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  • ST where is your half?

    steady.. let me know when you are ready to come down here and do a practice cycle around east grinstead! 

  • SteadyCJ - good luck with the Goodwood duathlon.  That's a location for racing which has always appealed to me, but never managed to get there yet.

    Finally managed to get back to my training plan yesterday, after 12 days out with a bad throat.  Really was struggling to swallow and was also losing weight just because it hurt to swallow food so much, so was not worth pushing it exercise wise.  Things aree well on the up now, but glad I waited an extra couple of days before resuming plan.  Am not trying to fit in what I missed.  Just accepting those days as part of the "way it is sometimes" plan.  Back to a run and swim yesterday, swim tonight all of which went OK. 

    Out on the bike for a couple of hours with hills tomorrow.  fun, fun, fun!!

     Hope everyone else's training and races are going well and are being "enjoyed!"  image

  • Sounds like a good workout CJ. Steady with that wrist. My neighbours are used to seeing me in silly running and cycling kit, but like you I think I need something over the top of the tri-suit whilst training. If only because it looks very silly.

    ST - it's the Marlow Duathlon 7k/25k/7k. The run legs are on roads and also the Thames path/farm tracks. Very very muddy. I'm planning on running in my XC shoes, but it will be hell on the hard roads. I guess I'll make the decision on the day. Good luck for the half - I recently reduced my HM PB from 2:05 to 1:47.

    Whilst I was away with work my locklaces and Garmin quick release kit arrived. Hurrah!

    Good luck Bootsie and Chili. Smile for the finish picture.

  • Ok just to my max strength lemonsip now got sore that and lots and lots of snot image luckly I'm slow so not to many if any runners behind me lol

    CJ is your bike off road?

    Good luck today girls image both of you enjoy imageimage

    Chris you should of told me how you got your time down so well. 147 is a great time image
  • I'm with you there, ST - full of a cold myself again. Awake most of the night, sneezing, runny nose. Yuck. Had tight chest all week. Haven't been 100% now for 8 weeks. Damned annoying. Was due to cycle this morning but feel crap - didn't think I could keep up with the Tri club who usually crack 55k in 2hrs.

    Have to push myself to run tomorrow - doing the St Annes Pier to Pier Half marathon on 13th March, so need to get a long training run in, short one mid week, then rest for 3-4 days. Rest today I think, feed myself paracetomol butties, and watch the telly. image Hope I feel better by next week, its a flat course so have been fancying a new PB (under 1h44m30s), but not sure it's going to happen now. Have to wait and see I guess!

    Decided not to look further for a TT bike - can't decide, too much choice, and can't bring myself to spend the money. Decided to upgrade wheels on my current bike instead, and add some clip on aero bars. Should do the trick! Will test them out at the Ribby Hall Sprint Tri on April 3rd.

  • CJ - that is an impresive brick session yesterday!

    ST & Bootsie - hope you races have gone well, especially since you are not feeling 100% ST

    Sue - Sounds like a rough couple of weeks. Pleased to hear you are on the mend now.

    Kerry - hope you are having a great time in the warmth.

    Ginger - hope you are feeling better soon - bummer to get another cold again!

    Well, I made it! I completed the duathlon! Do you want to know all about it? It was soooo difficult.

    It was very chilly, overcast, but no rain or wind. I racked my bike and got ready for the race. Left two girls already crying cos they were cold and hungry, and did a short warm up before lining up for the race.

    It was 5k through Hatfield Forest. Not really any hills or woodland trails, but more cross-country. Sticky mud most of the way. The kind that sucks at your shoes. I was near the back and completed it in about 31mins which was a little slow - I had hoped to do it in 30.

    T1 went well. I put my helmet on, jacket and gloves, unracked my bike and headed for track. I set off well. Didn't really need or want the chopped up marsbar but did drink all my juice in the water bottle. The roads were great. I have been training on very busy town roads and been doing plenty of hills. But today the roads were fairly quiet, nice and not too hilly


    . It was farther than 21k though. The route mapped at 24k. But I completed that in about 1hr 8mins ish. 

    Racked my bike, took off helmet, gloves and coat and set out for the second run. My legs ached, but far worse were my feet. The hour on the bike had frozen them into blocks of ice and they really hurt to run on, tingling painfully as they began to warm up. The other problem was that because of muscle fatigue I had lost coordination in my legs. This made the slippery mud rather dangerous and I had to walk a couple of places to avoid slipping over.

    But I made it round


    Not sure what my official time is yet. I had hoped to do it in under 2hrs 15mins and clocked myself at about 2hrs 16


    The race was sponsored by a physio unit from somewhere and there was sports massage available after the race which was really nice. I've got my medal and am so chuffed that I did it. Was it enjoyable? Ummm, not as much as I expected to be honest. I love running and I quite enjoy nice bike rides but I'm not sold on the idea of doing them both in the same race. Am thrilled with the achievement though.

  • Well done Chilli imageimageimageimage it was very chilly today and a mud start is tough. I've done two off road Duathlons and both were tough going.

