Training for a shorter Tri



  • 44km bike, 10k run, 2.1 swim image well done you Mrs D 

  • You're gonna smash it bird! Don't let Cake know you've been training image

  • I just looked at the list of sign ups it's me and joddly holding it up for the girl pirates I am so far back I cant even see her dust image sigh.

  • I know, sorry honey... image Feel I've really let you down. I'm gonna have to run the fastest marathon ever next year!

    You'll be grand woman. It's about your individual performance... You'll rock!

  • Not your fault chickie - no stress image I just get ALL the icecream - mwhahahaha image


  • oh I am sorry not to be doing it either, just not worth totally buggering up my knee again for. 

    chili - brill news that Matt can run with you now

    just got back from the gym - did a short brick session - half an hour on the spinning bike followed by a 1 mile run on the treadmill, then weights so I feel like I have had a good session. 

    Need to go and make some food now - sardines and avocado, and a baked potato I think, would be brown rice but it takes too long to cook. Some veggies from my mum's allotment too....

  • Registered and bike racked for Salford Tri tomorrow with Horse.We are doing the Olympic distance so looking forward to it , not done much training since Outlaw,  image5 runs, 2 x 1500 ow swims and one bike today to the venue, so hoping I get through it ok.image Im going to give it everything and see what happens, if i break then so be it but if things go well happy days  image I will post a race report when i can.

    Chilli.... good news on your running partnerimage

    Dawn Shadow... welcome to the mad house   image


  • Go on Razor.... I ere ur famous now! image

  • razor - good luck, I am sure you will be fine

  • oh buttercup - do you mean the duathlons that are run by the people who do outlaw? too much running involved for me to do them I think! Might do the 10k trail runs though if I can build up to 10k by then (even if it is 10k run/walk)

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am going to buy a whole load of inner tubes and some new tyres. I went out to the garage to get something from the freezer and noticed that the back wheel was flat, so spent another hour changing another tyre. Oh well, I need some practice, just not all on one day.
    The old tyres are the originals that came with the bike 3 years ago. Looking at either some more flak jacket ones like I have or some Gatorskins.

  • Big thumbs up for Gatorskins here

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭

    Razor did I just read an article about you? Well done (somewhat belated).

    Well, it's almost a week late but here is my report for last Sunday's BRAT Sprint.A little unnervingly, I arrived to pre-register on Saturday only to find out I wasn't on the list after deferring in June due to my dad's cancer op. No dramas, all sorted. Phew.

    I stayed with my parents the night before as they're not far from the Ski Centre, got up earlyish and realised my mother never buys my usual foods. Turns out this may be a positive as I didn't feel I was running out of energy at any point in the race, so from now on its porridge and toast all the way.

    I racked my bike on arriving - always appreciate the numbered racking! There was almost an hour till kick off so I watched the standards start and got nattering to a fellow racer.

    The swim seemed to go nicely although I later found out I was a minute slower than my PB. No matter. Straight onto the bike with a cereal bar. It was a nice, relatively flat course which took me very close to home and involved a number of routes I train on. The run has changed since I last did it, with the hill onto the ridge taking place after the roped shenanigans on the flat. It was deceptively evil and i felt sorry for the standads doing it 4 times. Annoyingly, my number kept coming off as one of my safety pins kept opening. That's in the bin now, needless to state! 

    Have to say, the marshals were great and very encouraging throughout. As ever, a very well organised race and I'm already looking forward to the season opener next year. 

  • Thanks guys, Mrs D, I've not read the article yet but if you say so.  image

  • Mrs D, Chili & Razor - thanks for the welcome image

    Mrs Noel, hi image  good that the initial hiccups melted away and left you with an event to enjoy, well done.

    You guys are all very inspiring and encouraging.

  • well done MrsN

    think I will have to wander to WHSmiths today to have a look at 220

    serious case of CBA this morning, despite it being a beautiful morning and being awake since 6.00. Had planned a bike ride, but just didn't feel like it. Toyed with the idea of a run instead but settled for nothing, put the washing machine on and listened to the kids arguing. How on earth did I chose to stay in and listen to the kids arguingimage 

    think I am a bit run down, but going to put together a definite plan for this week and make sure I stick to it. Might even look up some recipes and plan some meals as I am getting bored with my normal repertoire. 

