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  • I wouldn't be a teacher, I remember being a right pain at school and I was one of the goodboy's (see what I did there), no job is worth the stress, work to live!

    Did my first cross country yesterday, very hard but lots of fun and I was well impressed that I did it in 47 mins untill someone said its not quite 10K, I ignored him.

    Good luck on the clipless Pete, don't forget to wear gloves to protect your hands from the tarmac, and remember to unclip way befor the traffic lights

    Cake are you still doing Stratford?

  • image Yes mate think I'm going to be crap as legs are still recovering from a marathon but treating it as a laugh. We should be about in coventry the day before for cosmo if your about but not got a plan yet. mmmmmmmmmm cosmo.

    Normally hang around the run curse after I've fineshed to hand out jelly babies and shout at people so if I see you missus I will heckle her to the finesh.  

  • Me too mate, my body has given up for the season, we'll be at Cosmo from around 6pm till they close image, we'll see yous there, I'll hang around after the race, I'll come and find you if i don't see you before, what times your start, I'm 9.30 ish, I'll probably roll up at 9.29 like last yearimage, Lumpty is still waiting for hers as she deleted the email by mistake

  • Hi guys!

    Been all over the place this week and slightly unmotivated. Got my act together today though and went for a run. Really muggy and still and was wondering why the first mile was so hard but it was ever so slightly uphill. Breathing was hard and only did 2.5 miles but it's a start. image


  • Lumpty's start time should be on here if she's worried sorry don't know her full name. link

    I've got a 10.04 start time as a sh*t swimmer I should be by the bacon wagon before then through. With luck Caz might be coming for some heckling as well. image

  • Thanks for the link Cake, found her time 11.01, I should hopefully be back to see her at T1, with a bacon sarny in hand (mine).

    Mikasa, I found it tough going yesterday on the run, it felt really muggy and hard to gasp any air, must be the weather


  • JP - I hope it's just the weather, otherwise that was one hard run!

  • I found it hard to run yesterday and blamed the weather.
    Today I went out on the hybrid for a little while once it came back from the service, it felt really good to get off road for a bit whilst the sun was shining, now I have to do a bit more work though.

    I feel the need to start making a proper plan for training for the winter and a rough plan for next year, I fear I will just do a bit and not make enough progress.

  • Steady - I really need to make some plans as well. There's a 10k Santa Run close to the area on 15th December, thinking about entering that as a start for my running. Still need to find swimming lessions as well. I think definitely an olympic distance tri next year and maybe HIM. 

    What sort of plans are you thinking for next year?

  • I definitely found it harder to run earlier in the week I think it was a combo of humidity and the manflu sore calf I have aggrevated.

    Cake it's the Heanor running club pudding run 23rd November.  MC nothing wrong with Prague image I had just got myself psyched up for the pudding run image and now I cant do it! 

    Have to find something else to do.  Am going to do the Shepshed 10k at beginning of November - onwards and upwards and all that.

    Off to swimming with the MC whilst husband bakes a cake for my last day at work tomorrow! image

  • Steady - have you any events planned? That's the easiest way to get training sorted.

    Mikasa - Which Santa 10k are you looking at doing? 

  • glad it is not just me finding running hard this weekimage so hard I didn't get up for it this morning (actually I woke with a bit of a headache so spent the hour in bed)

    OK, I love being a teacher, yes it is bloody hard work and can be stressful, the kids at school aren''t as annoying as the ones at home (at home there is the emotional attachment thing that means if they misbehave etc it is all my fault but at school I can blame the parentsimage), nothing as satisfying as seeing a kid that has struggled achieve something though, and over the years I have had some lovely letter of thanks from kids (ok, not many but the few I have I treasure)

    ok, doing that manic Thursday rush around trying to feed myself, cook for kids and getting swimming stuff ready in less than an hour! Off swimming with buttercupimage

    oh, enjoy your last day buttercup 

  • oh, and I didn't get into VLM again, so can now start planning next Spring around not doing it!

  • Rocco - the Portsmouth one on 15th of December. I think I need awhile to get back up to running 10k comfortably and that should give me enough time.

  • I am doing and this time I plan on succeeding in completing the Outlaw Half, so the A race is 1 June 2014. I have become a creature of habit in entering races I like doing but fear that next year they will clash with what I need to be doing for O.H.

    I found that following Fink's 30 week plan I got bored/CBA about week 15-20. I know that I need to build my speed on the bike and to finally get back to running with no walking unless going up a mountain.

    Santa 10k sounds interesting, maybe I should have a December race to aim for? One that I did in the past gave out Xmas puds as prizes and mince pies to all finishers but that was a horribly hilly 10 miler on the coast.