    Any way my race didn't start well image I got up and throat and snot had got worse so first drink was max strength lemon sip. Lucky race was at midday which gave me time to convince myself I would be fine once there.

    Ok quick stop at morrisons before I got there for more medicine a nassel spray thing and some lozengers plus a nice bowl of pasta to eat pre race once there.

    Good turn out I would say 600+ well race started it was a four lap (5k) with a up and back finish after 4th lap. First lap was quite face first two miles at 8 mile an hour pace(fast for me) I was still very near the back but it was still fast. Then settled down a bit first 5k 27 minutes next lap still feeling good did 30 so 57 min 10k my 3rd lap came in at 31mins but by this time I was busting for a wee but knew had to have a fast last 6k to sub 2hrs but the wee won and I jumped into a porta loo. I was struggling by this point my thoat was burning and had lost 2 stone in snot imageimage I got to 20k in 1hr58 and then it Dawn on me that my dream of sub 2hrs had gone. Which at that point I'm sure someone had jumped on my back cause the last 1 mile took me 13 minutes so came in at a time of 2hrs 11minutes something imageimageimage even though it's a PB image im still disappointed because I wanted that sub 2hrs. I'm not sure that the loop type race was good for me I couldn't switch off cause I knew how far to go for each lap plus the fast runners lapped me near the end of second lap which wasn't fun. image

    Hope your race went better Bootsie image

  • Well done racers! My only race today was to grab a tissue when my nose started dripping!image
  • Gav my drive back which was 1hr due to traffic in Stratford was a very tough drive I was sweating but shivering, my nose was like a tap (filled a bag up with tissue) I'm back now had warm bath and can't stop coughing. The best thing is though no DNS or DNF imageimage so happy days feet up tomorrow watch my son play rugby then feet up lol more lemon sip tonight (I'm so rock and roll ) imageimageimage
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done racers.

    Bootsie - I hope to give you a shout for a practice ride if I get a chance, the wrist is giving a bit of pain today. Hope to have another ride next week. A bit concerned that I need to build up time riding a real bike before the event. the weeks seem to go by so fast.

    My duathlon is taking place on a motor racing circuit so glorious smooth tarmac, little undulations and bends, they have marshalls out to check on drafting. They even scrutinise the bikes when taken into transition ( the pit lane) to make sure they are fully roadworthy. They keep the inside metre of track for running and the rest for bikes. I was overtaken loads of times but did get some shouts of encouragement.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my first attempt last year.

    I was hoping for faster this year but will have to wait and see. I am getting used to balancing, changing gear and having brakes on a real bike, as the old thing I use in the garage requires you to stop pedalling completely to change the resistance, which I have only kept on the easiest 2 settings.

  • Hi Gang

    Chilli.............well done in those muddy conditions image

    ST.................Great result considering you were full of snot,  a PB is a PB it dosn't matter about how much, well doneimage

    Gav..........Welcome to the  "Snot Club" just got mine cleared up, out on the bike in the morning image

    Well done everyone else with your training and anyone who's in the "Snot Club" get well soonimage

  • ST - Well done on your PB! Sounds a tough race considering how rough you were feeling. Take care of yourself.
  • Thanks Razor and Chilli I've not stopped sweating since being home I think I will be suffering tomorrow with my cold image think I'll give my swim a miss.
  • I feel so rough today image throat feels like I've been swallowing glass also have a stinking headache and my nose not stopped running but apart from that I feel great imageimage

    Bootsie where's your report?
  • Goodmorning!

    I don't ache! image That means I trained right doesn't it? Wow, I am so happy. Think I'll still take today as a rest day though.

    Just got the official results from yesterday.

    Run 1 - 31:58

    T1 - 0:55

    Bike - 1:08:43

    T2 - 0:30

    Run 2 - 33:43

    Total 2:15:46

    So missed my goal by 47 seconds. Am really chuffed at my transition times. They went very smoothly. Of course, since I was so slow there weren't many people around to trip over.

  • Nice one Chilli image when's and what's your next race?
  • Ment to say my watch clocked my distance at 21.486k yesterday, I might be wrong but I thought 21k was half marathon distance? image
  • Good result Chili. I always question the enjoyment and motivation after a hard race, and within a week I'm planning something silly again.

    Another good result ST - a new PB is still a PB, and you set it when unwell.
    Your next HM will be good for sure. My secret was to join a club and run with faster runners. Admittedly I may be doing a tempo when others are running easy, but speed is speed. We also do fortnightly hill sessions, and throughout winter we ran in an XC leage pretty much fortnightly. All this adds more speed. Just need to bang out the distance - I think at least 15 miles on an LSR for a HM is needed.

    Off out for an extended version of Gav's brick.

  • 21k is the minimum distance, measured along the racing line. You ran an extra 2% on each km.
  • Chilli...........................Well done that's the first one down how many more to go?image

    ST................................Get some well earned rest mate and get out of the "Snot Club" soonimage

    Chris ...........................Enjoy your brick session.