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭

    Beautiful morning? We're definitely not in the same place MC. Manchester never seems to do beautiful when I'm here. That's a real case of CBA you have there by the way, impressive! But sounds like you have it in hand. 

  • I am the other side of the penines MrsNimage

  • good morning all, finally stopped raining here in South Wales. Had to run on the treadmill yesterday as I don't think any cars would have seen me in the grey yesterday. It's the first time in ages have been to the gym to run in ages, I had forgotten how mind numbing treadmill running is.

    Have just started using a heart rate monitor, not a clue what the numbers mean, but it does seem to keep me honest, when my head starts to say I need to slow down the monitor says nothing has changed. Anyone else use one.

    OH's journey into triathlon seems to involve a lot of spending money and not much else! Am very worried he bought a reasonably priced bike locally which had gear problems and the man at the shop sent it back to the manufacturers. Unfortunately he has lent him a £2k bike from stock and OH adores it. image He is not keeping it! 

    Have a good sweaty day!

  • Sun shining here image but feet up and a day of recovery planned (aka cleaning day) 

    MC these ones look doable - never been to Worksop though 

  • Sun shining here too. Off to work in a bit so rest day today will bike tomorrow. It must be said my OH is enjoying his tri training. He's just pootled out on the bike. Think he'll do really well end of Sept!

    Emsi - HRM training works. Have a proper look at your heart rate zones. Just find some info online. A lot of beginner programmes use HR zones as a guide.

    Top work Mrs N image



  • It's unexpectedly very nice here also, which was useful as I had planned a 16 mile dawn ride on the bike.  I'm trying to break a new saddle in and we haven't really come to terms with each other's shape yet. 

    On the good side the wildlife tally included catching sight of a family of 3 foxes practising their green cross code, a frog that was either dead or wanting its tummy tickled, a lone bunny and 300 flies with the single aim of landing on my right eye.  Today would have been a good day to have tried my cycling glasses.

    That was followed by a pleasant 30 mins keeping Mrs DS company on a trail while she progressed nicely with her schedule for new runners.

  • Hahahaha on my long run this week towards the end when I was uber sweaty I ran into a very dense cloud of sandflies - ended up with little black bodies dotted all over my face image

  • buttercup - I did the 10k robin hood run 2 years ago - loved it. Those runs are in Clumber park, a National Trust property which is a beautiful place, not far from me. I will probably do the 10k, if I can build my running up for then, which I hope I can. I don't see much point in paying for a 5k when there is parkrun around, and I think there is a parkrun in Clumber actually. Are you thinking of coming up for them? You could cycle up - and I think Clumber Park is on the National Cycle Route 6 - does that go down Loughborough way? I know it goes down to Nottingham

  • image Does go down to nottingham used it a few times. Easierst way through if you don't mind roads is to use the A60 In a work day it's a little to buzy with trucks but other than a couple of roundabouts it quite good for getting there.

  • Yeah just looked at it and it would be a 92mi round trip plus a 10k run image I like your confidence in me and my mad bike skills.  Am not an Outlaw yet!! I know how to get on a train if you can pick me up from the Worksop train station image then yup will definitely be in for the 10km!

  • I could probably find worksop train station! 

  • just looked more carefully, and although it says Clumber Park it is actuallly at Sherwood Pines, slightly different venue, a little hillier, but stilll a good place. Great place for mountain biking! Anyway, if you wanted to do it buttercup I could still pick you up from a train station, but there would probably be one closer than Worksop. 

  • Is that the one close to Mansfield?

  • yeah, Mansfield Woodhouse probably the closest station - it is on the same train line that goes to Worksop. I have run a few 10ks there, and we often go with the kids, so I know it well

    Just wish I had a way of getting the kids' bikes and mine all on my car so I can take them there in the summer holidays! We have roof racks which we use on OH's car, but I haven't got the strength to lift the bikes up there! And we haven't manage to find a boot rack that we feel happy with and that doesn't require a lightboard. I would be happy to cycle there, but it is a bit far for the kids. The cycle home would be horrendous with the moaning and whingeing!

    Got myself a cancellation appointment with a deep tissue massage lady for tomorrow, think it might hurt

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