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    Just checking in with some sad news.  One of our forum friends on the 3:30 thread, Shaggy t,  has sadly passed away following a heart attack after a normal run.  He contributed to this thread occasionally but wouldn't become a regular poster until he felt he was in shape to attempt 3:15, a goal he was working on for Abingdon.  He lurked and I know he really appreciated a lot of the sound advice dished out.  This has come as a huge shock to us all.  He wasn't old.

    Live for the day folks, live for the day.

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    A sad reminder Minni, not that I know the poor chap.

  • That is sad, Minni.  Puts all this number chasing into perspective...

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    What terrible news, Minni. Thank you for updating us.  Would you let us know what arrangements are being made for contributions or letters etc?

  • Yes, terrible news.
  • That's just awful. I hope his family are coping. 

  • Came on here for a catch up and to read everyone's progress, but not important after the sad news from Minni. 

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    Sorry to hear the sad news Minni.
  • Crikey - very sad news Minni. Thoughts are with his family.

  • That is really tragic - such sad news, Minni.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    First Scotsman to win a Slam- nowq that's uplifting.image

  • That's a shocker Minni. Poor fella........

  • Terrible news Minni.

  • I'm really shocked and saddened to hear about Shaggy T. RIP fellow runner

  • Very sad news, thoughts are with his friends and family.

  • Sad news indeed, must have been a big shock for family & friends,a real loss at a young age. Still hard to believe heart attacks can happen to fit people like us.

  • We all got a fright at training tonight when one of the guys collapsed after the first interval. Luckily we had a medic on hand (a midwife technically, but she seemed to remember how to deal with adults well enough!). He was fine within minutes, but still...

  • Tried to improve my magic mile at lunchtime. I decided 80 seconds a lap plus the 9 odd metres in 2 seconds for 5:22 would be a decent target but the left thigh felt bad from the offset and the lap times were down from the start and getting worse so I pulled up with a DNF and just made it up to a gentle lunchtime 6 miler.

    On the positive side, I have run 38 miles in the last 7 days (1 rest day) and that is the first "full" week with decent miles since late June. I always tend to experience this sort of recovery so the first week back I am fresh from the rest and then the tiredness of running cuts in for the second a week and then in the third week and onwards the routine comes back so (fingers crossed) a few more days of jaded running and then it will come back to me.

  • Speedy - that sort of thing certainly makes you stop and think. Pleased to hear the guy is fine, but must be shaken up. Thoughts and prayers still with Shaggy's family.
    PMJ - I'm sure you'll be back in the groove very soon. I'm pondering whether or not to try another Magic Mile this week. Also feeling more positive myself after a 6 mile run this morning. Did the first 5 progressively starting at 8:30 m/m and ending at 6:00 m/m, then a couple of 200m sprints and short warm-down.

  • Speedy that must have shaken you up after Minnie,s news,but if am going to go out,can't see a better way to bow out doing something I enjoy than being a lard arse in front of the tv...started the little taper yet?

    PMJ I know that feeling well after a rest spell, ease back into the base building the speed will follow.

    Last longish run later,not sure how far yet meeting up with club friends, but nothing too mad.Quite looking forward to GNR at the weekend.
  • Fingers crossed for you, PMJ, that you are well and truly on the road to recovery.

    Speedy: someone collapsed in my first ever race.  Thankfully I wasn't the first on the scene, as I would have freaked.  But on a more serious note it reminds me I need to update my first aid qualification.

    Club session last night 2100, 1500, 600, 1500.  Legs were still a bit sluggish from the weekend's efforts but just about managed 10k for the longest rep and 5k pace for the other 3.

  • Thats bad to see Speedy, but glad they recovered. On my first race, Reading Half Marathon, a guy collapsed on the line. I wasn't there to see it, but my wife was spectating in the stand. We read the next day that he hadn't been revived. That incident has put a bit of tension on the running. My wife is really not keen on me running Marathon distances. Wierdly the longer the distance the more comfortable and in control I feel.

    Good recovery in progress PMJ and a good mileage for the week.

    A nice progressive run Gul, ending up at 6m/m. Must be worth another crack ot the magic mile.

