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  • Ohh... I wish I'd got out today now! I didn't swim cos I ended up getting engrossed in tidying and sorting (new start and all that), so whilst the spare room looks much better, I feel a bit wobbly and lazy. Oh well.

    I'm never going to run a marathon, so IM is out. I might do two HIMs though, if we see how well July goes... does that count?? image
  • Hi Gang.........................Well managed my first run for 2 weeks and I ran 10.6 miles in 1hr.40.12secs avg pace 9.30 min miles image dead chuffed cos it was part road and part trail with plenty of mud image it was great.

    Well done Bootsie great determination and a great time image beat that ST image

    ST.....................Great swimming ,has it helped a lot joining your Tri club?

    Yersinia..........well done getting out there for your 5.3 miles in this miserable weather image

    Jevans.............I feel like that when I duck a run ( it's called guilt)image

    ST ............As for IM next year lets see what this year brings, not booked owt yet. Looking at Ribby Hall Sprint that Ginge and OC are doing.image

    Chris well doe on your 30 mile bike rideimage

  • JEvans - never say never! After my first marathon I said never again but Brighton in April will be my 45th!
  • Well done Bootsie. My PB for a HM is 2:20 back in the lmid 1990's.

    I did 6.3 miles yesterday, part off road in 1:25 but did include some walking through really horrible mud on a bridlepath. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down so that I could keep running. Feel satisfied with the time considering at the beginning of the year I was walk/run only for 20 mins.

    JEvans - never say never. UI is right, I did London Marathon in 1995 and again in 1997. Bad ankle injury in 2000 has kept me down to HM but for years I had that thought, maybe I can give it one more go. I also plan to only go to Oly distance and maybe in my dreams one HIM, as I am so slow.

  • Ultra.. good luck in brighton this year.. I am very jealous as would loev to be running that.  As i was running out to hove yesterday at the 9 mile mark i remembered back to last year when i was at the 19 mile mark in the same place!!! great feeling!

    right today is going to be a recovery turbo session for me i think.. then tomorrow a nice run with my work ladies image need to start my tri training plan though today so might have to fit some swims in too! 

  • Hello matey PEEPS

    Razor its helped in the sense that i have a routine to go swimming once a week image plus they are a great bunch to chat to for advice. Ages range from mid 20's to a legend called Malc who's late 70's image also i've book my first sprint and there's 8 others from the club doing it so will have help on the day image all that for £15 membership a year image

    Ok Girls Chris and Gav we will get this season out the way and talk about (dream) IM at the end of this season say October time imageimageimage

    O yes Bootsie has set the bar very high for me now my best half is 2:20 so gonna have to try very hard in two week imageimageimage 

  • The reason I say never is because my knees crunch/pop a little bit when I am doing a lot of running training and even though it doesn't hurt, so probably isn't anything to worry about, I really don't want to be running more than 15 miles on long runs on a regular occasion. Plus, it takes your body to a whole different level of endurance that I just can't comprehend and don't really want to get my head around. I suppose I will have to see how I feel after HIM though since I am expecting that to take about 8 hours - so nearly twice as long as a marathon might!!!

    Got my gym kit ready for gym and a swim later. Running tomorrow, circuits Weds with some bike/running, Thursday maybe another swim or maybe running home.... not quite sorted myself out yet.

    Oh by the way - Razor - Cracking run for your first back! Makes me want to get out and do a 9 miler since it's been completely beyond me for so long. I'm sure I'm fit enough. I'll run home this week. I will. Maybe. image

  •  Bootsie- Well bloody done! I have only done 2 HM before, my first being a super hilly 4 villages HM in Helsy and got 2:17, then Chester in the May and determined to go under 2 hours. I did 2:01. This year is it for me, I am going to train my arse off, as soon as I can get this cast off!

    Yersinia- Keep the swimming up, it is the hardest discipline to master, but my god you feel the effects of its fitness!

    JEvans- I am doing 1 HM in May at the moment, and then Berlin marathon in September, which i never thought would be possible...... just have to keep the faith!

    Razor- SOunds like a fab run, jealous of your acheivement. My first run will have to be mega slow and mega patient! 

    I don't know about IM at the moment, I am supporting my OH at the Outlaw in July, and he is way fitter than me, so i will see how he fairs, I think possibly next year I may enter a half IM (Vitruvian/Bala are the usual suspects, although you have to enter the day that the entries are released, trust me they can fill within minutes).

    I am off to the Doctors in an hour, so will update you all on how my arm is doing, what cast they put me into. Then a short go on the turbo later for half an hour just to get the sweat in. Although if they put me in a splint, I may be heading out the door to don my running trainers and do my first run of around 7 weeks! I really miss the running and swimming and off to Fuerteventura in 2 weeks for my tri club's winter training camp. Surely is gonna be hard as I am not taking my pride and joy of a bike, instead will be soaking up the rays and running and swimming- all being well with injury!

    Anyway how is the training elsewhere with everyone? What other events are people planning for the summer? if any of you are taking part in any ones that I am, would be great to say hello!

  • Somebody nag me!

    I really should go swimbling  today, but am having an attack of CBA.

