The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Z/ Mr S - I must agree on the flexible plan approach. I set a weekly mileage with long run, medium long run and sessions/ temp runs - and work it to fit it in with the other draws of life throughout the week. I always plan a rest day for Friday (that way if some thing happens during the week i can switch rest days). Also always LSR for Sat morning with Sunday to fall back on if something else interferes.
  • 28 miles for me this week having dropped 4 yesterday.

    Did my 11 miler today but slower than planned.  Tortoise type of pace initially but the splits for the miles after number 4 show how my niggle eased from sore to dull ache as time went on.

  • Tortoise pace - careful, you'll get told off again for going too fast! Lol
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Zion wrote (see)
    Well done on the weight loss jasond - that is a lot in a week.
    But I've got a lot to shift!image
  • Well done on everyone's training.
  • Tahnks for the advice and welcoming comments.  I will try to swap some of my cycling for medium to long runs when I get a few weeks into training. Also I will try to drop the cycling altogether on the rest day after a long run.

    First week of training this week and managed 21 miles (5+8+8).image

  • Andy - crazy thought (I'm full of them), assumng you have a 12 mile commute (based on your 20-30 miles a day), what about:
    Monday cycle to work and run home
    Tuesday run to work and cycle home
    Etc, you get the idea image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Well never got my run this morning but managed to get onto the treadmill just after 5pm and do 18.1 miles @ 7:51 pace.

    LOL at Paddy, just wanted to see how you had done the year before, thats great running well done. I am in the Fire service up the North Antrim coast area and cover a number of Stations. I try to stick to a plan but in this job you learn to be flexable, if I can I get in my longer runs before work at Dark O'Clock. You will like the London marathon, having done Belfast, Dublin and Barcelona none come close to London.

    Welcome AB3 a few of my mates do Tri's and manage to fit in some LSR and speed work with a lot of miles on the bike. Gobi also rides a lot as well as runs and he has great marathon, half marathon and 10k times, I think it's just finding the right balance.

    Chick thats great miles well done, I drink SIS and make it up for my own taste as well as use SIS gels but only on the 20 and 20+ mile runs.

    Jason great running mate hows the legs feeling at the moment? The weight will keep coming down now your into the bigger miles, I am at 11st 2lbs at the moment and would like to be 10st 10lbs come April, just need to cut out some choc now.

    Mr Spoons 49 miles is good well done.

    USB I could rub it for you but MR USB would chase meimage

    Fiona you take a rest day today?

  • No Pain - 18+ on the TM at 5 o'c on Sunday - thats good dedication (and good for strenghtening the mind too!!)

    My Plan starts today. Was in Gym earlier and managed a few miles on the TM followed by a circuit of excercises (upper bod and a bit of core). I'm visiting my rubman later for assessment of my Hamstring problem. As it feels fine i'm hopeful and might get out later for a run. 

  • Thanks for the advice on sports drink. I will try it on my next one and report how it went.

    jason: super mileage! And fantastic news on the weight-loss front image

    Spoons: plans are good as a guideline but take them with a pinch of salt. Zion is spot on.

    NP: 18+ miles on the treadie image! How do you do it? Respect, mate, HUGE respect.

    A rest day for me today. Will work on my core tonight but no running. I think my legs will thank me image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Hiya All

    I havent read back, returned from Denmark about 0100 this morning.

    What have I missed ?

    I took 2 days off and jogged a parktrun in Esbjerg(Denmark) on Saturday(1st place)

    Sunday I started the Kalundborg VinterMarathon with a view to running with my HR kept in Zone2 and stopping if my chest was too bad. Ran 3.01.45 easily so another sucessful training run.(2nd place, ran past a few people as I neg splitted)

    Ice and snow made for fun running at points :¬)

    Blog soon.

    AB3 - I always ride the day after a long run infact I am off to the gym shortly.
  • Well done (yet again) Gobi

    What time was 1st place in the marathon?
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    2.53 his second half was a similar pace to mine
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Good luck with the injury progress Paddy.

    jason nice long run - are these marathons in the autumn?

    Great that you are now getting some guidance USB.

    Welcome Andy - you'll get loads of run/cycle advice on here but my bike is never out of the kitchen!

