ASICS Super Six: Maria (Sub-3:15)


Introducing the second member of our ASICS Super Six 2011 … Maria (aka UpsyDaisy)

Maria will be using our sub-3:15 Garmin-ready schedule as a basis for her training and will be mentored by Bud Baldaro directly on this thread (starting December 20).

She’ll be posting his training progress and be receiving advice directly from the ASICS PRO Team experts live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how she gets on.

Good luck Maria!



  • good luck in the training maria.

    using the same training as you for paris also so will be watching the thread with interest!image

  • I stil cannot quite believe I made it to the final six! Huge 'thank you' to all voters. I am looking forward to starting my training plan on Monday image During the week I tend to do most of my running in the mornings or early evenings. Weekends are usually easier as my husband is usually at home to look after our son. He is away for two days next week - need to sort out a babysitter so I can go out runnning then. Any other young parents on the forum? We've been contemplating an idea of sending Allan (our son) to a nursery but six months does not seem to be very old for a nursery in my opinion - I do know that a lot of nurseries take babies as young as six weeks but I feel he is still too young for it! Maybe I am just being overprotective..?

  • Thank you dm1974 - what marathon are you training for?
  • paris also this will be my second time around... there is an 'official' paris thread if you haven't already found it.

    paris thread

  • UD - Well done on your selection for the Super Six and the best of luck with your goal.

    With regard to the question regarding childcare: you are in a very fortunate positiom if you are able to choose whether or not to put your son into a nursery as many mothers have little choice about returning to work.  I am a childminder (formerly a teacher) and have looked after children from as young as six months old and can assure you that if you find the right setting then he will be in very good hands. ( I am an old parent by the way but I'm not sure the children know the differenceimage)

    I'd be interested to know your 10k and HM PB's out of interest and to also encourage you to dip into the sub 3:15 thread as the guys on there are very supportive and knowledgeable.

  • Upsy Daisy well done!  Do keep up with the mums running thread, you will get lots of support - we have a mum on there with 6 kids under 10 who ran (I think....) a sub 3.15 marathon this yr, or it could have been 3.20 ish  - but pretty speedy anyway, and another one with 3 kids who's definitely done sub 3.15.  I am a mere  mortal with 1 small child and a sub 4 marathon under my belt.

    My daughter has been in nursery 2 days a wk since 8 months old (she's now 2 1/2) and it's fab.  She learns so much, is sociable, plays well with other kids etc etc - so I highly recommend it. 

  • Catepillar girl - thank you for your support! I suppose I will feel more comfortable when I know my son likes the nursery or the childminder he is going to look after him - guess all a matter of trial and error and good recommendations image My best 10k is 43min and HM is 1h30mins. I have been very active up until about 6 months into my pregnancy when I became too heavy and all I could manage was walking and swimming. I also took yoga classes back then. I started running again when Allan was 4 months, so almost 3 months ago now! I still feel I am much slower than I used to be but I am hopeful my pace will improve as the weeks go by! I am regularly checking on the sub 3:15 thread - a lot of serious runners there and I am very keen on having their advice and support however I am a little bit afraid of being a complete newbie to marathon running and setting myself such a 'high' or shall I say 'low' time bar of sub 3:15. That probably sounds silly. Do you have any idea what I mean?

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Congratulations, Maria. Good luck with the training and juggling it with your son. If you find it hard fitting runs in just remind yourself that you have just the one and, it would seem, the luxury of contemplating nursery. Lucky you! I used a nursery but only when I returned to work after each maternity leave with babies 2&3. Both were 6 months and absolutely fine so, as Caterpillar Girl says, if you find the right place it can actually be a great environment for little babies. Baby number 4 has stayed at home with me as I no longer work but benefits from the socializing that goes with having three siblings. So why don't you look into it as you need to ensure you can commit properly to this now you have won the selection process.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    The sub 3.15 are a great bunch.  Although its my dream time I don't think I'll ever do it but they are really encouraging and offer loads of advice and support.   Good luck with your training.
  • UD - It doesn't sound silly at all. I think one of the faults of this competition is that it forces you to set a time target before you even start the training, especially you as a returning runner and in your first marathon.

    I've met quite a few of them and I can assure you that they're not all that serious. Pop over and introduce yourself.

  • Hi Carovet and thank you for encouraging examples of other marathon running mummies - exactly what I needed to hear! I now feel very inspired and all my doubtful thoughts are slowly beginning to wash away from my head..image Well done with the sub 4 marathon by the way!
  • Hi MsE - wow you are a super mum! Juggling 4 kids your nerves must be made of steel! Honestly after I had Allan I think all mothers are heroes! I am going back to work next May so training for a marathon now fits in nicely with my schedule. I am definitely going to research about our local nurseries and childminders - and make a list of relatives and friends who could be called upon for babysitting emergencies. I wonder now why I did not do this earlier?! I am 100% committed to this project and looking forwrad to starting training on Monday image
  • dm1974 - i've been following the paris thread, thank you for the link.

    Minni - thank you  image 

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Congratulations, UpsyDaisy and good luck for the months of training ahead. I'm another mum who thinks it's fine for the kids to go to nursery from a young age. I've got 2 (aged 3 and 1) and went back to work (teaching) after 4 months with both. They started at nursery at 5 months and loved it straight away. It's a good place so I never felt that I'd abandoned them or anything - I actually started to think I was enriching their lives by putting them in there.

    I enjoyed some 'me time' in the summer hols, keeping them in nursery on their normal 2 days per week. I spent one of those days sorting the house and the other day doing (then recovering from) long runs for my autumn marathon. I got a sub3 PB in the marathon. So it's all more than possible for you if you give yourself the best chance.

