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    I've booked for a week visit DT. It's on the list of places me and Mrs OO fancy visiting. And unlike you I'll never get a GFA place in Berlin so I hope to give it a good crack this year with my deferred place- as Poacher says its supposed to be a fast one. London will be interesting a week later, assuming they both go ahead. 
    Early days Poacher I guess the knee is going to keep you honest.
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    Berlin is a fascinating city, loads to see, easy to get around. Side trips to places like Dresden and Potsdam. Super fast course, nothing not to like.
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    Dawg - if you can make your running paces more black and white you'd smoke a sub 3, read the Hadd article about teaching your body to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. I couldn't run the paces you do day after day.........if you are serious about sub 3, you could follow P and D (if you could stick to the easy paces), or better still pay DTs coach for 16 weeks as he'll make sure you do what you need rather than what you like.
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    Oo, I went to Berlin for a long weekend in 2004 so had a reasonable look around then, though I'd love to go back for a bit longer like you are. 

    With school age kids it's not too easy which means any trip I take like that will be a Fri to Monday and will be very mara centric. Now gfa is 2 55 its much more in my sights, though you aren't too far away. The good thing with a mara is a 5s per mile improvement make a big difference on outcome. 

    Gdawg, as tr says, I'd wager Lewis could help you significantly if you took a punt on a 4 month block with him. It's a great investment in yourself to get you through that threshold time. 
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    Sound advice, cheers TR. I do have the P&D book and apply the principles to my training. I need to run some sessions slower and do other sessions in the hurt zone to push the envelope. When I've been injury free on a campaign I've usually got a PB from that approach. 

    Reading what others have done to go sub-3, extra miles seems to be the common factor. That also rings true when I look at each of my PB campaigns, extra miles every time with a variation of sessions.
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    Dawg - you need to spend a lot of yr weekly mileage further away from mp though, esp if you are going to increase miles. I can often spend over 90% of a running week at 8:XX. If you follow P and D then you will defo need to respect the easy and steady paces. I have no problem running slowly. Im nearly 54 so only run quicker twice a week max and that can still be mp get Lewis to help you as you would be able to do the faster stuff similar to he sets DT, i wouldnt be able to do it.
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    MsE - ouch - easy to get carried away on the Champs Elysees.
    GD - I'm sure you are capable of a sub 3 and an injury free consistent campaign will see you there.
    OO - great stuff. Berlin should be fantastic for a fast one.
    Poacher - nice intervals :)
    DT - good sharpener.
    15 easy miles this morning.

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    Yep, you’re right, TR. I’ve been trying to apply the 80/20 rule for weekly intensity which seems to work well. Looks like we’re the same age, so I’ll gladly take any more pace advice and other tips to get me under 3.

    I have struggled with keeping the regular pace down over the years so that’s why I’ve taken to the trails a lot more as pace doesn’t matter, yet it’s great strength work.

    Got just over 7 miles in today which was an interval session of 16 x 0.25 miles with 1 min jog recs. pace wasn’t up to DT standards on the efforts but I just wanted another quicker leg turnover session. Average for the whole thing including w/up, w/dn and recoveries was 7.04.

    Rest tomorrow and then options as to whether I do my LSR on Friday again.
  • I have also taken the plunge and booked an apartment in Blackheath for VMLM. I have stayed in the same flat in Barnehurst for years now, but the lady who owns it is selling up. This one is much more expensive, but within walking distance of the start and an easy train ride back afterwards. 

    Nearly blew away doing my 8 x 1km last night. Such a change from Monday night's recovery plod in cold but calm weather. Looks like another windy one is on the cards tonight, but it's just an easy 7 on the schedule. Could it please calm down before the weekend?

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    Speedy, yes I booked my usual Premier Inn in Holborn just before Christmas. It's fully refundable within 28 days of the event date anyway so no issue.

    Gdawg, nice reps.

    You must be heading back towards 70m weeks, Gul, what with a midweek 15.

    I see Boston UK mara has postponed now until end of May.

    TR- It turns out Dorney mara has a reserve date of 24th April (so 3 weeks later) if Easter weekend cannot happen. That has enthused me quite a bit as if the main date cannot happen an extra 3 weeks training wouldn't be totally unwelcome.