    Today I had lots of personal stuff to do so didn't get my bikeride in so will have to get my arse in gear tomorrow.image

  • Razor sore throat not bad now just all the snot now lol how far you planning bike ride for? Now I've done my half it's Tri training all the way starting with bike week next week then swim week then will start mixing it about with some bricks in there.
  • Great result, Chilli - well done!image

    Let us know how the brick goes, Chrisimage

    ST - was due to do my last long run today before next Sundays half marathon, so was hoping to feel OK this morning. Felt better than yesterday, about 70%, so topped up on coffee, muesli, day nurse, paracetomol, ibuprofen and a protein bar and went out layered up! Good job I wasn't drug tested - i'd have been banned for life! Managed 22k amazingly, but in 4 x 5.5k loops so after each loop went back to the car for a drink, nibble on a bar, nose blow and a minute or 2 rest. First loop 28mins, 2nd loop 27m, 3rd loop 27m, 4th loop 25m. Got to be happy with that! I think it still counts, even with the rests?image  Going to rest now until Sunday's race. Leg's are aching like hell now, even after a long stretch and cool down session. Looking forward to good nights sleep. Night all!image (is this a yawny face?)

  • Nice one Gav, I wish I had done the car rests yesterday between laps imageimage I felt the same about being drug tested yesterday lol was looking out for the testers at the end of race but they had probably already gone home by the time I finished imageimageimage
  • Gav ...............................Good session and great times, good luck next weekimage

    ST.................................Depends on what time I get home from work on how far I will rideimage

  • You may laugh about drugs testing - Sudafed contains Pseudoephedrine - which can improve sporting performance, albeit you'd need to eat 50 packs or so. It is not on the banned list!

    Gav's brick session was good, and an eye opener. I tagged on another run at the end. I'd only ever run 1 mile off the bike, but today I tried to simulate the race with tri-suit, transitions etc. I also had to lock my bike up each time!

    I did Run/Bike/Run/Bike/Run. Each run was 1.88 mi (3km) run, aiming for 08:50 pace. Test transitions were an eye-opener. Firstly I had left a cycling glove indoors, then found it very hard to mount the bike whilst moving, and I hadn't realised how slippery the underside of the pedals can be. On the return transition I loosened the velcro to get my feet out quicker. Jelly-legs a gogo, but easy to run too fast. I can do a cyclocross dismount on SPDs, but do not trust the road pedals at all.

    I didn't have any aims for the bike leg, other than to keep my MHR below 152, which didn't really work! I averaged ~15mph on the bike legs.

    All good fun though. Looking forward to Sunday.

  • Thanks guys

    Gav - that sounds a really good session and an excellent idea to car rest between laps.

    Well, my next official race is May 2nd. I'm only running a 5k, but it will be the organisation of everyone else that will be the challenge. It is a family day and there is also a 1.5k race for children. My big girl (aged 8) ran it last year and came 4th, she intends to win this year! One of my twins entered last year and they are both doing it this year.

    Plus, I am a member of the NCT (national childbirth trust) and I have encouraged a couple of friends to come and run it with their families. Plus four teens from my youth group are forming a team to run it for a charity we are supporting. Keeping them going with the training is going to be nightmare! 

    So over the next few weeks I will begin taking my daughters out with me a bit more. It's nice that the evenings are getting lighter and hopefully the weather will co-operate too.

    My Sprint tri is 7th May. I don't need to do anymore than I'm doing now for that. But my Oly tri is 9th July and so I will need to up the bike a fair bit, and the run a little bit for that.

    But I have done something a bit crazy and silly image I've just signed up for Kielder Marathon in October! 

  • Eek. you're going to be busy!

    Great race reports, Chilli and ST. You both did swell, despite colds and injuries in the run up.

    I had parkrun FAIL on Saturday. Couldn't get to sleep on Friday night and kept waking up through the night once I did finally get to sleep, so I knew by about 5am that it wasn't happening. Slept in instead, and had a 5K-ish run in the  afternoon.

    Then yesterday, we got the train to Tonbridge, cycled out to a nature reserve for a little walk, then to a pub and back. But it was cold and windy, and in defiance of the weather forecast, not remotely sunny. Far, far too cold for comfort. We were praying for more hills to "warm us up a bit".

    Had a rubbish connection on the way back, and were stood on the platform at Orpington for about half an hour, which coincided with my post-exercise chill, and I was just getting painfully cold. It took me hours with a hot water bottle, fan heater and some hot chocolate with "something in it" to get back to normal.

    Still,  managed about 22 miles on the bike. It all counts, I guess.

  • Nice one, Chris - glad it worked for you!

    Good for you, Chili - the Kielder course looks fantastic.

    My snot update for today now - cough now tickling all the time, nose stopped running but head filling up. Really dry & thirsty all day. Yuck.image

    Sorted my event diary now for the next month or so - Pier to Pier Half marathon Sun 13 March, Ribby hall sprint tri 3rd april, Swimathon 9th april.

    Strewth! Why did I do it again?

  • *slinks in, flops on the sofa, hides face in shame*


  • Chilli wow brave girl, it does look good though but wow image they are looking at doing a run bike run? Might be interested in that it's on the Sat before marathon on sunday.
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