race time was 30 mins longer than my PB from April.

    The day started with a dark walk at 5.30 am to Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan where dozens of coaches were lining up to take thousands of runners to the start area on Staten Island. I wasn’t expecting this to be such a large operation, this was bigger than a similar arrangement in Boston. I found it to be well organised and we were soon on a coach and on our way.

    The drive took well over an hour as security getting into Fort Wadsworth was tight. For me, the longer we were on the coach, the better as it was a chilly morning and I’d rather be on a warm coach than sitting in a freezing park.

    We got off the coach eventually and through the airport style security. I found a sunny spot to sit and took on my fuel over the next 90 minutes.
    Before I knew it, we were in the start coral and I was ditching all of my clothing into the donation bins. I took this option rather than the bag drop as it would mean a speedy exit at the finish and I’d have a post-race poncho as a souvenir.

    This is my third US marathon and yet another national anthem was over-sung and ended spectacularly with three police helicopters flying low in formation over us as the last elongated note was strangled out.

    A canon fired and we were on our way over the Verrazano Bridge. Halfway over, one of the playful police copters hovered next to us at eye level and the pilot waved, behind him I could see the fantastic skyline view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, I’ll never forget that, awesome.

    I was over 8 mins for the first mile, that settled me down as any sort of decent time was out of the question. I wanted that due to the injury woes I’ve had since May. Regular viewers will know my dodgy calf and shin and other stuff robbed me of 10 weeks of training and I only had a 5 week block of 4 runs per week to get to the NYC startline. If this was a domestic race, I’d have pulled out weeks ago but I was financially committed to at least walking this event.

    After a couple of miles I hit a groove. Consecutive miles were around 7.06 pace. I only looked at the watch when it bleeped and was amazed to see the pace so consistent. Whilst I was pleased, I knew that my training was way off and I would not sustain this pace, even though it felt like I could run it all day. I was not out of breath and could talk while running, yet I knew pain and torture was guaranteed soon and no matter what my pace, there was nothing I could do about it. I was undercooked and I knew what to expect.

    As we made our way through Brooklyn then Queens, the crowds got thicker, the sound systems were awesome and the party was in full swing. I was loving it. Some great banners and signs also greeted us, two of my faves were, “WTF! Where’s everybody going?” and “Make America chafe again”. Light relief as the pain signals began...

    From just over halfway I could feel the legs getting tired. My short training block showed I had good endurance but I had zero pace endurance. The legs were looking up at me, “Really, G-Dawg, seriously?”.

    The injury also meant I’d only trained on flat roads as the calf complained at the slightest incline. NYC is probably the most hilly out of all of the majors. I thought the hilly points would be just the many bridges but the incline up 1st Avenue from 19 miles and then the climb out of the Bronx up to Central Park totally killed my thighs. It was all I could do to keep a running motion going. I dare not walk as I wouldn’t have got going again, plus I just wanted to finish ASAP to stop the pain.

    I didn’t look at my watch at all from 13 miles. I knew I was slow and the number would be what it would be. My achievement was getting to the start, the objective was then to just get the medal and bag my 5th major.

    The bridge coming out of The Bronx was horrible on my legs and then I saw the long climb that would take us to Central Park. On any normal day, it would look flat, but my legs felt every centimetre rise of that road. If this was London, Chicago or Berlin, I reckon the the time would have been 3.15 to 3.20, those inclines took their toll.

    Strangely, I was still loving the event despite my legs falling off. By now there were pain spasms and limping. This would pass and I’d be able to run for a bit then more complaints from the engine room. Meanwhile, my body felt fine.

    Finally a right turn into Central Park. The good people of New York cheered our every step, only 2 miles to go. A cheer from my wife gave me a big boost and I knuckled down to hit the east side of the park with whatever I had left. One mile and two right turns and we were out and back in the park to see the finish line. Finally my legs could stop working.

    A feeling of pride came over me. Those nights in the garage on the turbo trainer, the mountain biking, the swimming, the core work, the time on feet sessions in that 5 week training block, it had got me round in 3.31 and I’d not only run the New York marathon, I’d bagged my 5th major.

    We trudged our way through the finish area, claimed our medals and I got my poncho. I met the wife and we went for a beer and burger. I walked into an Irish bar in my poncho, wearing my medal and everyone started cheering. “Good Job! Congratulations! Well Done!” It wouldn’t work in Chandos but it did here. Every runner who came in after got the same treatment it was party time. Even on the subway after, folk would congratulate us, it all seemed genuine and all added to the event.

