The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Fiona,

    Ouch, hope you recover soon.


    Had Chris' parents over for a present exchange and in addition to having a hissing cat (she doesn't like the smell of other cats & they have 3) I had the best Christmss pressie.  A Lush gift set with nice warm spicey fragranced smellies.

    Well done to everyone who's got out for a run.

  • Zion- well done with the 10k and great reportimage

    USB- well done on Parkrunimage

    NP- the rest will probably do you goodimage

    Fiona- hope the leg's better in the morningimage

    HY4- out of your targets, i recommend the one about joining a club- it will probably help with the other targetsimage

    6.36m recovery tonight for meimage

  • Jason,

    I think that's going to bethe easiest one as I've got a club in mind and would have already tried them out if I hadn't of broken my shoulder.  It's a club based in a neighbouring village and sound really flexible.  My 10k pb is 1:24 (was running with partner who hadn't done any training) so that should tumble very easily especially as my easy run pace is about 11:30 min miles.

  • HY4- sounds like a plan to meimage
  • Jason,

    Definately.  I'm not planning on doing any races with my partner again unless it's a really short race & I can run quicker than him or it's just at the limit for his body as he beat me by 1 second and I had more or less carry him round. So he sure as hell isn't going to beat me again.

  • Zion - nice race report. No photo though? image Well done on the 10km. I have never done it and probably never will unless I give up the booze 100%.

    I had a rest day yesterday. Went for a lovely long walk with whining children, had fish n chips, watched fireworks display and went to the pub! Easy 3.5 miles for me this morning. we're off to the panto this afternoon. (cue more dodgy panto jokes, he's behind you)
  • FionaC - I thought it was just me but I have noticed stitch coming on after running downhill and thought it was either due to my bad form or my dodgy SIJ. The right side of my body is definitely weaker which is where I always get stitch, although I think this is the most common side. I have been doing regular exercises and yesterdays stitch was very mild compared to usual and did shift pretty quickly on breathing out on the right foot strike. Hope your calf is ok today.

    Mr Spoons enjoy the pantoimage

    A couple of hours done this morning with no after effects from yesterdays race. Just over 53 miles for the week including a rest day.

  • Well done on everyone's runs yesterday.
  • Mr Spoons - oh no you aren't image

    8 miles for me later, need to go to the supermarket first to stock up on basics.  

  • Happy New Year peeps!  Lovely, we have a new thread!!

    Been AWOL again for a bit due to work commitments and stuff but I will try and be better in 2011 image

    Congrats, Zion. I love it when a race (or a run) just clicks and everything falls into place.

    Fiona image. Hope no serious injury.

    I am just back from my first 3 hr run.  Deliberately left the Garmin at home and just went by HR (which I kept below 70%). Training plan said to do 15 miles and I would think I did a bit more than that, maybe 18 but it doesn't really matter. It felt very comfortable and it was nice to run on tarmac again although there were very tricky bits where the snow had melted, then froze again into really mean sheet ice image. Lots of other runners about today. New Years Resolutions and all that...

  • Chicka - you can wear a garmin without looking at pace and distance. I know I did today.

    10 miles at 7.04 avh HR 65%

    Fiona - how are you today?
  • Sadly Gobi, I can't .... I will get too OCD and then I fiddle until I get pace and distance image AND I will run too fast.

    So, the only way for me is the old Polar HRM.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    All well today thanks guys. image Did 7 miles, calf tight at first but now 100%.

    Hope you got the LSR done NP and well done on your chickadee, not done 3 hours yet! No 20 miler for me this week but no harm at this stage; 50 for the week. Good mileage Zion.

    Did a 6 mile walk this afternoon to check out a hill run close to my house. Rough track, run up to 462m and back in a loop, nice but still banks of snow & ice, one for the spring!

    Hope you enjoy the panto Mr Spoons.

    Gobi, no idea really what turbo sessions to do. So far have been - warm up then 2 mins fast/1 min recovery times 5 then cool down (half hour total); another session I do is easy for 4 mins then 6 mins standing trying to keep cadence high but don't have a counter - do this for an hour. The other is just work as hard as I can for 30 mins. No idea really. Do wear my HRM but have to work mega hard to get HR high compared to running. Average HR for marathon is 172 but if I did that on the turbo I'd pass out!

  • Well done to everyone who's got out today.
  • Chick- well done on the run- I couldn't ignore my Garmin eitherimage

    Fiona- glad you're ok and well done on the mileageimage

    Zion- good mileage tooimage

    Gobi- great running as perimage

    Did 16m today with last 8m @6.51 av. Two things learnt today: 1) Stepped on the scales today and realised that I need to lose around a stone in weightimageimageimage 2) (Linked to 1 to some extent) I'm a LONG way from being able to maintain the 6.51 pace for 26.2m. 16m in 1:59.43. Splits: 8:11 8:04 8:06 8:13 8:15 8:14 8:01 7:47 6:51 6:52 6:46image 6:50 6:52 6:54 6:53 6:52 2

  • My Garmin told me I was running too fast ...................... so I ignored it image

    8.28 miles done at 10.27 pace

  • Bridget,



    Sometimes I just check my Garmin after a few metres then don't look at it.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    22.02 miles at avg 07:30 with last 4 miles at marathon pace, garmin said full with data after 8 miles and due to eye sight couldn't see it lol. Managed to make out the pace so just ran to paceimage Legs feel great and could have run on so very happy the endurance at this point. I should be able to get in the pool tomorrow as well, spent the rest of today taking down the tree and everything.