  • Yersinia... get off your backside and go.. report back to us after

    JEvaNs, marathons really aren't for everyone.. I know alot better runners than me who just are into it.. and it really does take its toll on your body image 

  • Ooooo Bootsie I love it when yor Bossy image

    Yersinia get yourself out go on get your kit and get out!! What you still doing sitting on your sofa turn Loose Women off and get your kit NOW!!! Sorry that's get your kit now please imageimage
  • mumble mumble
  • It's strange cause I really fancy doing an ironman and think I could train for one if I put my mind to it, but this is the strange bit. I really don't fancy doing a marathon on it's own seems bigger. I know it's strange but that's how it seems in my head.
  • yup makes sense to me.. my big issue with the IM is the cost!
  • Er yeah that's a massive issue price of a good holiday image
  • Enough, enough already!image

    I made like a good little girlimage, got my kit on, and went to Crystal Palace (where my tri will be) to have a go in the 50m pool. I didn't take my lap counter or anything, just wanted to see the lie of the land and get used to the feel of the bigger pool. After the initial re-adjustment - (it seems much more than twice as long as a 25m pool) it went surprisingly well, though I struggled with turns.

    My normal pool laps right up to and over the edge, and I think I semi -grab the edge as I push off. This pool has at least a foot of wall above the water surface, so I couldn't do that. I need a bit of work on my turning technique, I think.

    I might start swimming there regularly. It's not too much further away than my normal pool. It's easier to faff around with floats and drills at my local pool though. Maybe I'll try to do a weekly session in each pool.

    PS - never thought I'd have anyone shouting at me to get my kit ONimage.

  • I didn't mean swimming kit imageimage
  • Well I went for 6k run in the end was hoping for a bike but weather to bad hear for that image still that's another run out the way lol I'm looking and feeling good Bootsie imageimage
  • Well another cast, for 10 days! typing slowly as prodding and pulling has rendered my arm vvv sore! A splint next week and physio, no turbo  for me tonight, far too sore..... and tired! well done Yersinia on the swim!!!
  • Ouch Kerry image sorry to hear that.

    You asked before what we have planned - I'm doing an duathlon on 5th March, a sprint tri at Windsor in may and Oly tri in Upton in July. Am really looking forward to them. I know that I could do a sprint now, but I'm finding if difficult fitting in the training at the moment and not sure how I am going to increase to Oly distance with the cycling.

    Yersinia - yes I understand what you mean about the pool - think they would throw me too a bit.

    Sounds like everyone else has had a good day.

    This was first day of half term and I was extremely good and dedicated and got out on my bike at 7.30 this morning! image I usually get up at 7am but I find that my body doesn't seem to kick into gear for a coupld of hours. ParkRun at 9am is early for me. But I knew that if I wanted to do anything today it was going to have to be early before my hubby began work. So went cycling for 50mins. Was okay. Had a small homemade museli bar and some water. Strangely I didn't feel hungry when I came home. I've heard people say about appetite suppression but it's the first time I've experienced it. 

    Anyway, it was a nice start to the day. Although i find running difficult so early, perhaps cycling will be easier and it might be a way to get my hours in over the summer.

    Tomorro will be swimming, but since I'll be taking the girls to my uncle's pool there won't be any lengths for me. Ah well....

    Ultra Ironwolf - that is an impressive number of marathons. Obviously you do tri's, but what kind of distance do you run for your Ultras?

    ST - i understand what you mean about the IM as opposed to the marathon. That's kind of how I feel. But then I realised that it was the thought of a city based marathon, Kielder Marathon is infinitely more appealing.

  • Chilibean - the most I've done is 50 miles. I would love to go longer but I have a bad hip so not sure it would be a good idea. In fact a sports doc told me 3 years ago I must quit running but needless to say I haven't. As long as I'm not in pain and still mobile I'll carry on - what do doctors know anyway?
  • kerry.. take it easy with your arm..

    Yer.. wel done for getting out ther e in the pool! 

    no rest for me.. did 50 mins on the turbo trainer last night and 25 mins in the pool this morning.. tri training has kick started yay!! 

  • Funny how things go sometimes.

    Yesterday I really didn't want to go swimming, but eventually made myself go, and had a good sesh.

    Today, I thought I fancied a run, but got out there and ran out of steam almost immediately. As it's a 'drop-back' week, I didn't attempt to push through it - I think it's maybe a build-up of tiredness, and having built up distance a bit more than I'd planned in my last couple of runs.

    Still not sure whether I should have tried harder, but feeling rather zonked.

  • if you are tired your body is telling you something.. take it easy and you'll feel the benefit for it in the next session.. maybe a couple of days rest?
  • GET YOUR KIT OFF YERSINiA!!! imageimage and have a rest image
  • Tut!

    I've plans for another swim this week, but thinking of keeping it short and sweet, not worrying about speed or distance, but taking floats and paddles and trying to think about technique a bit.

  • Ah, I love this thread!! Lots of great training and inspiration!!!

    I swam last night. Wasn't sure that I would fit much in but i managed a mile including a 400m warm up and cool down, both sub 8.30 so I seem to have some consistency going on there and I like the time too.

    Was supposed to be running this morning, but didn't sleep again last night, so just tri club tonight. It is my first time so I am not sure what to expect...
  • JEvaNs what you doing at Tri club bike or run?? It's the best thing I've done joining my Tri club image

    I've had rest day but don't think I'll be doing much tomorrow due to work. Hoping if weather good to go on a long bike Thursday 30/40 miles if weather bad again then go for swim.
  • Hi folks

    Just a flying visit cos my guests have arrived.

    Think I've found someone nearby to do an occasional run with image Very happy about that.

    Nothing today. I did take the girlies swimming but spent the time playing.

    Ooops - have to run, got to go make some more cups of tea.

    Ultra Ironwolf - That sounds great. Am hoping to work up to an Ultra someday

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