Training for a shorter Tri



  • Yes, the foam roller hurt! image

    Eco - PJ's sound great.

    I've had an awful headache all day. Put it down to taper stuff, but we've just had a rainstorm and I'm actually feeling a bit better so I'm wondering if it was some kind of atmosphere pressure.

    Today I did some hoola-hooping, a tiny bit of skipping (cos that is far harder than running a marathon!) and showed my girls some 'core' exercises. My Big Girl is as skinny as a rake but was complaining the other day about back ache and I realised that it was probably because so far in life she hasn't needed to engage her stomach muscles. My very slightly chunkier 9yr old could do a few crunches, but my eldest couldn't. However she can easily do press ups, which don't require stomach muscle strength when you don't weigh anything.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Hope the headache has gone Chilli, I get them when there are storms about.

    I did my first bike commute, 12 miles each way, just under the hour each time, but it was more uphill going, but coming home I got loads of red traffic lights and the wind was strong. I used my hybrid, so will not complain about the speed as I know that it will be slower than the road one. No one in the office complained and I just nipped into the toilets for a freshen up and change.

  • Long day done... Total of 3.5 hours sleep in all. Mum ok. I'm shattered. Wine and bed. Bring on tomorrow!

  • Good morning image

  • Indeed Mrs D! I was in bed by 8.45pm asleep by 9.30 image must have needed it!

  • tonight the card loading begins - beer, pizza and pasta.

    i am such a natural athlete

  • Mate you missed out chocolate are you all set for your HIM then? Can we all make up lots of nonesence words and ask you if you have a windhelmut 2000 just to keep your mind off it? image


    Pixie sorry image

    ay up everyone just in case you havn't heard razor and horse have become centrefolds with pictures in a specialist mag!image Check out this months 220 mag.

  • (((Cake))) *waves* 

  • she thats why i am still in training - only a pro would have remembered chocolate.

    all good - quick spin on the bike tomorrow then feet up before sunday. weather forecast is ok, so least i wont cook like i did in the lakes last month.

    just hopeful i pack my running legs and not the ones i sometimes pack y mistake - the ones which dont actually run image

  • mate just don't set off to quick on the run know you will be tempted to rock but if you take half a mile to recover your legs go lesurely you will feel better for it. good luck!!! image

    Dawn **waves back** imageimage Ay up mate

  • I'm having trouble finding the cheese, this is indeed the dark side. image

  • MrsD - good to hear your mum is ok

    it is 'use up allotment veg time' - courgette fritters and salad followed by courgette muffinsimage didn't manage to hide the green stuff in the muffins from the kids but they eat anything

    spent the morning watching the first 2 episodes of 'the men who made us thin' - interesting but hardly ground breaking and he could have summed it up in 5 mins rather than some hour long programmes! 'diets don't work, you can't lose weight by exercise alone, big p[harmaceutical companies and dieting companies make loads of money out of us because their products don't work and like idiots we just go back and try over and over again' 

  • Afternoon! Ran 9 miles this morning in the rain followed by my girlies on their bikes.

    Courgette muffins sound nice, but I seem to have a serious chocolate brownie craving. Since it's Friday I might just have to give into temptation.image


  • Just a note for readers - Running with the Kenyans is once again on Kindle daily deal.

  • Dawn the cheese is there you just need to see it. image

    image I have a serious muffin craving now.

  • *passes Cake a serious muffin*

    Sorry Pixie, that's the last of the goodies talk.  I see your knee is a bit pants at the moment, bad luck. Mine comes and goes as it were, but luckily survives most running efforts.  I hope yours is better soon.



  • image (((((pixie)))))))

  • pixie that is a shame, but like me, you need to think long term, better to miss the wild boar now and build up and get the niggles sorted ready for a fantastic season next year! My whole year this year has been buggered by my knee, but I am looking long term

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    MC, I am jealous you have a glut of courgettes, I only have one tiny one, the plants have been all leaves and nothing else.

  • Top kipping Buttercup. Some good quality sleeps from people last few days.

    Bud - easy rookie mistake. You won't forget the chocolate next time! Good luck for the weekend! Smash it!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the knee Pix. That sucks. Knees are so dodgy! You and Maths. Think we need to make a pact to meet next year for The Boar. Focus on that rather than the disappointment image

    Chili's child labour continues.. In the rain too image I do love running in the rain. 

    Completely annihilated today. Have managed a walk/run with the dogs. Have parkrun in the morning and hopefully a pootle round South Cerney Sun. Spent my day changing direct debits from one account to another... Blimey it's a long slog.

    Friday today and treat night. KFC it is!!!!!!!!!!

  • image sssshhhh don't tell sarah but we are driving down to her mum's tonight I think the only option on the M1 will be KFC I'm wondering if I can eat a bargin bucket all by myself? image

  • Hell yeah!!! Make me proud image

  • image Leicester services here I come. She will kill me. image

  • KFC always smells so yummy!!

    Chili get the girls to have plank competitions!

  • SteadyCJ wrote (see)

    MC, I am jealous you have a glut of courgettes, I only have one tiny one, the plants have been all leaves and nothing else.


    Mine too!  I get small courgettes that go mouldy at the end and fall off.


  • erm, it is my mum that has the allotment, not me

    I can't stand KFC - in fact I don't like any fast food - McDs, fish and chips, I think I don't like greasy fried food, never have...

    feelin much better today and want to eat everything in sight so must be fine. Planning a little bike ride early in the morning followed by club swim. 


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oh, KFC, that brings back Outlaw Half memories. I and Marmite Lady and her partner who both successfully did the half, called in to the services there and got a bucket or similar deal, it was yummy, but I now have no need for KFC again for a long time.

    I have had a sleep on the train home from work, it was great but now feel out of sorts to go for a run, instead I am going to do some weight training.

    Good luck to those racing this weekend, I have a plan consisting of OW swim, bike ride on Saturday hopefully missing the rain, then a run early Sunday before going to visit FiL.

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