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  • Hello all,

    Firstly I apologise now for any typos, I too have a hand injury- or rather a broken wrist! i am not an Ironman as of yet, but have completed around 9 tris, all sprint except for one! (London Tri Oly 2010).

    Anyway just to say I hope that everyone's training is going well for the shorter distances. Broke my arm 10th jan, and still in cast. Havent done much this week apart from sleep as had an op last week. Turbo and core exercies have become my friend. In fact, when i am back to fitness, I am defo never going to have a proper excuse for not training again! Kerry 

  • Welcome Kerry - a veritable professional! Though we do seem to be a bunch rotating on the injury bench at the moment. You are in the right place (though I'm not sure how many of us have Ironman on the agenda...)!

    Chili - I love all your talk of your little girls. I have three nieces and haven't seen them since Christmas, but am going for the youngest first birthday in a couple of weeks. I'm SO excited! I saw a lot of them over the last year and am completely obsessed with them. The eldest is 11 in June and the middlest has just turned 3. I don't have my own (not planning to either, though I suppose you can't rule these things out) and am quite happy to enjoy other people's. Happy belated birthday to little smidge - well done on all your hard work over the weekend, and sorry that the swim isn't happening.

    On the bike maintenance front, my friend used to go out with a bike mad bloke so I have recruited him as my personal bike mechanic. I asked him to teach me but he said it would take too long and it's probably not worth it. I do feel like I should know more than I do though so I may hang around a little bit on Saturday when I drop it off for a seeing to (which will include replacing the bearings - I know where they are too!).

    Hoping to run in the morning then, and gym after work. I haven't booked onto circuits but hopefully there will be space.

  • Cheers JEvaNs. Not really a professional, there is just seemingly to be a big push on a lot of tri related talk about going long. And really for me that's not what i want to acheive, and in all honest truth, a lot of the tri threads are focussed on longer distance events.

    I am not against them at all, just not my cup of tea! image

    My bf is doing the Outlaw this July after all. I have entered a couple of Olympic distances this summer, injury considered, and hopefully a quick recovery!

  • Welcome Kerry, you will be Queen of the turbo soon. I restarted my training after 2 weeks of being in a cast.

  • Hi Gang,..............not been on for a week so I have been reading back and I am impressed with all your training.image   As for myself I have'nt done anything for over a week. been realy tired and lethargic  of late  and I have been nursing a few niggles in my knee and hip. Also been suffering with my arthritus in my hands so hanging on to the bars on the bike is painful. A trip to the doctors diagnosed carpull tunnel syndrom (restriction in the wrist movement caused by swelling of the band which surrounds all the tendons, ligaments and nerves)image so I've got to wait for an appointment to have electric shocks sent up the nerves of my firgers to see how much damage has been done to the nerves.image,

    Hopefilly the rest I have been getting will help the niggles settle down and I might get out for a run tomorrow.image

    Off to bed now,night,nightimage

  • Ooo Razor - lovely to hear from you but poor you on the carple tunnel thing. Not sure if it would be of any reassurance, but my mum had it and had an operation which was very successful indeed. She probably left hers untreated for a while though, so hopefully the shocks will get things back on track for you. Hope you manage to get on track soon.

    Kerry - which Olys you doing?

    I managed a 5 mile run this morning, though it was freezing over night and there were some slippy spots! Very enjoyable though. May check the weather for tomorrow as I might be able to get a ride into work this week after all (looked like rain for most of this week when I checked the other day).

    No circuits tonight. Need to work on interview presentation. Off to buy a new outfit for it especially in a min!

  • run walk yesterday at lunchtime with a beginner friend for 30 mins and then hour on the turbo lastn ight.. soooo boring but at least its time in the saddle!!

    might just treat myself to a night off tonight! feeling so tired and grumpy .. think its a sign

  • Hi Kerry, maybe one day I might want to do more distance but for now just want o get my first Sprint out of the way. It's all new to me I come from Rugby back ground, so swimming is new up to ten lengths now image just got my bike at Christmas seems ok I've done 20miles and felt good image and did some running (plodding) last year. So welcome please bring your knowledge into Chilli's thread image

    Razor you sound like your falling apart image hope the electric shocks work and your niggles go away image

    Nice one Steady just make sure you take it Steady image image
  • Meh. Migraine today and had to bin my planned swimble. It's gone now, but feeling exhausted by it and unable to eat much. So I may have to cry off my Wednesday circuits class too.
  • Yersinina - take care and have a rest day if needed, also to Bootsie as well.

    Well I am living up to my name, done 3 miles in 35 mins part off road on trails and ran the whole way. This compares well with the beginning of the month when a similar route of 3 miles took 45 mins with some walking. All done at a steady effort, as I have not succumbed to buying a GPS/HRM watch yet.