    PS don't feel you're not experienced enough to come over to the sub 3:15 thread - I'm occasionally popping on at the minute (I'll post on it more when I actually re-start training) as it's got some great, friendly advice and interesting to hear what others are doing.
  • Hi Maria, just popping over from the 3.15 thread to wish you luck and say hello. I too am targeting sub 3.15 this year (in London) having run 3.19.33 last year.

    Would you share your PBs at other distances with us?

    Do you feel back to fitness now after having Allan?

  • Well done on getting through UD - I am looking forward to following your journey over the following weeks.

    Do dip in to the sub 3.15 thread there are some great people on there and who are never short of advice!

  • Hello CC2 - good luck with the training. Just back from the sub3.15 thread - some not very welcoming comments there but hey I am sure it will all pass. I do not remember KR or Jane on the day either either -does not mean I was not there. My fitness is definitely coming back, slowly but surely - my biceps have never been so strong - all the heavy lifting I've been doing for the past 6 months!
  • Good luck UD! Shame i did not meet you at the SS day. I did look out for you as everyone was so impressed you made it down from Glasgow. I'll be following you too. And don't be scared of the 3.15 thread. Its a mine of info and they are a nice bunch. They just don't know you yet.
    Your biceps sound good. I'd focus on the legs now image
  • Don't worry about it UD, we're just a bit miffed that one of our own didn't get in, but we'll get over it soon enough! There is a wealth of useful info and encouragement on the 3.15 thread, plus 3 or 4 former Super Sixers (Matchstick Man VLM 2010, Sue C FLM 2009, Me GNR 2008, Wardi (pre 'Super Six' 200?) So we can identify with the pressures and scrutiny that you'll be under on here.

    Biceps aren't going to help much with the marathon, can you do baby weighted squats and lunges image
  • Squats and lunges have become a part of my daily baby lifting/rocking/etc routine as well - so no worries all concerned - my legs are ready to go! image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Congratulations and Bon Chance UD!

    I know what you mean about being a newbie on the sub 3.15 thread. Many experienced runners on there, but there is a positive and supportive environment and some humour there as well. I started out on these forums 1 yr ago, attracted by MMs sub 3.15 thread last year, and moved to the general sub 3.15 thread in May. I ran my first marathon on Oct, so know what you mean about being around many experienced runners, but the ones there, are there because they want to offer advice and support to others.

    I also know what its like to be a parent. I'm father to a 4 and a 2 yr old boy (2yr olds tomorrow). You arms get stronger and stronger as they grow, although back stiffness also increases!

    Has Bud given you details of your training for the next few weeks yet?

  • Congratulations to Mariaimage

    Waves at the regulars!!

    Looking forward to reading about your marathon journey Maria. I did the SSX in 2009, although it appears they have made a number of changes since then. Do feel welcome on the sub 3.15 thread too - nice bunch of people with quite a wide range of time targets and goals between us, but we all have mutual support and encouragement in common though. I have been a touch quiet of late as I am struggling a little with a back injury (very boring, won't go into the details) but will post more often then I am fixed.

    You have a very good coach, I am sure you will be fineimage

  • Hello Sue and Keir. Bud has not been in touch yet - there is an online RW's Garmin-Ready Marathon schedule for sub 3:15 which we have to follow. Problem is, I do not currently own a working watch! I imagine it could take a while to get it fixed (Forerunner 205) and I am a little sceptical about sending it away to the service centre. I am just wondering if I should ask Santa for a new one asap?

    I know what you mean about the back Keir - I can feel it too image

  • Congratulations Maria. I hope you get good help and support from Bud for your sub 3.15 quest.

    Best of luck.

  • Thank you knight rider
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    UD - Sorry, forgot the schedule will be as per the RW 3.15 one! Don't you get a Timex  Ironman Global Trainer GPS watch as part of the SSX package? If not Garmin customer services are meant to be excellent and really quick (Xmas post allowing). Either way I would send the 205 to them to get fixed.

  • Morning all, just back form my morning 4,5 mile run in the snow - was a little sleety and icy but generally ok. I find that the best time to run is between 6-7am as streets are still quite quiet with only a few cars and passers-by so I can run on the roads rather than sleety pavements. Feeling very energised and ready to fight another day image
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Weak backs need strong cores everyone! Try doing a 30 second plank drill comprised of 30 seconds of each of the following: front plank, side plank, side plank pulsing and then side plank reach through, before returning to the front plank for 30 seconds and then doing the other side for 30 seconds on each drill. Since doing this regularly, as well as other abs work, I have been a lot stronger generally lugging the kids around and in my running form. <gets down from soap box>
  • Hey UpsyDaisy. Congrats on making it to the SuperSix team! I'm fairly new to the forums. I have a 4 month old (as well as a 4year old and 2 year old) and hoping to get back to fitness with the aim of running a sub 3:15 marathon in May 2011. Looking forward to following your training and attempting something similar. What sort of mileage were you doing up til now? I've only got to 10 miles per week as hindered by the snow and trying to squeeze in training around looking after all the kids and husband's work schedule.
  • Congratulations Upsy Daisy. Wishing you all the best for your SS journey! I am not doing a spring marathon this year - instead concentrating on improving my half time. But I will follow your thread with interest.

    Waves to Caro, CG, Sue and CC2!

    I am one of the mums from the other thread Carovet mentioned! I ran 3.15.31 at Adingdon in October and can understand the pressure of juggling training and family - I have 6 kids, youngest are 2 year old twin boys and our eldest is 10!

    Oh and I think MsE has a very good point on the stong cores. Very important for runners and us mums in particular. I do a pilates class at least once a week.

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