    I now plan to recover well and not run much in November. Priority is to be injury free. I’ll do strength and core work before building slow base miles in December ready for the London 2020 campaign.

    All in all, an incredible marathon experience in New York, thoroughly recommended.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done Dawg, good to make the finish line after the build up. Plenty of slower miles will see you to a spring sub 3.

    OO - it will take a bit of time to freshen up (i hope to run Gosport 1/2 in 10 days - but am not ready yet),  i remember a parkrun and 10m already for you since York ? In what were early days.

    DT - good pace there. I did 2 x 10 tempos at that pace late Aug when i was off wor, which were pretty much as hard as i could run on that day and Abo came in at 6.40. Longer tempos is my aim for the spring, the best way for me to include them is in my long runs, so im going to go P and D.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    G-Dawg-Brings goosebumps reminding me of it,incredible day and totally agree with it all,the amount saying congrats on the way to the hotel surprised me.I will definitely be back to do it again at some point,maybe in a couple of years for my 50th.
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    Dt your 5k pace is a fair bit sharper than mine ! big miles and mara training take their tool on speed too , struggling to get over 45 mile here due to 3 sessions a week ... I hate running though water so that doesn't sound like much fun ,hope the fall did no damage , I know doing my 1k's I have to turn a slippery of camber bend flat out and well its probably only a matter of time with leaves etc ..

    Gdawg what a cracking report and awesome time you had even if your legs complained every second lol once you said 7:06 a couple of miles in I thought this is not going to end well of no training but you came though , well done lad.

    Strange club session tonight 2 mins on , 1 min jog back to the pack  several times , them a rest , next  about 1.5 mile hard tempo , them a rest waiting for the pack to catch up again and finally set off individually at 15 sec intervals a 1.25 mile flat race to the finish .

    Near the front on the 2 mins on (about 6:10) then led the tempo nearly all the way at around 6:30 till I was caught near the end, someone shouting out "the pace is too hard" only added fuel to the flames for me, no mercy lol   there was none when I was slow !!!! and the final bit chased a few down at about 6:20 pace....Really enjoyable if hard session and 7.5 miles in total.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    A cracking report GDawg, brought it all back.It would be good to run it again for enjoyment without the pressure of a fast time. Enjoy the rest.
    I binned tonight's club sesh due to the weather, but felt much fresher in today's 3k swim. I'll just be patient and pick up the miles when I can.
  • Nice going Gdawg. I have to admit, I would have a really hard time running any race underprepared (I'm kind of OCD that way.). But you proved how great it can be to simply be a part of a social event like that (and one of the big marathons to boot). Glad you had such a wonderful experience. Now channel the Wolverine and heal up well!

    OO, I hear you on the legs. Like TR, I remember you reporting a 5K followed by 13 in the first week after marathon. I did exactly two runs of 6 miles each that week, and the first one I wasn't sure whose body I was running in. But I second week I rebounded nicely (got 40 miles total and a 13 miler to end the week) this week I've run 4 days consecutive (9 w/4 at subLT), 10, 6.5 and 8.5. Legs and energy good again, but front of right hip a little tight (hoping I've not overdone it). The subLT miles brought home what I just did in the marathon. I managed 6:55, 7:03, and a pair of 6:42s. Took a little bit to get the turnover going. But then in the 4th mile my HR started climbing so I called it. Made me realize just how big a leap of faith it is to toe the marathon start line and hit 26 miles of racing speed.

    I'm on the fence now about whether to do a 5K this weekend. Work has been crushing me again since the race so apologies for not reading back. Should clear another round of deadlines next week and can plug back in. I still owe a race report!
  • DT - good work on the waterlogged racecourse - hope the fall didn't do any damage.
    OO - hope things pick up for you soon.
    GD - wow, that was a labour of love to get your 5th major; good work and great report.
    Leslie - sounds like a fun session.
    VTr - yes, don't forget that race report! Hope work eases up next week.
    5 slow miles plus swim and sauna today.
  • Been very absent recently but just dropping in to say congrats to G-Dawg on Major number 5 - just the 1 more to go!

    I haven't read back but assume everyone is smashing it as usual, will try and catch up at some point.