    Chick well done with your 3 hr run thats a great effort.

    Gobi glad today was a better day nice pace for 10 miles thats the sort of pace I am trying to do my mid week long run at for the moment.

    Fiona nice run and it looks like you have found a nice hill to run up and down, I love hills great for endurance.

    Jason thats a great run at this stage you are still building your endurance for the next few weeks.

    USB nice run, not sure about the RW plan/plans you are using, don't think there is enough in it for you.

  • I know what you mean NP in terms of the mileage although I think I will be doing a bit more at a quicker pace than I have been doing.  Seems strange to have a rest day tomorrow though when usually I'd run.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    To many rest days for someone who is used to running a lot.... I know thats when we gain from the training but there is a lot of them with what is easy training for you.
  • Bridget,

    Do you think Bud would be able to suggest an alternative for so you feel more comfy with the plan.

  • No proper training for me today as we spent the day shopping in brum. Reading about the long runs is now making me feel guilty. 20 mins core work is all I have done. A gym session tomorrow for me is needed.

    Well done to most of you for upping your long runs. A solid start for your spring marathons.

    As for garmins, I love having mine. It gives piece of mind to me. Funny how everyone is different.
  • SB - pace is controlled for a reason, is Bud talking to you yet?

    NP - question why you are needing to do long runs that fast??

    Jason - it is January so the marathon is a long way off.

    I'm off to jog a marathon tomorrow.
  • Gobi - no but Steve has been dropping in in the interim.  I don't think he knows where Bud is either!  I'm enjoying having the target paces to run to as I was rather just running last year rather than pushing myself image
  • NP and Gobi- cheers fellas, know it makes sense- just wish it felt easy now- lol! But I love a challenge!!!!image

    Gobi- good luck for the "jog"- where is it? P.S I wish April was further awayimage

    On the subject of rest days, i find that a slow 5-7m recovery run(or even 2) helps me more between sessions. If I don't run/jog at all I feel stiff and achy-what does everyone else do??

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    54 x 25 m in the pool for me this morning all front crawl, nice to be back into the swimming after just over a week without any. Will do a 6 mile recovery run later.image

    Gobi my LSR is still 45 seconds per mile slower than MP with 4 or 5 miles at MP. 

  • Well I went to the gym/health club today. Is was packed. I mean rammed. In december It was 30-40% full max. Apparently they have had lots of people joining over the last few days. That on top of a day off work for many folk and new years resolutions means even the overflow carpark was full. I wonder if it will be the same in March image

    I managed to get the last treadmill and did 10k@ 10MM pace @1% incline, followed by a 500M Swim and a 5 mins in the steamroom to help sort the last of my sniffy nose. A nice unremarkable but solid session for me......will do some core work in front of Silent witness tonight !!.

  • Hi folks, and Happy New Yearimage

    Zion - great result for Wymondham. I've done it a couple of times, although not for a while. Nice event - are you going to do the 20 miler they organise in March? I've entered that one.

    Good long runs from loads of you too - espcecially chick - 3 hours is great going.

    Norwich Parkrun for me on NYD - better conditions and 50-ish seconds quicker than the week before, 21.41. But I was a bit disappointed with the time if I am honest as I slowed quite a bit in the last km and all in all it just felt harder than that time should have. But then I thought about it and realised that I haven't really trained for a 5k, and it was the 6th day running in a row without a rest, plus it was NYD so I hadn't had a totally alcohol-free evening beforehand...! So maybe all in all it was a decent effort. I think once I get more speed endurance built up I can get closer to 21 minutes.

    Yesterday was a rest day, and then today was 16 mile LSR, average pace was 8.47, which included 4 miles between 8 and 8.10 at the end. Felt pretty good after that - legs could have taken me further I think.

    This week and next will be a bit hit and miss - looking at my work diary I may struggle to run more than one day this week, and we are off to the Cotswolds on Friday for a week's holiday - I'll run when I am there, but it'll be shorter distances with a bit of hill work, nothing fast or long. But I feel I've built a good base up to this point, so I am not worried if the mileage comes down a bit.

    I've only one goal for 2011 at this stage - sub 3.30 in VLM. I'll see how I feel after that!

  • Freemers- good runningimage

    NP- my long runs generally start around 1.30 slower than MP with the last 5-10m at 40secs slowerimage

    6.36m recovery run today. Legs nicely loosened up as a resultimage 

  • Freemers,

    Well done & luck with fitting everything in.

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