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  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Glad to hear you're feeling perkier, JD3;
    I reckon I'm about the same with routes, I have a "bog-standard" 7 to 8 mile road route which is even incorporated into my 21 miler, and forms the basis of a high %age of my running. Speaking of which, saw the consultant y'day, and I am to undergo MRI scan (hooray), so all (or not very much) will be revealed. Ironically my knee feels much better (I positively flew around a 4 miler today in 37 mins, Poacher take noteimage), 4 mins quicker than last week. I did explain I am tentatively stepping out again (and relatively pain-free) to consultant; fortunately he still suggested the scan, and understood my desire to return to something like my usual level of activity, (as Mennania says, very important to me psychologically, as well as the competition, social, and fitness benefits). 

    Regards, all

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Good session y'day, Jools - are you feeling confident of a decent result at Bristol?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes its turned cold.  We had a club blind handicap last night in the hills.  5.6 miles in 43:44 which was 5 minutes quicker than I've ever managed before and the first 2.5 was uphill all the way.  There was a strong headwind, my hands felt like they were going to drop off, I worn a coat all the way and my cold weather asthma started - yes winter is coming.

    efc -  will you be heading for the beer tent on Sunday? (after the run of course!)

  • Ah, nice one Birch, and fingers crossed for the scan. Coincidentally I was talking to someone last night who is doing Boston and it really brought back the pain and suffering...made me want to sign up again. Good luck.

    JD - Its worth considering doing a good proportion of mileage off road even if it's only footpath/towpath/trail. Much less wear on the legs. Running on the beach is also good, and very uplifting.
  • Xpost - nice run Minni, get the snowshoes ready for winter now
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Aye Poacher, there'll be snow on Cheviot before long.  And running on the beach is bliddy hard work!  I'm working over on the coast now and hoping to get some lunchtime beach runs in.

  • Jools - good interval session if a bit unusual?
    AR - hope the knee heals quickly.
    Lorenzo - nice run in the woods.
    JD3 - pleased to hear things are looking up. I have 3 basic routes - short loop round the estate for recovery runs; warm-up run to the park for intervals and home on a shorter route; out and back run into the countryside for general aerobic / longer runs.
    DM - looking very promising indeed.
    Birch - great news. Hope the scan brings a definite diagnosis.
    Minni - very nice handicap run. Well done.
    Still seems like summer here, but then I'm not sure what that means any more. Had another crack at a Magic Mile last night and ended up with the same time as last week's attempt: 5:37. I would love to chip a few more seconds off that - maybe one final try on Tuesday which is the final day.

  • Gul, Tuesday is the last day to record the mile but strictly shoudl be run between Monday 3rd and Sunday 16th.

    For me, the running routes I use from the office are fairly limited at short distances (I am at Hammersmith on the outskirts of London on the Thames so it is one bridge upsteam or one bridge downstream) but as the routes grow longer I get more choice so 2 miles down streets gets me to Hyde Park so worth the investment for anything 7 or longer and 3.5 miles gets me to Richmond Park so 10 or more and that works and of course the river allows progressively longer routes by addign a bridge at a time.

  • Birch good news on the comeback, take care.

    Gul nice magic mile attempt am sure you will shave a bit the next time.

    Minni i hope to make it to the beer tent, will look out for you and Speedy, i will also try at the start.

    A gentle 7m last night and a 4m plod this morning and that's me done till Sunday.


  • PMJ - ah, yes, you're quite right. So I guess that's my Magic Mile campaign finished. After my niggle/scare at the weekend, I am in two minds again as what to do next. Maybe it was a warning that 2 speed sessions a week (albeit low volume) is too much.
    EFC-Col - good luck for Sunday. What is your target?

  • Gul, if you can register it by non on the 18th I don't think any one will mind, you are still runing it as oppsed to:

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Wishing all you ravers good luck this weekend! Hope it's a good one for you.