  • Thanks CJ.

    Appetite is now returning with a vengeance, and I'm inclined to pander to it. Decided that circuits wasn't worth attempting, so I hope if I cosset myself tonight I'll feel better tomorrow, and can take advantage of the forecast nice weather.

    Sounds as though you're steadily getting back on track. That's quite an improvement in a couple of weeks.

  • Welcome Kerry - great to have you join us.

    Yersinia/ Bootsie - take care, and have a good day tomorrow.

    Ouch Razor - that's not nice. I have suffered from it on and off for 8 years but never serious enough to need treatment - hope you get it fixed.

    Steady- image

    ST - you may be new to all this, but your cycling is way better than mine!

    Jevans - my arm is much better today thanks. I think it was the vibration from the cycling that upset it again. Bit worrying and for tomorrows ride I think I'll go along the tow path where I can cycle one handed if need be. When is your interview?

    Had a bit better day. Went out at lunchtime for an extremely wet and muddy trail run involving hurdles, streams and mud scramble. The first woodland run since last October. Felt really tough but I managed the route 3 mins quicker than my best time last summer in the dry when i was doing almost every week! Am quite amazed actually. Needed to do it to boost my confidence cos the duathlon on the 5th March is two trail runs.

  • Hi Gang .....................Thanks for all comments, need to wait about 4 weeks to get my appointment for my electrocution image will let you know how things go nearer the time.

    ST......... certainly feels like I'm falling apart a the mo( Missed out on any training today due to attending a funeral) not good.

    Chilli..,Jevans..................been suffering with artheritus in my hands for years, so I know how to manage the pain and discomfort but this carpull thing is new to me only came on the last couple of months but it's now affecting my elbow and shoulder  the sooner I can get it sorted the better.

    Kerry.................. welcome to this mad worldimage

  • Just a quickie...

    ((((((( Razor)))))))) hope you are managing to stay positive.

    Chili - that duathlon had better watch out. Sounds like you'll be back with a vengence!

    I managed a cycle in to work today, so am getting a bit more biking in for the week so that's good, but no time for swimming yet. Erk!

  • Hey hey everyone

    I'm feeling great today went for a 5k off road muddy hilly run today. I decided to go for it today cause not done a tempo run for ages, did it in record time 24.27 minutesimageimageimage I to have a race coming up on March 5th it's a half marathon. I struggle to get motivated for running so I booked this to help me lol now I'm regreting it image o well will do it and then start to plan my first Tri imageimage
  • Hi all.
    Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I think the event I'm training for qualifies as short by Ironman standards!!
    I am in training for the Ironman 70.3 UK in June and wondered if anyone else is??

    Last session was a 45 minute pool swim last night.

  • Hi Sue image

    Ok how does the park run work? I've registered and got a barcode thing. Does that get scanned just as I set off and when I get back?
  • No, just at the end. As you come through the funnel they give you a token (presumably someone is noting the time), and then you go over to a volunteer who scans your barcode and the token.

    I'm still feeling quite post-migrainey. Managed a 20 mile ride today, but feeling very lethargic, lacking appetite, and I think my reaction times and co-ordination were seriously off, so I didn't enjoy either the uphills or downhills. It was also cold, grey and windy, which didn't help. We'd been promised sunny intervals, but they entirely missed me.

    Hi Sue - Sounds long to me, but I think some people may have it on their horizons.

  • Hi Sue and welcome back Razor! Hey Yersinia - managing anything so soon after a migraine is a result.image

    Not trained since Tuesday - had a 6.5k steady run, 35 mins, nice and easy. Few aches and pains so wanted something to help them melt away - worked a treat! Slept like a log. Busy at work since inc parents evening tonight - phew! Planning a turbo session Saturday morning - going to aim for 90 mins. Then swim Sunday morning. Away next week - going to Dubai to find a house ahead of my move in August. Eeeeek! image Going to try and catch up with one of the clubs out there and say hello if time - it's not too hot yet I believe!

  • Oooh - Ginger that sounds exciting image

    Welcome Sue - great to have you join us. Just jump straight in. We're very friendly and manageing pretty well at encouraging each other on.

    Yersinia - agh, migraines often have that affect don't they?

    ST - that is a brilliant time! Wow, no wonder you've had a good day.

    I'm feeling pretty pleased. Managed 22 miles on the bike today -  my furthest distance yet. It was really lovely. I shall never be fast and I'm so afraid of the roads and London traffic, so I went along the tow path into London (got as far as Tottenham if anyone is interested). It was ideal, cos I was able to cycle one handed and rest my arm when needed. It is deffinitely the vibration that made is sore on Monday.