    I'm having a few problems near my right knee at the moment. I think its the  hamstring tendons . I tried having a few days off but no real improvement. Had a couple of runs yesterday and today, and seem to be getting over it with some heat, stretching and slow recovery runs. Think some deep massage on the hamstring is the order of the day

  • Pleased it was only a feint Speedy.  I think col has summed up the way I feel about it  quite nicely too My whole family would be pleased if I gave up on the marathon thingy, particularly the missus, I am regularly reminded that 'this running thing is no good for you', but I am absolutely certain I would be physically and mentally worse off if I took up a more sedentary lifestyle.

    PMJ - nice too see some miles getting back in the legs.

    AR - Hope the leg sorts itself out for you

    Jools - nice reps.

  • Far too much fast stuff going on for my liking!!! Where's Poacher to talk about the benefit of 30 mile training runs at 10 min / mile pace?

    Was planning on an early run this morning but clearly had too many thoughts going through my head during the night and woke up before the alarm went off so it was an even earlier start than anticipated.

    First session with a head torch since the beginning of the year and with deer, foxes and sheep as spectators / running partners this morning, it was a rather pleasant 6.5 miles through the woods.

  • Lorenzo you get up so early you could probably fit in [email protected] before breakfast.

    Just done a lightweight [email protected] 7.55 off road in the rain, bl??????y cold and muddy too, suddenly it's winter. Bah.

    Good luck for those doing the GNR and anyone else racing this w/e
  • CC2 - that does sound alarming, I'm glad that he's OK. 

    PMJ - I hope that recovery all goes to plan, I've always been told that it takes a lot less time to get back to were you were than it did to get there in the first place, I'm sure you'll be back to full speed before long.

    Gul - That sounds like a very nice 6 miler

    efc-col - I agree, I'd rather go out doing something I like than sit on the sofa avoiding the danger (though I do also like sitting on the sofa) Good luck at the GNR

    Nice reps Joolska

    Also-Ran Glad to hear that the knee is making progress, hopefully the physio will be the answer. Based on what you said last week you might appreciate the couple of days off.

    Mennania - I agree, I think physically the benefits of running far outweigh the dangers, and mentally (most of the time) I like being out to think about stuff, it's time I would miss not running

    Lorenzo - I think that runs through the woods are the best runs.

    Poacher - agreed winters arrived, I had to wear a fleece today, and I wish I had worn a fleece on Monday.


    After my moan last week I think that I'm starting to come back out of the woods- I think that general tedium, a underlying bug and some deadlines were to blame- as well as perhaps pushing myself too hard and failing to achieve unreachable targets.

    For what its worth I think that the following things helped

    -I took a week off caring about speed unnessercerilly, eg 15M runnning at a comfortable speed without looking at what speed it was once, as opposed to trying to get every mile the right pace. I still tried to do intervals at the right pace.

    -I tried some new routes, since I didn't care what speed it was it was nice to go exploring a bit. Made a very nice change of scene

    -Stock up on sleep and good food.

    Anyway, the last few days have been 

    My Parkrun debut in 19.32, I enjoyed the race, though was a bit alarming to be beaten by a j14!

    Sun - 5M rec

    Mon - 18miler - 9 miles out, and 9 miles progressive on the way back in, finishing with the last mile at just faster than HMP. (Should point out there was quite a big net downhill for the return 9!)

    Tue - 10M inc 6x1000m @ 5k pace. Thought this might not happen after the monday, but got them all done in an average of 3.50 (6:11 pace)

    Today - a 12 miler that turned into a 15miler. 

    Looking forward to tommorows recoverys.

    Just out of interest how much variety do you all have in your routes? I reckon that I have about 8 miles of roads that make up the bulk of my training, how much does that differ from everyone else?

  • JD3- good to hear your up and running again. Excuse the pun! I always look out for your posts as your on the same PD schedule as me and same week!

    It's tough going isn't it? I turned Sundays 18 miler into a 22 as I wasn't happy with the previous Sundays 22 which went a bit pear shaped. Also did the 6x1000m vo2 max last night which is always a bit of a Rolfing session! Felt good for the 15 tonight and put the hammer down for last 5 running close to MP. Don't wish to tempt fate but havnt missed a session yet after 12 weeks. I really feel like my fitness is peaking but still 6 weeks to go. Hope not peaking too early if that's possible.

    Best wishes for everyone doing GNR on Sunday. I was toying with doing Bristol half at end of September, but only 3 weeks out from marathon. Too close considering this is first one.
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