    Poacher - do Boston! I have had to pull out of my December marathon to give my Achilles more recovery time. These things are buggers to get better. No marathons for me this year but I have a place to run in Boston and it would be really lovely to see you and any others out there. Love Norma No Mates image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image oh no Speedy.  How bad?


  • Good news Birch image

    Bad news Speedy image

    Gul, haven't managed my magic mile yet. Only real chance is tomorrow night so will have to nip out and just get on with it. Tri on Saturday morning so will probably rupture something!
  • Sorry to hear that, Speedy.  Hope that the usual mix of vitamin C, echinacea, pink grapefruit and whatever else takes your fancy works wonders swiftly!

    Club session tonight; supposed to be 6 mins (2 mins rec), 2 x 3 mins (2 mins rec), 2 x 2 mins (2 mins rec), 2 x 1 min (1 min rec) and 2 x 40s (1 min rec) but I missed the first 2 minutes of the 6 min rep...  Still, nearly 3M of effort at an average of under 6m/m, so a good night's work image

  • MsE - Birch and I "did" Boston or more accurately were given a good kicking by it. You have a place for 2013? You will love it. Gives you plenty of time to recover too. Remember to train on downhill as well as uphill.

    Track tonight, I suppose it's good for the soul. 600m reps, nice.

    Good luck Speedy
  • PMJ - shameful.
    Speedy - oh no, that's terrible; horrendous timing. Praying for as miracle recovery.
    SJ - good luck with the Magic Mile. I'm not doing too bad v. my rvials, including leading the guy who handed the real relay baton over to me. Also discovered yesterday that the woman who did the stage two after me is none other than the early morning dog-walker I'm on nodding terms with and I recognise from parkrun!
    Jools - great speedwork; I presume you had someone telling you what to do next; trying to retain that amount of information while running sub 6m/m would have fried my brain!
    I couldn't sleep a wink last night thanks to some alarm whining away; so I was up very early and did 10 miles including 1 fast mile in 5:50 (pretty sure it was slightly more than a mile to be on the safe side); so very pleased with that. Also no sign of the niggle at all, even after 3 relatively hard sessions on consecutive days. However, I am now seriously thinking of calling an end to my summer of speed before my luck runs out. It occured to me that there is a local HM in the spring after all - the Cambridge Boundary Run in March has a HM option. So I might be revising my plans...

  • Yes, club session so coaches with watches and whistles (and one with a parade-ground trained voice!).

  • Gul - you did 10 miles this morning and you're still back posting at 6.45. Crikey. Just make sure you get some rest shortly and keep your body's defences strong.

    Speedy - hope it clears up. I swear by Lemsip, but I'm sure natural remedies might be better for you. Can the magic beetroot weave its spell?

    MsE - makes sense to give yourself some recovery time. Boston sounds great (Poacher and Birch's horror stories from earlier this year notwithstanding!) but I think I might have to put in on the plan for 2014, unless I can persuade Mrs L very quickly that it'd be a good idea for next year. How quickly do places fill up?

    Hill reps first thing for me this morning - 2 miles gentle uphill, then 4 x 0.25 down and up a steep one, then 2 miles back. Unpleasant at the time, but pleased to have done it.

  • Random post but just found out I made the 2013 Guinness WR book! Book signings available on request!image
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gul - impressive enough to record a 10 miler and be posting at 6:45, but to include a 5:50 in there (!) Respect ( as someone 40 years my junior might say)  . . .

    Lorenzo - you' have no problem getting in Boston - you just have to run a qualifying time, which for 2014 will probably be any mara from any time about now; so if you're doing, say, Abo 2012 or VLM 2013, then no worries (apart from completing within these times) - well within your compass.  If memory serves, then you could get in 2013 if you act now, as I'm sure you have a time within the designated period ( from Sept 2011)

    Must say, I have a niggling feeling I'd like to return one day to complete the job, so to speak. 