    Reduced distance mlr today of 9m nice and easy.

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    Dawg - im happy to help you if you ever feel the need some advice. Just message me.

    DT - that must be new then as they didnt say that when i asked. I guess that makes it later than Apr 12th which might help. Encouraging news.
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    TR, yes, James Shipley posts quite a bit on the sub 3 FB page and joined in our discussion around it.

    Anyway, England Athletics have just announced their roadmap and confirmed that covid safe competition can take place from 29th March. James has said he will call them first thing in the morning to be clear and formally announce position after that. But doesn't appear to be  any reason now not to happen.

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    The "minimise travel" bit is ominous, Goodwood would do that for me.
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    Whats the difference between organised competition in stage 1 or 2 and organised athletics or running events (which are CV safe) in stage 3......the definition of these needs clearing up i guess.
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    Yes there's a few things that need clearing up. Wonder how enforced 'minimise travel' can be when the law at that point will drop the stay at home message and people will be able to meet up mire freely. There'll be people travelling the country to see family and friends who they haven't seen since Autumn. 
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    Looks like the minimise travel drops out after May 17th when hotels are open. Races were prevenring entrants from Tier 3 areas at the end of last yr, so maybe only "local" races will be on from March 29th. Goodwood mara would be local for me, but not sure how they could restrict travel from further affield, so maybe after May 17th will be the Dorney date. 
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    I'd say local could be defined as able to get there and back without needing a hotel. 
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    Well the good thing is that sometime in April or May we should be back to it.......not sure on the numbers with Reading and Leeds Festivals, but if they are saying they will be on, then larger Aurumn races must have a chance too.
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    The FAQ asks about travel in steps 1 and 2, i take their answer as it will be allowed after May 17th.
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    GD - nice intervals. Enjoy the rest day.
    Speedy - yes, these high winds are a pain. Hadn't given any thoughts to travel/accommodation plans for London yet 
    DT - yes, last week was 71 miles (reported 75 by mistake). Boston would have been a possibility for me but it's sold out.
    10 mile recovery run today.
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    No time to post earlier as I had some shopping to do :) Did 10 miles inc. 7 @ 7:10/m.
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    Gul-Worth keeping an eye out on Boston,I couldn't do the alternative date so took a refund,guess at some point they will open some places again.
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    A beautiful but frosty start here: 6 miles as a recovery run and then a strength and flexibility session mid-morning once I'd done this morning's hearing.
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    10k tt today. Conditions were perfect and I fancied a sub 37 which would smash my pb. By the end I was chasing a sub 36 with splits of 5.36, 5.51, 5.46, 5.53. 5.52, 5.58 and 5.57 for the end bits.

    Manged a nice 30 ish second 5k pb in 17.51 and a 28.59 5m unofficial pb.

    Happy enough with that, just need some races!

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    Great work, DT19.  Your coach has knocked you into shape!
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    Great work DT, 36:XX ? Big jump solo, id expect to improve by another minute in a race if it were me.
    Any news on Dorney?
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    Sorry, final time was 36.11. I'm not sure i could take another 10s per mile off that in a race. 

    Nothing since midweek. Had really hoped to have heard some news from them. 
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    Thats a great time solo. You'd be nowhere near yr potential in whats basically a training run. I wouldn't even be able to do 10k at 1/2 pace......i know you targetted it and had your coach watching you virtually, but its still not enough of a difference.......good news is that its a big jump, self confidence breeds self confidence........ive heard a few things re other races and new dates etc, maybe they are having to reschedule.
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    Great stuff again, DT. Amazing pace.

    Got my longer run done today with a mate. We nipped out for 16 miles on the trails. For the first time in years I proper stacked it after tripping on a small stump in the mud after just 4 miles. Caught big air and landed in bushes of gorse and thorns. Big scratches on my legs that looked like bear claw damage and more blood from my hands and arm. It was funny more than painful, so cleaned some of the blood away and carried on.

    Nice to feel fresh with an afternoon long run rather than the low energy of a Saturday morning.

    Didn't want to shower when I got back as the blood streams and skin damage looked really cool.  Stings a bit now, though. Beer is helping.  :D
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    DT 👍
    GD “blood....looked really cool” Only a runner or biker would say that!
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