Training for a shorter Tri



  • Either way Buttercup that is just wrong!

  • Apparently JP you must go hard! The hills are your friends image

    enjoy the 100miler! Sorry to hear about the man flu - desperate times! 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good Luck JPGoodboy, hope you have packed plenty of spare inner tubes.


  • Ok, I actually feel sick.... But, Happy Birthday to me image

  • Good luck JP! good luck Steady for tomorrow! Whoop whoop!

  • Good luck guys, top weekend of races ahead, hope things go well and happy b'day mrsD image

  • Happy birthday mrsD hope you enjoy the race despite the nerves.

    From Facebook I have seen that cake and Sarah both finished the ultra. Well done both of you

  • Happy Birthday Mrs D! Have a great race.

    Cake! Well done! We want a full race report image

    Was parkrun director this morning. Hope to do something later...

  • Happy birthday Mrs D, have a great race.image

    good luck to everyone else who's racing this weekend. image

    Parkrun done this morning, no PB today. image

  • Woohoo well done Sarah and Cake!!

    Well I woke up late image husband still fast asleep when I went to leave image left him behind and got on with it.  Strong head wind image meant a very slow ride up the big hill and to the lake.  Took a while to get the wettie on image all of which meant I didn't get to do the planned three big loops - I was feeling quite good until the nice lady said it's time to get out swimmer the marshalls want to go home image 

    Today was the first time I have worn this wettie at bossie so it took like 2/3's of a lap to settle myself down - it went something like this "your arms aren't tired, it isn't really rubbing your shoulder, your googles are fine (well they were after I stopped to fix them) - the giant, freaky fish are well away from you, yes the weed is on your face it will float away in a stroke or two, it doesn't matter that you cant see further than about five meters ahead of you due to light and foggy goggles - keep on swimming! You are a pirate and pirates don't quit! image

    So I did about 1.7km in 57 mins which is less than without wetsuit but I think that was more due to my first lap being all about getting myself aufait with the wettie - after that I really started to enjoy the swim.

    Got on bike, biked home with big tail wind - home to eggs bene and a nice cuppa care of a well rested hubbie image 

    PS: the fish at MB are really freaking huge I got mobbed by about 8 of them when I walked into the water I think they thought I was going to feed them image when I say huge I mean like at least 50 cms and fat as.  So Pixie I think I did see one of the big ones that first swim - dont think it was my imagination!

  • Razor you can't pb every week! 

    Well done buttercup

    EP you probably haven't lost fitness you are just tired from a long drive.

    My calf hurts - it has been niggly since we got here so no runorning. We did  have a long hilly walk today though

    MrsD hope it went well today

  • Ok, Olympic completed! Parents fed and watered. Am shattered, will pop up a race report up in a bit. 

  • Well done! Looking forward to reading the report

  • Hurry up with that report. image

  • Says week later Razor image

  • REPORT!REPORT!REPORT! It's been like a whole 20 minutes since your last communication!! Mrs D image

    Pixie they said it was 20ish so I couldve gone sans wetsuit - it did feel warmer than on thursday image I just need time in the wetsuit so will be dragging it with me everytime in the hope it will be cool enough for me to wear it.


  • Firstly, congrats to Cake and Bookie... Top works peeps!

    Maths - take care of yourself. No injuries needed! 

    EP - don't let it get you down. It's all sent to try us, our character is simply shown by our response. Plus, you can SO get a bike in a Ka! Barlos and I manage it!

    Ark at director Chili.. 

  • Sorry Buttercup, had made comment on your consistent quality training etc but then my tablet shut down...

  • Bwahahaha wasn't feeling quality at 6.30 this morning image glad the race went well Mrs image

  • I WASN'T LAST image

  • Yeah but it has been cooler over the last week and there has been a fair amount of rain - was nice to swim in tho'

    and: image the fourth pic 

  • Ok, so I did do a report yesterday but tablet shut down and I fell asleep. Will give it another go.

    wasnt particularly positive about this one as you know and found couldn't eat in the morning. Coffee consumed on way over and eventually got a piece of toast into me. Took some food for the bike as knew would be starving after the swim.

    Registration done, confirmation of non-wetsuit swim. Did not help with nerves but hey what could possibly go wrong! Bumped into Mr Matt Morten, also racing. Schmunks & son appeared to ensure I cracked on. OH did obligatory pepping up duties. 

    As we went into transition to set up my partner in crime (Paul) and I noticed that there were no short round people racing... Except me. All the girlies looked quite hardcore. I resigned myself to last place but quite at peace with that! 

    Swim - loved it. For a pants swimmer I have improved sooo much. Sighting difficult with limited buoys. Watched a few swimmers disappearing off into the banks! Felt relaxed all the way round. Out in 39mins.

    Transition was fine. Paul struggling with don't know what, getting into a flap. Reassured him, off he went. Me a few secs behind him... Did not see him again till the end. He rocked it!

    Bike - have not done enough on the bike and it showed. With half of the lap a gradual incline I suffered on he first lap. Shoddy roads didnt help, I have 2 bruised fingers to show for it! 2nd lap better and quicker but bike time pants 1:40. Gutted and need new saddle image

    Run - run is off road. A proper trail run of 6 laps. Legs are gone. But, there are my pit crew all heckling me! 1st lap my Garmin goes crazy because my heart rate is too high. Eventually I work out how the turn the sound off. Heart rate does not come below 167 all race. I resign myself to a 20sec walk each lap, this helps a lot. Each lap the announcer calls names out. He can't say my surname so just mumbles, it makes me chuckle each lap!

    I will be honest the run destroyed me. Tired legs on uneven ground was energy sapping. You know that point where you're head tells you to stop and you have to overpower that thought. At this point a lovely guy call Ian appeared, suffering also. We ran the last 2 laps together aware we were the last 2 runners. Triathlon is simply amazing in its commaraderie. I cannot tell you all the people I spoke to on the run. The encouragement and chuckles at how destroyed we felt. Just amazing. 

    Last lap arrived and the announcer gave me a birthday shout out which brought a big cheer. Supporters had become accustomed to the pirate kit and gave me some bigger shouts. Was just brilliant. 

    Eventually crossed the line with finish time of 3:20:57. There were some high fives as I ran to the finish line and I'll be honest I wanted to cry. Quick hug with Ian and meeting of his family. His son had turned up and surprised him. How wicked is that.

    My pit crew there, all hugs and kisses... handshake from Schmunks image Brilliant  way to spend your birthday. I love this triathlon game. Best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!!! image

  • Good luck today Steady! image

  • image freaking awesome work Mrs D well done you!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done MrsDigger! Fab report. Your bike time does not sound slow to me...And Happy birthday for yesterday!!

  • Mrs D great report, what was the race?

    Suffering with loss of mojo at the moment and doing the BRAT next Sunday so I really need to get a grip. 

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