  • Boston marathon fills up quickly. It fills up so quickly they allow quicker athletes to register first:

    So it opened on Monday for guys who are 20 minutes faster than the standard, by Wednesday down to 10, Friday (today) just 5 and then  from Monday to just scraped in.

    The standards are easier than London so for London good for my age (46) is 3:15 but Boston 3:25


  • PMJ - that article is ridiculous

    CC2 - get well soon,

    Joolska - that seems like an excllent session, there's no way I could remember what I was doing if I tried that.

    Gul - hope youre not too tired after that start to the day, I guess a half marathon near Cambridge would be nice and flat?

    Lorenxo - well done on the hills


    Just got back from one of the best runs I've done- not particully noteworthy in any way, but just felt strong doing it. HR a little lower than usual, speed a little faster, a little more energy at the end than usual etc

    12M (6 out and 6 back) the first 6 just steady, and then progresed up through the last 6 miles. Miles 7-12:

     7.50, 7.40, 7.38, 7.25, 7.05, 6.53.

    Pleased too because that last mile was the 80th I've done in 7 days (8 runs)


    On a different note, is there a forumla for running efficiency?

    Something like

    Av HR = F(speed, net climb, total climb, distance)

    It seems quite apparent from looking at sessions that some are better than others

    for example 10 miles at 8.00min/miles with a hr of 140 is better than the same run with a hr of 141, (for the same person)

    to compare from person to person you would need to use HRR%s

    but because of cardiac drift, hills, temperature etc, while it's easy to gauge roughly from one session to another it's not very accurate.

    I know it wouldn't be vastly accurate or useful, but I like that kind of thing. Was just wondering?

  • Nice running JD3! Let me know when you've worked out that formula....

    PMJ, I read that article - that bloke's a nutter

    Feeling knackered right now after a day in the car, slowly edging up the M6. Might not manage my magic mile as a result so may have to delve back into the last 2 weeks memory banks to dig out a mile from an interval session to log instead - won't be nearly as quick as Gul's and PMJ's though and if i can't muster the energy to do a proper effort then Ant has an easy route to that fiver.
  • Ps well done Amy!!
  • Don't bank on it, Slokey - my trial-on-feel effort the other day was a dismal failure, and unless I can knock 20 or more seconds off it tomorrow or Sunday (tomorrow, probably) my goose is, you know, cooked.

    Birch - Glad to hear things are happening again for you.

    Hope you're feeling better Speedy.

     Gul - I am full of admiration for your Summer of Speed. Amazing stuff.

    De-lurking here after a few weeks away - did some very nice holiday-type running in Portugal, including a 11-miler that was only supposed to be 5-6, but I got lost in the forest...

    Still a bit sore down there where I've been injured but I can run on it and the discomfort post-run is getting less and less. I've really just been plodding so this Magic Mile business is just what I need to shake myself out of such lethargy. I need to be doing some of what Jools is up to.

    I'm reading Julian Goater's "The Art of Running Faster", which is very interesting - he seems to be very keen on doing lots of faster stuff and mixing it all up. Anyone else read it? I know Jezza was going through it last time I was on here.

    I'm coming over to England on Tuesday and staying til the 26th - I plan to do the Bromley Parkrun on the 22nd.

    Who's racing this w/e?



  • Fascinating article PMJ, what a story. You almost have to admire his logistical abilities.

    The thing about Boston is not that the qualifying times are hard (by the standards of people who might read/post on this thread), it's that it's a pure meritocracy with no charity or ballot fallback. Must feel unfair to those who work really hard to be the very best they can but for whatever reason are never going to make it.

    BTW getting a BQ time doesn't actually guarantee entry - last time almost 4000 people were rejected as they had only scraped BQ by a few seconds or a minute. It's harsh.

    Good luck racers
  • Still lurgified. All above the neck and I wouldn't worry if I was just doing normal training, but it's the GNR this weekend. image

  • That article on Kip Litton is so long, it doesn't surprise me that only Poacher, apparently has had the endurance to get through all of it...

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