  • steady - yes we are both going to succeed in completing Outlaw halfimage make sure you plan everything else around that so that the other stuff helps you to build to the outlaw half - so maybe a half marathon a month or so before? 10k before xmas - stuff like that

    and it is all about the bike, so I am hoping to get at least 4 50 mile rides in before the big day

  • Dont worry MC we will whip you into shipshape and I will pretend not to drown in the swim image 

    JP and Cake I will be there with Caz doing the supporty piratey thing - if your bacon sarnie goes missing it wasn't me image

  • MC, Having done a hilly 56 miler, I plan on getting in at least 6 x 50 milers of varying hilliness, which is not difficult in the Surrey Hills.

    I will enter some races and possibly do the DIY HIM weekend, or do you fancy doing a similar thing at some point.

  • image Buttercup excellent just in case because it's near the end of the session there might be some bargin's at the stall there.

    For me next year is looking like doing the eirman race in Northern Ireland next august and some marathon's and a tri or two. Not planned out my year yet because sarah has a job in birmingham and need to work out where to live and stuff. The DIY half fall's on our wedding anerversary so probably taking sarah somewhere specail that weekend was going to be rotterdam marathon but she's injured and think that might make her sad a little.

  • I liked Rotterdam! They have a really good Art Museum very chilled out - I love going to art museums on my travels image Birmingham is so close!  The Midlands is where all the cool kids hangout any ways image

  • next race has snuck up on me.  A 12K hill race a week on sunday.  I thought I still had 2 weeks... I guess I need to do a couple of 10K's next week...and practise my downhill style... I'll be happy with a time of 1hr 20 for the race.

    I bottled out of trying the clips on my bike today.  I'm getting up early tomorrow to test them on our quiet country roads...

  • Just clip out before you get to the junctions Pete - otherwise it can get a bit hairy and stressful. I clip my left foot out that way I can put it down first.

  • Pete if you can think to always unclip your left foot first you are going to make sure you don't get any bad habit's Most of the time you are going to be stopping and placing your foot on the kereb. cleat's are scary just take your time and get comfortable with them. Just make sure you don't end up being to scared to cycle through.

    Buttercup Sarah is already talking about swiming in bosworth and around there next year chuck. image

  • image swimming with the fishes!! 

  • I have done another of these run/walk sessions. This time a more sensible 5 min run and 90 second walk, but I had to cut it short as the dreaded runners trots made an appearance and resulted in a hasty walk back home.

    (Whispers) I may go rash and do a Parkrun in the morning.

    Off out for dinner tonight so will be carbo loaded ready for it.

  • pete - you just have to go out on the cleats, it isn't as bad as you might think! 

    had a run this morning, and this evening have been busy sorting out getting youngest son to cub camp, which meant we ended up with pizza for tea, still don't like it though so didn't eat much of it. Have a strange craving for yoghurt but haven't got any image

    will be parkrunning in the morning followed by swimming session

  • I'm not worried about the cycling, just the stopping. Tomorrow is the first time I have to test them out. I'll do my double lap to test the speed then I'll try out unclipping. But next week I need to concentrate on my running. 

  • pete - a good thing to do is find a quiet road and go along and keep stopping, unclipping first - gives you the chance to practice unclipping, stopping and starting/clipping in again a few times before you need to do it a junction. You'll be fine. As you are likely to be very aware of the need to unclip you are unlikely to fall off. Th times I have fallen off have been when something unexpected has happened and I haven't had time to unclip or I have been focusing on some idiot driver and totally distracted forgot to unclip. 

  • Went to the cycle show, we had complimentary tickets image

    It was OK, not any freebies worth bragging about, a bag of nuts and a few energy things, had a go on a few bikes, they have a track outside to wizz about on and the bmx kids on the jumpy track thing are all mad. we wached the people from the organ transplant team have an interview, that was great and very interesting and watched a chap ramble on about aero dynamics or something, I was lured away by a chick offering brownies, then sat on a deckchair eating brownies and watching the tour highlights on a big screen till Ab's was too lured by the offer of a brownie.

    Sat and Sun are when its all happening down there, the legend Sean Kelly, Ned and someone else who I cant remember (too many Brownies) will be signing books (there own) and chatting, and theres loads of other Cycling celeb types popping along.

    Will be great to see the Pirates on Sunday competing and supporting, I'll bring me hat so I can be seen, I have a shiny new tri-suit from work cycle club to show off, its Abi's first Tri so will be screaming at her a lot too.

    You'll be fine Pete there easy to get used too, took me a few days, do a route with plenty of stops and try not to look at your feet when clipping or unclipping, I did and rear ended a car and a kerb

    MC I'm eating yogurt now.......spooky............. no its not its rubarb

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