    House renovation is taking a lot of time and energy so not a lot of running going on really, however this seems to not be doing much harm, after the 5miler PB I have done 2 unofficial 5K PRs in training runs - 18:50 and 18:44; and knocked 4 mins off my time from a 10k trail race last year. Gower for endurancelife trail 15 mile "half marathon" tomorrow; shoudl be super muddy with all this rain but good fun and hoping to get into the top 25 finishers if all goes well.
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭
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    Hey guys - Long time since I've been on here. Just had a quick skim back and there have been some incredible performances, most notably SBD, holy moley 2:51! That's unreal. You always seem to get yourself in sub 3 shape but that's a considerable improvement. Well played! Also congrats to OO on yet another great marathon. You really are Mr consistent. Congrats to TR and VTr too. Both excellent runs. Fab reporting from G-Dawg and what sounded like a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I have a feeling I have missed loads of other great performances too, so apologies for that. 

    Nice to see Jools having some consistent training and MsE back to it too. 

    Leslie - You're doing really well too. Keep it up! 

    Gul - What's with all the aqua stuff? Did you pick up an injury or is it just x-

    Birch - I recall you mentioning a club vet record for the marathon that seemed well within your capability. Would you be interested in training for that? 

    Not much to say here other than 2019 is going to be my first ever running year without a proper race in it. I've only done a couple of 5k's but that's it. I've running a few times a week when I do run and even though I have no real consistent training I can somehow still manage to run 19 mins for a 5k training run which is what I like to do. I think my longest run this year is 10 miles and a 10k training run seems far nowadays. Funny how things change but I'm quite enjoying not having to be a slave to a training plan and I certainly don't miss the long runs on a weekend. I think I have officially become lazy! Keep up the great work guys and I'll pop by every now and then to check all is well.  :)
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
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    eyup, Gerard - welcome to the "no proper race" 2019 club :)     yes, you're right - I was looking at my club's V65-69 record, which is 4:09 - even at my current level, my parkrun (5K) time indicates 3:5x ,  so, given the caveat that I do the training (and I was always decent at focussing on this), its within my compass  . .   however, 2 things - I kept idly looking for a marathon this autumn, but no more than that, and the realisation dawned, that I clearly didn't want it badly enough, or I'd have entered a race, written a schedule, and got going . .  secondly, and this was the clincher ;  a clubmate ran 3:31 as a V70 this year at Chester

    so, no point setting a V65 record that's substantially slower than the V70 one, and its prevented me approaching a marathon in a "half-hearted" fashion, which can only end one way !  
    I'm currently on a mere 1,020 miles for the year, (but not far off the 65,000 at 65), and can turn out a 15 without any difficulty - its just slow !!    

    keep on keeping on, Gerard (and everyone else), in whatever style , and with whatever ambition, you choose . . . 
    footnote - my clubmate did run 3:44 as aV65, but wasn't in my club at the time  . . .  
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    VTR just take it easy this week a 5k can wait till you have more time again.
    Nicko speed still there enjoy the mud 
    Gerard welcome back , going well of limited training , enjoy taking it easy till you decide you need a race again.
    Birch get him drug tested , he's too fast for his own good ! 

    12m today (8:48 average) which was a bit of a struggle after yesterday's speed session but it had to be today as I've 3 day shifts so no time of longish runs and Tuesday is club day so no good either . Getting very cold at the end down to 4c  as soon as the sun went in but nice autumn colours along the river and loads of leaves to run through , went out after 3 as there is no lighting along the path and was getting dark on the way in.

    Just past Birch with 1162 mile for the year to date.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Great to see you back Gerard, you are indeed lazy but still very quick 😉
    You are also doing very well off few miles Nicko. How are you enjoying the DIY?
    You seem well set Birch, all the motivation you need for the mara campaign, and another one  with fresh legs.
    I had another slow one yesterday but 9 miles. Parkrun blast today. Hoping to go sub 19, and get to 45 with tomorrow's long run. Not too shabby.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Nicely back on the miles OO.  Sub 19 at the parkrun would be good.  What's the training plan for Malaga looking like?

    Another good speed session and long run Leslie.  Any races coming up?

    That's a very fast clubmate Birch - I think you still go for the V65 record.

    Good to hear from you Gerard.  It sounds like you are ticking along nicely.  So you're not tempted by a spring half marathon or the full distance?  I'm still trying to work out how I managed 2:51 but also thinking 2:49 has a nicer ring to it!

    Good to see the speed is still there nicko and you're making progress with the house renovations.