    So for my duathlon on the 5th - I know I can do the run. I can manage the bike distance and I can do hills. But can I put it all together? I shall try a brick session tomorrow afternoon all being well.

  • Hi Gang...........ST great time on your run, is it a PB ? defo good time off road.

    Chilli.................... Hope the arm is on the mend, image know what you mean about traffic, I got caught in the Old Trafford football crowd one night it was like riding through a stampede image well done on your 22 miles.

    Ginger................Have a great time house hunting, how long are you going for in September?

    Steady...............Well done on your run times image

    Jevans..............Awwww   Thanks for the big hug image

  • Hi all.

    Thanks for the friendly welcomes!  Is nice hearing other peoples training plans too.

    The Ironman 70.3 does sound long to me too!!  image  But as a veteran of nearly 70 runs ranging from a mile to 26, plus a couple of tris and duathlons, I fancied something a bit different.  I'm sure come the day, I'll be asking myself why!!  I use the term "veteran" very loosely as I'm only 26!!

    Did a 35 minute run and 45 minute pool swim today.

    Chilibean - bike ride sounds good and good luck with the duathlon.

  • mornign everyone!! half marathon in 2 days so having a break between now and then i think
  • Hi all,

    Bootsie good luck with your half image you must let us know how well you do image

    Chilli take it easy I wouldn't push it to much now I would try and rest that arm more you defiantly got enough to do well in your Duathlon but you will need both arms imageimage well done on your bike though imageimage

    Hi Sue were similar age image well give or take 10 years imageimage

    Razor I guess it's a pb image not raced a 5k before but defiantly my best training time for that run. That's why I'm keen to do some park runs so can get a real 5k race time. Working again this Sat so won't be this week image

    Went swimming today after work and did............. 16 LENGTHS imageimageimageimage well did 2then4then couple more 2's and 4's it was busy in my lane 8 swimmers image then everyone left so thought right relax and see if I could do my 10 again. Well started well cause I was quite tired so it slowed my stroke down, I got to nine and a half lengths and lost it took in a big gulp of water lol anyway sorted my self out and started swimming again till I did 16 image I'm loving this week image to finish I did 2lengths and timed myself it took 50 seconds no idea if that's any good or not but if did that for 16 lengths.then looking at around 6minutes which I know is good image but along way off swimming that fast for 16 lengths.

    Need to do long run tomorrow after work not looking forward to it image but needs must got half in two weeks.
  • what distance are you doing for your long run?

    excellent work on the swimming!! 

  • Good Luck Bootsie for your half marathon this weekend.

    Suerunner you are a senior, just enjoy it your veteran age will come up quick enough. My best times were as a senior about 5 years older than you are so still time for greatness.

    I had yesterday as a day off from training, it usually works out  that way, has done for last umpteen years it seems, so unlikely to change now.  I am going to do a small brick session shortly.

  • Bootsie might go for 10 or 12 miles more likely be 12 unless have a bad morning at work image
  • All the best Bootsie! We'll be cheering for you image

    Have just finished a brick session of run/bike/run. 3 miles/5 miles/ 3miles. It took me 1hr28mins. So slow as usual but steady, the first run/bike wasn't too bad. The second run was painful.. oh so hard. But after the first 10mins my legs stopped feeling like uncooked sausages and did appear to be still attached to me. Learnt a few things:

    1. Must remember my hanky cos the tissues disintegrated.

    2. Although I was warm after the first run, the wind chill cooled me down considerably on the bike and I was pleased that i hadn't ditched the hat and gloves. May need to consider throwing on a bodywarmer for the ride.

    3. Don't drink too much before starting - 5mins into the second run i needed a wee! image

    Am doing Parkrun in the morning and then next week is half term. Am extremely busy and am preparing myself mentally for the fact that I probably won't get much training in, which would normally make me anxious. 

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Hi Gang

    Good luck on your Half Bootsieimage

    Good brick session Chilli, it dosn't matter about the times as long as your doing it. image

    ST...................I had planned a park run on Saturday but like you I will be working (no rest for the self employed eh)image well done on the swimming, you seem to be getting it together.

    Have a great training weekend Gang image

  • Well done Chilli on your brick session.

    I use kitchen roll or dried up baby wipes instead of tissues -  less/no disintegration problems.

    I did my brick session indoors. As have yet to master riding my proper bike, due to wrist problems.
    5 min warm up cycle then 10 min x trainer, 40 mins cycle keeping average at 80rpm, 10 mins x trainer, 5 min cool down cycle. The second x train was harder and like you once finished desperate for the loo.

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