    Good luck with the docs appt Mr Spoons and HY4.

    chickadee, that run sounds like torture. Have not bothered with sports drink yet as both 20s on the treadmill. I like Nuun tablets in water and gels. I know I can tolerate lucozade sport but will not bother with it until nearer London.

    Lots of high mileage, Zion, jason, NP etc but I'm the same as you Mr Spoons (51 last week), just trying to be consistent for now as hip flexor niggling away.

    Great result Gobi.

    NP did 4 miles easy yesterday. More snow and ice here so treadmill again tonight for speedwork. Hope it shifts soon but two accidents at the end of my road last night so best to stay indoors for a bit.


  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Gobi- great result! Glad to see you're well again!image

    NP- well done on the dreadie run and the mileageimage Legs are feeling fine now, but found them a bit heavy from 17-19 yesterday- ok again for last mile (as always!)image

    Fiona- staying indoors sounds good by the sounds of it! Chester is on Oct 9th and Snowdon is on the 29th

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Fiona great running the roads here where very bad over the weekend I was called out to a couple of road accidents, missed my swim first thing this morning due to a fire and getting home late. So went to the pool at 1pm to swim a mile, I asked if the pool was going to be divided in half and was told no. After only 4 lengths the rope was put across the pool and I swam into it,image so not very happy and informed the manager and got a refund and a free swim,image but why do they keep dividing the pool in half????

    Gobi great running and 2nd on a training run brill everything must be going to plan for your A race.

    Jason well done on your long run, I have signed up for two halfs the first is 5 weeks out and the second 3 weeks out from London these also form part of a best 4 of 6 halfs so I will be doing a couple after London.

  • Well done to everyone (especially Gobi with his placings).


    According to the receptionist I don't need an appointment as I saw the doc last week & she is going to arrange for the doc to call me back?!


    Why can't they divide the pool length ways?

  • Far too logical HY4!

    Rest day for me today and have got physio booked for Wed afternoon to get checked over

  • Doc called back & has received the letter from the Fracture Clinic (she had to wait for that before she could make a decision).  She was a bit disappointed by it because it didn't talk about I should be returning to work and has signed me off for 2 weeks. 
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    HY4 You will soon be back, I hate being on the sick and can't wait to get back to work when I am i'll but thats not very often thankfully.

    Just over 8 miles Recovery/steady run with HR between 135 and 145.

  • NP,

    Thanks going from talking all day to more or less nothing until Chris gets in is a big shock to the system so I can't wait.  Well done on your run.

  • NP - Nice run

    HY4 - I can imagine how frustrating it must be, I know my wife was climbing the walls by the time she got back to work after her broken shoulder!

    10.7 miler over the mountain at dusk yesterday, forgot to take my headlamp which made the descent through the final bit of forestry quite interesting image

    4.8 miles easy pace today as I had a bit of DOMS from pushing quite hard yesterday!!

  • Jay,

    Thanks.  I'm usually so patient with running injuries but I think that's because I've been able to do normal things.  This time round it's difficult and I've not found out too much info about this injury apart from what you've said & also someone else on another thread.

  • NP - do they do lane swimming sessions? Or could you join a competitive swimming club? You're getting some decent speed and endurance and a coach would help loads. Plus they wouldn't do amything as daft as to rope the pool in half!

    8 miles easy for me this evening in the dark, off road with the head torch. No chest twinges at all and the running felt really good and easy. No tiredness after yesterday's 16.5 either. The batteries are running low in the torch though so I couldn't see as far as usual!
  • Mr Spoons,

    That's good news. Has the doc given you the all clear?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    All good spoons :¬)

    I did intervals this evening !!!
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Mr Spoons- good news!

    Gobi- intervals? Is that what you mean by active recovery?image

    HY4- hope you get better news soonimage

    Jayc- good running- glad you didn't get lostimage

    NP- good going againimage

    6.44m recovery run this evening- although I could have swam it was that wet!imageimage

  • Err, didn't go HY4.

    < preparing myself for being told off >

    I know I should have done but I don't like the doctors. There - I said it and it's out now. I know I'm crap. They'll only say it's the running and I should have a month off.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Jason - technically level 2 endurance run yesterday so intervals today is fine :¬)
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