    Ticking along nicely Gul although all these saunas is getting me worried you have some inside knowledge of the London 2020 weather conditions.

    Race report definitely overdue VT - hope the 5K goes well if you decide to run.

    Good to see you're trying out P&D for the London campaign TR.  I found maintaining a weekly 10K tempo and 16m long run between Boston and the start of the Abingdon campaign to be really beneficial.

    Great report G-D - an excellent run given the restricted training and great determination to finish strongly.  So, just Tokyo left for the six star medal?

    Some good quality sessions DT - hope the racecourse is back to normal and you can avoid the main road.  

    No running for me since last Sunday.  Managed to aggravate the left knee tendon that was a problem pre Abingdon.  It was only a 10K easy run and I didn't realise there was an issue until the end of the run.  Tried a short run on Wednesday but it hadn't quite healed so I will try giving it a few more days and do some S&C work before trying another run.  A bit frustrating, but probably pay back from the running gods for having let me get through Abingdon unscathed!

    On better news, I managed to get a free Good for Age entry in Bath half marathon which along with Wokingham, will be my two pre-London halfs.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Nice one SBD, there were free GFA places for wokingham this yr too, not sure if they are doing them again. Its a ball ache to get to for me so I've not run it.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sorry about the knee SBD. Not sure for Malaga but I suppose sub 3 has to be the target. Not stressing about it though. 20 tomorrow should be a good indicator.
    Parkrun went well with 18:38
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Nice parkrunning, oo.

    SBD, hope the knee is healing. nice work on the free Bath half place. im yet to select a target half for spring. 

    Decent club session and 12, Leslie. 

    Good to hear from you, Gerard. Dounds like you have found a happy compromise in things there. 

    Nicko, busy times. Sounds like your going well though. 

    TR, the pace was pretty controlled. The perception of my pace was that i wasn't running hugely fast. We'll soon see how fit i am though at Derby next Sunday. 

    Nice little report, gdawg. Really hoping i can get myself there next year. 

    Easy 10m friday morning when felt very heavy legged  so rest day saturday which i wasnt unhappy about given the weather, followed by an easy 13 today to give me a 50m week. 
  • SBD free places you have made it now , interesting on the 10k and 16m long run being key sessions will have to see if I can add some in as I need to start running long now. There was a race yesterday but I was working so couldn't make it  ..Hope the knee is just a minor niggle.
    0054 another good parkrun.
    DT decent week there, the weather is crap isn't it.

    Out last night was 2c and with the windchill at the start felt like my face was froze ,it hurt with the cold , nearly turned back but as I warmed it improved a good bit, wet and windy and cold not a nice night. 5 easy and 47 for the week.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    It certainly was cold Lesley, I think ice is not far away- three layers yesterday.
    I also scraped 50 DT with a 20 miler yesterday. Average pace 9:05, but 3 hours on feet was the main goal. Recovery day today with a long swim.

    One of my lady club pals turned up at parkrun with a new pair of X% Nike shoes and ran a PB for the year of 17:45- wiped the floor with us all.
    Its convinced me they might need to put them on my Christmas list if I see them at a decent price 🤔
  • nicko - very impressive 5k training runs - hope the 15 mile race went okay and wasn't too muddy.
    GM- good to hear from you. Glad to hear you're still running, if not racing. I did pick up a strange niggle in the middle of the year and decided that it was time to do a bit more cross training instead of hammering my ageing body quite so much. No racing for me yet either, so I'm not sure what effect it's having on my fitness.
    Birch - very impressive marathon from your club mate. But I think your 65,00 will trump that.
    Leslie - well done grinding out the 12 miler. 
    OO - tidy parkrun. Do Aldi sell X% Nike shoes ;)
    SBD - hope your knee is better soon. Free GFA place sounds good :)
    DT - Must have been the week for 50 miles - snap!
    6 easy miles on Sunday and then 7 soggy miles this morning plus swim and sauna. Not great putting wet running clothes back on after the swim to return home :( I should have put them in the sauna while I had my swim.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Solid week, Leslie. Yep this weather is just grim for running.

    oo- It seems to me that the only way you'll get them cheaper is via some sort of discount. NUS cardholders get 10% off if you know a student but the big one seems to be that if you have the nike app and sign up to nike plus you get 25% off for the month of your birthday. I had it in January and my wife also did recently. That makes a big difference on a £240 spend.

    Gul, yes I hate it when I've forgotten to take to the gym a fresh set of clothing.

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